Vaccine-induced immune dysfunction continues to sicken people

I’ve covered the inflation numbers before. Central banks don’t want to report high inflation rates. Manufacturers of products don’t want to report a price increase. So what happens instead is that your chicken soup now has half as much chicken with a bit of extra MSG added. So now there is no food inflation. This does not require Klaus Schwab tapping your PM on the shoulder at the WEF and telling him to cover up the inflation, the system intrinsically just has a tendency to conceal bad news.

But consider the excess mortality, as another example. The average moron would tell you it has been solved. It hasn’t been solved. What has happened is that countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland and New Zealand now have large migrant populations. A country like Canada swells its population by 2.9% in just 12 months, all from immigration.

But an immigrant is about 50% less likely to die in the first few years after migrating than others of the same age. This is called the healthy immigrant effect, it has been well established in the literature.

The reasons are easy to understand. You don’t migrate if you have terminal cancer, Down syndrome, schizophrenia, a heroin addiction, etc. Those are the sort of people who die as young adults. So if 10% of your working age adult population now consists of young adult migrants from the past four years, your excess mortality in that cohort would be about 5% below what it would otherwise be. This is not incorporated into any of the official statistics.

They are essentially just cannibalizing the developing world, importing millions of people from the smartest and most successful minority of the Indian subcontinent, to keep this whole thing going for another couple of years. If real estate prices returned to normal levels, banks would collapse.

You can see the whole problem when you look at the children. Kids between the ages of 5 and 9 are now dying at 150% the rate they were in 2020. You hear all these reports from people around you, far more people than previously suffering various illnesses. This is a consequence of everyone constantly catching SARS2.

You don’t see high numbers of hospital admissions anymore, because they now have Paxlovid, so they can prevent people from having to go to the hospital. But if you look at what’s happening to children, you see the underlying reality, of a virus getting steadily deadlier because the population is unable to develop an effective immune response against it.

So why sperg about it? It’s just a few percent, right? Maybe they reported 10% in 2022 and 9% in 2023 but it’s actually 12% in 2022 and 13% in 2023, who cares, right? Well it matters, because we want to know the underlying trend. I have explained before, that if you look in the lab, you see a virus that seems to be getting steadily more virulent.

I have also explained why this makes sense: Maybe the vaccine induced immune response does a reasonably good job at preventing severe disease, simply by reducing the intensity of the inflammatory immune response.

The problem is that this doesn’t matter for the ultimate outcome, if it fails to discriminate against virulence. As long as the population is stuck with this abnormal IgG4 antibody response to Spike, the population is spreading ever more virulent forms of SARS2.

I have already explained why that is: Those antibodies don’t target the proper epitopes and break all the mechanisms your immune system would normally use to deal with infected cells. The IgG4 antibodies don’t just tell your immune system to ignore an infected cell, they prohibit normal IgG3 and IgG1 antibodies next to them from sending the proper signal too.

As long as that continues, people continue to get sicker, with governments trying to keep the machine running by importing more foreign labor. And more importantly, we know that the vaccines have negative efficacy against infection: They make herd immunity impossible, by enabling people to suffer constant reinfections.

A lot of people are under the impression that the population’s immune response will just normalize over time, after sufficient infections from this virus. But that’s not what’s happening so far. There is just an entire demographic of people out there, the majority of adults in the world, who have received vaccines that allow their bodies to continue spreading this new SARS virus.

A study came out a few days ago, that looks at this. They looked at who got infected since the JN.1 variant became dominant in December 2023. They looked at the whole period, of 31 December 2023, until 22 April 2024.

There seemed to be some modest protection from the most recent booster. But more importantly, they looked at what people’s risk of infection was, given the number of vaccines they had received.

Here’s what they found:

They adjusted these results for age, sex, propensity to get tested(!) and all the rest of it.

And it fits entirely what I previously showed, that the abnormal antibody response continues to be observed against JN.1.

Why this happens

Now I want to explain to you why this happens. We live in the pandemic era. This is what happens in a world with eight billion people, flying around the world and putting animals in cages. Viruses spread very rapidly under those conditions. I have tried to convince people, to choose a different direction. But I am just a nobody and this is just what most people want.

The SARS2 virus is not the only new virus out there. There is monkeypox killing hundreds of people in Congo and spreading among gay men around the world. There is bird flu killing hundreds of sea lions, foxes and many other animals. Completely antibiotic resistant tuberculosis is beginning to emerge.

If you received these vaccines against SARS2, those vaccines will probably make you sick. But I want you to understand, that the future we face as a species, is a very bleak one. You should essentially think of receiving these vaccines as a signal that you belong in the old world. You belong in the world of growth, of material progress, of hard work and peaceful cooperation. You believe in science, so you belong in the era of science.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with that. But that world is coming to an end and so you have to accept that the future we face is so bleak that you’re not really missing out on something that you would enjoy. I doubt I will see a lot of it myself and I don’t plan on having children who will have to see it.

All of us are ultimately one consciousness. You are me, I am you, we are the pigs with mutilated bodies living in cages, we are the chickens in cages, we are the wild birds flying through the air, we are the abandoned pigeons descended from our old carrier pigeons, we are sweatshop workers in Bangladesh, we’re all the school shooters, all the homeless heroin addicts, if they have souls then we are the billionaires on yachts too, we’re everything that can experience something.

But some aspects of human consciousness fit into a different time period than other aspects of human consciousness. African pygmies who were brought to the United States found life there so intolerable, they wanted to die. If you received these COVID vaccines, then you have to understand that the world that is emerging right now is just not a world that most of you would enjoy.

That’s fine. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It doesn’t mean you did something wrong. The entire Western upper class, all the politicians, they all signed up for these vaccines that have horribly backfired and damaged people’s immune systems too. Those people are part of the old world too.

The problem is that this is the reality of the world we live in right now:

Those are all the mammals and birds on our planet by weight.

This is not a sustainable situation, so it’s going to be addressed by nature. Nature is going to create a new world, with far fewer humans and far fewer of the animals that we have domesticated.

If you are afraid of this global transition and if you can read this, then I am really begging you, to please take a good high dose of Psilocybe mushrooms and break through the illusion of individuality.

Please just see it. Please just see that you are everything.

I said this all the way back in March 2020 too, when the elderly were so afraid that they were locking us all up in our homes: Please just take a good high dose of Psilocybe mushrooms and really look at a tree.

Look, I don’t wish suffering on people. Nature just tries to solve our situation, in the best way that it can. We as humans are able to solve our situation in ways that involve less suffering. But we are not really choosing those solutions, so nature is forced to use its own solutions for our situation.

There is going to be bird flu in humans too. We are essentially powerless to prevent that. It’s spreading in multiple mammal species in recent months. Eventually it’s our turn.

Vaccines won’t work against the bird flu either, nor will masks. The virus enters your body through your eyes, then it spreads in the endothelial cells in your brain. Most of the antibodies can not reach past the blood-brain barrier.

The only thing that’s really going to help protect people against the bird flu is cross-reactive innate immunity developed from SARS2 infections. NK cells and dendritic cells migrate into the brain, then they also protect people against other viruses. Microglial cells in the brain are also thought to be able to turn into dendritic cells. This is a process that unfolds over many infections, it’s akin to training a muscle. The endothelial cells themselves also have an innate immune system that is trained by these SARS2 infections.

It’s not easy to train endothelial cells in the brain, or to get NK cells to migrate into the brain. And it’s not exactly pleasant either, there is a cost involved in having these immunological modifications in the brain. NK cells in the brain release acetylcholine, that seems to make people feel more anxious.

When I was a child, nobody really wanted to address the problem of ecological overshoot. There was success in saving the whales, in stopping acid rain, in healing the ozone layer. There was some effort to stop climate change too. But already, you saw widespread resistance among politicians and the general population. The costs to stop the climate problem were just too big for most people to accept.

But the climate problem, was just one of many problems that were associated with the root cause: Ecological overshoot. Nobody really bothered to address the problem of ecological overshoot. Generations of African women grew up without anticonception, they were married as teenagers as second or third wives to elderly men. What was really done to solve this problem? Not much.

Up until 1991, you could argue we were just too occupied with the fight against communism. But why did nothing really happen afterwards? In my country, the farmers all knew there would be a huge nitrogen problem, that there were far too many farm animals in my country. But nothing was really done about it, the government just kept coming up with excuses, to kick the can down the hall.

On behalf of the elderly, the governments fight a continual war on drugs. But if people had access to mescaline cactuses, to psilocybe mushrooms, to cannabis, they would have chosen very different lifestyles. Why do people spend every day traveling to work in their cars, stuck in traffic for hours? Do they not see the insanity of what they do?

Some of you are not very smart, you look at the evidence of the Earth warming four degree by 2100 and think “who cares, 2100 is far away”. Well, first of all, four degree of warming is almost eight degree Celsius on land. The parts of our world where humans live will warm most rapidly, in part due to the urban heat island effect.

Second, nature just will not let it get to that point. That’s important to understand. These problems are all going to escalate, long before the Amazon forest dies. You will not just consume this planet to send some drones to other planets.

If you are afraid of death, my recommendation is as following: Find something you love so much that you would happily die for it. Well, for me that is everywhere. I see beauty all around me.

Maybe you want to see more of the world, you want to see how everything unfolds around us.

There’s no inherent obligations to see it all. And there is no magical AI singularity around the corner to save humans from their own choices either. The laws of physics inherently favor biological intelligence.

But if you want to see more of it all, there are some things I can recommend.

-Take cannabidiol, ideally vaporized from cannabis flowers, if you received the vaccines. This will help get rid of the excessive SARS2 directed T cells building up in your lungs, that undermine your response to other pathogens.

-Eat a plant based diet.

-Eat Natto daily. The enzymes will break down amyloid in your blood. The fermented soybeans help heal your endothelial cells too. Serrapeptase may help too.

-You can take cannabis with THC, to break up the amyloid fibrils in your brain. This exposes them to enzymes that break them down, both your own enzymes and those from bacteria in your gut (like the Natto bacteria).

-Exercise regularly, use the leg press and push weights above your head. Go jogging.

-Make sure you are not vitamin D deficient.

-Chew raw Salvia Divinorum leaves in a dark room, this will reduce inflammation in your brain and it will heal your endothelium.

-Take small doses of Psilocybe mushrooms, this massages your blood vessels.

-Take a sauna from time to time.

You will think I am hysterical. But I constantly see these people who say SARS2 is a nothingburger, saying that they suddenly caught some cold virus and now they have difficulty exercising, because their heart suddenly beats too fast.

Well, that happens for a reason. We’re in a transition period.


  1. Whatever comes, I will enjoy the life the Gods confer onto me. Whether I’m a colonist on a space ship, or a scavenger in the ruins of our cities spearing neo-aztecs high on mescaline, I accept and look forward to it! The play continues, the actors get new roles and play their parts.

    >All of us are ultimately one consciousness.

    Technically not incorrect yet from my perspective this is about as meaningful as saying we’re all of the universe. Division is where beauty is found, if everything merged into one there would be nothing beautiful left. Ultimate unity and equality is found in non-existence.

    Even inanimate objects can have consciousness, even if their conscious experience is that of experiencing nothing, a dreamless sleep. As I said before, consciousness is a point of view, what determines the individual is their qualities.

    Differences should be preserved because they are inherently beautiful. Ultimately the singularity cultists might not believe we are all one (they’re too philosophically retarded to even think of that idea) but the end result of what they want is a merging of the universe into one, and the end of samsara. Well I love samsara! I want it to last forever! May division last forever, I never want to merge with Brahma.

    • Like a lot of antisocial people I have never been injected with the crazy mRNA shots, never had a swab jammed up my nasal cavity, and never once been infected with covid. The past four years of this “pandemic” have been a wild ride. Everyday it still boggles my mind to observe the global freakout.
      The spell still hasn’t broken; the CDC is still strongly urging pregnant women and children to get their gene therapy booster shots in spite of the science. It’s just incredible.
      GVB says that the authorities can’t admit they were wrong or they would be stoned in the streets. But it has to break open at some point.

  2. Great post.

    > But that world is coming to an end and so you have to accept that the future we face is so bleak that you’re not really missing out on something that you would enjoy. I doubt I will see a lot of it myself and I don’t plan on having children who will have to see it.

    Yes this is something that I’ve also been thinking about a lot lately. Those of us who lurk in these obscure corners of the internet realised very early on in 2021 that there was a decent chance that this mass vaccination experiment could backfire in the most catastrophic way imaginable. Unfortunately, that possibility is now reality. It’s actually happening, but the implications have still not fully sunk in.

    So we may have dodged a bullet by not taking these gene-based therapeutics, but realistically it doesn’t even make that much of a difference at the end of the day. Many of the unvaccinated will have to deal with severe PTSD and survivors guilt, and a massive reduction in their quality of life and standard of living.

    What will happen to our food supplies once the supply chains collapse? Presumably we will be like the Gazans, eating cattle feed. Who will look after all the orphans? I have vaccinated relatives who are type 1 diabetic. So even if they were unvaccinated, they would still be screwed once the insulin runs out.

    So, unfortunately many of the unvaccinated will wish that they were dead. I am not suicidal currently, but considering how bleak the future looks, it may be worth stocking up on alcohol, benzodiazepines and opiates, so when the time eventually comes in the years ahead (hopefully the SARS2 de-attenuation and reversion to high virulence and/or avian influenza jumping into our species will not happen in the very near future, allowing us to enjoy our remaining hedonism), the combination of these 3 drugs will ensure a swift, peaceful, painless exit. And like you said, a high dose of shrooms will remove the fear of death.

    Apologies for the bleak comment. Feel free to delete it (or just edit out parts of the last paragraph) if you so wish.

    • Maybe look for a mountain village to live in…
      I could put you (and Rad, and others) up in mine for a couple of months, in Macedonia (Northern Greece). There’s even a mushroom festival in the neighbouring county of “Grevena”.
      I understand what you say, esp. the potential survivor’s guilt.
      But living as a poor person might be cathartic.
      + + +
      In the 17-19 centuries, the mountain villages of Greece had more people than the lower parts, because of the freedom that a rough landscape can give. “Run to the hills”, as Iron Maiden were singing.
      Just a thought.
      + + +
      Please, don’t be suicidal. If we do survive, we shall have plenty of work to do, and lots of repentance. Ora et labora…

      • Thank you for the kind offer Apollo but I think that I will try and ride out the storm where I am.

        Having said that, there are many nice Black Sea coastal towns with great beaches in Romania and Bulgaria, so you never know 😉

        • > (anytime and) You are right, Sean! you have to be near your kin in times of crisis. And because we care about our people.. (If the stress levels get too high you can always try a change of scenery)

    • I didn’t have myself injected, because with a college level of biology, the idea of forcing randomly chosen body cells to produce immunogenic proteins on their surface to bait the immune system into reacting seemed like a great way to give yourself an autoimmune disorder.

      I laid this out for several people. They still had themselves injected.

      • I thought similarly with my high school biology. I tried to convince the ex-girlfriend to not get her first booster shot at the time… She thought I was being controlling.

  3. Such a good post – thank you

    Any thoughts on if nicotine can play a role against bird flu or if nicotine is covid specific?

  4. The worst part for me is that I’m totally disconnected from the others. I can’t say what I think, “hey, you are all crazy mass-murderers”, because then I’m the lunatic. I have to live their lie while living in their society. Like them I have to pretend nothing happened, and all it’s ok.

    How long can I withstand this madness?

    • I know how you feel.

      Presuming I survive for another few years, and I don’t get totally cast out of the economy/society beforehand, and the mass-death-plague doesn’t materialize, etc., then I’ll quit, sell up, and move.

      There’s no point in fighting the rising tide.

      I’d rather withdraw to some remote high ground.

      The number of times where I feel like being nowhere at all, with nothing but the sound of the wind, is steadily increasing.

  5. Lots to disgest here, sorry for the massive reply.

    Even in that image which exposes the vaccine danger, they lump 0 gene technology injections in with 1 gene technology injection.
    Perhaps there was no difference, but I suspect that the odds ratios would be even more wild for the categories they did show.

    Does the full paper give the odds ratio vs unvaxxed (0 shots)?

    Also it is interesting to note the odds ratio of pre XBB strains vs never infected. Seems prior infection actually makes you more likely to be infected. Do you think this supports your dengue hypothesis?

    By the way, as you know, children are far less susceptible to coof than adults, so a 50% increase in child mortality means that the adult morality must be even more shocking.

    Anecdote: I (pureblood) got a cough 3-4 weeks ago, which lingered and felt like I could not actually shift any material. My pool swimming times steadily slowed. I finally seem to have mostly cleared it and swam my fastest times today. So perhaps (if this was coof), the uvaxxed are able to heal from the infection.

    Lastly, I have to strongly disagree with you on your “science” comment. Science is simply “data>theory”. When NPCs say they “follow the science” in the context of having themselves injected with experimental genetic technology, that is just a lie.

  6. Thanks. I really appreciate your perspective with the exception of the plant-based diet since I feel better eating meat, can get all my nutrients from it (much more difficult with plants), and I support farmers that are part of regenerative agriculture. Something has to die for everything, even in plant production (read The Vegetarian Myth, for example, or listen to this recent podcast:

    What do you think of Dr. Vanden Bossche’s theory that a highly virulent variant will be created within the next two months that will escape the immune response of the vaccinated population. Yikes! Not sure how to prepare for that…

    • > …with the exception of the plant-based diet…

      The best argument for less meat (I can’t tell someone to eat no meat, since I am not on a totally plant-based diet–and I am mostly against factory farming) is that we would have more agricultural space for trees (i.e. with edible fruit) and forests, which would help moderate the effects of droughts and heat waves… Plus, less methane. And human health benefits. And a better life cycle for animals.

  7. Is that another Bossche prediction, or are you repeating an old one? I’m not being sarcastic, I’m just curious if he has made another prediction with a specific time-frame.

  8. The “unjabbed” are a small subset of western society. Around 20%. There is a small subset of this subset who are now hyper-sensitive to SARS-COV2, and I am one of them. The phenomenon is commonly described as “shedding.” Whenever we go into the vicinity of the “jabbed,” we get negative symptoms. For me, I get both immediate and delayed symptoms, but the immediate one is that my nasal cavity will immediately burn and tingle when in the presence of a jabbed person, or in a space they have been in (like a store), or if I get downwind outside.

    And therefore I can report to you that EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. who has received these shots is carrying SARS-COV2 variants. They are ALL actively shedding. I’ve yet to encounter a single one I didn’t react to. I believe that they all have IgG4 tolerance to it. So I can confirm what the author is saying empirically.

  9. I just want to say Amen brothers and sisters – this is a sanctuary of sanity. I just had lunch with a close friend who told me the saddest story, that a close friend of his, a wife and mother of two youngsters, died suddenly last week from a bleed on the brain. He leaned in and said conspiratorially, “I think COVID did it.” He’s foghorned leghorned x 3 (Thomas Sheridan ©️) and I just don’t have the heart to point out the bleeding obvious, no pun intended. It is very f**ked up out there…

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