1. I never invested in bitcoin bc i just found that whole craze so annoying but why is it that you dump on it so hard when it alledgedly made you rich?

    • Guilt. People think I’m a misanthrope, but they don’t realize the person I hate most sits on the opposite side of my mirror.

      • Guilt is a made up emotion with the only purpose of making yourself seem more important than you really are. You’re a fleshbag the size of a grain of sand within our solar system, and the size of half an electron within the known universe. What do you propose you could possibly feel guilty for?

        Sure enough, saying that you hate yourself implies that you’re important. After all, nobody whose existence is inconsequential to the universe could be hated to such a degree. “I hate myself, therefore I am”. Descartes clearly didn’t try hard enough.

        The truth is that no matter how much you hate yourself, the planets will make their rounds long after you’ve left this world and the puny flame of your hatred has burned out. Indeed, the universe can decide to kill you at any moment. Do you really want to spend the last one you have left as a man who hates himself?

      • Why?

        Why not summon a little nietzschean defiance, and become someone you have no choice but to admire?

        I just ask because I’m incapable of self hatred, it’s as foreign to me as the way some animals can navigate by directly sensing the earth’s electromagnetism.

  2. Is this supposed to be satire? It must be because its literarily on a kindergarden level of understanding how money works, what centralized fiat money does to our planet and what network value is. Its like saying in 1999 the internet is as useful for the future economy as a fax-machine (actual quote from a Nobel Laureate in Economics). Bitcoin has value because its a decentralized, permissionless, non-inflationable, secure, global monetary network. To produce this feature, Bitcoin mining is essential. Its a process that secures the network (attacks to take over the network are so expensive that they are not financiable and don’t make sense) and which converts energy into monetary value that can be stored over time. Nobody can take your Bitcoin away or prohibit you from transfering it. Next time your Gofundme Campaign gets cancelled by the government or your bank account access gets frozen (like in the Canadian truckers campaign) or when you have to flee your country you will immeditately see the merits of these features.
    For environmentally concious people there are some things to say. Nobody can print Bitcoin eg to pay for endless wars. The US Army alone uses probably 1000x more energy than the Bitcoin network and pollutes the planet like none other with all their oil driven war machinery. All financed by the endlessly inflationable USD (wars are paid by US citizens through taxation and most importantly by everbody holding USD assets through inflation). Fact is, the USD went off the non-inflationable gold standard because Nixon needed a way to finance the Vietnam war. Apart from that: who decides what is good energy use? What about X-Mas lights, the Kardashians on Netflix, dish-washers, etc? Furthermore, more than 50% of Bitcoin mining is coming from renewable enegy sources. Whats that mix in Amazon or Google cloud datacenters (that use more energy than Bitcoin, by the way)? Also, Bitcoin mining is performed where energy is cheap. In a market economy, cheap signals abundance. So, Bitcoin does not necessarily take away energy, it actually uses a lot of energy otherwise wasted and „stores“ it as money for the future. Because of that, sustainable energy sources could be used more efficiently and will become more competetive relative to traditional energy sources.
    And even if you don’t buy any of that (secure, sovereign money which takes away the power of governments to endlessly spread horror, pollution and trauma over the planet), I can still send Bitcoin instantly and directly (via Lightning Network) to anybody with a Bitcoin app in seconds for almost zero fees and near zero energy costs (transactions on Lightning are not settled on base bitcoin layer). No intermediaries needed. No bank account needed. Unconfiscateable. Just a smartphone and internet is needed. For Billions of unbanked people on this planet, that‘s worth something, don‘t you think?
    None of this is in that woke simpleton embarrasing video you posted.

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