Viral cleanup for the brain: The immune shutdown procedure


Today I an going to explain how to perform a viral cleanup for the brain. This is very important information that will allow you to escape the fate of most people, which is for viruses to infect their neurons, followed by chronic inflammation that damages the brain as the immune system does everything it can to stop the viruses from spreading. Viruses evolved to use our nervous system as a hiding place, because the immune system is less aggressive in the brain, it can’t afford to kill your own neurons, which are slow in repairing themselves.

Your brain responds to viral infection of neurons with constant chronic inflammation, which keeps the viruses inactive. Because the viruses are inactive, the immune system has no way to detect which cells in the nervous system still contain the viral particles. The solution for this is to start brief periods of very strong immune system deactivation. During those brief moments the viruses are tricked into activating again to replicate themselves, which then allows the immune system to recognize them and get rid of them. To achieve this you will need ultrapotent anti-inflammatories that can affect the nervous system and its own specialized immune cells, along with any lymphocytes which may have migrated into your nervous system.

To start with, I have to recommend a complete dental cleanup, preferably a few days before the viral cleanup of the brain. Bacteria like to enter the brain from your teeth, this becomes easier for them when your immune system is temporarily strongly suppressed. To make sure they get no such chance, you need to eliminate them first. I will explain my own method first:

  1. To start with, cleanse your teeth of any calculus. You can gently do this at home, there are devices for this like this one.
  2. After you have removed all calculus, rinse your teeth with warm(!) salt water. The water should be the highest temperature that doesn’t hurt. Very high salt concentrations will also hurt, stick to the highest salt concentration in your warm water that doesn’t hurt. Rinse this through all your teeth. You will know you’re doing it right, when you start feeling cold saliva rise up.
  3. You have now caused bacteria deep in your gums to rise to the surface. You now need to kill them, for this you could just use toothpaste, but my recommendation is to use antibacterial mouthwater.
  4. I recommend finishing with a toothpaste for the gums.

After this just be sure to maintain proper dental hygiene for a few days until the viral cleanup begins. I recommend using toothpaste with novamin, to heal any small cavities you may have. SARS-COV-2 helps bacteria enter the brain, so this is important.

Now comes the actual viral cleanup. This looks as following: To activate the cleanup, we have to shut down the immune system. To do this we use Salvinorin A, which has been found to have ultrapotent anti-inflammatory effects on macrophages. Your microglia in your brain are a type of macrophage and so it won’t surprise you to find this works on them too.

Yes, I’m encouraging you to smoke some Salvia. Make sure to start with a weak extract, if this is your first time experiencing this plant. Make sure you have a safe and comfortable environment. You could also consider just laying in bed in a dark room, while chewing the leaves. Smoking the extract will be brief but scary, as it “pulls you out of the story”, if you get what I mean. Chewing is much gentler, the choice is yours.

With the immune system temporarily shut down, the viruses will activate themselves due to the absence of pro-inflammatory cytokines. See:

Although some of the T cells may be poised to contain reactivation events once they start, there is evidence of a more active role in maintaining latency through secretion of effector molecules such as interferon-γ (IFN-γ) and granzyme B that suppress the virus without destroying the neuron [72,73].

Your neurons now get a chance to use their RIG-I-like receptor to deal with the viruses. If the infected neurons can’t fix the problem themselves, they may be destroyed by the immune system. See also this study:

For every HSV-1 genome that produces infectious progeny, it’s likely that a greater number will have begun the process but failed at some point. As viral activity increases, the likelihood of a strong counter-response from the host grows and progression to each successive stage may involve mechanisms that gauge the host’s capability to support the next step such as DNA replication, virion synthesis, or dissemination to epithelial cells, in order to prevent the elimination of infected neurons without producing new virus.

Isn’t this dangerous? The answer is: These viruses did not evolve to deal with the phenomenon of a brief shutdown of the immune system. Rather, they evolved to deal with prolonged periods of declining immune function, like starvation, aging andsoforth. When you temporarily shut down the immune system, so they’re fooled into waking up while your guardians are awaiting them, you can beat the shit out of them before they can cause damage.

Interferon gamma has a half-life of just three minutes when injected. These chemicals are constantly produced by your immune system, but plants like Salvia Divinorum are able to create a temporary pause in this circulation of pro-inflammatory signaling molecules that lasts for a short period of a few hours at most.

What I recommend is to follow the reactivation of these viruses with a helping hand for your immune system. You will need some sort of antiviral chemicals that manage to enter the nervous system, which many won’t accomplish due to the blood brain barrier. So what options do you think you have?

My advice is to deploy a cocktail of different terpenes produced by plants, ideally along with antiviral cannabinoids. The reason your brain enjoys inhaling them, is because they’re good for your neurons. Of course your neurons will tell you this smells good if these molecules help them out. Take a look at this beauty of a study, which looks at different terpenes, including cocktails of terpenes like those produced by trees and shows you at which concentration herpes virus is completely deactivated, along with how your own cells react to such concentrations:

So after the Salvinorin A treatment to shut down inflammation, I would recommend giving your nervous system the tools it needs to deactivate the viral particles, by vaporizing some cannabis. If you look at this beauty of a study, it also becomes pretty obvious that the elderly in nursing homes should be receiving cannabis for them to vaporize. It doesn’t have to be the high THC stuff, you can give them high cannabidiol cannabis for all I care, but this is what they need, they need to experience those aromas if you don’t just want to shelf them in some place and wait for them to die. Of course you can also give them flowers to smell, that will help a little too, but my recommendation is really to give them cannabis that smells like a pine forest.

As most of you will have figured out by now, people are constantly being reinfected with a nasty corona virus that is causing brain damage and causing young people to drop dead like flies from strokes and heart attacks. This virus is constantly producing new versions of itself that are getting better at doing the job it needs to do to survive: Binding to the ACE2 receptor.

Through exposure to successive variants, your body gets better at dealing with this virus. Your lungs grow stronger, to cope with respiratory infections. Your immune system selectively encourages the proliferation of those cells that are properly equipped to fight this virus. The body strengthens through mild insults, it’s the big insults that are scary.

I hope that most of you have avoided the trap of forcing your immune system to focus so strongly on an old version of the virus that it can no longer properly adapt to the newer more harmful versions. If you haven’t avoided this trap my advice still applies however.

I still suspect a lot of you don’t really realize what’s happening yet, so I will spell it out for you once again:

-Mysterious excess mortality, 2022 is more deadly than 2020 and 2021! This is even true for people aged above 85, which is where you would expect to see a “harvesting effect”.

-Plunging labor productivity, the people who are still working are barely able to do their job because of the damage they have already incurred. The first quarter of 2022 saw the biggest decline since 1947 and the decline is continuing.

Plunging test scores in teenagers.

-Plunging life expectancy in the US.

-Growing number of people aged 18-65 suffering forgetfulness:

I’m sorry friends, but something is really going wrong. What’s the point to pretending this is all normal?

Are you really going to look at this all and say this was caused by the lockdowns that lasted a few weeks at most in the US?

I’ll make it very simple: The first phase of a global SARS coronavirus pandemic is lung damage, but the long tail consists of cardiovascular, immune and brain damage.

Here’s a question for you. I’ve shown you many times that corona viruses have decimated primate populations in the past. My question to you is: How long do you think the evolutionary arms race with corona viruses has been going on? I think it has probably gone on since around the time vertebrates came on land. These are very small simple generalist RNA viruses, with a small genome. Plants need us animals as much as we need them, so the plants that survived the test of time are the ones that are good at helping animals deal with viruses like corona viruses. A good example of plants that are really good at this are pine trees, there’s a reason pine needle tea helps people and Scandinavia has low excess mortality.

With the immune shutdown procedure, you will trick latent neurotropic viruses that are concealing themselves from the immune system into waking up. They expect an opportunity to infect more neurons, only to find out that the immune system is perfectly ready to deal with these bad guys. I expect this will work for Herpes Simplex type I and other herpes viruses, as well as for SARS-COV-2.

The immune shutdown procedure is my gift to you, although the real work was performed by the plants themselves of course, I just deliver you the idea. Whether you wish to take the idea, whether you wish to help these plants do what they enjoy doing, to show you their way of experiencing reality, so that they can help your body repair itself and deal with nasty viruses to stay ahead in the evolutionary arms race, that is your choice.


    • I would recommend doing this once every few weeks. Your body will gradually just start to tell you when it wants it.

      I doubt you would hit all microglia the first time you do this anyway, I think there’s a subset of microglia that will be shut down and then other microglia get hit the next time you do it. Everytime you do it the neighboring viruses for those particular microglia would then be fooled into waking up.

  1. These products are illegal in much of the U.S., and even where they are legal it is too dangerous to buy Salvia since it could be cut with fentanyl; that happens a lot. Actually indoor smoking in condos is illegal in my county, too, and yes people notice and rat others out. The general approach is really interesting, however. It is like using d-mannose to lure e. coli out of the bladder wall to treat UTIs. I’m hoping to figure out a way to get rid of viral reservoirs that involves products that I can buy in a conventional and legal way. In the meantime I’m eating a lot of cumin oil capsules.

    • I wonder if culinary salvia would work. It does have neurological effects. That plus CBD could be something for semi-normies to try. People in the U.S. who use interesting pharmaceuticals attract the attention of the American police. About six years ago a guy in my New England home town of five thousand ended up in jail briefly because he grew two pot plants in his garage plus mailed literally two pills of some sort; the local police staked him out for years in order to make the bust; it was very exciting for them and made the local papers and humiliated his family. The jail in the town they brought him to was not nice even for a short visit. Some of the pot laws in that state have since changed but I’m sure that none of the other drug laws have.

  2. Can you do something similar with psylocybin? Or is it Salvia only? It’s harder for me personally to obtain Salvia.

    • Psilocybin is good for a bunch of stuff, but I don’t think Psilocybin is a proper fit for what I aim for here.

      The anti-inflammatory effects of Psilocybin are more drawn out. I can actually recognize this because I only get a kind of dandruff-like fungal infection on the top of my ears after taking Psilocybe mushrooms, it’s anti-inflammatory enough for the fungus to start growing.

  3. Any alternatives to Cannabis? Unfortunately it no longer agrees with me. Weirdly I can handly high doses of LSD (up to 500ug) and Shrooms but just four draws of a joint and Pinhead walks into the room.

  4. >Any alternatives to Cannabis? Unfortunately it no longer agrees with me. Weirdly I can handly high doses of LSD (up to 500ug) and Shrooms but just four draws of a joint and Pinhead walks into the room.

    Woah interesting.

    For the purpose we’re discussing here, cannabis without THC should work too. It’s the cocktail of terpenes we’re interested in, although CBD and CBN seem to work against SARS-COV-2 too.

    • Think I abused it too much in my youth tbh just backfires on me now. I’ll maybe give it a go with a high CBD strain. Will probably need to resort to the darknet as weed strains in the UK are mainly limited to Amnesia Haze and Star Dawg. Always fancied Salvia so this is a good excuse to try it out.

  5. “The reason your brain enjoys inhaling them, is because they’re good for your neurons. Of course your neurons will tell you this smells good if these molecules help them out.”

    Dimethyl mercury reportedly smells nice.

  6. I was left wondering at this a bit. I don’t think calculus has soiled my teeth since schooldays. Maybe it is just a memory quirk that made calculus replace caries. Or is it a hint that the article is a bit toungue-in-cheek?

    My own subjective experience is that any virus infection shuts down immunity for a bit, and consequently activates previous viruses. The current feared virus seems to be especially effective in that account. What if this is actually good, and somewhat similar to the procedure you are suggesting here? Or good to those who can find right ways to de-activate the virus activation instead of succumbing to it?

    About fighting viruses: there is a hypothesis that consciousness is a virus side-effect. So maybe we are stranger creatures than we care to admit. I do not agree with the article in regard to us being just meatbags to carry viruses, even if it may be one part of the job dercription. But viruses and consciousness may be a combination that is prone to change, and certainly our current zombie culture is in need of change. The current hygiene craze has not impressed me much, because I was impressed by this old piece of news when it was new: 800 million viruses falling on ground in a day. How can anyone think they can stop this without stopping breathing? So, my thinking is more in the line of how can everyone, be they virus or other critter, do their thing with best possible outcome for all involved?

    A very thought-provoking post, thank you for the food for thought.

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