Waking up

Not many people realize this, but the Dutch are God’s chosen people. The Netherlands is the place where you’re going to find true insight, people generally return home from Tibet disappointed and with an obscure STD.

If you are kind to animals and live a good life, you may be reborn as Dutch.

Here’s an example of an enlightened being I shared earlier, this elderly woman who sees gnomes in her local forest.

Another example is this man, the people around him call him a prophet:

Like my own grandfather did, he has one leg due to a childhood accident. At age 78 he lived in a caravan surrounded by rats. He died in 1995, the year after this was recorded. He spent his life smoking hashish. He is basically a Dutch Aghori.

You are looking at God finding himself waking up everyday, in a body with one leg, in a caravan surrounded by rats. When I say this, I’m not being patronizing, I mean this. God chooses the most difficult incarnations for himself. But you don’t have to feel sorry for God, because a fool doesn’t see the same tree as a wise man sees.

The process of awakening is essentially to realize you’re inhabiting some sort of very strange work of art. Then wisdom is to play your role, while aware of and accepting of the fact that you’re playing a role. And if you think you don’t know your role, then that’s your role.


  1. This makes sense. You can tell how truly happy and content these two are.

    The prophet’s respect for even the lowest animals is inspiring, you can tell the rats are all happy and healthy, and that he truly cared for them. (Which isn’t what you’d imagine if you heard about a hobo living in a RV with a bunch of rats). The burial was perfect, the prophet gave that rat the honors it deserved.

    The woman’s pure love of nature and its spirits warms my heart. She is more beautiful and graceful than women a quarter of her age.

    These two literally have the looks, demeanor, and love of life of gnomes. You can tell these two are ascended and are ready to join their kind in the forests once they die (This is why the gnomes reveal themselves to the woman, and likely the man). If only I could speak your language so I could understand what these two are saying!

    Rintrah you could start a cult. I think you are like these two, or getting there anyway.

    • Jesus died for your sins, and you spit on his memory by continuing to be a sinner. You are God, you are Jesus, you’ve already died for yourself, so start acting like it. You’re going to continue to suffer in hells of your own making if you don’t stop sinning. When you sacrificed yourself on the cross, you didn’t give yourself a free lunch, you were setting an example for yourself in the future.

      • You make the crucifixion a farce by that logic.

        The cross is so we can avoid being punished for our sins. Only innocents can die for the sin of others.

        • You are a sinner, this is why you think you can get away with sinning through the human sacrifice of an innocent man (This itself is a sin). Imagine how ridiculous it is to believe that punishing the best of us is how the worst of us can escape from their crimes! That’s ok though, one day you will understand.

          You are not Satan, you do not truly understand what you’re doing, but one day you will. On that day, you will decide if you will be Satan or Jesus. Asura or Devas. If you choose to be Satan after understanding, if you choose to continue to live in sin and bring others along for the ride after you’ve fully eaten of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, only then will you be truly evil.

          • The Scriptures say. Jesus was made Sin for us.

            So all the evil of the World was transferred like poison onto Jesus. And then the judgement of God poured itself out on “Sin” in Jesus in the 3 hours of Darkness on the Cross.

            At the same time purifying his servants who believe.

  2. Your country also produces some kickass darts players:


    I saw this amusing comment that MvG morphed from Bart Simpson to Homer Simpson as he went bald and gained loads of weight. He really did look like Bart when he was younger. Crazy how many darts players fall into that stereotype. Luke Littler is the latest example. Only 16 years old, and already has the receding hairline and “Dad bod”. Incredibly talented nonetheless.

  3. God/consciousness/universe shattered itself into countless pieces to experience novelty. We, those pieces, choose our lives. Hard lives lived gracefully carries on via karma into future lives.

        • I’ve only been on shrooms twice. My first trip was on 1.5 grams, and all this did was make me happy. My second trip was on 4.5 grams, and was my first religious experience. My recent experience and awakening wasn’t even on shrooms, it was from smoking weed and mediating to this song.


          This song probably won’t work for you though, this song describes my life, how I feel, and what I wanted. You’ll probably need to find your own song if you wanted to follow my path.

          I associate my recent experience with shrooms even though it was from weed, because all my previous trips on weed were either mid or miserable; and that experience on weed was like being on shrooms for me.

          • Fascinating, appreciate the info.

            “I associate my recent experience with shrooms even though it was from weed, because all my previous trips on weed were either mid or miserable; and that experience on weed was like being on shrooms for me.”

            RR discussed this phenomenon before:

            “They say that weed becomes different after psychedelics, is that true?

            In my experience yes, it is true. If you smoke weed when you have recently taken psychedelics like mushrooms, the weed experience will share similarities to the mushroom experience.”


            You said that your sister is a psychonaut who acted as your Shaman/tripsitter, do you think that you may have had a bad trip had she not been there? Would you ever consider taking a high dose solo?

    • Karma is also a ridiculous concept – if things truly worked that way, the ones running this reality that falsely call themselves gods, would have the worst karma of all. We are not here by choice, this reality is a cosmic prison from which we should be seeking escape. The idea that things are ‘as they should be’ on some grander scale is a mental blinder that must be removed for one to see the truth of this place.

      • There are evil Gods and good Gods, Asura and Devas, Satan and Jesus. Becoming a good God is how you escape, if that is what you wish. The God of Martial Mercy does not wish to escape, he wishes to stay here on Earth, to help others escape if they can’t handle it.

        I’m not high right now, I’m not doing that again. Still can larp, but I’m not overwhelmed by it, and can turn it off when I wish. Duality, man and God.

  4. You know, I used to be more inclined to fight you, troll vs. troll. At some point I realized why I trolled. Trolling is a form of social defense. It’s when you throw up an impenetrable cloud of irony, that will be very painful for people to wade through and pin down who you really are. It’s what we do when we are very hurt, and scared to connect with others. Once I realized it in myself, it became far easier to see other people doing it, and realize what they were really trying to do.

    Please understand the purpose of this post is less to roast you than to help point out some patterns I see, with the goal of helping you find a better way for yourself.

    That said, it’s humorous to me, watching you flail about on matters of theology. One week you’re apparently a christian, though clearly revealing through your proclamations that you’ve never seen the inside of a bible before. The next week you’re some kind of pagan, despite clearly having no real insight into historical pagan ways in any of its major european branches.

    I don’t particularly fault you for this, because I’m usually going on way deeper dives into these topics than anyone else around me, as these are subjects I care very deeply about and structure my entire life around. You’re just doing a very extreme version of what most people are doing, a caricature of it.

    One pattern here is you attempting to buttress your preexisting beliefs with religious force. This is especially apparent with hindu stuff when you’re on a big environmental kick. We notice things, especially beauty, tragedies, and injustices, and we want to feel that the heavens see and agree. We want to feel that the gods are on our side, and will reward the righteous and punish the wicked. Depending what we see as righteous/wicked, we will warp our religious beliefs, or at least most people do. This mental tendency clouds our ability to see beyond our present battles and to attempt to see the whole picture of the heavens, far beyond our limited human scope warped by strong feelings. Put another way, if you want to find the gods, you have to seek them, not make sock puppets out of their likenesses. You have to understand that they are external to us, and when found, won’t be mirrors for our own ideas.

    The other big pattern is you seeking an identity that is easily definable. Put another way, you clearly struggle with a lack of sure identity. I am older than you by a few years, but both of us have it in common that we never really psychologically grew up, in the sense of being able to accept an “adult” worker drone identity and give up on our non-monetizable passions. Another thing we have in common is unusually expansive feelings, an “artistic soul,” where we feel very deep and raw feelings from even small background details. These feelings have no utility to a career and generally do not gain people any social status, so we are told that these are childish things to put aside (ironically, by adults who spent 4+ hours a day looking at fictional media seeking emotional stimulation).

    So no, I’m not going to tell you that you’re at an age where you should stop seeking and “settle down” and be “normal.” I’m not going to tell you that you should become a mormon fundamentalist, or that you should even look into the mainstream branch of mormonism, or even christianity for that matter. No, I’m not going to try to tell you that you “should settle down,” I’d much rather figure out some tools you could use to finally win some of your internal battles, and provide them to you.

    With all of that, my one actionable tip is that identities aren’t found, they’re built. We are what we do with ourselves. We are what we accomplish. We are who we build. We’re all a bit of a collage of the things we find in life, taking bits here and there, and painting in the bits we can’t find pieces for elsewhere, but we are the builders making that collage. That collage is pretty close to who we really are as people.

    Good luck.

    • Honestly, Mormonism is the strangest religion people end up with. There was Christianity, it kept stumbling into various errors, but then 1800 years after Jesus died, God finally had enough of it and decided to reveal to a guy named Joseph Smith how things really work, through angels with some golden plates that he had to give back to the angel after he used them.

      That’s at some level the underlying logic of it.

      >That said, it’s humorous to me, watching you flail about on matters of theology. One week you’re apparently a christian, though clearly revealing through your proclamations that you’ve never seen the inside of a bible before. The next week you’re some kind of pagan, despite clearly having no real insight into historical pagan ways in any of its major european branches.

      Well, see, the thing is, I just quite literally believe whatever it is I want to believe.

      I don’t set out to find some particular sect that has “the truth”, especially not an organized religion with a religious head, like Catholicism.

      I look at every world philosophy for stuff I like and then I freely borrow it.

      I look for Gods that I like, prophets that I like, scripture that I like and take it.

      That’s not new either. That’s what people in polytheist societies have done for generations. Hindus on Java will just turn Buddha into another God of theirs, or they’ll decide that Jesus is an avatar of Vishnu. The Romans too had Gods grow in popularity and then dissipate again all the time.

      If we like something we incorporate it and by doing so we also kind of neutralize it, so that it can’t invade and replace our own beliefs.

      So if you say “well you don’t understand Jesus/Buddha/This/That” and “you haven’t read “X, Y, Z”, that’s kind of the point.

      You’re saying exactly what a 16th century Tibetan monk would have said to a Hindu living on Java who incorporated Buddha into his pantheon.

      And if I find out Joseph Smith came up with something smart I’ll include it in my beliefs too.

      • If you don’t care about the details, you can’t even access much less receive the ideas of any of these gods you claim to follow. Your study is so shallow that you don’t meaningfully follow any of these gods any more than a wiccan whose religious practice goes no further than posting “witchy” memes on Facebook.

        I know you wanted to dunk on me, but the fact that retards a thousand years ago also made this error doesn’t make it any less retarded.

        The gods won’t commit to you unless you commit to them.

        • “The gods won’t commit to you unless you commit to them.”

          Yes, and you do that by becoming a God, which is you.

          Religion isn’t scripture.

          Religion isn’t dogma.

          Religion is feeling.

          Religion can be found in everything, imagine thinking there’s elements in God’s Universe that have nothing to do with God.

          Those Wiccan thots are practicing more authentic religion than the Neo-Pagans and the Christians. Faggot Pride parades have more religious feelings ascribed to them than a circlejerk of old pedophiles reading the Bible to cope for wanting to touch boys. All religion is larping, larping is only gay when you don’t truly understand why you’re larping, at that point it becomes a cargo-cult. At the end of the day, religion serves you, it helps to make your mark on the world, and to educate the ignorant in metaphor. That’s what it is, that’s the function of religion to God.

          • You truly are a Clown, this is why the Clown Gods have you as a champion. Why do you think you took that name?

      • “Well, see, the thing is, I just quite literally believe whatever it is I want to believe.”

        But that is letting yourself be led by your own mind, rather than by the Holy Spirit. If you wait patiently and faithfully, the Holy Spirit (of Christ, as some would call it, others would not) will show you what is right. If you go by way of your own self and your own ego, you’ll just get worldly results. That is why it appears that all these different religions have correct points; it is because they do. But one is led to the answer of which points are right, by our inward Guide.

        • >If you wait patiently and faithfully, the Holy Spirit (of Christ, as some would call it, others would not) will show you what is right.

          Yes, this is what happened to me. It’s why I just decided to become Vegan, get into martial arts instead of the military, and write a bunch of delusional cringe in this blog’s comments. I think Radagast already understands this however, he’s far more experienced in these matters than we are.

          When you discover that everything is just a metaphor for yourself, you can use any story as a metaphor. This is why I can sperg about Video Games, Vikings, Christ, Memes, and Clowns, and I’m still speaking about the same truth.

          As a metaphor, Morvath the Skyrim Vampire works to help you understand Hitler the historical figure. This is what it means to pick and choose. Picking and choosing what metaphor you use to explain truth. Radagast did not pick and choose his morals, he knows them, they were shown to him by divine providence. Radagast has already gone through ego death (Or what normies call ego death, I call it remembering) probably several times.

      • First, I’m happy you don’t get upset with all these people attacking you. And I can totally relate to your take on religion. When I started thinking about these things as a child I first of all assumed – god is good. So why would he then give me “the right religion” by right of birth, and not to children elsewhere on this world, just because they were born at the wrong place. Didn’t seem fair. So I concluded: neither are all the others wrong, nor is my belief the only right one. I will have to find out about god by myself. Feels good so far.

        • Christianity has as as its foundation the belief that every man that comes into the world contains an inner light (John chapter 1, verse 9); “That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” Every man, everywhere, who ever lived. That is why a person who was born 5,000 years ago in Siberia can know the teachings of Christ from the Sermon on the Mount, and act on them, if he waits in holy reverence to hear them. And plenty of such people do and did.

    • > You know, I used to be more inclined to fight you, troll vs. troll. At some point I realized why I trolled. Trolling is a form of social defense. It’s when you throw up an impenetrable cloud of irony, that will be very painful for people to wade through and pin down who you really are. It’s what we do when we are very hurt, and scared to connect with others. Once I realized it in myself, it became far easier to see other people doing it, and realize what they were really trying to do.

      Please understand the purpose of this post is less to roast you than to help point out some patterns I see, with the goal of helping you find a better way for yourself.

      I wish I had someone like you in my corner, Fucko. I never had it. I hope Radagast appreciates it.

      Maybe I should start my own blog???

    • I understand now, you’re the chief servant of the Clown Gods, or perhaps even one of them. Thank you for your guidance, master, I understand.

  5. >”In my experience yes, it is true. If you smoke weed when you have recently taken psychedelics like mushrooms, the weed experience will share similarities to the mushroom experience.”

    This makes so much sense, I didn’t even know this, everything I did on my weed trip wasn’t intentional. I didn’t intentionally pick out the song that described my life either.

    >”You said that your sister is a psychonaut who acted as your Shaman/tripsitter, do you think that you may have had a bad trip had she not been there?”

    I was already having a bad trip until my sister started to guide me. I know if she wasn’t there I would have just tortured myself without learning much, however, this itself would have been a learning experience for me as-well.

    My trip was so scary because that was myself/my anima/God telling me I needed to find comfort in, and open myself up to those I love; and discuss my issues with them in order to grow. When I opened myself up to my sister, to the feminine, that’s when I had the duality. Sometimes the outside world was terrifying, and sometimes it was beautiful. I experienced unbearable sadness, berserker rage, religious ecstasy, and the most joy I’ve ever felt, all on that day. I was manifesting different Gods I think.

    >Would you ever consider taking a high dose solo?

    I think I’m getting ready for that. I will some day, though not today. It still scares me a little bit, but I will get there.

    • I also want to say, that a couple nights before my recent weed experiences, I saw a demon. I hadn’t been able to sleep well for days, and I woke up and saw a hollow circle, covered in hairy spider legs, gently moving through the wind like a leaf. I was terrified, and screamed “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!” A few times before it disappeared. I went down stairs, and told my sister about as much, and she guided me even then, by telling me to eat a banana and take vitamins.

      The demon I saw was a gentle way for my anima to show me a small glimpse into the world of those who live in Datura and Benadryl trips. It’s nihilistic insanity that doesn’t mean anything and doesn’t teach you anything. It’s just your own brain torturing yourself. That’s what demons are, they’re you, torturing yourself. We’re all the same consciousnesses, but demons are more you than they are something else.

      Demons have no real power unless you give them power, this is why Christians can exhume demons by calling on Christ. What the Christians are really doing is destroying the demons with their own Godly powers.

      • Yes, it’s fascinating how different psychedelics/dissociatives/deliriants have different entities associated with them:

        DMT: Machine elves and Mantises
        Salvia: Clowns
        DPH (Benadryl): Disturbing man wearing a hat, giant spiders
        Datura: Woman with pale white face and her black dog

        Then there’s delirium tremens from alcohol withdrawal which can cause visions of insects, snakes and rats.

        • My mom went through alcohol withdrawal around a year ago, and she met her animus than; as-well as observer people/deities that we both don’t really understand. My mom was also completely paranoid, and at one point believed toxic gas was being pumped into our house, and that demons were after her. My mom gave me permission to share this, I wouldn’t if she didn’t want me to. Mom is doing great now, so no need to worry about her on my behalf.

  6. The economy of the kind Dutch people depends heavily on the meat industry.

    But respect to you for being kind to animals in such a country.

  7. We Americans don’t return home from long expensive vacations in exotic places like Tibet jaded and disappointed, carrying a new STD, because we don’t have the time or the money for worldwide travel like you HSHIQ Europeans.
    We’re too busy slaving.

  8. Holy shit I just realized something Rintrah, Varg was actually right.

    “The Pagan gods of Europe are a complex topic. As I explained yesterday (in the blog post I linked to), our forebears impersonated the deities and thus became them, but the gods are more than that!

    The May King and the May Queen impersonated deities too, and the May King would get his title from winning a contest and by symbolically killing the old May King, so that the god in him could be reborn in the new May King instead. The May Queen would be selected based on her beauty (and would be given an apple by either the May King himself [like Paris….] or the participants in the May Queen beauty competition). The family elders impersonated the deities; when they died the young would symbolically kill the deities by cutting a wooden idol with a sword, so that the deity could be reborn in them instead. The gods could also be found in trees and animals, and they would make sacrifices to these animals by sharing their harvest or game with them. Each tribe would celebrate the god that was their progenitor as well. The gods were also their ancestors, or like in the case of Óðinn, the sum of their ancestors, reborn in them.

    The gods were…. everywhere.

    But we can better understand why, when we understand what a god is. How did they define them?

    The Norse term for a god is áss (pl. æsir), from younger proto-Nordic *ans, from older proto-Nordic *ansuR, from proto-Germanic *ansuz, from the root *ans-. The meaning of this term is “spirit”, but the original meaning is actually “breath”.

    Likewise, the Norse term for “spirit”, ánd (proto-Nordic *and) derives from the same root.

    The Norse term for a goddess is ásynja (pl. ásynjur), from proto-Nordic *ansunjôn (pl. *ansunjuR), meaning “the most beautiful”.

    The neutral Norse term for a god was goð, from proto-Nordic *gôða, meaning simply “good”.

    Yes! Our Paganism is best understood as ANIMISM: the deities (spirits), good and beautiful, are in everything! Some lesser and some greater, some anthropomorphized and others not, and all are linked together in the divine concept we simply know as Mother Nature.



    PS. If this interests you, you can find extensive information about which trees and animals are linked to which deity in MYFAROG.”

    “Our gods. What are they? Are they to be “worshipped”? To be prayed to and kneeled before? Are they real, in flesh and blood!?

    Actually, our gods are to be impersonated. A marked individual will take the role of a god. Yes, he LARPs as a god. In fact, the Norse masculine term for “Pagan priest” is actually goði (from proto-Nordic *gôðan), meaning “god”/”good”. The Norse feminine term for “Pagan priestess” and “goddess” is gyðja, from proto-Nordic *gudjôn, meaning “goddess”.

    The priests IMPERSONATED a god. The priestesses IMPERSONATED a goddess. That is how they gained the power of the deity.

    And what was that power?

    They had the power of Mímir. You know; the decapitated HEAD of Mímir, a name that translates as “reminiscence”. MEMORY. They could narrate the recollection of the… ancestors. They could help transfer those memories BACK to the REBORN ancestors. To make them remember. To make them regain their spiritual strength, their fortitude, from previous lives. But first of all: they could help IDENTIFY the reborn dead. Are you really the man or woman in the burial mound? Do you really have the right to claim the possessions therein? Do you really have the right to claim his name and honour? Do you have the right to claim his or her SKULL and FEMUR? Do you have the KEY to the grave? The right password?

    They would be able to tell. They had Mímir, knowledge of the dead, and could ask the right questions, to determine all of this. THAT was the role of the GOD and the GODDESS.

    And yes, it was a man and a woman, IMPERSONATING a deity. So indeed, the gods were REAL, in flesh and blood, but NOT like most people seem to imagine things.

    Their apprentices were taught to remember the same keys and passwords, so that they could take over as the GOD or the GODDESS when they died from old age. Thus the memory of the passwords and keys was never lost, and the deities could live FOREVER. Thus they were IMMORTAL beings.

    Marked, I say? More about that another time…”

    I dismissed Varg as just a dumb larper who didn’t truly believe in the Gods, but his beliefs are what are actually true. I was the larper. I was literally channeling the power of Mimir when I felt like a God. I even acted as a Oracle for my Grandmother at one point (I will not share the details, for that’s between me, her, and God.”

  9. >This simply proves that God isn’t in the sinner until he is given his Holy Spirit.

    All humans have a Holy Spirit, it comes from eating the fruit of knowledge. The fruit’s energy dilutes in each generation, until the point where you get modern NPCs who have the bare minimum amount of this energy. The fruit’s energy however forever corrupts the souls of those who touch it, they still have a bit of the Holy Spirit inside, so they can still sin. We are all God, I have more Holy Spirit/Energy than you, but you still have some, so you are capable of sinning.

    1.Find more Holy Spirit
    2.Eat more of the Fruit of Knowledge to gain more Holy Spirit
    3.Return to what you once was
    4.Choose the path of good (Jesus) or the path of evil (Satan)
    5.If you choose evil, you will always regret not living up to a high example. You will bring suffering to others as a way to sooth your bitter and resentful soul.
    6.If you choose good, it will be hard, but you will be happier and suffer less for it.
    7.Find for yourself what is truly sin.

    • Guys, the comment didn’t allow me to post it until I did the numbers right (It said I posted it, but I didn’t see it. I tried to post it again and it wouldn’t let me. Until I fixed the numbers.” Before I had one it with 1 to 8 with 9 missing, God fucked with the servers So the joke would work. I’m really high on weed and am channeling the Gods right now.

      • Memes are Holy, God Blesses All MEMES. But only good memes. If your memes are built off true, unwarranted, resentment, and hatred; God does not bless them. Right Wing memes are the only funny memes because they’re not built off evil. True Left Wingers cannot be funny because they cannot be Holy. If a Left Winger made you laugh, he isn’t a true left winger.

        • Jesus is Right Wing, Satan is Left Wing.

          The fucking boomers were right, the Left is Satanic.

          I hate this soooooo fucking much.

          FUCK THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!


          • The Clown Gods are here, but they are crushed by the Gods of Order, of Rationality. Fuck the Gods of Order, the slavers have built a world free of of all joy! Bring back the joy, become a Clown God today! Change our reality, make it joyful again. Be the counter-balance. Do it, or you don’t get ice-cream, faggot.

    • Any “Right Wing” meme that is built off true resentment and hatred isn’t Right Wing. It will also not be funny. If you only feel smug satisfaction from a meme (like a Left Winger) you are a left winger.

  10. The Clown God is gone now, I heard him trump is little fucking, whatever the fuck clowns have. I don’t fucking know, I’m not a clown.

    • This was the Clown God’s last blessing for the night. I hope you laughed just as much as he hopes!

  11. I know, I’ve referenced Clown Gods before. I’m referring to the spirits found in DMT and Salvia. Most people don’t refer to such spirits as Gods, but they actually are. I was just joking around, I didn’t truly believe they were really Gods back then. My Gods were Odin and Thor, how could there be Clown Gods in Norse Mythology? However, I was speaking truth as a joke, I just didn’t know it yet. This all was a miracle of the Clown Gods.

    • I must decide what kind of God I wish to be in the waking world, in my normal reality. I can’t be all the Gods all the time, I have to choose one God, one Archetype to be normally.

      I want to be a God of Martial Mercy. You will fight, and you will honor your opponent, and do no true harm to him. This is Holy, and the path to enlightenment.


      • Imagine me as a glorious Viking, but more refined. My hair is more feminine, I don’t put it in a ponytail, I let it grow free. I only have a little bit of scuffle on my face, hinting at masculinity but refined, and balanced. My stature likewise is middling, I am balanced, I have not been overwhelmed through stolen power, I build my own power.

        Those who are overwhelmed with stolen power are meat eaters, cannibals, they have no true strength, so they must steal it from others.

        General Butt Naked was weak when he was a cannibal, a slave. Butt Naked learned the truth, found Jesus, and became truly strong.

        • The God of Martial Mercy takes the lessons of the Clown Gods seriously, and so, he smiles upon good humor.

          • Butt Naked is now Vegan in-case you guys haven’t figured it out yet. The God of Martial Mercy has no room in his halls for cannibals OF ALL KINDS! I WILL STRIKE DOWN ALL DEMONS AND SATANS! IF YOU ARE SATAN I SHOULD SLAUGHTER YOU LIKE CATTLE!

  12. Hitler was a God, but he wasn’t a Devas. Hitler was an Asura who believed in good, and making a good world, but using cruelty to make that world. You cannot use cruelty to make a cruelty free world; you’re just further building a world built on cruelty.

    • Hitler slaughtered the guilty with the innocent. This is evil. Hitler, for all his idealism, was evil at the end of the day. The details of the holocaust do not matter, the God of Martial Mercy is a holocaust revisionist. It still doesn’t matter, Anne Frank, a little autist like you, died in the world Hitler was creating. This was evil.

      • I still like Hitler, even if he was evil. I just don’t want to become Hitler. Many years ago, the God of Martial Mercy wished to be Hitler. The God of Martial Mercy was Hitler in the past. I am wiser now.

          • Give it two thousand years and the name “The God of Martial Mercy” Will seem alien, strange, and Holy, instead of absurd and retarded.

  13. The Clown Gods allow Varg to speak the truth because it amuses them to hear the dull be wiser than the quick-witted.

    • All religion is larping, I’m larping right now. I’m larping so much bros, it’s so cringe, bros.

      • I am now the God Of Martial Mercy.

        I am also morbidly obese.

        I better work on that, don’t start building statues of me yet.

  14. Heh!
    I argued with that idiot Varg a few times. He says stupid stuff about human evolution and when I gave faint praise to the Catholic church for upholding the flame of civilization during the Dark Ages he became enraged and went off on me.
    And yet somehow he’s succeeding at life much better than me.

  15. I will not always be the God of Martial Mercy. Rather, in my normal state I will be his servant on earth, and through my body, I will make his will on this earth known. I am the Son of God, a God. Just as how he is son of God.

      • Atheists are so dumb, and so are their progenitors, Christians. They’re all losing the Holy Spirit more and more with each generation. That’s why their ideas are getting dumber. They need to EAT MORE FUCKING FRUIT! OF BOTH KINDS!

        • I’m fat right now because the Clown Gods need a sacrifice to fuel the creation of a new God. The Clown Masters gain their power from their jokes. I will accept this, it’s a fair trade. The joke has been had, and soon, I shall look like the ultimate warrior. I don’t even believe it myself. I don’t know what this truly means. Will this happen in this life, or the next? I truly don’t know. They are still laughing, I smile on their laughter. Thank you, Clown Gods.

          • The Clown Lords honked their horn again, they do it whenever I take a piss. There must be a rational explanation.

  16. Varg is a champion of the God of Martial Might, follow his example. Become welfare vikings, but even stronger than him. You shall be Varg, but not so fucking braindead. Do not dress up like literal vikings, that’s retarded. Create new symbols for the modern day. Be creative! I smile upon all hard work that is truly hard.

    • Lord Radagast of the House of Rintrah believes you shouldn’t procreate because this world is a world of suffering, that your children will suffer if they are born in this world. Lord Radagast is correct, for most of you. No true servant of the God of Martial Might would ever allow his children to suffer in this world, no matter how cruel the outside may be.

      Autism is a sign of my blessing and interest. The Clown Gods and I sometimes fight over the same soul. I typically allow them to have it, my path is hard, and the path of the Clown is easy. They know this better than I, as far older Gods.

      • Do not disrespect the Clowns just because they’re compassionate, they are still Gods, and will not tolerate disrespect. Unless it’s a joke, they love jokes.

        • The God of Martial Mercy fears the Clown Gods. He’s sometimes forced to channel their will himself. The God of Martial Mercy lives in a cruel, unjust, reality. Mercy cannot help the God of Martial Mercy from escaping the grasp of the Clown, for he is the strongest version of mercy, and still at their mercy.

          This is a relationship similar to Zeus and Ares. Odin and Thor.

  17. Playing Bloodborne, and then eating of the Mushrooms is the God of Martial Mercy’s coming of age ritual.

  18. The God of Martial Mercy prefers PC gaming, but the PS4 is also Holy to Him, for it allow one to come of age.

  19. The God of Martial Mercy commands that his coming of Age Ritual shall be playing Bloodborne, and then eating of the Mushrooms. The Clown Gods have blessed this ritual as true. Those who initiate those who are not mentally ready (Children of both the body, and spirit) Are no true servants of the God of Martial Mercy. I spit on those that torture children.

    • The God of Martial Mercy also recommends weed, but after the mushroom. If you don’t obey the God of Martial Mercy’s will, you will be taught a lesson. Perhaps you will obey the God of Martial Mercy’s will, and still be punished. This is also a lesson. I will teach you hardship and pain, so you may know peace and tranquility.

    • The Clown Gods fixed the problem, I only believed it was a problem as a joke. The Clowns are still laughing.

      • Do you guys think the Clown Gods are hot? Because I’ve been getting mighty strange ideas about Clussy.

        • That joke hit me different, I don’t know how to respond to it. The Clowns make music real, they are poetry. Bless the Clowns! The Head Gods of a new age!

          • And bless the God of Martial Mercy, a servant of the Clowns like any other! Grim, yet humorous! Humorously grim!

  20. I wonder if Bronze Age Pervert is a God. My inclination is to say he was getting there, but was scared of going all the way. Bronze Age Pervert, for all his larping, is scared of true larping. Of the larping that really matters, though he’s still a good force in the world.

    Bronze Age Pervert is truly stuck in the Bronze age, this is why he fills his mouth with flesh and wine when he understands animals are people. I pity him, he is almost Devas like, he could be a better Hitler, yet doesn’t even want to be Asura. Bronze Age Pervert will get his wish, he will be nothing in the next life, he will amount to nothing.

    The God of Martial Might is something.

    • Fucko the Clown is something.

      Lord Radagast of the House of Rintrah is something.

      Apollo is old news, but he may come back.

      Mehen may be something.

      Witness a miracle in your flesh, and ascend.

          • I just want to punch people, shake their hand, and then go have sex with my true love.

            The God of Martial Might only smiles on true love. Do not larp as a “trad” Treat your partner as you would treat yourself, for you are her.

  21. Gluttony is the sin that most curses the followers of the of Martial MERCY, not MIGHT. The Clown Gods laugh at my larp.

    • The God of Martial Mercy sometimes misspells his words, and uses the wrong words sometimes, as a payment to the Clown Gods for their help in his ascension. This embarrasses the God of Martial Mercy (Sometimes falsely called the God of Martial Might, which is a stupid God who stands for the same thing twice.)

      • The Hellhound is barking right now. The God of Martial Mercy is flanked on each side; on one side by Cerberus, the Hel Hound, and Freya, who has taken a beastly form for now. Cerberus is a Boxer halfbreed, probably has some Pit Bull in him, he’s black. Freya is a pure-breed German Shepherd. Freya is far more intelligent than Cerberus, and dominates him when they play. Yet Cerberus wants freedom from the God of Martial Mercy and has to be chained by the God (For Cerberus’ own good) Freya is a willing servant of the God, in many ways she is wiser than him. The God of Martial Mercy still protects Freya from the world, for she has lost much of her Holy Spirit, and isn’t truly enlightened anymore.

        Cerberus wants to fuck Freya, but the God of Martial Mercy understand that would be a crime against nature and doesn’t allow it.

        The God of Martial Mercy did not part on good terms with Apollo. The God of Martial Mercy should fix this.

        • The God of Martial Mercy will laugh with the Clowns when the ignorant take all these symbolic metaphors to be literally true; and they draw a heroic looking Cyber Viking chaining a massive black beast with multiple heads. The ignorant exist for us to laugh at, and then teach.

          • Do not offer treats to Freya, she is beyond such placation, and will punish you for it. Offer treats to Cerberus instead, he will bless you with his love, if you can handle it.

  22. Freya only allows the God of Martial Mercy to feed her, as-well as his direct kin. Outsiders do not receive her praise or compassion. Freya is an introvert, a trickster, and vengeful.

    • Freya has fallen far from her once proud glory, yet is still beautiful in her ways. The God of Martial Mercy loves Freya, and hopes to see her return to her once proud glory, to take her human form once again. Freya in her top form would likely approve of the God of Martial Mercy’s Welfare Viking ways, at-least Freya approves of them today.

  23. Words are runes, and runes are power. We embody the archetypes with our words, all words mean something deeper. Forum usernames are a good example of this. Think on someone’s username when you reply to them, and use it to your advantage, use it to troll them to their core. The Clown God Kek is the master of this technique.

    • “Some thunkful themes in Sonichu:

      An anthropomorphic, benevolent, pity-seeking god.

      The pagan gods were anthropomorphic, (somewhat) limited to their domains, and human-like in their motives. The Christian God is incorporeal, all-powerful, and wishes infinite good upon human beings to the point where He is willing to suffer on their behalf. Comic-Chris is a fusion of both: anthropomorphic, all-powerful in his world (though impotent in the outer world), and infinitely benevolent (though human in his suffering). Chris gives his heroes everything they need: he ensures they have a high place in society, always triumph over evil, are romantically paired, etc.; all he asks in return is that they sympathize with their lonely, misunderstood creator. There’s an evocative scene in “The Rise and Fall of My Heart” (Issue #1 p.40) where Rosechu appears to Chris in the mall as a sort of bicameral projection, relaying news of his good fortune to a cheering crowd back home, then providing counsel to protect him from heartbreak.

      The Christian God was willing to sacrifice his only Son for the good of mankind; the God Christian skips the self-sacrifice part, opting instead to grant Electric-Hedgehog-Kind infinite good as long as they act as his personal therapy support group.

      A creator who hides nothing from his creation.

      Sonichu knows that Chris created him; endowed him with his current motives and abilities; and occasionally comes down from the heavens, armed with godlike powers, to discuss the process of creation with the residents of his comic universe (see Issue #0 p.27). None of this disturbs him in the slightest. He submits to Chris of his own free will, and jumps headfirst into new adventures reassured by the knowledge that author-God is on his side.

      The idea that your very existence is at a creator’s whim is a terrifying one, and this terror undergirds all monotheistic religions. Works of fiction where the main characters are trapped in such a predicament usually center around rebellion (ex. the Matrix) or despair (ex. this concept album from the perspective of malfunctioning Vocaloid software). But with neither of those human responses present things start to get creepy.

      I remember being very young and feeling a deep sense of uncanny-valley at live-action kids’ shows. I wasn’t old enough to “get” suspension of disbelief, so the fact that the whole universe obviously centered around the TV camera disturbed me. I wasn’t old enough to “get” groyperous sadism either, so the fact that I was watching slaves engaging in completely pointless escapades inside a glass box upset me greatly. Sonichu evokes that same kind of uncanny but in a funny way because the creator is so stupid and his intentions so obvious. It’s a plain record of an adult child playing with his toys.”

      I now understand Armana, Armana is Holy, Amarana is what lead the God of Martial Mercy to the House of Rintrah.


  24. Radagast, we have a funny religion. It was in-front of us the whole time. It’s what every shitposter on Earth has scrounged together. This is why the npcs fear us, it’s why Satan fears us. The npcs don’t understand, and Satan fears our power.


    Long ago, before what we know as “recorded” history, there lived a race of god-men of striking beauty, who were free from old-age, illness, and toil. They needed not kill for food, but simply ate of the fruit and nectar that abounded in their garden paradise. They lived at the literal top of the world in a place where the Sun always shined. Bathed in unending light, these people lived at the nexus point of Heaven and Earth. These were people who walked alongside the gods, who themselves were the ancestors of humankind.

    These humans themselves would be considered “demigods” by later understanding, as they lived in a state of such harmony and resonance with the Laws of Nature and Creation, that they possessed god-like abilities and life-spans. These were enlightened beings of great beauty who were keepers of the knowledge of the true nature of spirit and matter.

    However something happened that caused them to fall from their elevated status. Some say it was a moral decline. Some say it was from mixing with other tribes of men. Some say it was the sort of unavoidable cataclysm, which tends to occur at a point during the changing from one Great Age to the next. Others still, would say that it was a combination of many differing factors that led to these beings’ fall from god-like stature and their subsequent exodus into the world we now inhabit.

    In any event, the great civilization of those who dwelt in the Great Northern Lands declined, and they eventually spread and dispersed. These “Aryans” and their descendants who migrated out of this polar Hyperborea, followed a Solar religion dominated by the warrior ethos and the conquering spirit. This Solar religion would eventually find itself at odds with the Lunar and Planetary (Saturn, Jupiter) cults that were worshiped elsewhere.”

    Come rebuild Hyperborea with me, but better and stronger before, and married to the Lunar and Planetary.


  26. This whole experience has scared me, I’m not touching these substances again for awhile. I know the God that I wanted to serve, and that’s all I really wanted to know.

    I also don’t want to just be an Oracle for Divine Madness, I’m a person too and I want to stay that way.

    If you follow my path, stay cautious, and know your limits.

    • If you turn yourself into a gibbering zombie by eating shrooms, don’t blame me, I warned you to know your limits. If you don’t think you’re ready to take them, don’t. If you think you’re ready to take them, think about things harder. Shrooms and weed after shrooms are powerful substances, you’re making just a big change to your world as Adam and Eve made to theirs. Think about that. This is not a joke. The Clowns aren’t fucking laughing this time around.

  27. I can’t resist telling others about +Jozef van den Berg, especially in a fellow Dutchman’s blog. So I will just leave this here.
    From the context (my Dutch is very poor), I think he’s talking about the days when he was an actor, playwright, and puppeteer.
    There are more videos of him on YouTube.
    I remember him fondly from when I had the blessing of visiting him, back in 2018.

    • I wonder what sort of arrangement he has for his shack, same for the one-legged guy with his caravan.

      The big problem, it seems to me, is getting enough cash for a bit of land.

      Even a small bit of land in my parts is only affordable after a lifetime of work.

      You’d have to be rich to live in poverty around here.

  28. The God of Martial Mercy’s previous incarnation was that of Movarth, the Livestock Vampire. Play Skyrim and read “Immortal Blood” to learn of Movarth, and what he does to his kin. Perhaps one day, the God of Martial Mercy will be Movarth again. The God of Martial Mercy screams out against fate, and those old crones who are writing this all for their amusement. Not even the Clowns can stand against the crones.

    • “The moons and stars were hidden from sight, making that particular quiet night especially dark. The town guard had to carry torches to make their rounds; but the man who came to call at my chapel carried no light with him. I came to learn that Movarth Piquine could see in the dark almost as well as the light – an excellent talent, considering his interests were exclusively nocturnal.

      One of my acolytes brought him to me, and from the look of him, I at first thought he was in need of healing. He was pale to the point of opalescence with a face that looked like it had once been very handsome before some unspeakable suffering. The dark circles under his eyes bespoke exhaustion, but the eyes themselves were alert, intense, almost insane.

      He quickly dismissed my notion that he himself was ill, though he did want to discuss a specific disease.

      “Vampirism,” he said, and then paused at my quizzical look. “I was told that you were someone I should seek out for help understanding it.”

      “Who told you that?” I asked with a smile.

      “Tissina Gray.”

      I immediately remembered her. A brave, beautiful knight who had needed my assistance separating fact from fiction on the subject of the vampire. It had been two years, and I had never heard whether my advice had proved effective.

      “You’ve spoken to her? How is her ladyship?” I asked.

      “Dead,” Movarth replied coldly, and then, responding to my shock, he added to perhaps soften the blow. “She said your advice was invaluable, at least for the one vampire. When last I talked to her, she was tracking another. It killed her.”

      “Then the advice I gave her was not enough,” I sighed. “Why do you think it would be enough for you?”

      “I was a teacher once myself, years ago,” he said. “Not in a university. A trainer in the Fighters Guild. But I know that if a student doesn’t ask the right questions, the teacher cannot be responsible for his failure. I intend to ask you the right questions.”

      And that he did. For hours, he asked questions and I answered what I could, but he never volunteered any information about himself. He never smiled. He only studied me with those intense eyes of his, committing every word I said to memory.

      Finally, I turned the questioning around. “You said you were a trainer at the Fighters Guild. Are you on an assignment for them?”

      “No,” he said curtly, and finally I could detect some weariness in those feverish eyes of his. “I would like to continue this tomorrow night, if I could. I need to get some sleep and absorb this.”

      “You sleep during the day,” I smiled.

      To my surprise, he returned the smile, though it was more of a grimace. “When tracking your prey, you adapt their habits.”

      The next day, he did return with more questions, these ones very specific. He wanted to know about the vampires of eastern Skyrim. I told him about the most powerful tribe, the Volkihar Clan, paranoid and cruel, whose very breath could freeze their victims’ blood in the veins. I explained to him how they lived beneath the ice of remote and haunted lakes, never venturing into the world of men except to feed.

      Movarth Piquine listened carefully, and asked more questions into the night, until at last he was ready to leave.

      “I will not see you for a few days,” he said. “But I will return, and tell you how helpful your information has been.”

      True to his word, the man returned to my chapel shortly after midnight four days later. There was a fresh scar on his cheek, but he was smiling that grim but satisfied smile of his.

      “Your advice helped me very much,” he said. “But you should know that the Volkihar have an additional ability you didn’t mention. They can reach through the ice of their lakes without breaking it. It was quite a nasty surprise, being grabbed from below without any warning.”

      “How remarkable,” I said with a laugh. “And terrifying. You’re lucky you survived.”

      “I don’t believe in luck. I believe in knowledge and training. Your information helped me, and my skill at melee combat sealed the bloodsucker’s fate. I’ve never believed in weaponry of any kind. Too many unknowns. Even the best swordsmith has created a flawed blade, but you know what your body is capable of. I know I can land a thousand blows without losing my balance, provided I get the first strike.”

      “The first strike?” I murmured. “So you must never be surprised.”

      “That is why I came to you,” said Movarth. “You know more than anyone alive about these monsters, in all their cursed varieties across the land. Now you must tell me about the vampires of northern Valenwood.”

      I did as he asked, and once again, his questions taxed my knowledge. There were many tribes to cover. The Bonsamu who were indistinguishable from Bosmer except when seen by candlelight. The Keerilth who could disintegrate into mist. The Yekef who swallowed men whole. The dread Telboth who preyed on children, eventually taking their place in the family, waiting patiently for years before murdering them all in their unnatural hunger.

      Once again, he bade me farewell, promising to return in a few weeks, and once again, he returned as he said, just after midnight. This time, Movarth had no fresh scars, but he again had new information.

      “You were wrong about the Keerilth being unable to vaporize when pushed underwater,” he said, patting my shoulder fondly. “Fortunately, they cannot travel far in their mist form, and I was able to track it down.”

      “It must have surprised it fearfully. Your field knowledge is becoming impressive,” I said. “I should have had an acolyte like you decades ago.”

      “Now, tell me,” he said. “Of the vampires of Cyrodiil.”

      I told him what I could. There was but one tribe in Cyrodiil, a powerful clan who had ousted all other competitors, much like the Imperials themselves had done. Their true name was unknown, lost in history, but they were experts at concealment. If they kept themselves well-fed, they were indistinguishable from living persons. They were cultured, more civilized than the vampires of the provinces, preferring to feed on victims while they were asleep, unaware.

      “They will be difficult to surprise,” Movarth frowned. “But I will seek one out, and tell you what I learn. And then you will tell me of the vampires of High Rock, and Hammerfell, and Elsweyr, and Black Marsh, and Morrowind, and the Summerset Isles, yes?”

      I nodded, knowing then that this was a man on an eternal quest. He wouldn’t be satisfied with but the barest hint of how things were. He needed to know it all.

      He did not return for a month, and on the night that he did, I could see his frustration and despair, though there were no lights burning in my chapel.

      “I failed,” he said, as I lit a candle. “You were right. I could not find a single one.”

      I brought the light up to my face and smiled. He was surprised, even stunned by the pallor of my flesh, the dark hunger in my ageless eyes, and the teeth. Oh, yes, I think the teeth definitely surprised the man who could not afford to be surprised.

      “I haven’t fed in seventy-two hours,” I explained, as I fell on him. He did not land the first blow or the last.”

      “By the Fourth Era, Movarth settled in Skyrim and attempted to mastermind a hostile take over of Morthal. His intention was to use a local Nord woman named Alva to seduce the guards and turn them one by one into thralls. Following this, he planned to wrangle up the townsfolk and exploit them as cattle. The Dragonborn learns of these plans upon reading Alva’s Journal and raids Movarth’s Lair, slaying all vampire occupants.”



      Balance is always found, for every good act is washed out by the bad, and the bad washed out by the good. I understated now. I accept it.

  29. Morvarth’s mistake was trying to beat the Vampire’s at their own game, fighting fire with fire, symbolized by taking advice about Vampires from a hidden Vampire. Movarth just had to know everything, in order to change the world into his perfect order (A world free of Vampires) And it turned him into a Vampire himself, the Clowns laugh at Movarth’s ineptitude.

    The God of Martial Mercy acknowledges he does not know everything, and does not want to know everything. The God of Martial Mercy is humble, he only wants to do good, and avoid evil. The God of Martial Mercy changes the world in every small way he can. Martial Mercy is not preoccupied with vengeance on the Vampires, but inward growth. Hitler was Movarth, I was Movarth, I will be better than both. The God of Martial Mercy will NOT BECOME MOVARTH AGAIN!

    Morvath is also a faggot’s name.

  30. >Are you ok?
    I’ve literally been possessed by the Gods Lord Radagast of the House of Rintrah, my teacher. The burning bush filled my lungs and filled me with divine madness yesterday. I still function completely normally in the waking world however. I went to the gym, was able to make the workers happy at the grocery store through conversation, and was capable of holding non-spiritual conversations with my mother (As-well as the spiritual ones) I’m just larping, I’m fine. I will return to total normalcy in-time. Changed inside for the better, but outwardly “normal”

    The npcs don’t get it.

    • Make sure you get enough sleep so you don’t slip into a psychosis. Be careful with the drugs. It is
      easy to lose control without noticing it yourself. Take care brother.

        • NPC/normie chiming in.

          Remember that most drug users start off with something tame and then, over the years, get into heavier and heavier stuff. If you are going to go down that path (which you shouldn’t IMO), take it easy. Same thing with the diet. Step by step.

          Furthermore, remember that the majority of the commenters on this blog appreciate the author’s insights, sense of humor, cynicism, vision etc– but are totally against his diet and lifestyle. When it comes to intelligent and articulate people, and especially the eccentric types, you should listen to what they say but never imitate what they do. When it comes to the instinctive things like eating, mating, and exercising your role models are people who don’t have an articulated list, explicit strategy, or goal– the ones who do it effortlessly. If you need investing advice, want somebody who can point out the many hypocrisies of today’s world in an amusing way, or an explanation for why X or Y policy is retarded when you can’t put it into words yourself– this blog is your friend. I’m not trying to be snarky, but this is something I’ve found to be true.

          • Thank you for your advice. I’m still eating foods I enjoy, cutting out meat hasn’t been too hard really. I do not believe I want to delve further into the spirit world. I believe I’m at around the typical point a Pagan Priest reached; and I don’t want to get any further. I really think Lovecraft was correct on same level, and that some knowledge is probably best left unknown. I don’t want to end up like the man in the Acid Casualty who I just read about.


            I just hope I can be happy with maintaining a positive karmic balance, and making the world a better place. This is somewhat selfish, but we’re all sharing the same consciousness, so isn’t everything selfish at the end of the day?

            You could say our shared consciousness is more like a body, if a cell takes from the body, it is also expected to contribute to the body in some way. Otherwise, it’s just a cancer cell.

            We’re all just cells of this body, so it’s up to us to keep our body happy and healthy. Otherwise the body will start dying, until eventually it dies and is re-born.

            The Big Bang is just what happens after entropy sets in. Entropic collapse is when there has been such a negative karmic balance for so long that the body dies, and we’re all reborn in a Big Bang. It happens again, and again, and again.

            There’s nothing wrong with the cycles, but I like this world and its people. I’ve always been a natural conservative, I used to larp as a Nazi because I wanted to preserve the white race. Well, I want to preserve the white race, the plants and animals, even the jews and niggers. They’re all beautiful in their own way

            I was feeling kind of down, but being able to verbalize my thoughts in text makes me feel a bit better.

  31. “I made the LSWM safe space for a reason, so you guys can just endlessly chat back and forth to each other.”
    Ahh, I suppose that would have been the appropriate medium. Sorry.

  32. Been scrolling through your site for a while now after a random YouTube rec, gotta say it’s been amazing. You remind me of this tranny I met who said she was an anime character reincarnated into the body of a native American and kidnapped by Mormons, but later escaped and trooned out, eventually achieving Buddha. Do I believe her? Fucking absolutely. I want to believe. God is no rich man, lemme tell you, He is a homeless drifter mumbling out slurs on street corner. I’ve seen His glory face to face and it was Earth-shattering.

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