We deserve better

Every once in a while I just feel like pointing out again what a complete banality they have planned for us. By 2040, one in every four employed adults in the Netherlands is supposed to work in healthcare, because we’ll have so many sick elderly.

Just think about this for a moment. You go to the nursing home, change grandma’s diaper, get her dressed, walk outside for your cigarette break, ask your colleague whether she had a nice weekend and then you go back, staring at the clock until you’re allowed to go home again.

I visited my grandmothers in the nursing home, it’s the most depressing place on Earth. But for droves of people, that’s supposed to be every day of their lives. Babysitting grandma, two weeks a year in Spain, a house without a garden that you paid half a million bucks for.

One of my favorite movies is Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof zoo. It’s what Fight Club and trainspotting try to be. It’s about a bunch of teenagers in Berlin who become heroin addicted prostitutes. I don’t buy the idea that heroin is physically so addictive that people can’t quit. I think it’s something psychological. “Ha, I found out what the greatest feeling in the world is, but you want me to spend the rest of my life wiping grandma’s arse in the nursing home? FUCK YOU!”

It’s the same reason war veterans generally don’t become productive members of society. The Hell’s Angels were founded by world war II vets. You push your brain’s hedonic state too far in either direction, it can’t readjust to the narrow band that constitutes most people’s day to day lives. Just as prostitution is the apotheosis of femininity, war is the apotheosis of masculinity. In both cases, if you’ve experienced it, there’s no true recovery from it.

I just distinctly remember those moments I had sitting at the office, thinking to myself: “Alright, so this is it. This is what I’m supposed to spend my days doing, in one variety or another.” And I just couldn’t accept it. So I began constantly getting high. Once we were all supposed to “work from home” during lockdown I would just wander through the forest during worktime, vaping kush, smelling the leaves of the trees.

And I looked for some other way to make money. I now seem to get stuck at around half a million, enough to travel the world, not enough to buy a house, settle down and sink into stasis. I could buy a house in the countryside, earning money on the side growing cannabis. But I can’t buy a house and just do nothing anymore, I’m not rich enough for that. And that’s probably a good thing.


  1. I know it’s not the central point of the post, BUT: With 500,000 you could buy a house in Greece, not by the sea, but in a very beautiful, small town not far from beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes. And the sea wouldn’t be very far either.
    That would cost you less than 1.0e+5.
    You could live off the remainder for 10,000/year x 40 years (lol!).
    By then you will know the language and you will be able to build a farming business. Maybe mushrooms (there’s plenty of them in the province of Grevena – Valia Calda valley – Wallach people “neo-romance” name):
    Another plan would be to do the same in Bulgaria. Even less expensive!
    Amazing mountain beauty there too. I would choose Nevrokop(i) (Gotse Delchev).
    And you could marry a beautiful Greek or Bulgarian girl too.

    • You’re not wrong.

      The problem with the whole “living by yourself in a dying town in a country that has had sub replacement fertility for decades” idea I’ve always had is: If it’s so easy and fun, why aren’t the locals doing it themselves? Why are the Bulgarians all moving to the Netherlands and Germany, if living in a cheap home in a small town there is so great?

      • Maybe, with things being relative, the locals cannot afford it?

        If the locals have poor economic opportunities in those areas, then they might not be able to afford the land, even if it is relatively cheap compared to other places.

        As a general rule, land always seems to be so expensive that locals have to work a lifetime to obtain it.

        The system cannot allow anyone to simply lay down roots and subsist for free, or low cost. If it were otherwise, then nobody would work in a factory, or pod, etc.

        Instead, everyone would just settle down, live their lives, and tell ‘the man’ to get lost.

        • When the locals leave in large numbers, it might be because the deal has just gotten so bad for them locally that it’s impossible for them to get the land/house either during or after a lifetime of work.

          As an outsider, you might be able to trade on the differential that exists between your location and theirs.

          I’d probably think about it if I were in your shoes.

          How old are you anyway? Thirties? Young/free enough not to have any children yet at any rate.

          So, none of the ties that come with a partner (or so I presume) and kids, but you have extended family ties, although you won’t have to cross an ocean to get to see your family if you do decide to move. And if you do get worried about money in future, then you could probably telecommute or do some low-level work to earn a little extra coin.

          So, if you can get a house outright with what you’ve already piled up, with a little land for a garden, and some spare change, then why not?

          Unless you have some greater ambition of getting uber rich and/or famous and/or climbing the status ladder etc., which is basically what most people want. However, if you just want a sort of Epicurean lifestyle with freedom from ‘the man’, some time to think, a garden, a house, some clothes, and minimal obligations to participate in society, take orders, be forced to compete, with all the stresses that go with those things, then that seems like it could be within your reach.

          And you may even have enough resources to do it in more style and comfort than Uncle Ted.

          What would it cost you other than your nest egg? Perhaps aspirations that you have for ‘success’ in society, proximity to existing friends and family, and the familiar comforts of your native home. You’d also have to put in the effort to make some new friends to hang out with in your garden, if you didn’t want to be a hermit.

          I’d probably think about it. Maybe I’d go and have a look at some of the places to see if any of them sung to me. If one of the locations really sung to me, and I fell in love with the land, then I’d really have to think seriously about it.

          • I once knew a guy who got an inheritance when he was a young man. Enough money to buy a small bit of land outright in a green part of the country. He’s done a little work here and there since, but because he was set up early, he hasn’t had to do a lot and could basically just relax, and smoke weed.

            Seems to have worked for him.

            He will inherit even more when his parents die.

            He’s the only guy I know actually who has enjoyed something approaching a good life. Everyone else is pretty miserable.

            Thirty odd years in an office, or factory, will do that to you – and it still isn’t over yet. . .

            Save yourself from that if you can.

      • It was doable in the past. Many Greeks returned from Germany (1st migration wave ca.1950) and are buying property in their home-town/village to live off their savings.
        I bet many 1st wave Bulgarian immigrants returned with savings, in certain cases.
        Millions of well to do people from the North (Germans, French, Dutch etc) spend their pensions in the South.
        Because of the lower cost of living.
        Also, thousands of middle or upper-middle class Chinese, Israelis, Arabs, Russians, Germans, Americans etc buy property in places like Greece and Bulgaria (because it is cheaper to do than in the other Mediterrenean countries).
        And let’s not forget the “digital nomads” who come to Greece like crazy.
        Because of the low cost of living.
        Greece is a bargain. And will be for at least a couple of years.
        (The most adventurous of the “digital nomads” probably choose even cheaper places in the Tropics)
        However, we both know that a tsunami is imminent, from a post-JN variant, or for some other reason.
        So, leaving your home country to settle in a low-cost EU country, is mostly risky if we consider the extraordinary times we live in.
        + + +
        Another things is that you might like to share your financial achievements with a girl from this area, and struggle together. It won’t be easy, it never is.
        (Serbian, Bulgarian, Greek (even Turkish non-muslim) girls are a very good choice.)
        + + +
        PS The Balkan peninsula is very beautiful! it will remind you of France, Bavaria, the Alps–only cheaper–, and there’s awesome beaches obviously.

      • Lots of Americans desperately desire to move to isolated, nearly empty towns in the countryside. They are constrained by two things: income, and medical care. If you don’t have an income then you can’t buy land even if it is cheap; also you can’t afford reasonable necessities; that is why locals leave and new people can’t survive. I left the small town area I grew up in for that reason; there were no jobs. Also if the nearest hospital is 100 miles away life isn’t manageable, even for young people. In the U.S. the rural hospitals are all closing. But if you check online you’ll find loads of young and old Americans who are fervently hoping to find remote rural areas in which they can earn a living and where they can get medical care for their families.

  2. Presumably, we will see more countries legalising euthanasia, like we currently see in Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands and Canada, as the population continues to age and become more disabled. In addition to this, the phenomenon of “do not resuscitate” will become more normalised in hospitals and nursing homes. Opiate overdoses will also almost certainly continue to increase year on year.

    Presumably, we will also see more and more people “lashing out” against the system in frustration. So, more people like Lucy Letby and Harold Shipman. Also, probably more efilists like Adam Lanza.

  3. This is why I’m an advocate for the Welfare Viking lifestyle. Exploit the system as much as you can. Find the easiest sources of wealth, while contributing the least amount you can to the system. The system sees you as just a cow to be milked, and then slaughtered in its industries; be the cow that causes problems by escaping all the time and is too much work to be worth milking too much. Being a willing slave to evil doesn’t make you a good person.

    You shouldn’t just just parasitize off your parents, nor should you go around stealing from others either however. Figure out how to exploit the system without exploiting actual people. The system is a machine, most of the income it rakes in is spent on making your country, planet, and life worse. Do not feel bad for getting something in return from it after you’ve spent your whole life being milked; and being traumatized by the system’s rituals (What do you think school is? Sorry but if you like school you’re not an autist and therefore not a person.)


    >Just as prostitution is the apotheosis of femininity, war is the apotheosis of masculinity.

    Close, but not totally. Mussolini knew, a woman’s apotheosis was becoming a single man’s prostitute and giving him kids.

    You’re right about war though. Modern war is gay however, there’s nothing great about getting droned or turned into mist by a howitzer shell. Why do modern men get PTSD from war when ancient men didn’t? It’s because modern war is gay suicide. The real war in the modern day is the war that takes place inside, as cliche as that sounds.

    • >Mussolini knew, a woman’s apotheosis was becoming a single man’s prostitute and giving him kids.

      This is what all the LSWMs think, theyre wrong. A woman gets bored of any single man within a few years.

      • I don’t like that thought, but I’m also a zoomer virgin who doesn’t have any real experience with women. I’m going to larp that Disney romance is real in the hopes I can get what I want out of said larp. If a girl truly didn’t want to be with me however, she can go. I’m not a slave-master, and don’t want to fuck anyone who truly doesn’t want to fuck me.

      • This is the Real Madonna men want. Women who love them and want to have sex with them and them only whilst being physically attractive.

  4. Must be nice to be “stuck around half a million.” Gives you a lot of options.
    I used to hang around Hells Angels in Northern California, playing pool with them and drinking beer in bars. Nothing violent happened but it was interesting. One time the biggest one of them snatched my beer and I told him off. 😅

    • >Must be nice to be “stuck around half a million.” Gives you a lot of options.

      Yeah with half a million you can buy a house, even in this shithole country.

      I mean a real house, one with a garden and enough room to grow your own cannabis and no whining neighbors when you want to blast witch house at 2AM.

      But then you’re back to sitting in the cubicle for everything else.

  5. Have you thought of starting some sort of business? Not the Ponzi-scheme type, I mean something artisanal enough to feel humanizing and maybe make a buck off. People used to make carpets, furniture, clothes, electronics, ceramics, and really all kinds of things that they now make in China. There was functional stuff and there was artistic stuff, but it was all pretty high quality and not disposable and careless. There’s probably a decent market for hand-made, high-quality, objects that stand out from the junk. And plenty of people who would want to get in on that activity, if you need partners, since everyone else is also trapped in this fake gay economy. You’ve said you enjoy growing plants; it could be a step up.

  6. I wish you would quit hating on tending old people. I was very happy to wipe my father’s bottom when he was dying of heart failure; I got to be with him more that way and to give the nurses a break. And I’m happy to help my father in law; I will admit that I am not eager to help him with personal care but at 99 he can still do that (and follow chess games and take care of his own investments as well). If I had to have a job, an assisted living facility job would be my first choice. Here I am doing the same stuff at home, after all.

    You are male. Of course you don’t want to work taking care of old people. You are like a female saying she thinks that male activities suck and are useless. I thought that you realized that men and women differ, but apparently you don’t. You should meet the ladies, almost all of them highly religious, who tend people, mostly old, at the place where my dad stayed; they did not feel that their lives lacked purpose. The same with the mostly Amish ladies who took care of my mother in law. In fact they felt that what they were doing was the most important thing to do, along with raising their kids.

    I wonder if you have read Colin Turnbull’s “The Mountain People.” He was an anthropologist, and the people he studied at one time treated their old people with love and attention, but then times became very bad and they started to neglect them. And they came up with all sorts of excuses and made a jolly thing of the neglect. But then when he pointed that out, they became very sad and ashamed. They didn’t want to be doing that but they were desperate. But Dutch people aren’t desperate, they just don’t have the brains to figure out how to take care of their young people and their old people both. Obviously it is possible.

    • I just don’t think it’s normal to have a society where half the women would have to spend their days fixing the 1001 different health issues of obese elderly with diabetes who spent their whole life eating pork and now have the results to show for it.

      If someone took good care of their body and ate plants, I wouldn’t mind taking care of them myself. If someone eats pork and beef and gets sick, the only thing I really think is “you got what you deserved”.

      You eat a starch-rich low protein plant based diet and you live a long life, until your body is exhausted and then you die. That’s how people live in Okinawa. But the boomers expect us to patch up the bodies they chose to destroy themselves through a thousand technofixes that kick the can down the hall for them by a few more years.

      I don’t hate old people, but I honestly, unironically just hate people who eat meat. I can’t help it. They’re metaphysically just unwilling to carry their own weight, they turn this world into hell for the rest of us.

      • “I don’t hate old people, but I honestly, unironically just hate people who eat meat.”

        Does that include Inuit for example?
        If not, why not?

      • There was a survey just done in New Zealand.

        93 percent eat red meat.
        2.89 percent do not eat red meat, nut do eat seafood and poultry.
        1.4 percent eat fish, but not red meat or poultry.
        2.04 percent are true vegetarians (no meat or seafood)(they do eat eggs and dairy)
        .73 percent are vegan (no dairy)

        So, given your hatred of people who eat meat, you should be pretty safe from feeling obliged to help tend sick old people. You’d have to hire a private detective to find one who qualified for your care. But it’s not like it is something you would do anyway since you are male. There is a reason that most religions have a female VIrgin Mary figure, who loves everyone no matter how much they suck (and there is a reason the figure is female). Most human females who haven’t been ill-used have a very strong nurturing instinct that overcomes dislike of and annoyance at the creature nurtured; if they didn’t have such a strong inclination the species would not persist.

        Really if you eat dairy you might as well be eating meat. I eat cheese and I feel bad about that for good reason. I’ve started replacing the cheese with air popped popcorn with a little olive oil, and I’ve already gained two pounds, so I’m not convinced about the starch claim. I do not have the same genetic makeup as Okinowans. If I eat rice or oatmeal I just feel hungry and sleepy (popcorn, however, is filling).

        • Wow! I also tried air popped popcorn with a nice rich sauce of red lentils, a couple of days ago, and it was unexpectedly filling and yummy!

        • You really should eat meat, it’s good for you and has been unfairly demonized. A lot of women tend to be afraid of big meals, but adding sardines would probably do the trick. Cheap, too.

          Boomers and old people in general are in terrible shape because they eat and drink a ton of carbs, plus all kinds of drugs and medications. They were the ones who originally kick-started the whole low-fat, vegan, thing in the 70s and 80s– right when the obesity epidemic started.

          If you eat a diet with a good deal of protein and fat, you’ll feel full. You won’t need to turn to substances like drugs and medications, or super high-carb foods, in order to feel full.

          • I was a strict vegan for 19 years and it wasn’t for my health at all!!! It was out of pity for animals. It isn’t relevant to me whether meat is or isn’t healthful; the question is whether any amount of animal products is necessary for health, and if so, how much of which ones. I screwed up with K2 and am living with the consequences (or not; maybe the pandemic and thus consuming nattoserra has solved the problem). Americans are fat because they live on McDonalds and Popeyes and Golden Corral and Denny’s and Cracker Barrel and Cheesecake Factory meals; it isn’t a carb/meat ratio problem; it is a garbage food problem.

            Sardines are awful. I bought a couple of cans for pandemic prepping and then opened them and realized that about ten creatures had died for my meal; that was sad; I could barely gag them down. It would have been better to buy a can of salmon; one death would have provided a lot of meals.

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