Weak men lead to hard times

Joe Rogan is clever enough to never show the back of his tongue, you can draw the conclusions from this yourself. I feel like giving you just one example however, of how weak men lead to hard times.

Trangenderism in young people is almost always the result of severe trauma.

Here’s a recent study on the topic:

The current study investigated attachment representations and complex trauma in a sample of gender dysphoric adults. Although it has been proven that the psychological wellbeing of gender diverse persons is largely mediated by family acceptance and support, research on their relationships with parental figures is scarce. A total of 95 adults took part in the study. The attachment distribution was as follows: 27% secure, 27% insecure and 46% disorganized. Regarding early traumas, 56% experienced four or more traumatic forms. Further, gender dysphoric adults showed significantly higher levels of attachment disorganization and polyvictimisation, relative to controls. Comparisons of subgroups, defined by natal gender, showed that trans women, compared to control males, had more involving and physically and psychologically abusive fathers, and were more often separated from their mothers; trans men, relative to female controls, had more involving mothers and were more frequently separated from and neglected by their fathers. The research has several implications for treatment, clinical health psychology, family support and education.

If you take 95 adults and 56% have experienced four or more traumatic forms, it doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots.

And this is the important part: You really don’t have to be very smart to see what’s going on, you just need to have a pure soul. We have an epidemic of divorce and broken households, with girls who grow up with a step-father rather than their biological father. Sexual abuse of girls is almost always by some other man allowed into the house. Of course we also have a culture in which sexual abuse and promiscuity are rampant. People feel unable to live up to the highly demanding expectations placed upon their gender and thus begin to assume life must be much easier as the opposite gender.

If you say this stuff out loud, your career in Hollywood or just about anywhere else is over, because now you’re “transphobic”, which is almost as bad as being “racist”. But you know what makes a strong man? A strong man doesn’t care what works out for his own advantage. Do you think the men who landed in Normandy thought they were going to make it out alive? They had mentally prepared themselves to rot away on the beaches.

It takes a strong man to say no to permissiveness. I’ll make it very simple: This society condones the delusions of traumatized mentally ill people. The closest equivalent of how our society treats gender dysphoria would be a psychiatrist who tells a schizophrenic that he can see the microchip implanted into his tooth by his dentist.

And why do we do that? Well, because it’s the easiest route. The victims think this will make their lives easier. The parents are too weak to stand up to their own children and face condemnation by the culture they live in. The medical professionals choose the easy route, which also happens to be the profitable route: A constant barrage of therapies, surgeries and medication, generally paid for by the government.

The only people who respect J. K. Rowling at this point are strong men, because she may disagree with us on 90% of just about everything we believe, but she was willing to place a nuke under her reputation for something that matters. It’s the sort of respect the crusaders had for Saladin.

And for what it’s worth, I’ve encountered plenty of weak men. They don’t look the way you might expect them to. Oftentimes they’re handsome, muscular, tall, they’re even kind. Life works out for them. So what makes them weak then? They choose the easy road in life. Don’t do that.


  1. Did we ever live a moral life in moral times?

    Should we restrict the free agency of adults?

    Does taking responsibility for other people’s action lead to them being more competent in the future?

    What if the person who wrote this letter had been rejected from the therapy they demanded and as a consequence, maimed themselves?

    I also see that the letter writer is still not taking responsibility for themselves, the entire letter just a complaint that freedom is the right to do stupid things and they are unhappy they were not bullied into compliance and saved from themselves..

    All this is, is evolution in action, you cannot save people from themselves nor should you!

    (Of course I’m sorry for this person, in the same way I feel for anyone who dies in a horse riding accident. Also see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-ISlsLqiLk)

    • This is where I differ as a conservative from libertarians: You can’t see people’s choices as separate from the context within which they are forced to operate.

    • Yes, the free agency of adults should be restricted, if they are seeking to have surgery to fix an acknowledged psychological disease. They should be diagnosed and, if possible, attempt treatment, like the person in the letter. These surgeries are often funded by the government, as are the accompanying hormones for the subsequent lifetime. A basic psychological examination before a life-changing, state-funded surgery should be the absolute minimum, and is the responsibility of any doctor (primum non nocere – first, do no harm). The fact that these doctors did not care to do that, or may have done it shoddily with a lust for profit, is the very essence of the issue described in this article – namely, weak men.

      The person writes in the letter that they “did not receive proper mental health screening” which is, unfortunately, very likely to be true. This is the responsibility of the doctor as much as that of the patient. The doctor takes responsibility of the patient’s health because, seeing that the patient is not of sound mind, they are essentially unable to make proper choices for themselves. Many doctors nowadays just quickly diagnose the person as a transgender individual and even RECOMMEND surgery. It’s easy cash for them, but ruins the lives of many patients.

      I would agree with your points of contention if we were talking about perfectly normal people getting a tattoo. But trauma and psychological disorders are real. If there is the possibility to “fix” such with gender surgery, fine, but there must be mechanisms to weed out issues that are better treated in other ways.

      I do not read any amount of blame from the letter – in fact, I hold it to be very matter-of-factly, and very valuable indeed to the surgeons. Maybe in the future, they will think twice if what they are doing is really worth the profits at the end of the day.

  2. Radagast:

    You can intervene conservatively if this is a child, but with adults this usually doesn’t work out well at all and I really do not want to support therapists or a society in general getting more powers to easily section ‘difficult’ people or force them into being ‘healthy’.

    And whilst it’s not good, it’s actually not such a terrible outcome: she is alive (given the high Transgender suicide rate this is a big plus), she feels much better about her identity and it only took 2 years for her to level herself. This is a very good result!

    The physical damage as horrible as it is, is akin to surviving breast cancer (or have the breasts removed due to a cancer gene), with the added bonus that she is not living with the terror of recurrence or a lifelong toxic drug regime, it’s only going to be HRT if she also had the ovaries removed.

    So, it’s not good, but it also is not devastatingly bad, almost all options in life are open to her.

    And I also think that sometimes it takes tough experiences to make good quality people(and I think she has potential, she fights!), so your overall theme of this post is totally spot on 🙂

    Holger: Thailand and other places offer all kinds of cheap surgery to all comers who can pay. You cannot substitute regulations on other people’s behavior for some stranger’s self-responsibility.

    And the surgeon has bills and student loans to pay, and medical professionals are just people, not saints or geniusses, and if they get into trouble with politically difficult topics, their professional life will be over very quickly and their licenses yanked. Often they do not even have the freedom to decide on a treatment, but there is an official protocol they have to follow and any deviation from that invites problems.

    No, the only person who can stop this is the patient here. She was 20, well educated and born into a rich society, all the information she needed was available and all the freedom to choose her way along with a society that supported her choices whatever they may be. This is the way is should be!

    Btw, do you really think she would have listened to reason and could have changed her mind at that stage? Of course not 😛 This is why she complains in her letter that someone else should have done the thinking and deciding for her — and had anyone dared to do this, hell would have erupted for them and the team in the clinic patient would have simply gotten another health professional press ganged to do the deed.

    Even if she personally had not wanted to this, most likely a crusade would have formed (who doesn’t like a good, just cause? Banzaiii!) and no-one could have avoided the ritualistic woke mobbing. (which reminds me of an ant circle, it seems there is almost no way for participants to exit the dancing mania conga that forms)

    So, in a roundabout way, this operation cured the patient and it ended with relatively minor damage to only the adult who exercised their free will.

    • You presume to know a lot about a person from just one letter. The only thing that’s clear, however, is that she was distressed, in that she was trying to solve a psychological issue with gender surgery.

      People who try to fix psychological issues with gender surgery need psychological care. I don’t understand why that needs to be discussed so extensively. It has nothing to do with freedom.

    • Your first paragraph is a straw man. As your first post was. Zero people spoke about or advocated “forcing” anyone to be healthy, and the author of the experience was communicating her perspective ( a rational and sound perspective) that her transgender desire was a psychologically unhealthy condition and it is an unhealthy condition for the majority who desire such things, so please consider refraining from harming people. If the surgeon then makes the decision that this woman is correct, and HE chooses to no longer financially benefit from continuing to harm such abused children, then HE is not “forcing” anyone to be healthy. He is making a decision to honor HIS right to not harm individuals who come to him for aid.
      Your long tale about how this woman is fine and it could have been worse is unmitigated B.S. She was trying to prevent more people from going through the harms she endured. Her letter was informative, considered, factual, and not “ complaining” and denying any responsibility. She was not advocating laws, punishment, or hate.
      The only “laws” here that take away rights and freedoms is the government using my money for elective surgery that is most often harmful. Taking my money for such elective surgeries is exercising power over me.

      Yes, the US was founded on the principle of individual liberty and freedom from power OVER others, be it it individual or group power, power OVER others was to be limited, ” a necessary evil” We have steadily drifted from that, and yes, our morality has failed as our arrogance has risen. Not only is the Divine mocked, society has become so arrogant as to think that biology and nature are meaningless before whatever fleeting desire flitters across an undisciplined mind that thinks its physical biology is irrelevant before its broken fantasies.
      These petty dictators are incredibly arrogant, serving self alone while bowing before no one and nothing, worshipping only their broken evil ambition. And that ambition is singular and self-centered, thus everything is a tool to a self=centered end of power over others. And so yes, statist ruin everthing, all sports, science, music, film, literature, etc… becomes nothing more then a means to end, the demented gaining of power over others.

  3. In said ton of cultures in other places and times throughout history, taking on a gender-variant role of some sort did not require an indefinite regime of maintenance treatments from some large Pharma-Medico complex.

  4. It is not often discussed (likely because it is not a topic for the squeamish) exactly what are the common complications resulting from modern sex-change surgeries. If you can bear it, I will attempt to elucidate a few of the male-to-female complications, while seeking not to be overly graphic. Those who are faint of heart may wish to stop reading here.

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