Website issues

Something or someone seems to have broken my website, along with the comments. I have no real clue how this happened or why.

I hope to solve this once I am back in the Netherlands, which should be in a few days.

Apologies to all my readers and commenters.


  1. “I have no real clue how this happened or why.”

    It’s because you’re scaring VIP people who are literally bricking themselves about prison and the communal showers, surrounded by very angry vaccinated prisoners.

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Welcome to the mental ward. There is nobody commenting here who is even remotely sane. And I don't mean that in the "sexy bipolar goth chick with an eating disorder" sense of the word. The LSWMs who comment here literally have worms in their brains, they are beyond salvation. I'm giving up on manually approving every comment, unless you're spamming links your genius insights will probably immediately appear on my site again. Knock yourselves out. (If your comment creeps me out I might still delete it though)

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