1. From my observations those from “Exstinction Rebellion” are all vaxxed, and have all supported the covid madness. For me they are all part of the vax-killers-mass-murderers.

      • And even if they save the whole galaxy: They have tried to poison, harm and kill me! That’s all what counts for me.

        And I believe deep inside they know what they have done. And all what they do now is only a desperate try to withewash their tainted souls.

        Mass-murderers as planet saviours? Do you really think that can work?

        • >And even if they save the whole galaxy: They have tried to poison, harm and kill me!

          I don’t think these are the people you’re looking for.

          The people who wanted these vaccine mandates are probably mainly middle class boomer women, who never encountered any real hardship in their lives.

          Also, if this whole thing interferes with normal social interaction with people for you, you need therapy. If you have some sort of job, you’re also going to have coworkers who wanted these mediocre vaccines pushed into your arm. If you go to a birthday party, you’ll run into them there too.

      • Of course you should.

        If the state changes directions again they will all follow, Earth and all that be damned.

        Be very afraid, very much!

        • Yeah and if Alex Jones, Donald Trump, Elon Musk and Joe Rogan come out tomorrow and declare that drinking battery acid will raise your testosterone, low status white males are going to drop dead in droves with holes in their intestines.

          It’s human nature to adjust to the crowd. But if you’re willing to protest to defend non-human species from extinction, you have a remnant of the divine light in your soul somewhere.

          • This ironically describes your psychology better than mine: I do not fool myself into thinking opposing mainstream rightard belief means that I must embrace the party line of some other group. I’ve drawn my conclusions in as close to a vacuum as possible.

      • Why not???
        It says a lot about them being able to think independently, as opposed to blindly following orders/the narrative. The vaxx was a pure obedience exercise that clearly ended in a mass murder.
        if they took part in it, and still do not understand they were had, then the chance they are being had on the climate issue as well is pretty large.

        • >It says a lot about them being able to think independently

          The people who didn’t take it are not able to think independently either. They’re just distrustful towards the status quo. They’re distrustful towards the status quo because they feel marginalized.

          • Sure, some indeed refused to take the vax out of instinctively rejecting authority. However, that’s at least the right instinct. Following the prevailing narrative and orders from the powerful is just a recipe for being the useful idiot for powers that couldn’t care less about the nature.
            I’d never join such people, but that’s not the main point.
            The main point is, is there a real environmental crisis and are we causing it. if yes, how can we resolve it.

            My personal opinion is yes, we are destroying our ecosystems, our soils. We do have an environmental crisis, but hell no, we are not causing any significant global warming. Trying to solve our very real environmental issues by focusing solely on reducing CO2 is as smart as trying to fight a very real respiratory virus by ramming leaky vaccines down everyones throat.

            The whole idea of having a bunch of people telling everybody else what is going on and what they MUST do is just the wrong way to deal with anything. When all centralised power is gone for good the world will heal. When all central banks with their credit creation out of thin air are gone, people won’t be able to relentlessly borrow from the future. When all the ultra centralised governments do not have the power to pay subsidies to the largest agricultural producers that are literally raping the earth for marginal profits, the soils will start to heal. One can go on and on, but the punch line is: the one and only crisis we have, is the one of centralised power and it brings many evil symptoms with it, including the destruction of our environment.

            The idea that I will pay the airline to offset the CO2 footprint of my flight is just utterly ridiculous. The idea that we give a government emergency powers to resolve the issue is not just ridiculous. It is nazi grade dangerous, and yet that’s what the extinction rebellion and the greens want. And that aligns all too well with them being fully vaxxed and pro you-name-it-mandates. Good luck with such rebels.
            What can one do, if one wants to really help: how about buying some land and planting trees? It’s as easy as that. If they are fruit trees, you could even feed some animals with half of the harvest, and use the rest. Everybody can take it from there and carry on, when not squeezed by government mandates and regulations.

          • >What can one do, if one wants to really help: how about buying some land and planting trees?

            Sorry. You just don’t have the knowledge required to understand the problem.

            And unfortunately, chances are you don’t have the knowledge required because you don’t have the cognitive capacity required to override your psychological immune system.

            We literally don’t have the physical space required for trees to sequester the carbon dioxide humans emit.

            Most people are just not intelligent enough to genuinely understand the nature of this problem. This means they either:

            A. Believe it, because they naturally tend to trust their society’s dominant narrative.

            B. Don’t believe it, because they naturally tend to distrust their society’s dominant narrative.

            And that’s why we are rapidly leaving the Holocene behind us.

            I’m sorry, but if you think the problem can be solved by planting trees, then you just don’t comprehend the scope of the situation we’re dealing with.

    • The extinction rates are utterly horrifying, but all we can do is put up some resistance around the fringes.
      The global population of 8 billion large, hungry humans constantly pushing and appropriating resources is the most powerful force in the history of planet Earth.

  2. How can you post a video of pigs being gassed with CO2 then post this? Where are the clips of a zebra’s face being degloved by a lion or a venus fly trap mangling a bluebottle? It’s clear this universe is a demiurge’s torture chamber and I don’t see why it wouldn’t be good on net for it to burn up, no matter how pretty.

    • The difference is that the lion doesn’t know what it’s doing.

      The people eating pork know what they’re doing.

      • The creature being devoured suffers similarly in both cases, probably more in the case of the lion if it ends up being eaten alive. How do you know the lion doesn’t know what it’s doing? Do you think the lion would behave better than your average normie human if it did?

        It’s ok to have a nature fetish, but ultimately the huge amount of suffering in this putrid material universe doesn’t justify the good experiences imo (which are unevenly distributed in any case).

        • Well gee, thanks, I’m honored you took time out of meditating in your Himalayan monastery to enlighten me with this insight Rinpoche.

          What is it with my blog that attracts you people?

          Am I that awful of a person?

          You people just hate everything.

          There is nothing you people like.

          There is nothing that brings you joy.

          You hate the entire universe.

          You hate biological life itself.

          So what am I supposed to offer you?

          What is it you people expect to find here?

          Clearly you are all constantly disappointed by what you find here.

          Everything I do is never good enough, I always fall for one controlled opposition scam or another and I don’t recognize how fundamentally horrible everything is.

          No matter how dark I paint the canvas, there’s always going to be someone who shows up here, complaining he can still see a speck of light.

          I open this page and I’ll have five comments, some guy pushing his pet theory that global warming is a hoax, some guy who will insist it’s real but there’s nothing left we can do about it, some guy who will insist that everyone who tries to do something about it is controlled opposition (hey funfact, the “controlled opposition” is picked up by the police and thrown in jail on a regular basis now) and now I have my brief time on Earth enriched by the insights of some guy who wants to argue that all biological life is just pure misery that shouldn’t really exist to begin with.

          So what can I offer you people that would satisfy you all?

          What can I offer you that would lead you to say “thanks, this is great, this is exactly what I was looking for”?

          What am I supposed to offer you people?

          “Hey, here’s the exact date at which COVID is going to kill literally every single person who got vaccinated”

          “Hey, here’s a list of easy ways to kill yourself”

          Is that what’s going to make you people happy? Is that what you come here for?

          If everything is so awful, why even bother commenting here?

          Why not just close your eyes and meditate?

          Why not just dissociate your mind from every sensory input and every thought?

          I should probably just delete this whole fucking blog and post a list of addresses of Buddhist monasteries that might let you in.

          What can I do to have a normal blog, with some normal comments, instead of this endless cesspool of negativity?

          There’s basically three types of people commenting here:

          1. People desperately waiting for all the vaccinated to die.
          2. People desperately waiting for all the brown people to die.
          3. People who apparently just hate all biological life.

          For me to run this blog is a bit like running a sleazy nightclub, it takes a lot of time and money, at first you think it’s fun and then you walk in one day and realize that rather than seeing people dance, you just see them laying on the floor in their own piss with heroin needles in their arms and then you start wondering what it says about you and begin to have the haunting realization the world would have been better off if you had never taken the effort.

          • Well I didn’t mean to trigger you. I appreciate your blog a lot, you write some pretty interesting blackpilling posts, I don’t want to ruin your happy moment. Are you that surprised your blog attracts the kind of people it does? If you’re attracting a wide variety of people then some posts are going to be lost on some section of your audience. I wasn’t criticizing the production quality of your video btw, I didn’t even watch all of it so if you want you can write off my comment entirely if that makes you feel better lol

      • Perhaps you could set me straight, but this attitude just strikes me as another brand of anthropocentrism, like reducing the rest of the animal kingdom (along with all other forms of life) to irrelevant goings-on of no consequence, making it difficult to sympathize with such beings in that case.

        I’m trying to understand any god that might exist through the world of its creation, taking a bottom-up approach rather than trying to strongarm a preconceived notion onto what I observe, and it’s just very difficult to sell myself the idea that god particularly cares about the well-being of any individual be they human or otherwise, based on the very foundation of how the world it created operates, and the notion that god would create a world that had absolutely no consequence for millennia until the dawn of humanity seems so bizarre and tremendously anthropocentric to me.

        For the record, I am trying to hear out everything you say with an open mind, I do just genuinely find it difficult to reconcile moralistic claims like this with the tenets of existence that I observe unfettered by any such preconceived notions.

        • >the notion that god would create a world that had absolutely no consequence for millennia until the dawn of humanity seems so bizarre and tremendously anthropocentric to me.

          That’s not what I’m arguing.

          I’m just arguing that other animals can’t abstractly reflect on the consequences of their choices for the well-being of other animals.

          There is no point at which a lion thinks “well if I bite this young zebra it’s going to be profoundly painful and the mother is going to be deeply traumatized by seeing her child die, but that is what I have to do to still my hunger”.

          And since the lion can’t consider that idea, the lion is not evil the way a human being who has that realization but proceeds to do it anyway would be.

    • >wrongkindofgreen.org criticizes environmentalist NGOs from an old-school left-wing perspective, often in marxist terms.

      Yeah these people show up everywhere on the internet.

      People for whom cynicism is a drug that they got hooked on.

      And note what they never offer you: Some sort of meaningful alternative.

      They don’t build something better. They just try to destroy.

      • When XR started recruiting, I thought that they were the crassly cynical ones.

        As XR gains momentum and support, I think that you will see that they are the same kind of hypersocial assholes you complain about all the time. If you are indeed the kind of person you claim to be, I hope that at some point you will turn against them, too.

        About “saying something that is in some way constructive”: sorry, that ship has sailed long ago, it is all downhill from here. The only meaningful alternatives I see are simple living in preparation of what is to come, or denial, as most other commenters seem to prefer.

        Gluing yourself to stuff is just a more cynical form of denial.

  3. Hey, before the next genius shows up to comment, just realize this for a moment.

    I take time out of my day to make a happy uplifting video intended to inspire people. And I’m not naturally a happy person, so this is a rare moment for me and it doesn’t come very easily either. And I was quite proud of myself.

    And then read these comments and look at the endless barrage of negativity and complaints I have to read.

    And then try asking yourself whether you have something to say that is in some way constructive, or whether you’re just planning to hurl more toxic black sludge in my direction.

    It’s like my job consists of running a mental ward all by myself, for patients too far gone for all the other wards.

    • For whatever it’s worth, my query was a point of genuine concern that I had been meaning to raise for some time, since any time you come upon an apparently blatant contradiction when you’re dealing with intelligent people, there’s almost certainly something you’re missing, and I consider you far too intelligent to be tripped up on such an obvious one (of course, even brilliant people can become victims of delusion for various reasons, but I’d far sooner give you the benefit of the doubt).

      The video was nice btw, I enjoyed watching it.

    • In my view, the best case outcome of running something for others is to be able to watch it crumble in comedic ways.

      Most humans alive today are just meaningless entropic flesh, as foretold by the yuga cycle, and therefore cannot increase the complexity and potency of what is discussed here by elaborating with tangential but congruent insights, but only obey crude instinct to reduce your overall point and vision to the level of the rest of the internet, i.e. the background static of digital human chatter. Oversimplify, criticize, despecialize, satirize.

      The only good outcome a counter entropist could get out of these types, is to set them against each other and watch the fireworks, like making bots fight each other in a videogame. Unless someone shows up to help you build upon your vision, focus it and concentrate it, take it further to its logical conclusions, this is the only avenue.

      I try to manage entropy between us. I enjoy our periodic clashes but recognize that it takes time for you to set the game pieces back up again between encounters.

      Don’t worry, the time will soon come when I’ll be the one forced to play dungeon master again too, like in the old days. I feel it rapidly approaching, an inevitable and foreordained chapter.

  4. I’m pretty dense, so I didn’t realize you had made these videos yourself. Nice job!

    I don’t have a big opinion about XR either way, but when you see the authorities going relatively easy on them, in contrast to how they freak out about and strike out against LSWM movements like the Yellow Vests and the Canadian truckers, it becomes fairly clear nothing of significance is going to come from them.

    I know you approve of the direct action against oil paintings, but despite museums’ quotidian existence as shrines to smugness, they also contain actual art, which is just as valid a way to connect to other beings as looking at orangutans is. Maybe if XR could shift to damaging only the acres of bourgeois tripe painted by Renoir they could both keep busy for the foreseeable future and expand their tent to include people with artistic discernment.

    I’ll add that I’ve never formed any particularly strong opinions about Her Gretaness either, but when I saw her recently make the obligatory pilgrimage to Ukraine to do her part for the heroic struggle against blah blah and in support of arglebargle, that clarified her as having as much to do with a shift to sane environmental policy as did all those CEOs who flew into Glasgow for COP26 in their private jets. Modern military activity is, on top of other bad things, unspeakably CO2-intensive. To support continued fighting in Ukraine, as Greta does, when all that’s really at stake is what colors will be on the flags flying in the various town squares when the next worldwide vaxx mandate comes down, shows she’s another cog in the terracidal regime, not a threat to it.

  5. Your quote to another commenter: “Sorry. You just don’t have the knowledge required to understand the problem.”

    But you as university dropout have it?

    You don’t have the science on your side, Rintrah. Only the propaganda and the lies of your overlord Klaus Schwab.

  6. To those upset by a natural world red in tooth and claw: you have the capacity to rebel against it, the animals don’t. Thats is something worth considering. Rebellion seems better than nihilism. Nihilism is surrender; it renders men feeble.

    To those unable to overcome the temptation to cynicism: Radagast has already generously taken the time to make this a LSWM safe space, and also given the option, more than once, to consider taking your comments to ZH.

    Please be respectful of our host, lest he turn off comments to guests, or cease from blogging. Some of us are trying to learn.

    To Radagast, a poem I like:

    Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
    In the forests of the night;
    What immortal hand or eye,
    Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

    When the stars threw down their spears
    And water’d heaven with their tears:
    Did he smile his work to see?
    Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

    I like this poem, because it leaves a door open, which the nihilists have tried to shut.

  7. The scale of the CO2 problem is indeed beyond the individual, but drought-hardy ranching with permaculture trees and livestock (goats, turkeys, pigs) is still a sustainable and antifragile lifestyle worth practicing.

    Regarding the COVID19 sarbecovirus now circulating, a daily saline nasal spray goes a long way towards improving upper respiratory health, liking handwashing for the nose. Worthwhile ingredients include sea salt, iodine (iodized salt), and baking soda.


  8. <>

    If you want to remove larger qualities of CO2 from the atmosphere, and actually make useful stuff, you can plant hemp, which is apparently much better at binding CO2 because it grows so fast, and on top you can make anything from clothes to houses out of it (https://sites.utexas.edu/bainesreport/2011/04/20/hemp-solution-climate-change/).
    But that’s a solution based on the false premise that CO2 is the main problem, which it is not. Trees are so much more than just a CO2 sink, or a hemp monoculture. They are complex, self healing ecosystems, and this is what is actually failing.
    Purely on CO2, if you were to offset a third of the global emissions (30b tonnes) by just planting trees, you’d have to cover half of the African continent. That’s not practical. I never said that’s the one and only solution, but for some countries reforestation can offset a large amount of their emissions. Why should there be ONE solution to rule them all, like the ominous one health of the WHO. And let’s compare this with the greens’ agenda to solve it by taxing and trading carbon emissions – if you believe yet another government tax that generates more bureaucracy and ultimately financial profits, is a better approach, then yes, I am mentally not able to grasp it. Extinction rebellion folks, apparently believe you can just top down order people to abandon their way of life and subject themselves to measures that will increase mortality by orders of magnitude. This is not going to work – people will revolt and the net effect will be negative. That’s where the EU will break as well. So yes, just going out, buying an acre of rural land and planting trees is not going to solve everything but goes a long way in terms what you can do. As opposed to supporting totalitarian tunnel vision freaks like extinction rebellion or the greens.

    My point was actually – we have a human made environmental crisis (micro-plastics, pesticides, monocultures, ecosystems are failing ) BUT NOT a human made climate crisis.
    The climate depends on so many factors (distance to the sun, solar activity, inner earth heat flux, magnetic field etc ) and reducing it only to the effect of CO2 is a ridiculous oversimplification. There is no scientific consensus about CO2 being the sole driver of the temperature rise within the last 150 years or so, just like there was no consensus about the lockdowns
    There were periods, not so long ago, when the atmosphere was much warmer and we have no explanation as to what caused this. The warming we have now is dwarfed by those previous periods, but we should believe it is the CO2 we emit or else.

    “People might be surprised to see how today’s frigid Greenland looked during the last two interglacial periods. Today, northwest Greenland hovers in the 30s and low 40s Fahrenheit and weathers snowstorms in summer. But average summer temperatures in the early Holocene (8,000 to 11,000 years ago) and Last Interglacial (116,000 to 130,000 years ago) climbed well into the 50s.”

    The solution of the greens and extinction rebellion can only lead to a dystopian totalitarian desert where every human activity is tightly monitored, evaluated and taxed. Videos showing beautiful natural landscapes behind the extinction rebellion logo are not changing that.

    • >There is no scientific consensus about CO2 being the sole driver of the temperature rise within the last 150 years or so

      Hey look everyone, we have a new genius in the mental ward! A new low status white male who somehow figured something out that people with an IQ above room temperature were unable to figure out! All those climatologists who have studied this problem for decades and who have looked at the geological record are wrong, they have been debunked by Joe Sixpack. Hurray!

      One of us, one of us! Gooble gobble one of us! We accept him we accept him!


      I love running a mental ward for low status white males!

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