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Sometimes a problem we face is so severe that our psychological immune system kicks in and we don’t acknowledge a problem staring us in the face. In Western nations, we’ve uncovered the fact in recent years that Catholic priests have committed sexual abuse against numerous children. The Catholic hierarchy was involved in covering up these atrocities. Priests who raped children, were shipped to other provinces, where they would go on raping children. Sometimes they were sent to institutes for mute children. Those children after all, won’t tell anyone when they’re raped.

Today this is common knowledge. It’s common knowledge, because the scandal doesn’t destabilize society anymore. We don’t really believe in Christianity anymore anyway, the people don’t attend church anymore and most of the rapists no longer occupy their positions of power. If you pointed out fifty years ago that the priest was a rapist, you would face social ostracism. In fact, there are people who lost their jobs, because they pointed out that priests raped children. There are other problems society prefers to ignore. There are for example, other people who rape children on a massive scale. If you point out this happens, you’re similarly likely to find yourself at risk of losing your job. If you want to know who rules you, you should ask who you can’t criticize.

The problem with that assertion however, is that people tend to assume they can change things and fight the people who rule them. This is generally hopelessly naive. Societies go through general trends and our influence on those trends is generally negligible. In fact, trying to convince people of something they don’t want to believe is a bad way to spend your time.

I write primarily for my own benefit and amusement. If I had to write for other people’s benefit, I would probably have to spend my time writing about depleted uranium in Iraq. At some point, when I make a cost-benefit analysis, there are simply certain subjects I don’t benefit from discussing. Perhaps the time isn’t ready for them, or I’m not the proper person to discuss them.

As an example, if I want to discuss migration policies, or foreign policy, I’m quite guaranteed when I’m not careful, to have people show up who will insist that I need to voice some sort of complaint about Israel and/or the Jews. If I don’t do so, then I must quite obviously be covering something up for them. I don’t wish to attract such people, as those people tend to be unbalanced and drag you into toxic places.

I think fluoride is bad for your health, WTC 7 was demolished with explosives and John F. Kennedy killed on behalf of the CIA. Again, these are topics I generally won’t discuss, as they attract unbalanced people who drag you into toxic places. As an example of the kind of toxic person I mean, consider Alex Jones. It’s overall easier for me to assert that Russia staged the apartment bombings, because that doesn’t really carry the risk of dragging people into a monolithic conspiratorial worldview. People tend to respond by concluding that “Putin is evil” and stop thinking about it.

Human minds are fragile things. Assertions that are true, can nonetheless drag us mentally towards places that don’t benefit us. Climate change is likely going to cause the collapse of civilization and billions of deaths during the latter half of this century. I’ve never seen any positive consequences for anyone who came to this realization however. Most normal people live in denial of this simple fact. They live in denial and as a consequence live happier more functional lives.

For this reason, there’s a new subject that I’m going to avoid discussing from now on. This subject can perhaps best be described as ethnicity. I’ve made a cost-benefit analysis and come to the conclusion that it simply doesn’t benefit me to talk about it. People are overall very poorly capable of thinking in a nuanced manner about this subject. There has been a polarization in both directions.

In addition, it’s a subject that scares away people. People imagine I assume that if they carry gene Y they must be a terrible person. Overall, the time isn’t right to discuss this subject either. I expect that scientific discoveries will be made in the years ahead that will lead to a change in people’s approach to this subject. The Chinese are willing to call a spade a spade. It wouldn’t be the first time that the orient discovers new knowledge that the occident begrudgingly needs to accept. I expect that once we find ourselves forced to acknowledge we have a problem, genetic technology will also help us solve the problem. Nobody wants their child to be dumb or mean.

Ultimately I will derive more enjoyment and happiness from explaining how to brew Kombucha tea or how to eat a San Pedro cactus without vomiting, than I would from explaining how genetic evidence allows us to determine different people’s prospensity for murder. I wish to write more about literature and history too.

None of this means I would encourage you now to send your child to a “vibrant” school, or anything along those lines. I haven’t changed my mind on anything, but I have come to the conclusion that there is no real benefit to be derived from discussing certain topics, at least not for me.

Perhaps I should be honest and proclaim that I would like an easy simple life, like most people seem to have. I’d like to watch a movie with a couple of friends and be really into it, instead of contemplating existential threats. I’d like to believe that Bernie Sanders could have solved our problems for us. I’d like to think Bitcoin was a great invention.

I’d like to be innocent.

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  1. Same here, it seems we reached this conclusion at the same time.
    Think about this though-
    There is nobody who is going to actually oppress you for saying this stuff, unless you work in some cucked corporate office. In which case, you should be having a career that permits you independence.
    You don’t have to call all black people niggers. You can relegate to calling them negros. Look at the Linh Dinh’s article on unz.com for more on this.
    You’re in the Netherlands. It absolutely sucks, does it not? Your people have been turned into drug using retards, women are walking around with half breeds who will proceed to murder their 50% genetic relatives in the future inevitably high on the legalized drugs, and people will blast music so loud you will have a sensory overload and *snap* and discuss all the things you just gave up discussing right now.
    I moved out of a 70% black city to attend college in a 2% black city. And guess what? The few negros here will still blast music you can hear blocks away – and they literally do this from the “diversity building” which is an old house on the historical preservation list that the college has renovated for offices for marxists and subhumans. And they blast shitty music out the windows and dance on the porch from this building.
    The west is rotten and moving to asia is our only hope.

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