What would it look like, if the whole population now has brain damage?

I have to point this out. There’s a new study that looks at what happens to dogs when they are infected by SARS2. I don’t endorse these experiments for obvious reasons, but I can’t ignore the news. They find that after infection, everything turns to shit. T cells infiltrate the brain, the blood brain barrier degrades, the vessels in the brain get fucked up and eventually neurons start dying too. This continues after the virus itself is gone from the brain.

That’s the thing with the “0.2% fatality rate” narrative. There’s a vast demographic of people who survive but have some form of lingering damage to their body. And then they get infected again. And you have to be really intellectually creative to just deny this growing pile of evidence that people’s brains are degrading as a consequence of their exposure to this virus.

This paper was done by Koreans and has another dozen people who worked on it to arrive at these conclusions. The idea that SARS viruses create brain-smoothies isn’t really that revolutionary anyway. We’ve known about this neurovirulence of these viruses since at least 2014.

The damage is mainly seen in young people, as the elderly just decided to shoot themselves up until their immune system stops trying to remove infected cells. Even the New York Times is now reporting on it. Have a look at the massive increase seen in young people with memory problems:

But I want to ask you: What do you think it would look like, if everyone now had brain damage? I think it would basically look like the world we see today. The thing to keep in mind is: Brain damage is subtle at first. You don’t suddenly forget what your wife looks like. Your brain is basically a giant prediction market. It creates a model of the external world and attempts to maintain homeostasis.

If you have less cognitive capacity left, your brain’s model doesn’t radically change. Rather, your model remains the same, but you have less points in the model. Imagine I made a very nice connect-the-dots puzzle of a dog. All those dots are the equivalent of neurons. Now imagine I removed half the dots, at random. It would still look like a dog. It would just be less sophisticated.

So what happens is that leftists now sound like a parody of leftists five years ago. You can just compare the Greta Thunberg we see today to the one we saw in 2019. She got famous because she was able to make sophisticated arguments, low status white males were convinced someone else was writing her speeches for her. The same happens to everyone else too. We’re just no longer as sophisticated and nuanced as we used to be. We depend on simple arguments and clickbait to understand the world.

With less functional neurons, we’re no longer able to produce novelty. When you do something, your brains become more efficient at doing it. You stop consciously thinking about driving a car when you’ve done it for a while. Those connections just remain. But if your brain is suffering accelerated aging due to a virus infecting it, you’ll still be able to drive your car. What you start struggling with however, is novelty. Maybe you find it much more difficult to learn to drive a new car.

You notice this with elderly with dementia too. They’re still able to function in society with most of their cognitive capacity gone, as long as their world stays the same. It’s when their local supermarket is shut down for a week to redesign the interior, when they get into trouble. Then the whole family suddenly figures out that they don’t comprehend the world anymore. They were just operating on their well-trained autopilot.

The same is happening to effectively all of us. We’re rehashing what we already know and do. I was at a concert and the guy played a song and said “this is the only song we wrote since COVID”, then he looked puzzled, like he thought about what he just said. It is as if the coin dropped. We’re no longer what we used to be. We now struggle to produce real novelty. We just produce derivatives of what we already know.

You can pick up on the signs of dementia, decades before someone develops dementia. You can see the beta amyloid begin to build up decades earlier, then you start to see neuronal damage, with a decline in synapses connecting to other neurons, then eventually after all of that you start to see the first symptoms, because the brain is overengineered.

The brain is designed to be able to take some damage without making you unable to function in society. In fact, intelligence itself may just be a side-effect of evolution’s attempt to make our brains last into old age. That’s why occasionally you see people who have most of their brain missing and yet seem perfectly normal on the outside. A guy had 90% of his brain gone and just functions normally, but his IQ is 84. He’s probably one of the LSWMs who comment on my blog posts.

Anyway, the syndrome that SARS2 causes is something we know all too well. It’s called hypofrontality. That seems to be most of the issue. Our prefrontal cortex expanded to reach its massive size relatively recently in evolutionary history and it’s quite fragile. When the amount of blood that flows through it decreases, we call it hypofrontality. This state basically causes you to retreat from the world. It’s seen in depression, as well as in schizophrenia, where it’s thought to cause the negative symptoms (that is, the absence of certain forms of normal behavior seen in schizophrenics).

I have to emphasize this:

You’re going to need Psilocybe mushrooms or truffles to address the brain damage everyone is developing. There’s no other way. This massages your blood vessels and it restores connections between neurons. In addition, it binds to the Mprotease. This is one of the main ways SARS2 is treated.

If you don’t do this, then your world is just going to get progressively smaller and smaller. Your consciousness is going to navigate through the same shrinking network of connections that survives in your brain, which will be the connections you use often. You’re going to function increasingly on autopilot. You won’t notice your consciousness fading out.

I’ve already explained there are other things people need to do, the natto, the serrapeptase, strength training, blood donation, plant-based diets. This is not what low status white males want to hear, they want to hear that ketosis gives them superpowers. It doesn’t, it kills you.

But the most important thing is to regularly take small doses of Psilocybe mushrooms or truffles. Not microdoses, just the biggest dose you can take that doesn’t overwhelm you. Ketamine and the other psychedelics may be useful as well, but the best evidence we have is for the Psilocybe mushroom.


  1. Makes sense. Also explains some of the behavior that I’m seeing.
    The forgetfulness of our new doctor is becoming scary.
    Our entire civilization rests on people knowing what to do to maintain it.
    So. Each wave of new variants will chip away at our ability to keep the power plants running, clean water supplies flowing through the pipes, food production and delivery, etc. etc.
    Maintenance and operation of hi-tech weapon systems would also go in the tank. This is a real downer in so many ways.

  2. In my view, the proliferation of non aryan blood is an even larger threat to mass condition, and more enduring.

    If a generation of aryans get mild brain damage but they carry within them the genes to propagate a healthy and intelligent race, the next generation has a shot.

    If a population goes out of its way to incorporate genes from 68 IQ coal black retard gorilla niggers, then the future is ruined forever, covid brain damage or no. You could cure all the covid on earth and never recover the 15-20 IQ points from your population average. You will be third world forever.

  3. Brain drain has been a problem for us prior to this panic, and as a species we seem hell bent on brain damaging ourselves.

    We have a culture of multitasking / multislacking with endless amounts of attention grabbing apps and games, with their notifications and their dopamine traps, all designed by professional psychologists and weaponized by intelligence agencies. It didn’t require a virus to melt brains, and it was apparent long before. People already were acting like raving retards by 2018 compared to 2008. Even without the scamdemic, can you honestly say we would be in a better spot by now in 2023 with the further march of ‘progress’?

    • I know people don’t want to believe this.

      I’m not going to spend more time proving this to people.

      There’s a big pile of studies on this topic now, with multiple lines of evidence.

      We have studies in cell cultures, studies observing long term outcomes in hospitalized COVID patients, MRI scans after mild infections, studies in dogs, in primates and in rodents, data from SARS1 survivors, rates of cognitive dysfunction and mental illness in the overall population.

      If that’s all insufficient for people to accept this is happening, then there’s nothing I can say or do that will convince you otherwise.

      You can either accept this is happening, or just live in denial about it.

      Not my problem.

    • Pretty sure this is happening to me and some of my kids to varying degrees. Unjabbed, and had it 3 times, pretty mild, but mentally wiped out by delta especially. Feeling a bit better after the 7mg nicotine patch.
      So the Dutch are saved by the availability of shrooms….

  4. That’s very convenient that the cure to this terrible epidemic sweeping the world allows you to trip on mushrooms on a regular basis. Don’t forget to also guzzle red wine every night to combat heart disease.

    • Anything that substantially improves your cognitive health will probably feel good too, or at least be psychoactive. The best argument for curcumin and omega 3 being overhyped is that you don’t notice you took it.

      That’s not my fault, it’s just logic. Your brain will reward you for repairing it and punish you for damaging it.

      “What about opioids then, they feel good but-”

      Yeah that’s the funny thing: Opioid addicts actually self-medicate against a feeling of social ostracism and abuse.

    • I think Rintrah sincerely believes for good theoretical reasons that the preventatives he describes may help. But I think he also is trying to help his readers go gently into our inevitable demented night, by a path closer to God, by recommending stuff that will soften the pain. He’s our Temple Grandin; the mushrooms will make the chute edges very pretty.

    • Fwiw Daniel Carcillo, a former NHL player, says psilocybin has really helped with his brain issues he developed from hockey. I like him a lot in his post-playing days, as he’s been very upfront about the brain problems of hockey players who get repeated concussions. His own words: “In June 2019, I began my journey with psilocybin to recover my brain health and quality of life. After 6 months of intentional use of the medicine, my brain scans came back with no abnormalities…”

  5. If dogs are getting infected too this might account for the sharp rise in dog attacks:


    “Before 2022, that would have been more than halfway to the average number of dog-related deaths, which sat at 3.3 from 2001 to 2021. Then in 2022, the number shot up: 10 people were killed by dogs. It’s too early to say whether the death rate is an anomaly or the start of a shocking trend.”

    • Its due to the normalization of owning vicious dog breeds that used to be reserved for degenerates. Pit bulls, Canon Corsos were not seen in anywhere nearly as frequently even 20 years ago.

      • It doesn’t explain the sharp rise in 2022 though.

        I agree though that this is out of control, complete scum suckers brutalising these dogs to use them as weapons. Those Bully XL dogs are everywhere in Scotland now.

  6. If I’m reading correctly the scary study you cite, the virus damages white brain matter much more than the gray stuff.
    They “found that the neuroinflammatory responses were more prominently observed in the white matter area than the gray matter area, suggesting that the neuroinflammatory responses induced by SARS-CoV-2 differ by brain region.”

    If this is so, then wouldn’t it affect women a lot more than men, since they have more white brain matter?


    “In general, men have approximately 6.5 times the amount of gray matter related to general intelligence than women, and women have nearly 10 times the amount of white matter related to intelligence than men.”


    “86 percent of white-matter regions involved with intellectual performance in women were found in the brain’s frontal lobes,” while men have none(!)

  7. This is off-topic but I’ve been itching to share

    About 10 years ago my sister was a flight attendant and her charter plane company got a contract from Ryan Air to do flights within Netherlands for a few months. I had just gotten through a bad breakup with a chick I was dating, and my sister reached out to me to come out and visit since her company was paying for the hotel room in Amsterdam.

    Naturally, as a Dumb American I heard “Amsterdam” and like Pavlov’s dog, I thought “wow cool drugs and sex”

    So I flew out there and hung out with the flight crew and did the usual Dumb American things, but one night me and a black (possibly homosexual) flight attendant decided to hang out with one of the male locals who was the “side piece” for one of the slut flight attendants. A tall, good-looking dude who struck me as an intelligent.

    The plan was to do Ecstacy, which we did, and we had a whirlwind time navigating the tubes, and the clubs, and the bars, and buying MDMA off the sketchy Somalian drug-dealers who seemed to be on every corner.

    But after we were tripping and totally in the zone, this Dutch local kept making all sorts of nasty comments to us about “Dumb Americans” and hissing all sorts of venom about who we were as a people. Just totally inappropriate invective. At first, me and my black homosexual friend tried to do the Christian thing by gently batting his comments away, but he persisted. He was insistent and relentless.

    I remember thinking “I can understand talking shit under the influence of alcohol, but to unleash this vitriol while under the influence of MDMA??? This guy’s a psycho”.

    I’ve been wondering if that was you I encountered all those years ago, Radagast.

    • Nope, wasn’t me. Most Dutch people are tall, good looking and intelligent. The shitting on Americans is popular here, but it tends to be cringe, just reeking of insecurity.

      • I can confirm this. My Dutch cousins were both 6 foot 2 by the time they were 14. My Aunt thinks it’s because the Dutch eat more vegetables than British people.

        • It’s because we eat too much dairy in childhood. We used to be among the shortest people in Europe. Then we started screwing up our children’s hormones with cow milk from pregnant cows and causing delayed puberty, so now the children are abnormally tall and the men have low sperm counts and the women get breast cancer.

          • Yeah I’ve noticed some Carnivore health fanatic types (Americans) feeding their infants raw unpasteurised milk for that reason.

          • That’s the dumbest thing you can do.

            It means you give your infant cow viruses. These cow viruses cause cancer.

          • I do wonder if some of these people have COVID brain damage due to the massive amounts of palmitic acid they are consuming.

  8. I cant take mushrooms, because a relative screwed himself permanently with them, and my relation to him puts me at risk. Do you mean truffles as in the fancy kind, or is that some sort of lingo I’m not familiar with? I eat mostly plants, do strength and aerobic training (I have massive legs) and eat natto daily. Do you think truffles on top of this sets me up reasonably, given I am unvaxxed too?

    • I am also interested about truffles.
      Also, I have been drinking good pomegranate juice lately (and liking it), and I heard it helps with your cardiovascular system.
      Maybe it does.

    • I think worrying about your personal situation misses the point: who cares if you have optimal truffle input if society literally becomes, per the thesis of this post, too stupid to keep the lights on?

    • I can’t take mushrooms since they are illegal here. But low dose methylene blue is fantastic for my mood (unfortunately it interacts in a deadly way with a bunch of meds, so it is fortunate I’m not on any meds). My husband can’t take MB since he is on Adderall for OCD, but since Adderall helps his mood I’m hoping that will help him. I don’t see how any of this can keep brain cells from fusing into one giant brain cell, however.

      I’m still trying to find a version of serrapeptase that doesn’t give my dogs diarrhea.

      Bone infections seem to be the new thing. I know so many people (mainly through church) who have bone infections now. And sepsis. And the 16 week old puppy in our puppy class wasn’t there this week since she had started limping and a X-ray showed a “spot” on her leg, which isn’t good.

      I don’t know about creativity as a general gauge of mental condition. I come from a subculture (small town New England) that does not value creativity; it is seen as egotistical and is discouraged. And I’ve never wanted to be creative since the world surrounding me is so overwhelming that just dealing with each molecule of it is more than enough, without trying to present it to myself and others in some new way. Also females are not well represented in the “creative” fields, and I think it is not discrimination, I think it is that their brains are set to tending instead. But for urban males it might be a good gauge.

  9. I’m not forgetful, but I started having fears out of the blue, strong fears. I also have permanently inflamed tongue and gums started acting funny as well.

    I’m scared 🙁

    • Fear is rational in this situation. But your tongue and gums are probably totally unrelated to any of this; go see a dentist. Not everyone is going to expire in the near future, and you probably won’t.

  10. “This is not what low status white males want to hear, they want to hear that ketosis gives them superpowers. It doesn’t, it kills you.”

    Sometimes I wonder if part of the reason for your anti-keto views stems from the fact that the diet is contributes to animal suffering, environmental degradation and greenhouse gas emissions. And this is certainly true to a large extent, especially with regard to a pure carnivore diet.

    But it does not have to be that way. Instead of consuming large quantities of butter, tallow, lard and fatty cuts of meat, you could opt for the following instead:

    – Coconut and olive oils, olives, avocados, macadamia nuts etc. as fat sources

    – Instead of eating the flesh of highly intelligent social mammals, instead opt for the eggs from chickens free to roam in your own back yard. Much less animal suffering than factory farming, and much less greenhouse gas emissions than beef etc.

    – Eat “primitive” animals such as Bivalvia (a class of mollusks that are non-sentient, they lack a nervous system). I’m not sure what your thoughts are regarding other fish like sardines, but arguably much more ethical than eating pigs

    – Plant based sources of low-carb protein like tofu, tempeh etc

    Because as this articles relates to brain issues due to SARS2 infection, it is worth pointing out that that ketogenic diets have a remarkable ability to drastically lower brain inflammation. The most impressive evidence of this is seen in those who suffer from epilepsy. Prior to the discovery of drugs used to treat epilepsy, the main prescription was a ketogenic diet which stopped the seizures dead in their tracks.

    Even Dr. Michael Greger acknowledges that low carb plant based diets are healthy:


    Many keto diet advocates argue that all the studies showing negative health impacts of low carb diets are population studies based on epidemiology, so using associational data which they argue is highly flawed because the risk multipliers (hazard ratios) are too low and “correlation does not equal causation” due to con-founders such has the “healthy user bias” which distorts the results (example: people who eat a lot of red meat and saturated fat tend to smoke and drink also, while people who eat lots of wholegrains and legumes don’t). These keto diet advocates argue that you need the “gold standard” i.e. a randomized controlled trial which is much more difficult to do, especially over a long period of time. But interestingly RCT’s have already been done in mice:


    • > Sometimes I wonder if part of the reason for your anti-keto views stems from the fact that the diet is contributes to animal suffering, environmental degradation and greenhouse gas emissions. And this is certainly true to a large extent, especially with regard to a pure carnivore diet.
      But it does not have to be that way.

      I’ve said something similar to Radagast long ago either here on the blog or back when he was on Twitter.

      I told him that if he wants to make headway in alleviating the suffering of animals, he would do better to focus on the ethical angle rather than his questionable biochemical theories, which seem to be swatted down as quickly as he raises them.

      I find the rest of your comment, and your follow-up, to be eminently reasonable, personally.

      But I am just a LIQLSWM, so there is that to consider.

  11. Some more thoughts regarding SARS2 contributing to accumulating brain damage in the population:

    Of course, unfortunately there are many reasons to be pessimistic regarding the prognosis of the vaccinated. Continued expression of spike due to pseudouridine not being broken down, antibody class switch from IgG3 to IgG4, original antigenic sin, negative efficacy against infection, CD8+ T cell response instead of CD4+ (with those T cells showing signs of exhaustion already), possible lack of trained Natural Killer cells residing in their tissues and organs (which prevents virulence being selected against and prevents a variant-independent response from being deployed) et cetera.

    However, as I understand, none of these issues affect the unvaccinated (with the possible exception of T cell exhaustion). So hopefully the outlook for us is somewhat more positive. As Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche has stated on numerous occasions, he predicts that the unvaccinated living in highly vaccinated countries will fare the best, because we are constantly exposed to SARS2 being shed from the vaccinated (especially the obese elderly), and thus our cellular innate immunity is constantly being trained and improved upon, giving the unvaccinated very broad and robust sterilizing immunity and therefore preventing any additional brain damage after the first couple of infections.

    I concede that Dr. Vanden Bossche’s predictions of a mass ADE die-off of the vaccinated have thankfully not manifested. But in other areas, his predictions have been spot on. He correctly predicted (as did you Rintrah) the proliferation of vaccine-evasive variants and the phenomenon of negative efficacy against infection (if I remember correctly, he predicted that NE would happen even before it was confirmed in the data and subsequent studies from the Cleveland Clinic). So Dr. GVB clearly has very good expertise in this subject.

    On top of this, I recall watching a video uploaded by Dr. John Campbell several months ago on YouTube. He discussed results from brain autopsies that showed evidence of spike protein damage. However, in these brains there were no traces of viral envelope or nucleocapsid proteins. Only spike protein was found. This suggests that (at least in these case reports) the brain damage was caused by the vaccine, not a natural infection.

    However, maybe I’m just being naively optimistic and deluding myself. All that animal data (dogs, rodents etc.) that you cite is certainly alarming. But I am trying to remain optimistic in a desperate attempt to preserve my sanity and mental health.

  12. What about edibles in lieu of mushrooms? I experience pretty strong psychedelic affects with modest amount of edibles, especially combined with 5-Htp.

    • Edibles are good for making neuronal connections and pushing amyloid out of your neurons. But you will push your brain out of balance if you take them too often.

  13. This is like the dog study results, but in humans:

    ” Interestingly, we not only noted widespread microstructural alterations in patients with long COVID, but also in those unimpaired after having contracted COVID-19.”” (NEWS RELEASE 22-NOV-2023
    Novel MRI reveals brain changes in long-COVID patients
    Meeting Announcement

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