Whatever you do, don’t bust your cocaine cherry

I have taken just about every natural psychedelic you can think of, except Iboga I suppose. What I have never bothered with however, is cocaine. I pray that I am never exposed to that blight, that I am forever spared that temptation. I want to try to explain why.

People often think of dopamine as the “pleasure chemical”. But that’s not what it is. Rather, it is more accurately described as the chemical that makes you seek out pleasure. The chemical serves the purpose of allowing your ego to determine which impulses it should pursue. The teachings of the Gautama Buddha could be thought of as an endorsement of the zero dopamine state: The state of having no desires whatsoever.

You can see guys in the high dopamine state, they have a certain kind of personality. They like fast cars, expensive watches, cocaine, promiscuity and lifting weights, because they want to look good. The dopamine fills their brains with desires and so they have a great ego.

Personally, I am generally in a very low dopamine state. I have few desires. I don’t eat meat, I don’t like sugary food and I don’t have a car and never really had a desire for one. The world doesn’t have much left to tempt me with. I tried to convince myself to buy a mechanical watch, but I can’t do it. I was planning on buying myself new clothes and getting a haircut today, but I went to the forest instead to meditate (entirely sober).

With cocaine, you’re setting yourself back in the process towards enlightenment. This has a number of consequences. To start with, as your ego inflates, you make yourself less loveable. You might end up making yourself more sexy, that’s possible. What you won’t do is make yourself more loveable. People differ in the degree to which they can feel love for others, the most noble souls are characterized by their ability to feel the most love. As you take cocaine, the growth of your ego leads to a situation in which you become less loveable. For a man, this can mean for example that you’ll end up with a woman who fundamentally just doesn’t care that much about you.

The reason you make yourself less loveable, is because cocaine causes your soul to lose its noble character. As your soul loses its noble character, you begin to commit sins, that is, acts of selfishness that pass on a cost to others. It can start out just with simple materialism, pursuing material wealth for yourself that you could be spending to reduce the suffering of those who have least.

More often than not however, for guys it has the effect of becoming abusive towards women. There are women who have been sensitized to the wrong impulses and derive pleasure from that, but even they won’t love you: You’ll be their walking dildo, as discardable as any other dildo. More often however, you’ll end up genuinely hurting women.

I can give you examples, of young promising men who started taking cocaine, then they committed a grave act of cruelty and their lives lost whatever potential they had left. Not far from my town, a cocaine addict raped and murdered a young woman in the forest. It also happens to young promising artists, who take LSD and other psychedelics and become really creative, but get hooked to the cocaine. They take cocaine and alcohol at some party with a woman, commit an act of cruelty and they destroy what they could have been. Cocaine makes sadists and demons out of people. The worst possible thing you can do is to combine psychedelics with cocaine. This is never a good idea, no matter the dose.

What about trying cocaine just one time? Well the damage is done as soon as you take it, because your receptors are simply flooded with dopamine. You can look up the studies on this, a single exposure changes your brain. You might say “well the same is said about weed and psychedelics and plenty of other things”. Yes, that is true, but what I am telling you is that the effect of these other substances on the changes that take place in your personality is intrinsically more benign. A single exposure to weed or psychedelics probably leaves you more creative, rather than more demonic.

I personally suspect it may become intrinsically impossible for a person to reach enlightenment in this lifetime if you try cocaine. You’re guaranteed to be forced to reincarnate. Bill Hicks said television is like black spraypaint for your third eye, but cocaine would honestly be the better candidate. Whenever I look at people who take cocaine, transcendence just seems to become inaccessible for them. If you think you found a guru and you know he has ever exposed himself to cocaine, move on and find a different guru.

I would love to say “well taken in the right context and the proper dose and mindset yadda yadda it’s actually”, but I’ve literally never had anyone tell me that I missed out on something by not taking cocaine. Let’s look at Erowid, shall we? On Erowid, we find 851 trip reports. A total of 62 of those describe health problems, a total of 3 describe health benefits.

So you can look at the “health benefits” reports yourself here. They don’t describe any health benefits whatsoever, rather these trip reports mostly just say “I felt really nice for a few minutes, but then I crashed afterwards”, or they just describe ways to reduce some of the harm you suffer from cocaine. There’s nobody out there who says “I tried cocaine and I was glad I did because I figured out how to deal with certain problems in my life”. I’ve never encountered it.

You would expect that some people are dicks, who want to drag you into their misery. And yet, I’ve still never had a dick try to convince me that I miss out on something by not trying cocaine. I’ve had friends offer me cocaine while drunk, but even those friends would never say to me “you’re missing out on something”. Rather, they just describe it as a very powerful cup of coffee. Well in all fairness, I like the taste of coffee, but I really suspect I might actually be better off ditching caffeine altogether too, except for the fact that it seems to help protect against Parkinson’s.

So why does cocaine even exist then? Well, indigenous people don’t snort it or inject it, they generally just chew the leaves. This doesn’t create a rush and so it doesn’t become addictive and just serves as a local stimulant, a proper fit for the Andean mountain landscape. Unfortunately the plant has found its way across the ocean, where normies make lines out of it and snort it. I don’t understand it. I try to understand it, what motive they might have for it, but it mostly just seems to be an indicator that you have a lot of reincarnations left to go before you are finally free.

I’ve looked pretty hard and what I really haven’t come across is someone who said any of the following things:

-Cocaine gave me lasting confidence.

-Cocaine helped me process problems

-Cocaine gave me lasting energy

-Cocaine gave me new insights that have helped me forward

-I’m glad that I tried cocaine

It’s not fixing any deficiency or imbalance in your brain. It really just seems to be a case of borrowing from the future.

What I wrote here also applies of course to the other “uppers”, like amphetamines, but I kind of already trust that none of you would be dumb enough to try that. Cocaine however deserves a special mention, precisely because it is so demonic in how it makes men act. It blinds you to other people’s feelings.

Abuse of women is rampant in our culture because our civilization is in terminal decline and it gives rise to what is now thought of as feminism, but what is really a clash of the genders. In traditional European Christian culture the genders are thought of as a complementary whole. It’s the nature of woman that she adjusts to how she is treated. It’s a survival mechanism. That’s why it’s easy when you’re not careful to perpetuate the abuse and that’s also why I don’t partake in promiscuity.


  1. Interesting, have you read Elementary Particles by Houellebecq, it relates a bit to stuff that you write about. And I know people just like the characters in it in real life, I honestly know guys who I think will end up like Bruno calling his old mother an old whore on her death bed.
    Some are just gifted for seducing, but as you say it kind of takes from the future.
    Promiscuity is an interesting thing.

    • I dunno, I read Houellebecq’s debut novel and I found it amusing, but I didn’t read any of the others, I get the impression he always ends up returning to the same topics and it’s not exactly uplifting stuff.

  2. You are right, he does always write about the same stuff, apart from the one about Muslims taking over France. It’s not uplifting and I won’t be reading any more of his stuff. He is a wierd old boy.

  3. Would you say the same thing about edging?

    With sexual stimulation over days without orgasm you are in constant anticipation of reward. I’m trying it currently and it is truly like I have discovered something with a lot of potential and that after over 30 years on this planet. I don’t want to drag you into my misery or whatever but I’m just curious if you consider it to be as detrimental in the long run as these drugs?

    It is certainly somewhat dangerous to mess with the reward circuitry of the brain. Nobody in the right mind wants to end as a pevert with erectile dysfunction and depression. yet if you do not do it yourself someone or something else like society  will exploit your reward system (or worse supress your inner drive) for his /its own advantage. To be able to push the reward button yourself is liberating in today’s world.

    I have tried nofap for more productivity but it seems to decrease libido after some time even if it has helped a lot of men to get their shit together. It is as if nofap supress your own sexuality after some time. With edging (multiple times per day) and semen retention its almost the opposite. you feel a constant flow of ever-increasing primal energy. Maybe it’s a just placebo who knows… but I don’t think so. I feel life more, the weights feel lighter while lifting, I can get up in the morning with no problem and I keep running. It’s a magic potion to say the least. It baffles me that so few speak about it. People who have discovered it probably keep it to themselves to have an edge over others.

  4. Thanks, you actually just convinced me never to try cocaine. Drugs have made me more open to trying other drugs, including harder drugs such as MDMA, but I will be putting cocaine in the same cursed box as deliriants, synthetic cannabinoids, and nBomes.
    Thoughts on taking opium as a tea or tincture?

  5. Idk how much you meditate, but if you’re going to the forrest solely to do it, I’ll guess a fair amount.

    At the risk of you ceasing to post and going down the proverbial rabbit hole, I’m gonna drop an author here.

    Jed McKenna (All 3 Books)

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