Where’s the vaccine enhanced COVID apocalypse you promised me?

Here it is. The hospitals can’t cope. Everyone has some T-cell immunity so we no longer get people on ventilators with ARDS, but the apocalypse is unfolding around you. The problems are similar in the Netherlands, the government is scrapping standards for when you can expect an ambulance to arrive. Thousands of COVID patients here are sent home with oxygen bags, so they don’t show up in the statistics.

Note by the way how the curve is down near the bottom in Summer 2021, so it’s not just adverse vaccine effects. If you were vaccinated then your body doesn’t know how to properly fight this virus, it more or less silently spreads in your body until it causes an acute health emergency, which then isn’t registered as being due to SARS-COV-2. All the observed excess mortality in Singapore was in people who had been infected in the past 90 days.

Here’s the problem you’re dealing with. In a given year, 8% of the population gets symptomatically infected by influenza. Now what about SARS-COV-2? Estimates are you’re getting it twice a year right now on average. In other words, you’d expect based on these numbers that you’re looking at an order of magnitude more T-cell depletion at a population level, compared to that caused by influenza. That could put us at risk of positive feedback, as population-wide T-cell depletion makes us susceptible to more viral infections.

Society just can’t cope with people catching this virus twice a year for years to come. If you’ve paid attention to what I’ve written, you understand why people keep catching it and why we don’t enjoy herd immunity right now. Allow me to show you once again what the correct path was:

And now you have to adjust this data for the simple fact that the boosted get tested more often:

It looks like the unvaccinated 38% of the population, has about 5% of the infections. In other words: Without these vaccines, you would have achieved herd immunity. People would still be susceptible upon exposure of course, they would even be able to pass it on, but the r0 would drop below 1. With everyone unvaccinated, you get an Algeria instead:

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At every step along the way nature sought to reverse the course, but humans were like some sort of demonically possessed madman, who insists on jumping into traffic with superhuman strength that makes four men unable to stop him. Nature became powerless, incapable of stopping you from pouring out the plague over yourselves.


  1. At this point, I’m trying to stay half-isolated, eating natto, excercising aerobically, eating well, doing moderate, intermittent fasts, and doing various meditations and spiritual work to lower stress. I cannot do psychadelics as a close relative went stark raving mad and ruined his life after doing them, and I do not want to risk genetic susceptibility. I am also proudly unvaxxed. Do you have any further tips for staving off t-cell depletion, covid, and spike protein shedding damage? What are your thoughts about the effects of this on the unvaxxed; it looks like less to me, but not so much that were out of danger. Would you recommend that I keep half-isolating? (Only doing the minimum close contact, staying away from people on the street, and preferentially hanging out with the unvaxxed.) Thank you for your semi-autistic blunt realism. I’m sort of like that, but you’re better at it, and I am warmly grateful for your realism in the midst of this appalling situation. Never have I appreciated the masculine virtues of myself and others more than in the midst of this hectoring, smothering, safetyist totalitarianism.

    • Thanks for the comment. I’m probably a socialist at heart, I don’t look much at the level of individuals. When everyone around you is getting sick, I don’t know how you’re supposed to avoid being affected yourself.

      I can’t really recommend isolating to anyone. Life goes on, even in the most horrifying of circumstances. Even if you avoid every risk there is in life, you’re still left with about nine decades in total before it’s inevitably over. The first twenty or so of those years are the most valuable, the last twenty are probably worth skipping out on. People like Leonardi say we’re building up an immunological debt that will cause premature aging when we’re old. Maybe that’s right, but I don’t really plan on being around by the time the orangutans and the gorillas in the wild are extinct anyway.

      It’s all just a matter of degrees. Even in the midst of this unfolding disaster, I think I’m still far more likely to die from ketamine, datura or even just something in my DMT, than from SARS-COV-2. Do you wish to live forever in one body? I don’t seek out death, but at some point I wish to be a child again.

      For me personally, it’s just fascinating to observe how humans can destroy their own society with biotechnology, in a desperate attempt to stop a pandemic they created with the same biotechnology. But I’m a passive observer, I don’t have a strong interest in my own personal outcome. I try to take good care of my body, but I already did that before 2020 too.

      • Do you know very many old people? Your perspective on old age is that of someone who doesn’t know what it is like, which I suppose is not unreasonable. You should read some studies about what it is like to be an old person. Unless an old person is in real pain, he is on average likely to be way happier and more attached to life than a young person I have read the studies and I know a lot of old people, including the 98 y.o. relative who lives with us (who takes marijuana gummies, so he is not in pain), so I can affirm this. Young people are mostly miserable; old people are mostly happy; it is strange but true. Even old people in assisted living places are pretty happy. If they are demented and think they are seeing demons, then not happy, but my demented mother in law thought her parents were alive again and she stopped eating health food and started eating pie so she was actually happier than before she became demented.

        People are lousy at predicting how they will feel about things in the future. When asked if they want particular lifesaving treatments in the future, they will say no way. But then when it comes to that point, they very often change their minds and want them.

        So I think Derpherder should continue to be cautious and retain the possibility that he will become a happy old person. I find the idea of becoming old revolting, but again, if I get there from everything I read and see I’ll like it. And I’m not all that attached to life in this body; it’s just that once you catch covid you lose the option of not having caught covid.

        Even if you are clueless about old age, I thank you for your posts about covid; they are really fantastic.

        • I kind of agree with this. Much as I would like to be a kid again (presuming reincarnation exists) it would probably be similar to the same childhood I had which, removing the rose-tinted glasses, was full of pain. My Gran had a fairly horrible time of it and seemed happy enough in old age. But she was from the stoic silent generation so perhaps she put a brave face on it.

          • That being said, I remember (it gets less vivid as I get older) as a kid feeling an all-encompassing light/comforting feeling at times of great distress that went beyond anything I have ever felt during psychedelics or other drugs including opioids. Think the imagination of kids is more heightened or I suspect they are more in touch with other realms.

          • It is partly generational; some generations are more whiny than others. It is partly survivors’ bias, since the most depressed people do kill themselves and so don’t become old. But it also turns out that as people age they get better at turning away from thoughts of horrible things. My father in law spent much of the day today deciding to what extent he wanted his dinner slice of liverwurst heated, and whether he wanted a blob of strawberry jam on his bread to go with his cashew butter. He is totally lucid and is still writing books – it is not that he’s become a food-consuming vegetable – but he really enjoys anything that can be enjoyed to an amazing extent. He is also a believing Roman Catholic, but that has always been the case.

            I never felt any otherworldly sense as a kid; I was just depressed. It is only in middle age that life has become tolerable.

            People look at old people and think that since they look like Sponge Bob’s grandmother that they must be miserable, since they look like they are scowling, but that is often just wrinkles and they are cheery inside and thinking of strawberry jam. What a person looks like doesn’t tell you much about what is going in in their head.

      • I think the innovation that Christianity helped to create is the marrying of Individualism and Collectivism.

        Every Individual Man and Woman is an unique Image of God. A world unto themselves.

        Yet all the saved drink of one Holy Spirit and are all Cells of the Corporate Body of Christ even as they Individually are themselves cells of their own Nations.

        We are all Individuals. Yet we are all collectives of Multicellular organisms. Nationalism is scaled up Individualism but Collective if you get my drift.

  2. Those A&E wait times are terrible, but how do you know it’s the juice that’s to blame, rather than lockdowns and loss of staff? Do we know how Sweden’s doing?

    • You can’t really see any of those factors as separately from each other. The staff were first to get juiced and constantly get exposed to COVID patients. The lockdowns prevented people from getting natural infections before the shot, which is how you maximize damage.

      • That is why we need to look at Sweden. They are as juiced up as anyone, but they mostly avoided lockdowns. So, a natural experiment. Do you have Swedish data?

  3. Would this vaccine enhanced immune depletion be causing a rise in cases of sepsis? I know of two people who have died suddenly from sepsis, this year. Both elderly (70s) but previously fit and healthy.

    • >Would this vaccine enhanced immune depletion be causing a rise in cases of sepsis?

      Yes, but this could be a direct effect of the vaccine too, rather than the virus as an intermediary.

  4. I am in a small European country and corona and COVID have completely
    disappeared from the news and media. And people do not talk about
    it at all. It’s as if this has never existed.

    Is it the same in other countries? Netherlands?

    • But do they still require you to prove your papers when hiring for jobs?

      I keep hearing “everyone is over covid and nobody cares anymore.”

      Okay so then why are you still cast out of the employment market if you demonstrate that you’re over it by refusing to show papers?

      • This depends on where you live. Where I am, nobody is asking for papers anymore (as far as I can tell). Although a few months ago, a GP refused to register me at their practice because I was unjuiced. (And that was after they kept me on their waiting list for well over two months.) I don’t know if that’s still happening, though. Hopefully not. I suppose I’ll have to try again with another GP at some point, and we’ll see how that goes.

      • No. No mask requirements, no vaccine passports for anything. As I said,
        you never hear word “coronavirus” or “covid” on the radio or TV.

        I have recently visited countries (Italy, Austria) that were very
        militant about vaccines and masks, and it’s the same story. Corona
        completely “disappeared”.

        • Right that is all government action. What I’m curious about is corporations.

          In USA most government restrictions are gone but it hardly matters because so many corporations are refusing to hire people who can’t prove vaxx status that the government doesn’t need to bother.

          So are employers demanding this elsewhere still?

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