White male hierarchy

Since this topic keeps coming up, I figured I’d make a post on it, to finally explain what I mean.

Prince Bernhard, a high status white male, probably laughing at all the LSWMs and MSWMs who actually have to work while he’s conceiving bastards as his femcel wife begs him to stop

High status white male (HSWM).

These are people typically born into wealthy old-money families, or powerful people just like them so much that these dudes end up running things (promoted from MSWM status). Important to note is that when you are sufficiently high status, you don’t genuinely have to embrace the values of the system anymore. “Show up to work sober? Get out of my way peasant, I’m Jean-Claude Juncker, I can do whatever I want!” “What, I can’t grab my teenage maid’s tits? I’m Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands!”

Bill Maher is the rare example of a medium status white male, who became a high status white male. He can just get up there on TV, mock the most cherished value of the modern West and get away with it. Another example of a nouveau high status white male is Roman Polanski. He raped a 13 year old girl and everyone is somehow just ok with it, including the victim herself.

As a medium status white male, you probably have some boring IT job where the HR lady or the “business development” dude nags you once every few months to pose for embarrassing photos like this and you hate it but you can’t get away with saying no as that would mean you’re “not a team player” and your annoying coworker gets the management function instead.

Medium status white male (MSWM).

The medium status white male is a social climber, willing to jump through whatever hoops necessary to appear as if he’s “going places”, even though he’s not. He may have a post-doctoral degree, he might be “committed to diversity”. If his daughter announces at the dinner table that she’s non-binary and wants to start injecting testosterone, he doesn’t flinch a muscle before announcing that he’s proud of her.

An important difference with the high status white male is that the medium status white male isn’t free. He’s just sitting in the train that’s driving off a cliff. This also makes him different from the low status white male, who is being dragged along behind it with a rope around his chest, while he complains that this “woke train” is driving off a cliff.

The medium status white male has a degree that got him into debt, a wife who nags him around and probably a mortgage. But most importantly, to become a medium status white male, the medium status white male had to internalize the values and beliefs of the system. And so even if he had the opportunity to leave, if his cage was open for a moment as the farmer sprays away the shit, he wouldn’t recognize the opportunity and he wouldn’t understand where to go. In the unlikely event where he tried to escape, he would simply wander into another cage. Because the medium status white male is like a pig who has forgotten what it means to be a pig. He doesn’t realize he’s supposed to lay in the mud, he has never known anything other than the cage.

Note: There’s a strange category, of low status white males who try to be medium status white males but fail at it. It manages to combine the most cringy aspects of LSWMs and MSWMs. Example: My old coworker was a big bulky meathead eager to become a manager, so he unironically started putting he/him in his emails. I’m not kidding. I swear this happened.

I have no idea who this guy is, he’s probably famous, but he looks exactly like the platonic form of an American LSWM to me

Low status white male (LSWM).

As a low status white male, you recognize at some level the system is rigged against you. But rather than playing along, you just spend your days bitter and angry about it. You have some shitty job, perhaps blue color or just a menial office job. You spend your days complaining in your local pub (old rural LSWM) or on Twitter (young urban LSWM) about the “woke mind virus” or the “libruls”, as you look for solutions by following low status white male gurus, who tell you to buy Dogecoins or shave your head bald (don’t do that, just microneedle). The low status white male is just unable to adjust to modern social norms, so he fades away into extinction. This is not new, it happens to many tribes of hunter-gatherers who come into contact with agriculturalists.

This is where ZSWMs like to hang out

Zero status white male (ZSWM).

Now we’re getting somewhere. The Zero status white male is unable to offer women the number one thing they expect out of men. Love? No. A sense of humor? No. Sex? No, definitely not. Protection? No. Validation? Close, but no cigar. Money of course!

Fundamentally, there is no difference between the man who has renounced the world and the man who is unable to be a low status white male. In fact, when you have truly renounced the world, you won’t realize you have done it. A guy who sits on the corner of the street in Philadelphia injecting opioids thinks he’s a loser. But in reality, he just chose not to play the game anymore.

In contrast, some guy who flies all across the world to join a monastery thinks he “renounced the world”. In reality, he is just another medium status white male, now trying to climb the “spiritual white dude” hierarchy. Once he leaves the monastery again (which he will), he’ll probably do a PhD. But when you truly renounce the world, you don’t need a guru. You don’t need structure. You don’t even need to meditate. It means to truly live in the here and the now.

Negative status white male (NSWM).

Negative status white male is an extremely rare category. So far, there is just one confirmed negative status white male. That white male is me. There may be others, kept in padded rooms in mental hospitals or rocking back and forth by themselves in dark caves. Negative status white male is an anomaly. It is what happens when the white male brain tries to divide by zero. It transcends all categories. It becomes everything.

The negative status white male is forever in the slaughterhouse. He is forever at the haunted carnival with the clowns. He zoomed out, saw the universe, experienced infinity and then came back. But he realized he didn’t like what he saw, when he thought it all through carefully.

The negative status white male has no goals left to strife for, except insight. He asks himself questions like:

What is real?

What does it mean to die?

Do I have free will?

Are other people real, or projections of my mind?

What is it all here for?

If you could look into his mind, all you would see is just a dead mall, stretching out into infinity.


  1. It is blue collar from the… blue collar.

    A NSWM is like a prion infecting other statuses. Is that a mission or just satisfaction?

    What are accelerationists? I know not only a few guys who openly abuse the whole system. They say they vote green for status, look like surfer dudes, fuck each week another woman but in private they laugh at the damage they do to them and how two-faced “society” is.

  2. Another very interesting read with lots to ponder. However I’ve never seen you do a deep dive into another sub-category of the LSWM’s:

    The Incel.

    Society and the MSM loves to portray incels as a bunch of far-right white supremacist misogynistic loser men who live in their mom’s basement. And while there certainly are incels who fit this category, most incels have simply been dealt a bad hand in life, usually a combination of the following attributes:

    – Short height e.g. 5’6″ and lower
    – Ectomorph (narrow shoulders, small skeletons, very low muscle mass)
    – Very aggressive male pattern baldness that starts in late teens/early 20’s
    Their facial bone structure does not develop properly (small recessed chin, small narrow jaw, small cheekbones etc.)
    – Autism/Asperger’s that make it extremely difficult/impossible to talk/flirt with women
    – Severe cystic acne which often leaves permanent scars

    To remedy their plight in life, these incels resort to “looksmaxxing” Examples include:

    – Lifting weights to gain muscle (whilst remaining very lean [single digit body fat] with strict diet
    – Hair transplant or wear a hair system (basically a realistic looking wig)
    – Use Retin-A (tretinoin) cream on the face for flawless skin and anti-aging properties
    – Going to China for leg lengthening surgery to fix their height problem
    – Surgery to fix their deformed face (chin and jaw implants, rhinoplasties, fillers, etc.
    – “Mewing” and chewing hard foods to make their face look better (This is the less extreme alternative to invasive surgery)

    I think that online dating has significantly exacerbated this problem of “incels” because it makes dating much more competitive (studies have shown that the 20% most physically attractive men get 80% of the matches on Tinder).

    Would really appreciate your thoughts on this.

    • I’m probably not the right person to comment on this, I’m kind of aesthetically privileged. I’m 6’2, normal weight (skinny when I don’t lift weights) and still have my hair.

      The main reason I’m lonely is not because I’m ugly, it’s because most people just feel “incomplete” to me. Like they’ve never had the realization how strange it is to be alive, to be something rather than nothing, in this time and point in history.

      And often when being around people, it just feels very stressful for me. It feels like they’re trying to drain me of energy by terrifying me. And I can’t tell whether they’re doing it intentionally or without realizing it.

      I can’t really feel attracted to a woman unless she basically opens up a whole new universe for me. And generally it’s not you they love. They just have a “man” box in their head, some dude who kinda looks like their dad and spends 40 hours in an office, drives a car and buys gifts for them, then try to make you fit that box. And these days I get the impression that a relationship just shrinks your mental world. It ties you down in all sorts of obligations.

      There is something very disturbing about sex in general. It is clearly tied to violence at a very deep level in the brain. And the most disturbing element is probably that women don’t really seem to want sex. They want you to want sex with them. They want your desire. And they want to have their consent violated. It’s like they’re trying to get you to step into a metaphysical bear trap. It creeps the hell out of me.

      The left tried freeing sex from all constraints, turning it into something fun and harmless. We can see what that produced: Non-binary and transgender stuff. People who become physically unable to have sex. Whenever they encourage people to indulge in their lust, the lust just seems to move to more extreme impulses, so you end up with people who become pedophiles, who want to be raped or want to be the other gender.

      The people who have the most sex are never really fun to talk to anyway. Whenever I talk to them, they feel like the sort of people I don’t want to be around. Talking to them feels like their brains can see 16 colors when mine can see 16.7 million.

      There isn’t really a religious tradition that says “go out and have sex with a bunch of women” except Islam, which comes complete with condoning sex slavery and turns every country it invades into hell on Earth. Most traditions encourage some variety of “if you really have to go marry someone”.

      My advice would probably be to just abstain from sex altogether. And if that causes you suffering, then the solution to that is to avoid summoning the desire. This is not very difficult, because the same energy can just be directed towards other pursuits. For example, it can be used for physical exercise.

      • Where can one meet the types of girls who open up whole new universes? Asking for a friend. I desire companionship more than sex but don’t know where to look. I figured new age/hippy events or festivals would be good but I’m not extroverted.

        • No idea. Depends on what you own universe consists of, which also depends on how old you are.

          By the time you enter your late twenties, you start noticing that everyone is pretty similar if you realize the “type” they are.

          It feels unique when you’re young, then when you’re older you realize it’s an illusion and it’s all the same.

          You stumble upon some music you both like, you teach each other about things you happen to find interesting, you have some slightly scary exciting experience together (often you literally pay for it in some vacation place), you make food together a few times and then you feel like you have a special connection.

          At least, if you’re at least a little dysfunctional and autistic. If you’re a complete normie it’s the same process but sped up and more banal. “We both loved Oppenheimer and we went to Bali together where we took MDMA” Well woop dee doo put a ring on that, clearly you are soulmates.

          And then it feels unique. But it isn’t. Could have happened with a million other people.

          • Note: The weird thing is figuring this out is not difficult.

            The weird thing is that your whole brain is basically designed to have you reach the opposite conclusion: I FOUND MY SOULMATE! Your whole brain is designed to prohibit you from believing what I wrote in the above post is true.

            You’ll enter a relationship with Becky you met in college and you’ll want to kill yourself because you break up with each other over some bullshit.

            But had the butterfly flapped its wings a second earlier, you would have fallen in love with Stacey from high school and you’d want to kill yourself because Stacey cheated on you with Bob.

          • Late twenties, my universe is the standard Western MSWM lifestyle but without the wife and mortgage

            > You stumble upon some music you both like, you teach each other about things you happen to find interesting, you have some slightly scary exciting experience together (often you literally pay for it in some vacation place), you make food together a few times and then you feel like you have a special connection.

            I’m OK with a special connection, it doesn’t have to be genuinely unique. That actually sounds quite pleasant even if banal. Just don’t want to date a normie. Thanks for doling out the LSWM guru dating insight

          • Organised religion is a dealbreaker thoug, there is enough secular BS to go along with in day to day life

        • Yeah if I did a whole post on the metaphysics of sex it would be an interesting post and psychiatrists would have a field day figuring out what’s wrong with me.

          But even if we skip the metaphysics of sex for a moment, the real question to ask yourself is: If you’re born into the body of some ugly short bald dude women consider repulsive, why is that your body?

          You could imagine being born as a king, born as a slave, born as a dog, born as a cow, all these things are imaginable. And so if you are born unattractive looking to women, you have to wonder: Why? Why is this the body your awareness finds itself in? Ultimately that’s a far more interesting question I think.

          But most of the people who suffer this misfortune seem to skip over this question and head to the surgeries.

          I would probably recommend those people to read the Ashtavakra Gita first. It is about an Indian sage, who was born with eight deformities himself.

          • I said something similar to some people in my zoom church a few weeks ago. They don’t claim to know what the afterlife, if any, is like. But in their hearts of hearts, they sort of think they know. So I asked them if they hadn’t yet been born into this world, and knew nothing about it, and had to guess what this life and world would be like, would they have been able to? Would they have come up with anything like what it is like? Well, of course not. This world is just so weird and so . . . particularly what it is. Their eyes grew large at the thought.

            There is an old folk saying: “A farmer takes a wife, and the wife takes a child.” Meaning that what the wife is looking for is a child. If the farmer thinks he’s going to be the center of her universe, he’s going to be disappointed. Really the sort of devotion that guys seem to be hoping for is what a man has from his daughter. A daughter would walk barefoot over a continent of broken glass to tend her father; a wife would do some of that but not as much.

            I’m old enough to remember the demographic shift from “advantage males” to “advantage females.” There used to be lots of articles about what a homely girl could do to catch a man. It was assumed she already groomed herself as well as possible. The next things were to have a sense of humor, and to be thoughtful. All that stuff about leg surgery and fake hair wouldn’t help a guy nearly as much as being funny.

          • My theory of dating is that any man, no matter how short, fat, stupid or destitute can get a woman of SIMILAR CALIBER.

          • Brigham Young said that we suppose we will be judged in the next life for what we have done in this one, so why do we suppose that hasn’t happened before? He goes on to explain racial hierarchy, and how privileged birth into a righteous aryan family is something earned in premortality, as is being born a coal black retard gorilla in the heart of darkest Africa, and being congenitally damned as a result.

            His focus in that sermon was explicitly racial, but I wonder if there wasn’t anything ever taught on other traits like being born healthy vs sickly, ugly vs attractive etc. It is commented on in numerous places in the religion that intelligence is an eternal and privileged trait. I just wonder if the ultimate answer to “why are some people born ugly” doesn’t turn out to be “because they deserved it.” It’s exegesis on my part to assert this as some kind of hard doctrine, but it would be extremely consistent with the hard and well established doctrine that people are born into other traits and situations because they deserved them.

            As a side note the religion doesn’t describe cyclical reincarnation, so much as a linear progression of incarnations each being can go through that can in some cases culminate in creating new gods. It’s markedly different from Buddhist reincarnation notions.

    • Every man should study this sort of thing, but especially for the men who long for unattainable female companions, this is a very good summary of helpful Dharmic principles written by a very famous master Japanese sword duelist. You can translate it a few different ways, the most common being the Way of Going Alone (獨-alone, 行-go, 道-roadway):

      The 21 principles of Dokkodo:

      1. Accept everything just the way it is.
      2. Do not seek pleasure for its own sake.
      3. Do not, under any circumstances, depend on a partial feeling.
      4. Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.
      5. Be detached from desire your whole life long.
      6. Do not regret what you have done.
      7. Never be jealous.
      8. Never let yourself be saddened by a separation.
      9. Resentment and complaint are appropriate neither for oneself nor others.
      10. Do not let yourself be guided by the feeling of lust or love.
      11. In all things have no preferences.
      12. Be indifferent to where you live.
      13. Do not pursue the taste of good food.
      14. Do not hold on to possessions you no longer need.
      15. Do not act following customary beliefs.
      16. Do not collect weapons or practice with weapons beyond what is useful.
      17. Do not fear death.
      18. Do not seek to possess either goods or fiefs for your old age.
      19. Respect Buddha and the gods without counting on their help.
      20. You may abandon your own body but you must preserve your honor.
      21. Never stray from the Way.

  3. Interesting that you pivoted “high status” from a strictly social connotation (formerly referring mostly to people with the “right” ideas) to a more class-oriented one. Would you say that this is a more true or accurate interpretation? Where or how would you class those whom you formerly labeled high status?

      • Makes enough sense. Probably about on the same level but of a different breed to the suburban office dad; one has financial capital, the other has social. Obviously the upper-middle class dad doesn’t have tremendous wealth like the high status, but similarly the latter is a follower, not a trendsetter.

  4. Relationships are overrated. Some people are lucky and find the one they really really click with on every level, but most people don’t. And even if you do find ‘the one’, there’s always the chance she’ll run off with some brain dead alpha who’s Dad got him a job in a big bank. Most women really do prefer money to love. I’ve had that and it’s soul destroying when it ends. The film ‘Nocturnal Animals’ is about that, finding someone you click with on every level but still she ends up choosing the soulless life she was brought up with and rebelled against.

    Best thing to do is just lower your expectations. Pleasure hands you over into the arms of pain, as Schopenhauer said.

  5. I am the ZSWM, Zero Status White Male – the greatest common denominator of all of you, my friends. Enjoy the summer, given to us for a good reason.
    Love ya all

  6. According to this I most definitely am the bottom rung of high status white male.

    I’m not obviously rich but still rich enough not to need a job, and I shit on the state religion in public often and encourage others to do the same, and so far have faced zero backlash. I proudly say I am a racist, and then speak racism against groups and individuals. I tell them most of their problems at a group and individual level would be solved by overt racism. I tell people that it is immoral to be gay, and that I prefer to refer to trannies as “retard faggot pedophile demons.”

    I’m basically the poorest of HSWM based on this article. Just clarifying for future discussion

  7. I’m a big negative infinity status white male (BNISWM), I only become famous after I’m dead and buried. Like Van Gogh. Or Anne Frank. Brushes and Ball-Point Pens have been excluded, so I aim to be famous for my drawing of Sonic. Wait, that’s already taken. I think I’ll have to settle for my racist posts on niche wordpress blogs.

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