Why are embalmers finding fiber clots in blood vessels of the deceased?

Whenever there’s a dominant cultural narrative, there will be disgruntled people, who seek an alternative explanation. Most of the time, those people have limited capacity to separate fair critique from nonsense. As an example, it’s normal to be skeptical of the official story we received about the Kennedy assassination. Most people however have better things to do than ask themselves what really happened, so the field attracts a bunch of cranks. Instead of fair questions, if you start digging into this topic you’ll mostly encounter cranks who peddle the most ludicrous theories, like the idea that the driver killed him in broad daylight. With 9/11 you see similar nonsense peddled, like the idea that no planes ever hit the World Trade Center, that it was all just video-editing.

Human beings are bad at reflecting critically on ideas peddled by people who mostly agree with them. And so whenever some myth takes hold among a demographic it becomes mixed with truths and half-truths, until the demographic ends up peddling so much nonsense it no longer poses a threat to the status quo. There’s no point to me engaging all of these myths and so I try not to waste a lot of time explaining why COVID vaccines don’t contain microchips and are not part of some global depopulation plot.

And then there is the stuff out there that’s so outlandish, that you assume it’s not worth paying attention to, yet it nonetheless deserves closer examination. That’s how I look at the stories I’ve seen, of embalmers reporting that the majority of corpses they treat now contain strange long fibrin clots in their blood vessels. You would assume it’s the same sort of nonsense we’re drowning in right now, yet it deserves further scrutiny.

The pattern apparently became noticeable in 2020 or 2021, but it’s steadily becoming more common. Some now claim they’re seeing this stuff in 80% of corpses they examine.

The question to ask is: Is this plausible? It’s not the job of embalmers to determine someone’s cause of death, or to report on any medical issues. However, they have less to lose than medical professionals by speaking out.

To start with, we have to note that there is a strange excess in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular deaths, which would fit the idea that something harmful is accumulating in people’s blood vessels. You can look up the data from England here. Too many people are dying of heart failure, ischemic heart disease and cerebrovascular disorders.

For plenty of people with these strange structures in their blood vessels, these structures would not have been the direct cause of death, but the excess mortality seen in these causes of death suggests that something is genuinely happening.

Now we have to ask ourselves: Is there a plausible mechanism leading to this observation?

The clots observed are most likely bundles of protein, called amyloids. There are many different proteins in the body that are capable of forming amyloid structures. It’s also a phenomenon commonly observed in very old people, where amyloid will form in the heart, gradually stiffening the heart until it leads to their death.

Here’s how the pathological findings of systemic amyloidosis are described: In systemic amyloidosis, the histopathology shows pale pink, extracellular, glassy, hyaline material mostly deposited in and around vessels.

There is some reason to believe exposure to SARS-COV-2 could similarly cause amyloid disease. Scientists have found two different regions in the SARS-COV-2 genome that look as if they have the capacity to produce neurotoxic amyloid fibrils. If this is the explanation, you wouldn’t expect to see a direct result from the vaccines. The vaccines don’t produce the relevant regions in the genome.

The embalmers tend to say they almost overwhelmingly see this stuff in blood vessels of people who were vaccinated. But you would expect almost all of them to be vaccinated, even if there is no relationship, simply because almost all deaths are happening to elderly and almost all elderly were vaccinated.

If this pattern is continuing, which the embalmers claim it is, my explanation would be that infections are continuing at an unprecedented scale. It could be that people are now being infected so often, the buildup of these protein tangles now exceeds the speed at which the body can process them.

The problem is there are so many different ways in which amyloid can buildup in the human body, there are many different routes that have to be considered. As an example, let’s consider the most common cause of systemic amyloidosis: Light-chain amyloidosis.

Light-chain amyloidosis happens when the body’s plasma cells (which produce antibodies) suffer some cancerous change that leads them to produce a lot of light chains, which together with heavy chains form the regions of your antibodies that bind to proteins.

Light-chain amyloidosis is underdiagnosed, as it’s seen in more deaths than you would expect based on how often it’s diagnosed. It tends to manifest itself either in the form of heart failure, or kidney problems. The early symptoms are hard to recognize, often people will feel tired and that’s the only symptom you’ll notice. There may be enlargement of the tongue observed too.

You can look at the English excess mortality to see that we see a lot of heart failure. You can also take a look at this graph, to see that something is causing a massive jump in kidney problems:

So imagine that vaccination is causing an epidemic of light-chain amyloidosis, as the constant attempt to boost people’s antibody levels to abnormally high levels is causing some of these antibodies to start causing problems, or some of the Plasma cells to be driven to such high levels of activity that they run out of control and start producing dangerous junk. What would you expect to see? The sort of stuff we’re currently seeing:

-Embalmers who see strange stuff in blood vessels.

-A strange jump in renal failure.

-A strange increase in deaths form heart failure.

But just because the observations are compatible with the theory, doesn’t mean we have necessarily found the right cause. After all, as I mentioned before, if there is now a widespread prevalence of amyloidosis in the population, killing some and slowly plugging up the blood vessels of those who still feel healthy, we would have to keep in mind there are so far 37 human proteins that have been found to form amyloid and are associated with well-defined diseases.

What’s going on could look like a disease linked to one of these 37. It could also be an entirely new one, that doesn’t look like one we already know.

However, as 85% of cases of systemic amyloidosis are thought to be due to light-chains, this would be one of the first routes to consider.

If the vaccines are causing or exacerbating light-chain amyloidosis, it would be hard to spot from the initial trials. People receiving chemotherapy were excluded from participating, so people with known light-chain amyloidosis would not have participated in the trials.

To consider the plausibility of this explanation, let’s see what we know about the pathogenesis of light-chain amyloidosis: Does it resemble the kind of stuff that happens through vaccination?

To start with, to develop light-chain amyloidosis, you need an abnormal proliferation of plasma cells, that is fully differentiated B cells.

What could cause an abnormal proliferation of plasma cells? It can happen due to cancerous mutations. But could it happen due to vaccination?

To consider whether that scenario makes sense, we first have to look at a difference between natural immunity and vaccine induced immunity. In natural immunity, B cells are stimulated to become plasma cells. The plasma cells then enter our bone marrow, where other cells help them to stay alive and do their job, turning them into long-lived plasma cells.

After vaccination this doesn’t really happen. The body produces plasma cells, but those plasma cells don’t get their own spot in the bone marrow where the other cells take care of them so they can continue producing antibodies. And so you find that although antibody concentrations can rise to very high levels, they will also plunge down again rapidly, as the time for these plasma cells runs out and they don’t get find a spot for themselves in the bone marrow.

And what do we do when antibody concentrations plunge again? We boost, we give people another dose of mRNA that will produce the Wuhan spike protein. This leads to an expansion of previously established memory B cell lineages, lineages that can then become plasma cells. Importantly, these memory B cells, that can become antibody producing plasma cells, but don’t produce antibodies yet, continue to increase in the body after vaccination, even as the antibody concentration observed declines.

And so we can consider scenarios how things go wrong. After three shots of vaccine, the body is filled with memory B cells and plasma cells that produce large amounts of antibodies. Because the antibodies generally target just a few conserved regions of the Spike protein, they look relatively similar to each other.

Whatever enzymes our body uses to break down particular peptide chains found in the short chain or the long chain of these antibodies could be depleted, or the peptide chains are produced in such high amounts that they rapidly aggregate together, becoming resistant to breakdown before our enzymes can deal with them. This then allows these peptide chains to build up in the blood vessels of our body, causing cardiac stiffening that leads to heart failure in people who were already at high risk, or it first manifests itself in the form of kidney damage, as the kidneys have to filter all this junk showing up in our blood vessels.

There can also be an indirect mechanism: Three shots of the vaccine fills the body with memory B cells, then when the virus shows up they start producing their antibodies. They produce much higher concentrations than you would normally expect, as the antibody response is not very effective against the novel strains of SARS-COV-2. The body throws quantity instead of quality at the problem. It defeats the virus, but the blood vessels are now filling up with amyloid from the short chain of the antibodies produced.

I’m inclined to believe the embalmers, when they say they’re seeing strange stuff show up in people’s blood vessels. The most plausible explanation for the findings they are reporting is some form of systemic amyloidosis. In humans, 85% of diagnosed cases of systemic amyloidosis are caused by light chains from antibodies.

We have a reason to believe we engaged in an unprecedented experiment, that could lead the body to produce unusually large amounts of similar antibodies, all dependent on the same limited enzymes that could break them down for us, which would then suffer depletion. Never before have we given adult human beings three shots of a vaccine in one year, only for the virus it is supposed to protect people again to infect them after all.

If it wasn’t obvious yet, if this is the explanation for the observations, it’s bad news. Eighty percent of people with light chain amyloidosis are dead within ten years. You would need to kill off their B cells to stop the problem. If you somehow figured out how to give the majority of the adult Western population B cell depleting treatment, you would run into the next problem: Humans are now sitting ducks for various pathogens.

I have given you here what looks to me like the most plausible explanation: A buildup in blood vessels of light chains from antibodies produced in excessive amounts after vaccination and perhaps subsequent infections. In future posts we could take a look at what can be done to address it, but I first wish to state what I think the most plausible explanation would be. Perhaps there are things I’m missing that others could address.


  1. To have a path toward solution, a constituency is required.

    As this is a silent disease, and taboo to boot, probably nothing would flog this into hyperdrive faster than being able to scan a patient for systemic presence. If a patient of normal health can find himself saturated with fibrils, voila, you have your first advocate for abolishing the taboo.

    Once scanning demands increase, presuming findings to track accordingly, the disease remains silent no more, and the gloves are off in pursuit of truth, finally.

  2. Eighty percent is a scary number and I hope you are wrong on this. But I don’t live on hope.

    Igor Chudov pointed out in the “8-mice trial”, the antibody titers for the Ba.5 booster, against Ba.5 variant, are all over the place. One mouse had a titer of 300, and one had 22,000! This looks like a huge disaster if your theory is correct.

    • 80% is a scary number, which is why I hope he’s right about this. The covid believers gleefully called for the impoverishment and death of everyone outside their retard cult, so it’d be poetic justice – perhaps divine justice – if they all died of their own retardation. I’d praise God daily for such a gift.

      • What’s wrong with you? Most people who lined up for a vaccine weren’t calling for non-vaccinated people to die. I can’t believe Rintrah hasn’t deleted your idiotic post.

        • Actually many were. Some of my own family members openly said I should be forcibly raped with the clot shot.

          I don’t wish harm on them, only learning and healing, but if karma is real, it’s not going to be pretty for the MANY people worldwide who asked, or demanded that those of us with knowledge about how deadly these shots are be violently raped with them, excluded from society, or killed, and had the support of the mainstream in their violent frenzy of hate.

  3. The opening paragraphs of the post express my own outlook perfectly, so I’m very grateful that someone with this perspective has the time and chops to take a stab at this topic, about which I have indeed been wondering: is this undertakers and stringy clot stuff on the internet for real?

    And yet, without in any way reducing my appreciation for Radagast’s effort here, I have to say it is *RIDICULOUS* that we’re relying on morticians and bloggers to try to figure this out when there’s a whole branch of medicine – pathology – trained and equipped to look at what’s going on here, and at least describe it (or perhaps debunk it), even if they were not immediately able explain it. But of course, they are not.

    We have entered a new dark age, a reign of high-tech obscurantism. It’s frightening even before you get to considerations of what specifically is being concealed.

  4. Many seemed to have no problem with authoritarian methods to get the vaccine inside of everyone, including “you have to do what’s right for society!!” from normally selfish people who normally gave a shit about nothing. My own father said I was “selfish”. They were riled up by the media fear campaign, yes, but that’s no excuse, everyone should try to think for themselves and try not to be a moron. I know what he means.

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