Why did Victorian women wear those dresses?

Remember our martyrs. In death a member of Project Babyfarm has a name. Her name is Margaret Waters.

Sometimes when you think about something, it just “clicks”. The world has optical illusions and when you think about them for a long time, you suddenly recognize them. Consider the Victorian dress: Why did women wear it? Why these corsets? Well, corsets provided one huge advantage. They could cause spontaneous abortion:

Women utilized birth control methods to control family size, but if these did not work, many times they relied on abortion. Wearing tightly laced corsets not surprisingly had negative health effects on the unborn baby. It was not uncommon for a pregnancy to end in miscarriage due to tight-lacing. Although devastating to women attempting to grow a family, women fearing financial strife depended on corsetry as a means to control family size and avoid unwarranted scorn from her family.

This is good old fashioned traditional family planning, as God had intended before heathen liberals introduced Roe vs Wade.

But importantly, the dresses allowed women another option: They could conceal their pregnancy altogether. In Victorian novels you generally don’t see women described as pregnant, or as delivering a child, even though these novels were written for women. They just suddenly have a baby.

Why would you want to hide a pregnancy? Well, that ties into another problem Victorian society had:

From the early 1840s, questions were being openly asked on the floor of the House of Commons where Thomas Wakley, coroner, surgeon and MP shocked his audience by claiming that infanticide[3], ‘was going on to a frightful, to an enormous, a perfectly incredible extent.’[4] By the 1860s, the problem was believed to have reached crisis proportions and figured as one of the great plagues of society, alongside prostitution, drunkenness and gambling. According to some experts, it was impossible to escape from the sight of dead infants’ corpses, especially in the capital, for they were to be found everywhere from interiors to exteriors, from bedrooms to train compartments.

Why didn’t these women put up their babies for adoption? Well, many did actually:

The ‘baby farmer’ was usually a woman of a mature age and poor working-class background who would offer either to look after the ‘unwanted’ child or ensure that it was ‘passed on’ to suitable adoptive parents. The fee for this transaction varied according to the specifics of the contract but was usually situated between £7 and £30.[16] In the majority of cases there was also a tacit understanding between the two parties that, in the harsh conditions of life in working-class areas of the nation’s cities, the child’s chances of survival would be extremely slim. What particularly outraged public feeling was that this trade had a visible, almost respectable, side to it for it was practised openly through advertising, in national, regional and local newspapers.

Humans are not thát different from hamsters, but instead of eating our babies, we throw them in the water, leave them to die somewhere, smother them with a pillow, or bury them alive. This is just how things used to work and people hate hearing it, it clashes with their “RETVRN TO TRADITION” romantic fantasy in their head.

Many people tend to take the messages they inherit from the past at face value. Imagine if people in the future had to base their image of today based off what we publicly show them through social media and articles penned under our own name. They would imagine we spend our days laying in bikini on tropical beaches drinking cocktails, instead of sitting in offices, jerking off to porn, being racist on the Internet or smoking weed while laying on the couch.

It’s similar to how people think old architecture used to be beautiful, forgetting we knocked down all the slums and other ugly stuff.

But try explaining this to the altright edgelords, who are really based, trad, chad and redpilled, until it’s time to explain to them why we have legalized abortion:

You can view the replies, from hundreds of LSWMs who just refuse to believe that this is how it really was.

But now it’s my turn to be an edgelord, by saying the quiet part out loud:

These women did nothing wrong.

I agree with Peter Singer, that infanticide should be legal for 24 hours. Just as we continue killing pigs and cows with modern human methods, women should be able to humanely kill their newborn infant for a 24 hour period. Women in the Victorian era had the baby farms where this humane infanticide was practiced:

Baby farms were denounced as nothing more than ‘centres of infanticide’, a convenient way for women to solve the problem of unwanted and illegitimate births. It was, for instance, widely believed that these babies were often left to wilt away and die, sometimes helped along with a little soother known as ‘Kindness’. These rumours found credence in the fact that at this time it was common practice, not only among those whose looked after children, but also among mothers themselves, to use a certain ‘Godfrey’s Cordial’ to quieten the babies, and that this, if dosed incorrectly, could lead to ‘the sleep of death’.[18]

Infanticide is rarely needed these days thanks to legal abortion, but imagine you give birth to a child with just one eye in the middle of its head, or some other horrific birth defect. Under such circumstances, infanticide may just be the best option.

Note, infanticide was not unique to the Victorians either. It was in fact the general rule throughout history. When Iceland very reluctantly became Christian, they demanded to be allowed to continue exposing infants to the elements, a method of infanticide. So if you wish to be a Neopagan LARPer with a ponytail and a Mjölnir hanging on your chest who roasts a dead pig on a fire, you should consider adopting this element too.

People like Fucko the Clown love to point out here that equality is not true. And I have to agree. Consider the difference between what pigs can do and what children can do:

If we’re allowed to kill pigs we own, we should be allowed to kill infants we give birth to.


  1. All life is not equal; the taking of life should be minimized as much as possible but a distaste for the taking of life should not get in the way of the greater good. Allowing the inferior and defective to be born is wrong, and they ideally should be aborted, or thrown from the cliffs in Spartan tradition. If a baby has a defect, is born retarded, deformed, brown, etc. It’s abortion should be mandatory. If the there’s nothing wrong with the child, the mother should be stilled allowed to abort, but she has to sterilize herself afterwards. Whores not taking the right precautions in the 21sts century and who decide to kill their children for convenience’s sake when we have condoms and birth control are ugly people, and shouldn’t have children anyway.

    • Yes, I can see your point, sensitive young man. Those of us who are not fit, not good enough, well… we must be sacrificed for the Greater Good. Sadly, some of us defectives just didn’t want to get with the program. You guys really punched my button today.

      • Yeah, that was a really nasty comment. I have a friend whose Downs syndrome granddaughter is a loving kid, who brings joy into the family’s life. A lot more joy than a successful lawyer kid would. Also, believe me that ALL autists would be aborted under this regime. No more Rintrahs, no more “sensitive young men.” So I suppose this form of evil would be self-remedying, since the sick people who were into killing the weak would be selected against by being killed themselves.

        • >Also, believe me that ALL autists would be aborted under this regime.

          If society keeps moving in this hypersocial instagram socialite direction where you need a PhD to be allowed to pick up the phone and talk to the customers, aborting all autists would honestly probably be the most humane thing to do. Let the normies enjoy the hell on Earth they built, don’t force us to play along.

          We didn’t have a word for high functioning autists in the past, because we didn’t need one.

  2. Most ancient Greeks* were abandoning their unwanted children. Their faith in Fate as even higher and stronger than the Gods was very convenient, since it let them think that Fate will take care of the newborn’s fate. E.g. Oedipus.
    The Spartans abandoned them after consulting the Ephoroi (maybe they regulated the practice according to the needs of Sparta and the health of the newborn) at a special place called “apothetai”, according to Plutarch.
    The other ancient Greeks did it spontaneously.
    The problem was so widespread among pagans in Grecoroman times, that Greek cities in Roman times could hardly build an army against invaders. And, you can imagine who outnumbered them pagans.
    + + +
    All that the new faith needed to build families was an ascetic/heroic spirit, a spirit of selflessness and giving, and love (in Christ) between the parents.
    To be precise, even the Jews had a better family structure than the pagans, which helped them dominate. Later, of course, many Jews became Christians.
    You can spot the existence of healthy Christian families in the Scriptures and the lives of saints.
    *and most ancient peoples (see: abandonment of baby Moses in Egypt)

  3. What I’m hearing is that women have always been pathologically unable to keep their legs shut.
    The downstream blackpill is that women are so horny for Chad that they will have sex with him knowing they will have to murder a baby later, but reject Timothy’s seed even knowing he would enslave himself to support his children.
    Of course, media back then was probably at least as sensationalised as it is today and this kind of story sells. Also, the cities probably saw more of this degenerate grotesquitude compared to villages.

    • >What I’m hearing is that women have always been pathologically unable to keep their legs shut.

      Oh you sweet summer child.

      Life is darker than you can imagine.

  4. Margaret Waters used opiates and starvation to kill babies for profit, outside your 24 hour window, so she would probably be executed even today in the US.
    But fascinating stuff as usual. I had no idea corsets were so multifunctional.

  5. The women who killed their babies because they had been raped by their father or their husband, did not have access to contraception or schoolteachers who had a duty to report or a sympathetic legal system or day after pills or very early stage abortion. If they did they wouldn’t have had to feel like they needed to kill actual infants because they wouldn’t have ended up with an actual infant. A society can prevent the problem of unwanted births, without infanticide. This seems too obvious to write but I guess it is not too obvious to write.

    By the way, the ancient Jews had a particular horror of infanticide. So do modern observant Jews. This is because of an ethical system and a loving heart towards the weak among them. Your proposed system conflicts with your asserted pro-Judaism.

    • >A society can prevent the problem of unwanted births, without infanticide. This seems too obvious to write but I guess it is not too obvious to write.

      Of course. I’d rather have abortions than infanticide.

      But I will ask you: When a child is born without an anus, with one eye in the middle of its head, with its spine ending halfway through the body, unable to swallow food, what would you do?

      Parents should be able to choose infanticide, there are just situations where any alternative is worse.

      • It does not logically follow from the ethical correctness of euthanasia in truly extraordinary circumstances that it is ethically correct to permit euthanasia (let alone “on demand” killing) in all circumstances.

        Um, “parents” can decide? Is just the mother wanting the infant dead for no reason enough? Is just the father wanting the kid dead for no reason enough? Do both need to want the kid dead? What if one wants the kid dead and the other not? What if one wants the kid dead just for the fun of it, or because he doesn’t want to pay child support, and has admitted that, and the other desperately wants the kid to live?

        By the way, what if the parents are both dead upon the birth of the child? Does some random asshole get to say “kill the kid”? And if not, maybe it is because the value of a human is not determined by how much their parents or anyone else wants them. My niece was abandoned on the street in January in a remote province of China; she wasn’t wanted; I’m sure glad my brother and sister-in law got her; she’s a pretty cool 16 year old now.

        And, why stop at infants? Why stop at parents? Why not go around and ask random assholes, “hey, do you want society to support this autist who can’t keep down a job? This ugly person? This retarded person? No? Well, okay, time for the needle.”

  6. Speak of the devil and he shall appear.

    I do not care if other retards exterminate their children. It just gives my tribe an even greater breeding advantage.

    This planet is all ours.

    • I don’t know if I’ve ever before corrected the usage of another person online, but since you corrected Rintrah at one point, here you go. I do believe that you meant to write, “I do not care if retards . . .”. Because by writing, “I do not care if other retards” you are stating that you are a retard. Of course, you are a retard, so maybe you meant what you wrote.

  7. There do seem to be serious fertility problems with many of the jabbed. Might not be a bad thing and how very convenient now that we’re hitting serious resource limits. Just one of the many bases that the vaccine has covered. I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence though.

  8. I’d rather that more Men remain Incel until their mid 30s to 40’s. And hence have fewer children. Than for said children to have to die.

    In a sense the rise in male virginity is like a Malthusian check since the 2008 Financial Crisis:

    Although the Financial liability generated by the Dowry in the past disproportionately impacted baby daughters. And hence distorted the sex ratio in many societies.

  9. Yes, I tend to agree.

    The weak and lame shall perish, and such a thing is Good for the Collective.

    This website and its author has taught me that it is Natural and Just that the higher IQ organisms should flourish at the expense of the genetic trash.

    As a Low IQ LSWM, I know it’s just a matter of time before I am subsumed by the Master Race.

    Before my untimely end, however, I will play my own part in the feeding frenzy by dining on every lower life-form which suits my gastronomic fancy.

    Buckshot to a fawn’s head. Yum.

    A .300 Winchester Magnum through an elk’s heart. Kinda gamey tasting, but a lean protein.

    A Bowie knife slitting the throat of a fattened pig. Mmmm, bacon.

    Or when I’m feeling lazy, just picking up some prepackaged chicken nuggets at the supermarket.

    What’s that you say???

    You didn’t mean it like that?

    Sorry, brah.

    It’s evolution, baby.


  10. I have seen it argued, convincingly, from certain passages in the Quran and the fact that first-trimester abortions come with virtually no side effects, that Allah condones them. After all, what better way to prevent infanticide, whose victims, as He put it, are to be resurrected and will ask “for what crime was I killed?”? And why else would abortion have been so common among those primal tribes whose innocence before God was palpable?

    Not a very popular viewpoint though. Tragically, right-wingers just aren’t willing to accept that abortion (and radical anarchism) are conservative, tradition-honoring practices, just as left-wingers aren’t willing to accept that man’s way forward is in the halting of the sick march of “progress” which we are chained to.

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