Why I want Bernie Sanders to become President

In 2020, it’s time for America to reelect a real 40d chess playing alpha-male, a God-fearing Christian patriot and succesful businessman. America must elect a high IQ man, who demolishes all the cucks and other soyboys, who is actively working to make America great again. He will build a wall that will keep all the Mexicans out, bring all the jobs back from China and ensure that God-fearing hardworking patriotic coalminers can go back to mining coal and coughing up blood. Thanks to President Donald. J. Trump, the SP 500 has hit a record all time high (think about what that will do for your retirement savings!) and the people at Walmart say Happy Christmas again instead of Happy Holidays.

No, just kidding. President Trump is not just president on behalf of the billionaire class. President Trump is president on behalf of a specific subset of the richest 1% of Americans. President Trump does not just represent any wealthy Americans, President Trump represents the fraudsters. He represents the people who became rich from multi-level marketing schemes, the fossil fuel barons, the charismatic TV preachers, the shady real estate moguls, the Republican media stooges and all the other wealthiest self-absorbed members of the lousy and corrupt segments of American society. The Trump dynasty became rich from swindles like prostitution and scamming the government and so those are the kind of people who Donald J. Trump decides to represent: Wealthy charismatic swindlers.

Through their control of the media, these wealthy people manage to convince average working class white middle-aged Americans that this man somehow represents their interests too. Funfact: He doesn’t. Trump began his presidency with the wealthiest cabinet in American history. These people are there for a reason. They don’t have ideals, they’re there to loot the country to its bones and enrich their own cronies. America is currently ruled by a kleptocracy.

The secretary of education is Betsy DeVos, married to the founder of multilevel marketing scheme Amway. Another Trump cabinet member is multibillionaire Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce. Wilbur Ross earned money short-selling stock of companies when he had non-public information about them thanks to his position as Secretary of Commerce. As Secretary of State, Trump nominated the CEO of ExxonMobil, Rex Tillerson.

These people are looting the country dry, but most people around the world are unaware of it, because Trump serves as the perfect distraction, by behaving like an incompetent idiot who starts fights on Twitter with random people. This has always been how Donald J, Trump made money: Trump uses his name as a brand, which is then leased out to other people for a variety of swindles.

Average white trash seem convinced that the Trump presidency somehow represents their interests, but they don’t seem aware that Trump has implemented tax policies that serve to make the richest people even richer, at the cost of everyone else and future generations who will be dealing with increased government debt. Trump doubled the exception from the estate tax. If your estate is worth less than 22.4 million, you don’t have to pay any estate tax. Ask yourself, how many people do you know who have more than 22.4 million dollar to their name?

Trump always brags about how the SP 500 has reached new record heights, but how many people do you think even own any significant amount of stock? The wealthiest 1% of the country owns 50% of all household stock. The poorest 90% of the population, owns 8% of all stock. The poorest half owns 0.25% of stock, effectively nothing. These people live in their cars and have no chance of ever retiring, but they imagine that this President is somehow taking care of them because he gives them some lip service about Mexican immigrants.

I’m not even mentioning the alt-right retards here, the white teenage boys on 4chan who thinks this guy is somehow their hero because he embraces their shitty memes and starts drama on Twitter. People don’t recognize that you’re scamming them, when you talk to them in their language. That’s what Trump is better at than the other Republican candidates. These people don’t seem to comprehend that a billionaire real-estate mogul feels the exact same disdain for you that you feel for immigrants.


It’s the exact disdain the televangelist feels when he pretends to speak in tongues to an audience of morbidly obese trailer trash slobs. A televangelist like Kenneth Copeland with a 760 million dollar net worth and five private jets struggles to conceal his utter hatred and disdain for Joe Schmuck, you need to have an IQ below room temperature to be unable to see it. With a figure like Trump, you can see that same hatred and disdain, but he manages to conceal it slightly better, it’s the feeling a parasite has towards his host. You’re the dumbass host my dear, now go back to the warehouse and pump the SP 500 a little higher, your parasite needs his dopamine.

Because his name draws publicity to companies in which he is involved, Trump managed to survive his bankruptcies with his own personal holdings unaffected, because the Trump name is free publicity for them. Trump attached his name to a multilevel marketing scheme too, known as The Trump Network. Today he is for all practical purposes leasing his name to a variety of crooked billionaires and other scammers who decide to use the American federal government for their swindles.

I wish I could tell you that there is some sort of genius plan behind Trump’s presidency, or that Trump has some sinister secret agenda, but there is no real master plan, Trump is a dementing crooked real-estate investor and reality TV show star who is simply doing what he has spent his whole life doing: Making money by attaching his own celebrity status to various scams and shady schemes. In the vacuum created by his unique combination of arrogance and incompetence, various people, ranging from his own family, to fossil fuel moguls, to the Russian government, manage to manipulate him and carry out their own devious schemes. That’s what’s going on here.

The fabric of American society as well as the public trust in American democracy will probably never recover from these four years of unprecedented corruption and cronyism. And you might argue that as some random Dutch guy, that’s ultimately none of my business. However, the fact that Trump withdrew the world’s largest economy from the Paris agreement, is my business.

Trump’s refusal to decarbonize the American economy will determine how the lives of people around the world will look. His refusal to participate in these agreements that are meant to address climate change creates a gulf of defection that leads the Chinese, Australian, Indian and Brazilian government to reject tackling climate change too. If Europe and the United States would agree on tackling climate change, other governments would fear diplomatic isolation if they refused to cooperate. Now that the United States refuses to do anything, corrupt presidents like Bolsonaro feel free to screw over future generations too.

The solution

American elections are a bizarre system of endless swindles and backroom deals in which two major parties have historically prevented the American people from having any real choice. These days, you get the endless swindles you’re used to, in addition to effective manipulation by foreign governments through social media. This is not some Hillary Clinton theory, if you do some basic reading into the subject, you would find out that the Chinese government has people working on a continual basis to influence social media. The Russians have been quite effective at this too, they have used it to manipulate the American elections. Whether or not there was active collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government is another topic, but the evidence that Russian government forces tried to get Trump elected is overwhelming. In addition, the evidence of Trump working with the Russian mob goes back decades.

That doesn’t mean that the Clinton campaign is somehow free from blame, the Clinton campaign has used their influence to rig the 2016 Democratic primaries against Bernie Sanders. In fact, it is the corruption of the Clinton campaign that made it possible for such an atrocious figure like Trump to get elected in the first place. But now that the whole world knows about it and Debbie Wasserman Schultz had to resign because of her active bias against Bernie Sanders, who was never given a fair chance during the 2016 primaries, people are watching. The Democratic party establishment can try to rig the 2020 primaries against Sanders again, but if they happen to do so, they will reveal that America has no genuine democracy left, which means that public anger and resentment will increasingly find non-democratic ways to the surface.

Unless you’re a shady businessman or a Russian mobster, it’s Bernie Sanders who deserves your vote during the 2020 Democratic primaries. It should be abundantly clear that Trump has to be forced out of the office, but the man who should replace him is Bernie Sanders. What sets Sanders apart from all the other Democratic candidates, is that Bernie Sanders truly promises to rid the world of these parasites.

Unlike all the other candidates, Sanders recognizes that billionaires should not exist. It’s not possible to have a functional democracy, when a small group of people have sufficient wealth to set up entire propaganda networks that serve to convince the people of lies and falsehoods that happen to serve their interests. Fossil fuel moguls like the Koch family, who became rich by scamming Native American tribes, have set up a huge network of conservative think tanks, that these people have used for decades, to convince average Americans that global warming is some sort of hoax intended to raise their taxes. Now that the whole world can see that this is a fraud, now that everyone can see that the Great Barrier Reef is dying, record-breaking heatwaves are annihilating wild nature all around us and people are dying of hunger, these people have gone quiet, but they have done their work: For thirty years, they have managed to ensure that no real international coordination has taken place to tackle global warming.

Unlike all the other candidates, Bernie Sanders has promised us that these people, who have known for decades that their business activites would lead to hell on Earth, will be prosecuted for their crimes. It’s too late now to prevent the damage, because the positive feedback loops that release vast amounts of additional greenhouse gasses into the air have already been triggered. However, you and me still have a chance to take these parasites down with us, before they head out to their underground bunkers in New Zealand.

Sanders isn’t just parroting what happens to be popular among young people today to get votes, he was already warning people about the fragility of our biosphere and the threat posed by global warming as early as 1987

If this election was about who gets to sit on my face I would endorse Tulsi Gabbard. However, because this election will decide how life on Earth is going to unfold, I have no other choice than to endorse the man who is brave enough to make himself the number one target of a truly ruthless industry, Bernie Sanders. This is not just a joke or some edgy essay, I have taken time out of my day to explain to you why you should make sure that Bernie Sanders becomes President, because this is what will truly decide how life on Earth is going to unfold. If I could convince just one person to vote for him, I would already be happy.

This is going to decide whether the criminals who destroyed the only planet we have will be brought to justice. In addition, this is going to determine whether regular working class people, from all backgrounds and nationalities will be able to live out their lives in dignity as brethren, instead of competing for scraps from the table of the billionaire class. Bernie Sanders is the man who was arrested as a 21 year old at a civil rights protest, because he wanted black people to be able to live in dignity, instead of living as second class citizens.

If you’re reading this Senator Sanders, you need to take good care of your blood vessels. Make sure to eat some Natto everyday, we don’t want you to accidentally quit on us before your first term in office is over. And if you’re working for the Sanders campaign, here’s something else to consider: Senator Sanders is making the kind of enemies who are willing to do anything to cling onto their wealth, power and privilege. The enemies Sanders is making, are the kind of people who used their lobbying power to unleash a catastrophic war with Iraq, that lead to hundreds of thousands of deaths. The time may come, when you have to consider in a split second if you’re willing to catch a bullet for the old man. Don’t hesitate.

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