Why people are now constantly sick all the time

Please take a look with me at some worrisome developments in the Netherlands.

So to start with, here is the excess mortality we observe:

We simply have too many people dying again, compared to what you would expect during this time of the year. The rest of Europe has the same problem.

Am I supposed to just keep my mouth shut and move on, when people are dying, after they were threatened with social ostracism if they did not sign up for an experimental vaccine? These are just the people dying, I have also personally met people who began to develop autoimmune nerve conditions, within weeks of receiving the third shot. Again, am I supposed to just ignore it, as the problem steadily grows worse?

In recent weeks, the excess deaths have been steadily growing. If you look at this graph, it’s pretty clear that the excess mortality mostly tends to show up during winter. That strongly suggests it is related to how our body deals with the unique challenges of winter, namely our increased susceptibility to respiratory infections during winter.

We can look at data from Dutch General Practitioners, to see how people are doing.

People of all ages have high rates of acute infection of the upper airways, that doesn’t go away:

We see a very big increase in pneumonia among children, that lingers for a long time:

We see a lot of whooping cough in kids:

We see an ongoing epidemic of acute respiratory infections among adults of all ages:

Pneumonia among adults is at very high levels too:

Importantly, this is also being seen on the other side of the world right now, in Australia, where it’s summer right now! Australian emergency departments are seeing cases of pneumonia in their teenagers and young adults, at levels worse than what they see in winter!

In the Netherlands, we now see everyone is coughing all the time:

Every night, especially in the morning, I lay in bed and I hear all my neighbors coughing, they wake up coughing their lungs out, but people seem to think this is perfectly normal. I’m apparently supposed to just ignore it all, like everyone else is.

And yet, the evidence we have says that people’s lung capacity is rapidly deteriorating, with the deterioration continuing even two years after they were first infected.

So why is this happening?

If you want to understand the human immune system, there is one soft-white underbelly that nobody wants to talk about. The big open secret is as following: The immune system is characterized by constrained space. If you want to learn more about this, you can read this or this.

All the tissues in your body that serve as barriers to protect you from the outside world have some lymphocytes (white blood cells) that take up residence in them. You can not stack infinite numbers of these lymphocytes in there, without interfering in the ability of these tissues to do their job.

And so, what you generally want to see is for the lymphocytes that protect your barriers (the first line of innate defense) to be well-rounded. You want to see cells there that can effectively deal with a variety of different types of threats.

That’s what Natural Killer cells happen to excel at. These cells are important to patrol the body for any signs of cancer, but they have specialized receptors that allow them to directly detect signs of viral infection in a cell too. The most-studied of these receptors are NKp46, NKp44 and NKp30. Almost all of them have NKp46 and NKp30 even at rest, they acquire NKp44 when they’re activated. If you browse through the literature, you’ll find that these receptors can detect just about any respiratory virus you can think of.

Influenza A? Check.

Influenza B? Check.

Metapneumovirus? Check.

Rhinovirus? Check.

SARS-COV-2? Check.

Importantly, the Natural Killer cells can be encouraged to do their job by antibodies, but they can also do their job without antibodies to stimulate them, simply thanks to these receptors that allow them to directly detect a cell infected by a virus that is displaying viral proteins on its surface.

When a human being or an animal similar to us is exposed to a new respiratory virus that causes a nasty infection in the lungs, you will see NK cells decrease in blood, because they start migrating into the lungs, where they are needed.

One of the differences you see between vaccinated and unvaccinated people, is that the immune system relies more on the Natural Killer cells to kill infected cells in the unvaccinated, than on cytotoxic T cells.

This fits what you see in mice too. You see a sixfold increase in NK cells in the lungs upon SARS-COV-2 infection in unvaccinated mice, but not in vaccinated mice. You also see a huge increase in plasmacytoid dendritic cells in the lungs of the unvaccinated mice, but not in the vaccinated mice. These plasmacytoid dendritic cells are extremely important, because they are among the first cells to ring the alarm bells when a virus shows up.

When they find viral material, they start secreting enormous amounts of Interferon alpha. This is called Interferon, because it directly interferes with viral replication at many stages of the process. This Interferon Alpha also serves to wake up the NK cells, which then produce Interferon Gamma, which also interferes with viral replication in cells. As Natural Killer cells grow older, they tend to get better at learning when to instruct an infected cell to protect itself and cleanse itself of viral RNA, versus when to go ahead and kill the cell.

Not all NK cells are created equally. They are normally about 10% of white blood cells in the lung, but they mature over time, losing some receptors while maintaining those that fit well for the sort of threats they encounter in the environment. We know what receptors we see in people whose NK cells are well-suited to clear the SARS2 virus rapidly from their lungs: NKp46, NKp30, and DNAM1.

So, if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll realize these are NK cells that also help people’s lungs to deal with just about every other respiratory virus. Some of these NK cells are long-lived, they will stick around for months or even years, to do this job.

Depending on the sort of cytokines the NK cells are exposed to, they produce different spliced versions of NKp46 and NKp30, this is not very well understood yet. The most important thing to understand however, is that these proteins work very different from how an antibody works.

Whereas an antibody looks for a specific short chain of amino acids, these NK cell receptors just look at the overall nature of the protein they’re interacting with. The same physical forces that allow a viral protein like Spike to bind tightly to the receptor it needs to enter a cell, cause it to bind tightly to these NK cell receptors. That’s why you see them working for most respiratory viruses.

So why am I explaining this? Well the important thing to take away from this is that humans have a generalist innate immune response that plays a very big role in the fight against respiratory viruses. This generalist innate immune response takes on a bigger role over time and is trained, by exposure to respiratory viruses.

On the other hand, when we vaccinate people with inactivated vaccines against a new respiratory virus they have never been infected by before, we stimulate a highly specific adaptive immune response, consisting mainly of B cells and T cells, rather than these NK cells. This is particularly true if we vaccinate them against one single protein (Spike). The damage is worst when it happens before their first infection.

This adaptive immune response will then be the first to start the fight whenever we are exposed to that particular virus again and further grow and take on a bigger role in the defense of our bodies with every new exposure to the virus. The innate immune response on the other hand, is forced to take a backseat ride.

The impact you would expect this to have, is that this highly specific adaptive immune response takes up more of the constrained immunological space your tissues have, at the cost of the more generalist innate immune response. This makes it comparatively difficult, for your body to fight off other respiratory pathogens that are not targeted by this adaptive immune response.

Remember: You can not just stack infinite numbers of immune cells in your lungs!

With every new infection by this new corona virus, your body will devote more of its limited immunological capacity to whatever it was taught to devote to this corona virus. If your body had to learn on its own to deploy plasmacytoid dendritic cells and NK cells to this virus, then that’s what it will do during successive infections.

If on the other hand, your body was taught to deploy an antibody response and CD8+ T cells against this virus, then these are the elements of the immune response that will take up more and more of your body’s scarce capacity to fight this virus. That will help it keep this evolving virus at bay (for now), but because these cells and antibodies generally have little ability to deal with unrelated respiratory viruses, it gets harder over time to deal with other respiratory viruses.

The T cells and B cells that deal with SARS2 are in competition with NK cells, but they are also to some degree in competition with T cells and B cells that deal with the other respiratory pathogens. Just as the adaptive immunity against the seasonal corona viruses interferes with immunity against SARS2, the opposite is seen too, as SARS2 antibodies react with Influenza. This means there is interference with the adaptive immune response to other respiratory pathogens.

The adaptive immune response against respiratory viruses is intended for problems the innate immune system could not deal with on its own. It inherently takes the adaptive immune system more time to deal with an infection, hence we see that vaccinated people take longer to bring the viral load back to zero. As a result, the damage that these constant reinfections can do to the immune system is exacerbated too.

This affects everyone to some degree. If you were vaccinated, your body has a more difficult time fighting off these viruses. We have known this for a long time, we see it with the influenza vaccine too. We vaccinate children with inactivated vaccines against influenza and we observe that it works to protect them against influenza, but now they’re more vulnerable to respiratory infections by other viruses! For SARS-COV-2, you can expect a similar effect.

For everyone who was not vaccinated, there is increased exposure to respiratory viruses, from all the people who are infected by these viruses. This leads to an increase in respiratory infections, especially in young children whose immune systems have not yet had sufficient training against the variety of those viruses that circulate.

This would be bad enough, if we now had a very competent highly specific immune response against SARS-COV-2. But as I have explained a number of times in previous articles, the immune response deployed by people’s bodies is not even well-suited for SARS-COV-2! People are now deploying IgG4 antibodies that are poorly suited for neutralizing viral particles, but worst of all, don’t tell your T cells and your NK cells to kill infected cells!

Instead, these IgG4 antibodies tell almost all your immune cells to calm down, by binding to their FcγRIIb receptor. This means that when these antibodies bind to your plasmacytoid dendritic cells, they tell them to calm down and stop releasing interferon. This then in turn means that these plasmacytoid dendritic cells are not activating your natural killer cells either. And again, we can expect that this abnormal antibody response will interfere in the response against other respiratory pathogens too.

I can not sufficiently emphasize how nightmarish this problem is. It effectively shuts down all the pro-inflammatory messaging that your immune cells produce, that encourages infected cells to destroy the viral RNA that infected them, warns the neighboring vulnerable cells there is a virus present and encourages other immune cells to get active. You will have reduced symptoms of the infection as a result, while the virus happily spreads through your cells. That is insanely dangerous when dealing with a virus like this, that has the inherent ability to spread by fusing an infected cell together with an uninfected cells.

Infections don’t solve this problem, they make it steadily worse. The first signs are seen after two shots, but it only becomes significant once those two shots are followed by an infection. We have not seen a fraction yet of what this problem will cause, because respiratory pathogens like SARS2 will evolve in response to this abnormal immune response to abuse it. You can expect an increase in asymptomatic infections from a variety of respiratory pathogens. The absurd rates of pneumonia now seen in children may be largely a result of them constantly being exposed to those asymptomatic carriers. I have been warning for a long time now, that some solution needs to be sought to remove these B cells doing this, but nothing is being done.

I will emphasize once again: There is still no evidence of this problem happening to anyone other than people who received these mRNA vaccines, because it’s not normal and not part of any sort of normal compensatory mechanism either. It’s what happens by placing extreme demands on the adaptive immune system, while intentionally fooling the cellular innate immune system into going along. Those two very contrasting signals coming from the innate and the adaptive immune system lead the immune system to think it’s overreacting to an environmental contaminant that does not infect cells, thus encouraging a class switch.

I have said from day one, that if we want to override how our immune system would normally respond to a new virus like this, we need to be really sure of what we’re doing. But for some reason, humanity decided to go with a very experimental new technique, that has now led to a very unusual adaptive immune response that is entirely incorrect for a virus of this nature.

If we were dealing with a new strain of influenza, this would be bad enough. But we’re dealing with a coronavirus, one most closely related to viruses that persistently infect bats. These viruses are very good at persistently infecting a host, if you give them a chance, because unlike Influenza, they are naturally good at suppressing the body’s interferon response. Well, if your body deploys antibodies against this virus that fail to instruct your NK cells and your CD8 T cells to kill infected cells, then that’s what you’re encouraging in these viruses.

The broken immune response people deploy against this virus is encouraging this virus to evolve into a persistent infection, that spreads by fusing an infected cell to neighboring cells. This is hugely damaging for your body, you don’t want your cells to be fusing together with neighboring cells. Yet, this is the best route to survival available for the virus, when the antibodies are IgG4 antibodies that don’t instruct cytotoxic cells to kill infected cells.

The broken balance of the immune response seen in people’s lungs due to vaccination, is not stable. It continues to escalate towards increasing dependence on B and T cells with every additional vaccine against SARS-COV-2, as well as with every additional SARS-COV-2 infection that recalls this poorly effective adaptive immune response.

The big change in the virus from Delta to Omicron did not encourage a new immune response, but merely recalled the vaccine induced adaptive immune response. Every subsequent subtle change to the virus then again recalled this adaptive immune response.

The virus in turn continues to evolve to get better at evading this broken immune response, by reducing the immunogenicity of Spike and improving Interferon suppression. This then forces the immune system to rely even more on it. With the evidence we have, we can say that the cannabis plant appears like an effective candidate to address this harmful cycle.

So what’s going to happen now? Well as I explained before, the virus will continue to evolve, to use people’s broken immune response to its advantage. You see versions emerge everywhere now, that have improved the Furin cleavage site, which allows it to fuse cells together. Fuse cells together and you never have to worry about the antibodies neutralizing your viral particles, you can spread undetected!

More importantly however, we have an increasingly clear picture of what is going to happen to the evolution of this virus. People’s immune systems are now very dependent on antibodies against a particular region of the N-Terminal Domain: The antigenic supersite. This site mostly consists of three loops (corresponding to amino acids 14-26 (N1), 141-156 (N3) and 246-260 (N5)). It now mostly seems to be IgM antibodies.

So what’s happening instead, is that these regions are undergoing deletions. The first example has already been seen of this in South Africa. When this happens, the virus starts looking more like SARS1 and other Sarbecoviruses in bats. It avoids these antibodies, but has the added effect of making it easier to fuse cells together. The only reason it hasn’t happened on a wide scale yet, is because it makes transmission to other people more difficult.

You can see that this deletion of the antigenic supersite is the direction the virus is going, by looking at the variants now emerging. The recently seen South African variant deletes 15-27 and 136-146, so it gets rid of N1 and most of N3.

The important thing to keep in mind, is that IgM antibodies normally don’t last very long. They’re produced for a few weeks, then decline. When antibodies are needed to produce lasting protection against infection, you need IgG antibodies. This means that if protection now depends on IgM against the highly immunogenic region of the NTD, you will now have a situation where people are just reinfected after a few weeks.

This means you get suboptimal pressure on the immunogenic region of the NTD: These antibodies will neutralize most viral particles and stop the virus from spreading to other people, but they won’t effectively neutralize all viral particles. Under those conditions, you start to encourage rare mutations in the immunogenic region of the NTD to spread. This includes the rare large deletions in these loops.

So what’s going to happen now?

In the weeks ahead, we’re going to see versions of SARS2 spread that have improved their ability to establish chronic infections. There are multiple routes for this. The BA.2.86 versions can take the backbone of the other versions. But equally important, there’s a very easy path to improve the Furin cleavage site (S:679R), thereby making it easier to spread from one cell to another.

These increasingly chronic infections are hard to test for and they’re associated with other secondary viral and bacterial infections. A lot of the observed pneumonia in people right now is SARS2 that’s simply going unrecognized.

Eventually, we will see the same thing as we recently saw in South Africa: These persistent infections will end up with shorter loops in the N-Terminal Domain, turning this virus into something more similar to the original SARS. You will see deletions emerge in these regions: 14-26 (N1), 141-156 (N3) and 246-260 (N5).

You may also see mutations of amino acids to Serine or Threonine, either within these regions, or around them. Once you see this happen, you can expect a rapid increase in virulence. It will be impossible to deny something is seriously wrong. An awful lot of people will get very sick simultaneously.

Once we reach this point, there will be no places left where antibodies can bind and neutralize the Spike protein, because the whole RBD either looks similar to our own amino acids, or is shielded by the glycans. Binding to the glycans seems to be insufficient to neutralize the Spike protein, but causes autoimmune problems, as these antibodies also bind to your own cells glycans.

Because people’s immune systems have spent the past three years, devoting more and more of their limited capacity to this adaptive immune response of antibodies and T cells, proliferating these cells at the cost of the innate immune system’s ability to do its job, now treating this Spike protein as if it were a kind of strange new bee venom or pollen that is continually showing up in our lungs somehow, the loss of these immunogenic regions of the N-Terminal Domain would suddenly leave most people in highly vaccinated Western countries with no protection.

The immune system would likely resort to antibodies against the glycan shield (something already being observed in severe cases), which results in acute autoimmune problems and generally fails to neutralize the Spike protein.

It’s hard to see how that could result in anything other than a sudden outbreak of severe disease in most of the population.

On the other hand, among people with natural immunity, the innate immune system would continue to do its job:

-NK cells have proliferated, adjusted their receptor repertoire and know when to strike.

-Plasmacytoid dendritic cells have proliferated and are not told to shut down by IgG4 antibodies.

This is my warning. And as the unexplained deaths continue to pile up, as the children have record levels of pneumonia, as more people every week go to the doctor with coughs and respiratory infections that don’t seem to go away, I hope people will take it seriously. The problems you caused take time to reveal themselves, but they are now becoming undeniable.


  1. My paranoia saved my ass. I am grateful for guys like you. The outlook is grim.

    What can be done besides B-Cell removal? Is broad band CBD an option?

    • >Is broad band CBD an option?

      I’ve been thinking in the same direction.

      So far, I have seen just one option, that seems like a suitable candidate that could help repair the balance of lymphocyte populations in the lungs: Vaporized cannabis. THC is known to stimulate apoptosis of T cells and prevents dendritic cells from stimulating their proliferation. Cannabis is effectively used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, as well as experimentally induced autoimmune encephalitis, by shutting down the activity of B cells and T cells and preventing migration of T cells into the brain.

      Importantly, we know that cannabinoids reduce NK cell activity too, without killing them. However we also see that the terpenes found in cannabis, like alpha-Pinene, actually stimulate the NK cells to do their job, in addition to being directly antiviral themselves.

      Cannabinoids are part of a natural immune modulation therapy, discouraging excessive activity by the adaptive immune system, while the terpenes in cannabis simultaneously fill the hole left by shutting down the activity of the adaptive immune system. We have known for a long time that the cannabis plant is very effective in helping to treat numerous autoimmune disorders.

      It’s really the only thing I can think of that could be implemented at scale.

      • The plan around here seems to be to pretend that everything is cool and normal.

        You know why you’re looking at this kind of proxy data for pneumonia rather than actual covid data is because of the winding back of testing and reporting here in Oz.

        Don’t worry though, everything is cool and normal. . .

  2. There will be a new waste bin service, added on a three times per week collection schedule, with a black lid (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). You just throw the body in your black bin and put it out for municipal waste collection. If they die on a Friday afternoon or Saturday, just throw in some bags of ice.

    • You know it makes sense.

      If it comes to that, I’ll rent a backhoe and offer a private neighborhood service.

      Something a bit less ‘clinical’ for the more sentimental.

    • 😅
      Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually going to survive into a sci-fi dystopian future with heaps of dead bodies around because I seem to be utterly impervious to whatever it is.
      I know what it is to have pneumonia and thank God for antibiotics, but ever since the “pandemic,” nothing!
      Maybe I’ll “inherit” some houses and cars left behind. 😀

      • If it goes pear-shaped, you can be assured that the authorities will go full retard.

        The unvaccinated might be better placed to survive the virus, but will they survive them?

  3. “Am I supposed to just keep my mouth shut and move on”

    Thank goodness that you and others like you, people with integrity and courage, have not kept their mouths shut.

  4. My country kanada ordered 400 million vaccine doses, May 2021, for a country of 40 million. At one point they wanted you to dose every 90 days. So maybe they knew from the beginning.

  5. Its anecdotal, but I finally got it after these 4 years. I’m non-vaxxed, wife is. She’s had SARS2 at least 3 times and, despite no precautions on my part, I never got it.

    Best guess is I had resistance to at least the older strains but this one may be new enough to be more readily infectious for me.

    • Mark, you had it. But your body ate it before it made problems. Lucky you.
      I live in a similar situation. In 2020 (what a coincidence), my knee suddenly decided to become old. The pain went away. But every time since that when somebody gets sick in my social circle this one ligament becomes hot when I put pressure on it in a certain posture. Nothing serious, even the doc said bc I can move in all directions I am perfectly healthy. But it is annoying. And it went away two times right after Carnival when everybody received their updates, go figure.
      I suspect I always had this problem but it never went over the signal threshold. Now every time I encounter this damn virus my body ramps up some systems and that poor bastard ligament is confused.
      I am considering putting topical CBD. Even against the advice if everybody. Topical chili (yes) works. I have the idea that Capsaicin fools the body into downregulation and helps blood vessels/lymphe to heal faster by wideing them. Vitamin D seems not to prevent the initial inflammation blush.

      I can only imagine what this thing does to less healthy humans.

  6. I have used red wine very successfully into treating the various states of funkiness induced by spending time in the presence of the vaccinated

    • Jokes aside. If you are trapped and you and they enjoy the time more so, I approve. Good times arw important for the immune system.

  7. “Remember: You can not just stack infinite numbers of immune cells in your lungs!”

    You’re very clever Mr. Radagast. But it’s immune cells all the way down.

  8. The connection between blood-borne NKs and lung-directed NKs following infection is a key intersection. We’ve talked about the separate “compartments of interest” (humoral and lung), whereby the insane experimenter/profiteers sought to vaccinate IgG in blood while the better target would be pulmonary epithelium. But the ability of NKs to rapidly move inter-compartmentally places NKs as an important player in this experiment.

    • “The universe is hostile.”

      With respect, your theory is dismissed in the first four lines and seven times total in the first chapter…

      “1 In the beginning God created heaven, and earth. 2 And the earth was void and empty, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God moved over the waters. 3 And God said: Be light made. And light was made. 4 And God saw the light that it was good;

      … 9 God also said: Let the waters that are under the heaven, be gathered together into one place: and let the dry land appear. And it was so done. 10 And God called the dry land, Earth; and the gathering together of the waters, he called Seas. And God saw that it was good.

      11 And he said: Let the earth bring forth the green herb, and such as may seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after its kind, which may have seed in itself upon the earth. And it was so done. 12 And the earth brought forth the green herb, and such as yieldeth seed according to its kind, and the tree that beareth fruit, having seed each one according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

      … 16 And God made two great lights: a greater light to rule the day; and a lesser light to rule the night: and the stars. 17 And he set them in the firmament of heaven to shine upon the earth. 18 And to rule the day and the night, and to divide the light and the darkness. And God saw that it was good.

      … 21 And God created the great whales, and every living and moving creature, which the waters brought forth, according to their kinds, and every winged fowl according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.

      … 25 And God made the beasts of the earth according to their kinds, and cattle, and every thing that creepeth on the earth after its kind. And God saw that it was good.

      … 31 And God saw all the things that he had made, and they were very good.

      ref: https://drbo.org/chapter/01001.htm

  9. Brilliant post! Just brilliant. As others (and similar to a paper), I will print this and read carefully, along with all those wonderful references! Thank you Radagast. I appreciate you!

    One thing… In other posts, Radagast has posed the sobering reality that due to immunological damage to the vaxed (whether outright immunologic, transition to IgG4, or other), a result is that the unvaxed are forced to bear more of the immunological weight of the current “herd” than they would within a normal functioning society. In other words, because the immune defenses of unvaxed are not damaged, and yet they are forced to share a biosystem with the damaged vaxed, they are forced to deal with more daily onslaught than they would have if others were bearing the brunt. This poses a problem of immunological exhaustion… and potential ramifications on unvaxed.

    This piece seems to ignore that problem. For example, “On the other hand, among people with natural immunity, the innate immune system would continue to do its job”

    • >This piece seems to ignore that problem. For example, “On the other hand, among people with natural immunity, the innate immune system would continue to do its job”

      I’m writing here about what the future will bring.

      At least initially, the unvaccinated had to endure more severe infections.

      But immunity builds with every additional infection and this immunity is mostly variant-independent.

      Among the vaccinated, immunity is increasingly characterized by antibodies against the immunogenic region of the NTD. Once we see the sort of variants emerge similar to the one recently found in South Africa, that escapes these antibodies, things will become very ugly very fast.

      • I’m confused. How did the NTD get involved? You wrote:

        When antibodies are needed to produce lasting protection against infection, you need IgG antibodies. This means that if protection now depends on IgM against the highly immunogenic region of the NTD, you will now have a situation where people are just reinfected after a few weeks.
        This means you get suboptimal pressure on the immunogenic region of the NTD

        So I see that you really do mean the NTD. But I thought all the evolutionary pressure in the case of vaccinated people was on the RBD.

        I don’t see how the unvaccinated avoid the neurological problems that unvaccinated infected dogs get. I wonder if my dogs would like cannabis. We gave THC to our last dog when she was old since it made her feel good.

        I don’t hear people coughing here in Silicon Valley. The flu and RSV wastewater figures reach very high peaks intermittently, but still no coughs. But most people here are ultra vaccinated. At first I thought that maybe they were escaping the problem you describe, but maybe this means that in fact they are having asymptomatic cases that are showing up in the wastewater.

        Thank you so much for these posts. I read each one at least three times.

        • >So I see that you really do mean the NTD. But I thought all the evolutionary pressure in the case of vaccinated people was on the RBD.

          Originally it was almost all on the RBD yes. Hence why it has mutated so much. Antibodies against the RBD in the population diversified over time, the new glycan added to the RBD in BA.2.86 blocks a whole bunch of them. And with the class switch to IgG4, the IgG antibodies against RBD have largely lost their effectiveness.

          So now pressure would seem to be increasingly focused on the NTD. There’s a conserved immunogenic region, where you see a bunch of antibodies bind.

          • Thank you. So the body goes from being fixated on sending vaccine-induced antibodies against the spike, to giving up on that, and sending illness induced antibodies against the nucleocapsid part. Not too long ago it was being claimed by some bloggers that vaccinated people lost the ability to form antibodies against the NTD, so this is a real shift. The body just keeps trying to protect itself.

  10. I’ve seen my 4 year old son be ill over the past year or 2 much more than seems reasonable. He’s entirely unvaccinated, and both parents un-gene-therapied. I would say during this winter and the last, he’s spent half of his time with some kind of respiratory infection. So I’ve had lots of opportunity to try various different herbally-inspired treatments to see what helps him; the one that has been consistently excellent is onions applied to the soles of his feet. This use of onions dates back at least as far as the black death from what I’ve read (and it’s perhaps instructive to note that even during the plague, most people thought and spoke little of the fact that death was everywhere around them, assuming that noted English diarist Samuel Pepys is typical, he wrote very little about the plague despite having lived through the 1665-6 great plague of London), and it does seem remarkably effective at suppressing coughing and generally keeping an infection under control. I have repeatedly seen that within an hour or 2 of removing onions from my son’s socks, he’ll start to cough again, and within an hour or 2 of replacing them, he’ll stop coughing. It doesn’t seem to help in terms of reducing the amount of time that he is sick, but it does seem to massively help in alleviating the symptoms. The other thing I’ve seen help, but much less reliably (in that the first time I tried this, it seemed to work like a charm, and the second time, it didn’t seem to help at all) is nebulised colloidal silver (which is exceedingly easy to make yourself, look up “the art of making colloidal silver” for good instructions on how to make it at home for almost nothing when you’ve bought the basic kit of some silver rods and a resistor).

    I’ve lately been wondering about using turkey tail (trametes versicolor) mushrooms, too. I’ve read that these are the most studied fungus from a medical point of view, such that even the medical establishment uses an extract alongside chemotherapy sometimes (and indeed Otzi the iceman had some turkey tails in his medicine bag), and that are useful at supporting the immune system. They are also very common across most of the world, at most times of year; I went out a week ago to find some locally, but unfortunately during winter time they are not in good condition (a bit rotten and rather unappetising looking generally), but I guess within a couple of months they’ll be growing again and good to harvest. Specifically they are supposed to stimulate dendritic and natural killer cells, while also containing plenty of antioxidants (even quercetin). My take at the moment is that anything that can help support the immune system can only be a good thing as things unfold.

    The final thing I’ve found useful is green tea, I think because of the ECGC content, which is a zinc ionophone, i.e. helps the body to absorb zinc and thereby fight infection. I tend to give my son an espresso sized shot of green tea with a generous teaspoon of honey; I’m a little cautious about giving him too much caffeine as he’s a manic little Aspie (just like his dad 😉 already, and he loves the stuff so much he downs it in one each time.

    Anyway, to reiterate, anyone suffering from recurrent respiratory infections, the onions trick is really worth trying.

    • I used Vix Vapor Rub on my child’s feet and it stopped the coughing or dramatically reduced it every time! I wonder if it has to do with the absorption in the feet more than the onions or Vix???

      • Thanks for sharing that, I’m always glad to know alternatives. I think the reason that the soles of the feet work well is that there are no sebaceous glands there, i.e. the skin isn’t producing sebum so it’s easier to absorb stuff as there’s nothing being exuded. If that’s true, the palms of the hands are the only other place with no sebaceous glands.

  11. Geert, is that you???

    Jokes aside, maybe you should join forces with GVB, or others, for finding a solution to this mess.
    You have an impressive learning capacity, so it might be your calling (I mean, besides sounding the bell through your blog, which is also VERY useful).

    • RR and GVB are really going out on a limb with their predictions based on what they’ve gleaned about viruses from the literature.
      We’re a couple of months out now from Bossche’s “days or weeks” warning of doom and still I don’t see any sign of increased virulence from JN.1.

      • The word about aftereffects of covid infection, from what I gather from a lot of anecdotes online, is that they show up three to six months after the acute phase of the infection. I don’t know if that is the sort of virulence that Bossche is talking about. My guess is that the virus makes people feel pretty good for a while after they catch it (opioid receptors) so that they go out and catch it again after a period, so you mostly wouldn’t see people feeling terrible yet from J.1..

        As far as “dying in the streets” predictions go, Bossche has made those about five times, each time with great fervor and each time with a claim that it will happen within weeks. I’ve learned to ignore those specific warnings.

  12. Another brilliant, but terrifying article. Thanks very much for these very informative updates.

    Honestly, I have so many different things to say and questions to ask, I don’t even know where to begin. I am just so shocked at the overwhelming silence from virologists/immunologists all around the world. The mass vaccination experiment carried out on billions of unsuspecting humans has failed catastrophically, and now SARS2 is mutating at a faster rate than any other virus in recorded human history.

    These people are not stupid, they must realise how bad this situation really is, and yet they continue to SAY NOTHING, because they are afraid that they will lose funding grants for their scientific research if they speak out against the “scientific consensus”. HEY ASSHOLES THERE’S NOT GOING TO BE ANY MORE FUNDING FOR UNIVERSITY RESEARCH ONCE CIVILIZATION COLLAPSES DUE TO A SARS VIRUS RAVAGING HUMANITY THANKS TO YOUR HUBRIS!!!

    But as you explained in past posts, just like their cowardice on acknowledging that this virus is man-made, they remain silent because these academics are hypersocial career climbers who readily adjust to social norms because they have non-autistic brains.

    I mean, the bombshell German IgG4 study published in ScienceImmunology was released almost fourteen months ago. Yet, crickets! Also, here’s an interesting ironic fact. The institution that released those IgG4 findings is located in a small German city only 10 miles outside NUREMBERG!

    Regarding these worrying new variants with rare mutations in the NTD region of the virus, you write:

    “So what’s happening instead, is that these regions are undergoing deletions. The first example has already been seen of this in South Africa. When this happens, the virus starts looking more like SARS1 and other Sarbecoviruses in bats. It avoids these antibodies, but has the added effect of making it easier to fuse cells together. The only reason it hasn’t happened on a wide scale yet, is BECAUSE IT MAKES TRANSMISSIONS TO OTHER PEOPLE MORE DIFFICULT [emphasis mine].”

    Dr. GVB is predicting that these ADE immune escape variants will be both highly virulent AND highly infectious in the vaccinated. Remember, Omicron had an average R0 (R naught) of around 10, which puts it on the same level as measles in terms of infectiousness. So, you are saying that this is not happening (at least not yet)? Is there an evolutionary trade-off that could prevent variants that are both highly virulent AND highly transmissible?

    • GVB is acknowledging that JN1 is the most infectious variant to date so the virus is doing what he predicted – becoming extremely infectious and then switching to becoming virulent. If I remember correctly, the virus may lose its contagiousness but due to the die off of people at home extremely ill, the viral spread will be reduced dramatically.

    • I didn’t necessarily get the impression he thinks they’re going to be highly transmissible.

      What I’ve seen is that these loops in the NTD serve to stabilize the Spike. They’re thought to be part of the reason SARS2 spreads so much faster than SARS1, which has shorter loops.

      If the changes that take place consist of improved glycosylation of these loops in the NTD, which GVB seems to expect, you wouldn’t expect there to be a big reduction in transmission.

      I’m more inclined to think you’ll see deletions in these immunogenic regions, to shorten the loops, because:
      1. That’s how the other Sarbecoviruses look.
      2. We’ve already seen the first example of this in South Africa.
      3. If we look at what’s happening now:


      We don’t see any interesting amino acid changes in the NTD region with a growth advantage. No mutations to S or T, that would suggest improved glycosylation.

      We only see one interesting change in the NTD right now: A deletion, of S:F157. That’s the only change to the NTD that seems to be getting selected right now, other than recombination with the backbone of dying variants. It’s not inside the loop, it’s right next to it. Deleting it probably causes a structural change of the loop, evading some antibodies.

      It’s unnerving, how much the evidence fits the theoretical models.

      People who think I’m an idiot and this virus is becoming like a regular hCov are free to think so, I’d love to see someone show up here and argue that, but then I’d also want to see them explain why the mutations we see are looking like this, why everyone in my country is constantly coughing and why the excess mortality is climbing again.

      It’s not going to turn into a normal hCov, as long as our immunity does not depend on the NK receptors that can recognize these Spike proteins are designed to bind tightly to receptors that facilitate cellular entry. The NK cells prohibit viruses of this nature from dramatically increasing their infectiousness. Vaccinating everyone with these vaccines also means no chance for antibodies to select against virulence. And with deficient antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (IgG4), you also destroy selection against fusogenicity.

      So all the normies are free to tell me it’s becoming a normal cold virus, but you will have to explain to me what the impact is of breaking the immunological mechanisms that would normally discriminate against virulence.

      And finally:

      If there is no trade-off, if these NTD changes that allow overcoming the last functional antibodies do not impair transmission, you have to wonder: Why haven’t they shown up yet?

      It seems to me they have a substantial intrinsic transmission disadvantage between hosts and will only get selected once there is very high concentrated pressure on the virus in this particular region and nowhere else.

      Ultimately however, it doesn’t matter much whether it spreads rapidly or slowly.

      You’re not going to be able to keep it from spreading, because the pressure on the virus is so strong and infections are so numerous that these changes will just emerge convergently.

      Maybe it emerges first in Singapore, you keep out all air traffic, then it emerges independently in your own country.

      That’s what it looks like to me now:
      Step 1: Fusogenicity and ACE2 affinity will improve, encouraging persistent infections.
      Step 2: Deletions will shorten the loops in the NTD, evading antibodies and further improving fusogenicity. The virus will become noticeably more virulent as a result. The first signs that this process is ahead of us are already noticeable. Destruction of cysteine bridges due to these deletions changes the shape of the NTD and helps avoid big antibodies.
      If that’s not enough, we’ll get:
      Step 3: Improved glycosylation or homology to endogenous proteins in the NTD loops.

      TL;DR: Yes, I think there’s a trade-off, which is why it takes time for these NTD deletions to emerge.

      • Thanks for the detailed reply.

        Back in March 2022 Dr. GVB released a lengthy 45 page PDF paper detailing his predictions on how this pandemic would progress. Here is a link to the Substack article, which contains a further link to download the PDF:


        The abstract of the paper begins as follows:

        “I SERIOUSLY expect that a series of new highly virulent and HIGHLY INFECTIOUS [emphasis mine] SARS-CoV-2 (SC-2) variants will now rapidly and independently emerge in highly vaccinated countries all over the world and that they will soon spread at high pace.”

        In the (almost) two years since then, Dr. Geert has admitted that his timing has been incorrect but he is still adamant that his predictions will eventually become reality.

        > Ultimately however, it doesn’t matter much whether it spreads rapidly or slowly.

        > You’re not going to be able to keep it from spreading, because the pressure on the virus is so strong and infections are so numerous that these changes will just emerge convergently.

        > Maybe it emerges first in Singapore, you keep out all air traffic, then it emerges independently in your own country.

        Yes, I recall Geert predicting this convergent evolution phenomenon, that we would see these deadly variants emerge INDEPENDENTLY in highly vaccinated countries. So yes, you are sadly correct. Border closures will unfortunately not work. If Australia and New Zealand return to their #ZeroCovid dystopia, it may buy them some time, but then they will still likely see these highly pathogenic variants emerge in their high population density cities. So, like you said, it probably won’t matter whether these variants have a high R0 or low R0, it will still be impossible to prevent their spread.

        What a crazy time to be alive as a human. To be not only born during the start of the sixth mass extinction event (Holocene-Anthropocene), but then to also have this massive SARS catastrophe happen during our lifetimes. Growing up, I was extremely grateful to have been born at the end of the bloodiest century in all of human history. Little did I know that the 21st century would also sadly bring massive suffering.

        • >So, like you said, it probably won’t matter whether these variants have a high R0 or low R0, it will still be impossible to prevent their spread.

          The bright side is that after such a big wave, we should finally see herd immunity emerge.

          NK cells get the viral load down rapidly, so healthy young people with natural immunity function effectively as dead-end hosts.

          In addition, the deletions in the NTD loops would hamper transmission. And deletions are inherently hard to reverse.

          We have lived around the Sarbecoviruses for thousands of years. In parts of China 2% of people have natural immunity against the Sarbecoviruses. There has to be a reason they’ve never sparked a pandemic until now. And vaccination seems to be the only reason they’re able to continually keep reinfecting everyone.

          If evolution forces the NTD loops to become shorter like those of the wild Sarbecoviruses, then that’s a logical endpoint for the whole thing.

          • “The bright side is that after such a big wave, we should finally see herd immunity emerge.”

            Yes, balance will be restored by Nature. Heaven knows what the final toll will be in terms of human life lost. In his recent interview with Steve Kirsch, Dr. GVB speculated that around one third of the population in highly vaccinated countries may sadly succumb, if I remember correctly.

            And heaven knows what life will be like for the survivors. You yourself previously wrote:

            “I think humanity has made the biggest mistake in the history of civilization, by vaccinating during a SARS pandemic. I think this will result in highly virulent SARS variants that will depopulate the developed nations of the world. The survivors will mainly be children, teenagers and some of the young adults who were unvaccinated, resulting in the sort of demographic unable to rebuild civilization.”

            “The survivors of the cataclysm will have much shorter life expectancies, human beings will spend most of their existence as children from now on.”

            “People will have to live as nomads in tent camps. Sufficiently rapid depopulation should allow survivors to adjust using our food buffers.”


          • Yeah, that’s basically it.

            I didn’t always think of it like this, people who want can go back and read everything I wrote.

            For me the big wake-up call was really just the genetic evidence of a historical coronavirus pandemic that left a genetic imprint over many human generations. That just made it very clear to me this virus will culminate in something awful.

            It won’t take as long as it did back then, because there are now billions of Petri dishes now giving birth to every possible variant and spreading those variants around the world in days.

          • Interesting links @Eddy and @Leprechaun. @Fast Eddy I recognise your name from the comment section of various Substack authors. There was this guy I used to read on Substack who wrote these enthralling fictional pieces on what the world would look like for the survivors in a hypothetical post-vaccine apocalypse. There was one particular story that stuck in my memory, in which the vaccines caused aggressive cancers in almost everyone who received them. In this particular story, the protagonist was faced with the horrible prospect of euthanizing their next door neighbour (via gunshot) to end their suffering.

            Do you remember the name of this author? I have tried unsuccessfully to find their Substack page, it may have been Steve Kirsch’s comment section where I discovered their work.

      • “People who think I’m an idiot and this virus is becoming like a regular hCov are free to think so…”

        Radagast… please… please… PLEASE don’t ever care about what other people think! You are obviously very knowledgeable about immunology and about COVID and have forged your opinions about what is happening. And you share them in cogent and meaningful ways. In my opinion, you are one of the top 10 resources for the currently evolving COVID story on the planet! (Pressed, I’d list off Malone, Kevin McKernan, Pierre Kory, Kirsch, Chris Martenson, and John Campbell… you are in this group!)

        I’m not sure what prompted your statement, whether it was a comment here or somewhere else but some of the best bloggers in history are now completely worthless because they went down that path. It’s a camel’s nose type deal too. You can’t only promise to care a little bit. Do that and you become prostituted faster than a super oxide dismutase reaction.

        Please keep up the great work!

        • Thanks.

          >I’m not sure what prompted your statement, whether it was a comment here or somewhere else but some of the best bloggers in history are now completely worthless because they went down that path.


          See I really wish people who disagree with me would just try to dispute what I say.

          But they just ignore me. And frankly, they ignore a big fat pile of nasty evidence too.

          • I don’t know anything about the people he’s talking about, but generally speaking, a lot of “COVID narrative skeptics” are just people who want to go back to normal (#NoNewNormal), right? They’re not really interested in actually being skeptical, so the narrative has to be “COVID and environmental concerns are completely fake, let’s just pretend it’s 2013 again”

  13. After what the covid believers did to the rest of us, I won’t be happy until I see their bodies being stacked like firewood.

    It’s most fitting that the thing that should take them out, would be essentially a viral golem born out of their own fear.

    Thank God for dead covid believers.

  14. Our rulers will do everything in their power to hide the link between the die-off and jab status. That means that they may attribute deaths to a totally different virus, or to nuclear fallout, or to hunger caused by wars. Get a scintillation meter, a Geiger counter, or a gamma spectrometer to measure radiation, friends. Learn the various units, rule of thumb conversions between them (biological effects depend on which isotope is present), and what is safe. Background radiation is 260 mSv per year in the city of Ramsar for example and people are ok, BUT that is NOT from easily-metabolized isotopes such as Iodine, Calcium or Strontium.

  15. It’s extremely frustrating that the people we care for and tried to warn NOT to get injected with the kool-aid have refused to listen. ☹

  16. I have a question. How all this impacts people who are overly sensitive, have autoimmunity, over reactive immune response already and are unvaxxed?
    This presence of constant viral stimulation. Is it reasonable to assume that their condition in these times of nonstop viral presence and in such amount might cause their state of immune activation even more aggravated? And that cannabis would help in this regards as well?

    I do know of at least one person whose allergies were alleviated after receiving mRNA shot. It keeps me wondering if that is the result of interferon suppression and in case of non threatening irritant actually a welcoming side effect specifically regarding annoying case of urticaria. Not that I find solution in this, it just make me wonder.

  17. So what? People will die. Perhaps people will perish as a specie or as apex predator specie. I don’t see a problem. The planet still will be here and most probably not running into death spiral of climate change. So what’s the fuzz about?

  18. Imo a lot of these mystery respirstory illnesses are not from bacteria and viruses but are rather manifestations of chemical pneumonia from the chemtrail program. As you should be aware the sun is growing increasingly powerful and tptb fear the sun, so they have begun to spray the skies endlessly to increase albedo. Funny that this is their big plan. Couldn’t even spray it in space and keep the stuff in orbit. You would think that would be longer term; instead they spray it with planes so the stuff sinks to the ground within a day or two… So they have to keep spraying day after day. Causing all sorts of weird respirstory issues in the populous

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