Why the Church of Woke hates Russians

The first command of the Church of Woke looks something like this:

-Racism is bad, only white people can be racist and it’s not possible to be racist against Russians.

And so you have to ask yourself: “Why is this?” We’re told on a constant basis that hatred is bad, to celebrate peace, love and diversity, but we’re allowed to hate Russians.

To understand this, you have to understand the values of modern Western culture, which we can find out by observing which cultures are held in high regard.

The culture that is held in highest regard in modern Western culture, is that of the African diaspora, the descendants of the West Africans brought as slaves to the United States. When stating this, I need to clarify that I don’t harbor ill will towards black Americans.

However, the reason they are held in such high regard in modern Western culture, is because they were severed from their people’s roots. All people who came to America sought to maintain ties to their tribal homelands, but black Americans were effectively obstructed in this. They were forced to develop a new culture, a culture that is grounded in the modern globalized world.

Within black culture, as you may have noticed, the culture held in highest regard by Western society is queer culture. In the summer of 2020, you saw a bizarre phenomenon, of privileged young blonde white women, marching behind a transgender black woman, shouting that “black trans lives matter”. What did these transgenders have to do with police brutality against black men? Nothing of course. The real point here is to glorify a particular kind of outlook on life.

Many black people tend to notice it, you’ll get some black women for example who get angry by the habit of Western media of constantly parading gay black men on TV, as if white people are eager to make black men gay. Most black people will also have noticed that there is something insincere about the love that privileged white women have for them. As an example of the fundamental disrespect, take a look at that woman in New York central park. Working class white men just tend to feel threatened by black people, but to witness genuine hatred, you have to look at privileged white women.

For black Americans to be held in high regard by the society they live in, is always dependent on playing a particular role. They’re supposed to signal self-confidence, bravado, narcissism, optimism, social gregariousness, individualism, self-expression, promiscuity, anti-intellectualism, hedonism and a disregard for the past. You’ll be rewarded with millions of dollars, if you choose to jump into the economic niche that white Americans have created for you. Black Americans are taught that they will be held in high regard, if they create a culture of vice.

On the other hand, whenever black Americans wish to reconnect to their own people and heritage, to the African continent, to the diet that they evolved to eat, to their ancestors’ way of relating to nature, when they wish to rediscover their ancestral religious traditions, their own mythology, their own aesthetics not influenced by the Western urban context and when they wish to be with their own people and raise stable healthy happy families, when they wish to truly understand what the West African weltanschauung is, that is when Western society tends to drop them like a rock and obstruct them in every possible way. As a simple example, look at how the Hoteps are treated. Dave Chapelle seems to have figured all of this out at some point and became effectively traumatized.

So this is the cultural ideal of Western civilization. We wish to live in a state of vice, we wish to have our culture constantly tell us that we are fantastic and deserve every single thing we want. We encourage black Americans to create a culture of vice, that delivers us what we yearn for. Vice is vice for a reason, it destroys the fabric of society, so we use black Americans as the eternal other, whose children are left to grow up with the consequences of vice, whereas we get to enjoy the fruits.

Take a look at Ru Paul’s drag race, to see what I mean. Effectively, we see gay black men reduced to action figurines that are meant to boost the confidence of bourgeois white girls who watch this junk. Whenever black people are not obstructed in rediscovering their own identity, you tend to see that their loyalty towards the system dissipates as snow before the sun.

So why are Russians hated then? Well to start with, they’re not the eternal other. You can’t easily tell the difference between Western and Eastern Europeans. I’m frequently mistaken as Russian myself, although I seem to be entirely of Dutch ancestry. And yet, Russians entirely reject the culture of vice that we have created. They reject the idea that we can have the fruits of vice, while passing the costs on to others.

One of the fruits of their communist heritage is that Russians don’t hate working class white people. On the other hand, Western neoliberal culture ultimately wishes to commit democide against the working class. Within Western culture, to be blue collar, to interact with physical reality, is dirty. You’re supposed to go to college and spend your whole life interacting with abstractions, physical reality is supposed to be phased out. Russians don’t really feel like going along with this. Putin doesn’t seek to eradicate the blue collar working class, sending all their kids to college and turning them into office drones. He seeks to represent their class interest.

Russians value intellectualism, loyalty towards your own people and heterosexuality. In fact, if you were to look at Russian culture, you would find yourself under the impression that you are witnessing the opposite of Ru Paul’s drag race. If you look at how the Russian government justifies its invasion of Ukraine, you will find an attitude that is completely irreconcilable with the modern notions of Western neoliberal globalism.

But most importantly, there is something that Russians accept as part of life, that Western Europeans and Americans simply refuse to: The notion that life is a tragedy. Life is filled with pain and suffering, but there is meaning and even beauty to be found in the suffering.

The Russian, is a man who excels at his ability to accept suffering as part of life, to persevere through the misery, to survive through the cold harsh endless winter. To be Russian, is to be the polar opposite of Western decadence. And ultimately, that’s why we’re encouraged to hate them: They are strong and they do not take life for granted, whereas we are taught to be entitled and weak.

Here’s a difference between Russians and Westerners: You won’t find Russians pretend that this war is a great exciting adventure. They don’t look at this as a Marvel superhero movie. They see it as a nightmare, a tragedy. And yet, you won’t find them pretend that they don’t understand their government’s motivation.

In closing, I want to remind you that all the indicators we have, should lead us to believe that God hates what Western civilization has become. Our professional managerial class has openly said that they are going to build a form of virtual reality that they call the Metaverse, where we are supposed to live out our lives. It’s not coincidence that all these Silicon Valley companies were using their power to convince you to be terrified of SARS-COV-2.

They are also working on chips that they can implant in your brain, to keep you constantly connected to their simulated reality. Elon Musk has already tortured many animals with his attempt to develop this abomination. Finally, the Western professional managerial class has endowed itself with the right to force you to take injections that will alter your DNA (see: Adenovirus vector vaccines).

None of what I’m saying here is a conspiracy theory, it is simply a dissociated perspective on notions that we take for granted because of the constant media propaganda we are under. Klaus Schwab doesn’t make a secret of the future he envisions for humanity.

We should pray for their humiliation to be vast and rapid. I desire nothing more, than for NATO’s declaration of economic war against Russia to blow up in its face, for us to be painfully and brutally confronted with the reality that we are physical creatures, that everything we produce is a derivative of physical matter and that we are supposed to engage with the physical world and seek out transcendence, as opposed to imprisoning ourselves in a simulation and entertaining ourselves to death.


  1. Great article Radagast. I would add also all the White privileged who tell Black people unless you vote a certain way you aren’t really Black.

  2. I’d say they are like 15-20 years behind us in terms of societal collapse. Young people in big Russian cities are similar too ours.

    The intentions of Russia are clearly stated here: http://en.kremlin.ru/supplement/5770. They want their own version of globalism centered on China.

    For years Europeans pushed Russia towards something bigger than a bear, which is China.

    I’m not sure what to make of all of this, but we’ll see.

  3. Whenever I read this blog, my mind gets blown. Keep it up! There is such a need for unique perspectives to cut through the clone-think so widely available.

    An American, I’d never quite connected the dots on how black Americans’ ancestors, forcibly severed from their roots, had no choice but to create their own culture.

    My Dutch ancestors arrived in this country just in time for the Civil War. They managed to stay in touch with relatives in the Netherlands, however, until WWII. Quite the contrast to people who had no option but to cut ties.

    It’s curious to me that so many of my family and friends seem to have zero regard or interest in their ancestors generally. There does seem to be an American obsession with “the present is all there is” which rhymes with “I am all that matters” when in fact, that just is not true. I think this attitude is one of many that have poisoned this country.

  4. >the reason they are held in such high regard in modern Western culture, is because they were severed from their people’s roots. All people who came to America sought to maintain ties to their tribal homelands, but black Americans were effectively obstructed in this. They were forced to develop a new culture, a culture that is grounded in the modern globalized world

    Alright, well, you are a “pull no punches, give the painful truth” sorta guy, so I’ll keep the tone going.
    That is very obviously not anywhere near the entirety of the reason why Africans are exalted by the Woke West. Come on now.

    Why do they so easily fit in the niche which is prescribed for them that you describe so accurately, anyway? Can any group of people cut off from their ancestral culture – violently torn out from, enslaved, yes more like it – but all the same, can they end truly up stuck promulgating a vice filled, antisocial culture for generation upon generation if their essential nature is just a blank slate?

  5. It is genocide. plain and simple.
    Anything that suppresses, mocks, denigrates, promotes degenerate hedonism, low birth rates, lack of homogeneity, lack of healthy social cohesion, race mixing and lowering of IQ, baphomet worshipping child sacrificing/child abusing transgenderism, etc etc, is promoted. Anything that promotes strong, healthy, family based (especially but not uniquely) european heritage and cultures is censored.

    The Kalergi Plan was pretty clear on the goals, and that was a leak after the actual real worldwide plans had been underway for many decades, are you familiar with it?

    We are being weakened and exterminated, cross bred out of existance, and enslaved as dumb mixed breed cultureless, soulless cattle. If satan exists, this would be exactly how I imagine he’d try to destroy humanity.

    Why are europeans targetted in particular? Where do most of the philosophies of (actual) love, freedom, truth, healthy stable societies of somewhat sovereign individuals etc stem from? European and related cultures. Who fought to destroy overt slavery? Europeans. Who still has it? Almost every other main human racial group, eg Asian, middle eastern and african nations have more slaves now than ever existed before in history.

    Those who wish to enslave us entirely, wish to destroy those european and rare other cultures that cherish freedom, and have the genetic intellectual, social, physical and related talents to maintain it, and replace us with (non)cultures that tend to follow herd/slave mentality, or lack the average intelligence to do anything about it.

  6. There’s a point where sanctions transition from “we’re excluding you” to “we’re cutting ourselves off from everybody else.”

    Sometimes bridges and chains are hard to distinguish.

    Kicking everyone out of the Kool Kids Klub amounts to dissolution of the Klub.

    When too many people get kicked out, they develop contingencies, hedging their bets against exclusion, until eventually maximum multipolarity is achieved. Centralization and decentralization are probably a yin-yang cycle eternally playing out, and right now the tide of this time is towards decentralization.

    Thank God.

  7. You might want to look at Solzhenicin’s “Two hundred years together”.
    There’s a deep rooted hate for Russians from one group. Maybe there’s
    a connection there (maybe not).

  8. The main reason why black people are so popular with the woke crowd is the same reason why gay and transgender people are: because they are easy to portray as victims. It’s honestly just the next step in the feminization of society, after feminism got boring.

    It’s true that they also happen to worship vices, but that’s only a bonus on top of the victim thing. “Marginalized” is the key word here. By defending the weak, the otherwise incompetent woke people, so-called social justice warriors, prove their moral superiority and impress all their friends on Facebook. It’s a trend, but this time, you win by being stupider than the last person.

    That said, the perception that black people are actually cut off from their culture, and cheered on by the woke, but as soon as they try to reconnect to said culture they are quickly dropped, is an excellent perception indeed, and just highlights the hypocrisy at the basis of it all.

  9. Look closely folks, this is how “the rot” effectively destroys society.

    It all started with the whole feminism affair, where women should be allowed to vote, read and write. Which is OK, so long as they still take care of the children. But no, the girl needs to have a career too, so she can buy expensive things and feel important. So now the girl goes to work a 40-hour job, buys crap that makes her happy and sleeps around for fun. She never develops a personality and can’t be arsed to invest even a second into building a stable relationship. Suddenly she’s 35 and her skin and some other parts just aren’t tight anymore, whereas her jeans are tighter than ever. How is it that the girl can’t find a guy anymore now? It must be because all men are assholes. Case in point, women need to be empowered so they can resist the evil, evil patriarchy! So she goes out and “empowers” innocent young women who will now go on to make the same mistake as she did. Most of the time she now feels useless, and her mother instincts kick into overdrive, because the cats just won’t cut it. So what will she mother instead? “Marginalized” groups. She heard that black people aren’t treated exactly the same as white people, which is unfair. Her motherly instincts tell her that every child must get the same amount of food! So she fights for that cause now, and oh – how convenient – she can get some Facebook popularity points that way as well. The more time she spends doing that, the deeper she drops into the pit of her own stifled emotions. The older she becomes, the more militant she gets.

    Meanwhile, the men are told to work and consume so they can fulfill their purpose. They chase material crap and women, which they can now mostly have for flings (young ones) or as a permanent drain on their wallet (older ones). If they are average men, they will have noticed that there are fewer attractive women available to them, because those are all competing for the top few percenters, who in turn use them as sperm banks. So the men believe that if they join the feminine cause for “justice”, they can get some. Little do they realize the error of their ways. Due to fewer stable marriages, most of them didn’t have a father growing up, and so they don’t know what it means to be a man. They listen to their mothers and a female-dominated media. The women tell them that men are not violent or loud. Rather, they should be friendly and emotional beings! As a result, if bad stuff happens, these weak men freeze in fear and say nothing. Now bad and corrupt people take over the worlds of politics and business. There are now no more men to stand against them. The few ones that do are vilified, and that’s too scary to risk for the average Joe.

    The mafia dissolves and reappears in the world of private-public-partnership, where they now sneakily erode the legal system and take away the people’s basic rights. They will stop at nothing to go through with it – even provoking a war with an important agricultural country is on the table – in fact, it’s the most profitable option. Slowly, everything collapses around a herd of sheep that have been lulled in by a constant stream of tranquilizer-laden hay. The sheep don’t smell the smoke from where the shack has started burning. They don’t realize that there’s only half as much hay as there used to be.

    The question is: will enough of them wake up before it’s too late? Will they manage to prove to the world that they were indeed wolves in sheep’s clothing, just waiting for their chance to stick it to the mafia bosses, who themselves in reality are the worst, most insecure beta-males of them all? Will the wolves manage to eat the weak little boys and restore a semblance of dignity to the herd? We’ll see.

  10. I still think one of the main reasons the Woke turned sour on Russia was during the runup to Sochi 2014, when Putin (and various prominent Russian athletes) were not LGBT-friendly enough to appease. Same too, Kiev was negative toward gay pride events before the Western-backed coup occurred. Obviously many many other reasons are out there, but from what I can tell of the Woke, this is where their activity often spawns from, so I make the link. Priorly, it was up and down with give and take, but not after that, simply “Russia is bad” from then on.

  11. It’s 1am here and I’ve spent the majority of my night reading most of your essays. What happened to positive vibes? Haha but really this is an excellent blog and it’s refreshing to hear the perspective of another Aspire who thinks like I do. Would love to hear more in depth thoughts on the Bhagavad Gita if you ever feel so inclined.

  12. I have a question for both American and non-American readers here. The author has an unnerving ability to hit the nail on the head. Most American normies cannot even penetrate their social media induced fog of war, biases, cognitive distortions, etc. enough to have the insight into their own culture that the author undoubtedly has of American culture and pulse. My question is this: are American movies, media, culture, etc. just so overexposed that it is so easily penetrable to the outsider?

  13. > Finally, the Western professional managerial class has endowed itself with the right to force you to take injections that will alter your DNA (see: Adenovirus vector vaccines)
    Here’s a good resource on this topic: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41541-021-00356-x
    Adenoviral vector vaccines DO NOT alter your DNA. They hijack your cells with mRNA (which is usually used to express DNA) to produce antigens appropriate to the virus, causing an immune response that allows you to develop immunity. I see how you could make this mistake, but dude, no.

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