Wokeism is caused by the Western diet: How the Western world commits slow motion suicide

America has a problem. That problem is commonly called “wokeism”. The wokies are a kind of novel form of the human species: They are overweight masculine looking young white women, who do not wish to think of themselves as women. Rather, a wokie wishes to think of herself as a man, or something in between. The wokies generally do not wish to reproduce.

Generally speaking, they try to scare away men, by taking short haircuts with synthetic colors, that resemble those of post-menopausal Dutch women. Often they pierce their skin or cover their bodies with tattoos, to make them look defiled and less attractive to men for long-term relationships.

They don’t desire a stable loving relationship with a man. Most often they hate men, but some still have some sort of sexual need for men, but it is always divorced from love. Love is something they harbor for other women, men are just toys they use, the male has to be aggressive, mean and dominating for them to feel any sort of sexual stimulation from them.

Young American men realize this and so they try to jump through these hoops, taking stimulants like cocaine, injecting steroids that change your personality and developing a bodybuilder physique. They do everything they can to become assholes, because the wokies are only attracted to assholes, men who mistreat them.

There are hoards of male feminist types they befriend, but these men are simply not sexually attractive to them, because they’re not mean. The wokies can only associate sex with some sort of sadistic and humiliating defilement, they’re incapable of building a healthy holistic relationship with men. They hurt themselves in this life, while burdening the men who interact with them with a karmic debt they will have to face after death.

Wokeism is not an ideology, it’s not a political movement. It’s one thing only: Self-hatred. Amputating your breasts, injecting testosterone, piercing your skin, cutting off your hair, promiscuous sex with psychopathic men, cutting your wrists, these are all manifestations of the same underlying phenomenon: Self-hatred.

To oppose the wokies, is a bit like building a political movement against schizophrenics. It’s non-sensical and somewhat cruel. Rather, you need to be asking yourself what the underlying cause is of this novel phenomenon. We did not face a problem with they/them wokies fifty years ago, this is a relatively recent development.

You could say to yourself “well this is just some new trend among young people”, but take one look at the wokies and it becomes obvious that there is just something intrinsically different about them: Their bodies are inherently androgynous. Rather than opposing the wokies, we need to look towards preventing people from suffering the kind of damage that leads to wokeism.

So what could be the cause? Why did we use to have healthy children, whereas now children grow up to be they/them wokies? Why is this epidemic most common in the United States? Why do they look like something went wrong in their development?

Well, this is where we have to look at the other side of the spectrum, for the inverse manifestation of wokeism: The Angry White Male.



Here we see an archetypal form of the Angry White Male. This man is Alex Jones, a typical white American man, known for popularizing the idea that the world is run by satan-worshipping pedophiles. Look at this man and tell me: Is this a normal way to look? For Americans, it is. The wokies internalize their hatred: They hate themselves completely and by extension hate white people, because they themselves happen to be white.

On the other hand, the other side of the equation, the angry white male, externalizes his anger. He spends every day ranting and raving about Jeffrey Epstein, Klaus Schwab, hyperinflation, illegal immigrants, Mexicans, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, the federal reserve and all sorts of other things that just genuinely don’t particularly seem to bother the average citizen or obstructs the average individual from going through his life.

But look at this body, that this man so proudly shows off, is this not the body of a man completely overcome with vice? Is this pleasing to the eye? He seems to think so. Let us look instead, at what another culture considers to be an aesthetically pleasing physique. Here we see Lord Shiva, the destroyer:

Why do the Indians depict Shiva like this? They could depict him with a bald head, a double chin, a beer gut, they could have gone for any sort of appearance, but they choose this: An androgynous looking lean muscular man with long hair. Now take a look at Vishnu, the preserver:

Vishnu looks almost like a woman. His skin is so white that he ends up looking blue, his hair is long and his eyes are beautiful and androgynous. Our own Western Christian saints don’t look much different. Tell me: Can you think of any balding saint with a big beer gut? I can’t.

I will say one thing: Alex Jones, patron saint of the American Angry White Male, looks very masculine. He looks even more masculine, than the average bodybuilder. He is impossible to mistake for a woman. But is this necessarily a good thing? If you suddenly began balding, or started growing hair from your ears, you would become more clearly recognizable as a man yourself. But you would not be more pleasant to look at. Women are on average prettier than men and good looking men look more like women than the average man does.

So what is it, that sets people apart like this? It’s reasonably simple: Dietary quality. Spend your whole life eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables, full of antioxidants and low in meat and you end up looking more similar to Hindu deities: Your skin will be rather pale, your body will be thin and gracile and you will radiate a kind of inner peace.

On the other hand, you can also eat a diet high in meat. You will end up looking like an “alpha male”. This can go two routes: You can exercise a lot and you’ll end up looking like someone like Joe Rogan, or you can exercise relatively little and you end up looking like Alex Jones. Both look hypermasculine, but neither radiates the kind of inner peace and harmony that Indian deities and Buddhist monks radiate.

You become what you eat, whether you like it or not. Almost every religion has some sort of prohibition to discourage consumption of meat. Indian religions famously endorse vegetarianism. Within the Abrahamic family, Eastern Orthodox Christian monks practice vegetarianism and Catholics have common dietary restrictions that discourage meat eating. Some protestant sects also embraced vegetarianism. On the other hand, it’s hard to find a religion that encourages eating meat, while discouraging consumption of plants.

So now ask yourself the following question: What is the impact, when we radically increase the amount of meat in people’s diets? We can imagine that people themselves begin to change, which they have. Take a look at this graph, of the amount of meat Americans eat:

You can see the total amount of meat eaten per person has steadily risen, from around 150 pounds, to around 275 pounds today. In fact, in a list of the world’s countries by meat consumption, you will always find Americans at the top, with Indians at the bottom:

Americans eat thirty times as much meat as Indians! It is important to understand, that high meat consumption cascades down the generations: When you eat a diet high in meat, your children are born with health problems. This includes the kind of brain damage that can lead to wokeism. This sounds ridiculous, but I will prove my point to you with scientific evidence later on in this article.

Americans are always worried about the stuff they eat, they worry about gluten, about carbohydrates, about seed oils, about all sorts of stuff, but they never ask themselves why they feel the need to eat thirty times as much meat as the average Indian. This is a product of American culture: In the hypercompetitive individualist American culture you need to dominate everyone else, otherwise your life becomes very miserable. Americans thus eat the kind of diet that helps them dominate others, but dominating other lifeforms always leads to karmic repercussions, in this life or the next. Karmic repercussions also affect your own offspring: When you do bad things, your own descendants can suffer the consequences.

To any American “alpha males” reading along, I’m going to ask you a very simple question:

If you’re supposed to eat animals, why did God make them so cute? Do you think God deceives your senses, does God make the right path in life look horrifying, while making the wrong path look appealing? Help me out here and take a look at this video:

Spare me all your stories about vitamin B12, carnitine, omega 3 ratios, intestinal length andsoforth, I’m not interested in that. This here in this video is what birds look like. Now imagine, taking one of these birds, who squeak when they are done washing themselves with water. Imagine somehow killing it, removing the feathers and then eating the bird. Who could do this? This would be something only an insane psychopath could do.

If this is what we are supposed to be doing, then God has made this whole universe deceptive, all the way down to my own deepest gut instincts. And if God insists on completely deceiving me, then I am completely lost and powerless to escape, with no chance of ever reaching true peace. Rather, I would like to point you at this useful graph, to illustrate my point:

And so we must wonder, how do the Indians look at this, if they generally don’t like eating meat? Well, let’s look at what some of them have to say themselves:

I don’t bother showing you religious texts, or words from saints or scholar, rather, I just look at “what does the average Indian hindu in the street think”? To them it’s all pretty obvious: You should avoid committing cruelty in life against other lifeforms, so don’t eat the animals. This is pervasive in their culture.

So we need to be asking ourselves: What happens to people who eat high meat diets? Well the answer is pretty simple: They descend into deep misery and go extinct. You might not like to hear this, you might wish to deny it, but the evidence should be pretty clear. The United States is a nation of migrants. Every year new people come to the country who have high fertility rates, but the fertility of their descendants declines to below replacement level. The karma accumulates and eventually produces they/them daughters who don’t wish to reproduce.

Americans know at some level that the American diet is poison, that it inevitably destroys you and any descendants you may have. But rather than solving the problems, they prefer to make it worse, so they come up with even worse diets, like the Atkins diet, or the Keto diet, or the most ridiculous form, the Carnivore diet. It’s now time to show you what the effects of this are, over multiple generations.

First, the Keto diet. Male mice who receive a high fat keto diet live in a constant state of ketosis. The body interprets this as a form of starvation, which is epigenetically imprinted on their offspring. It leads to offspring with disturbed circadian rhythms, who are awake when they are supposed to be asleep. See the study here.

Now let’s look at just a general diet high in animal fat. Whereas a high plant fat diet has no impact on breast cancer, high animal fat leads to daughters that suffer a higher risk of breast cancer. Like the ketodiet effect, this is just from genetic reprogramming of a man’s sperm cells. It’s much worse if the woman eats a diet like this too, especially if she eats a diet like this during pregnancy. Worst of all of course is when Americans feed their diet to their children.

This is the strangest observation perhaps. Feeding rats arachidonic acid cumulatively increases their body weight over generations, regardless of whether you give it to male or female rats. Arachidonic acid is almost entirely found in animal products. They argue the impact on the immune system is potentially beneficial, but the increase in weight should lead you to ask: “What’s going on here?”

In primates, a high fat diet during pregnancy causes mental health problems in the offspring. In rats, a maternal high fat diet during pregnancy makes the male and female offspring show depressive behavior.

It’s not just regular “Western diets”. A keto diet during pregnancy also causes neurological impairment in the offspring of mice. It means the body has to construct a brain, with the wrong ratio of nutrients. There can be some recovery over time, but you’re generally just left with impairment. The high LDL cholesterol caused by these Keto diets also passes on to children. Pregnant women with high LDL cholesterol have children who end up with high LDL cholesterol too, even if they’re not obese.

Isn’t it strange that American children seem to have worse mental and physical health every generation? Have you ever considered the possibility that this is simply down to not eating a traditional diet? A traditional diet looks pretty similar anywhere you look: It’s high in grains and vegetables, includes various fruits, some nuts and legumes and a small amount of animal products. If this is what you eat, then you can have healthy children. If you eat some American freak diet, then the outcome is that your descendants just gradually suffer deteriorating health and vitality.

And this is why we see the following global pattern:

I don’t carry ill will towards any ethnic group, but it is clear that there is one group of people who are now rapidly disappearing off the face of the Earth. That group of people, are the Caucasians. Why is this? Some people will say “race is a social construct” or come up with other convoluted theories, to suggest no such change is happening.

However, I am going to make it very simple for you: There is no evil Jew plotting somewhere to get rid of one group of people or another. Rather, it is simply a product of Karmic debt. When much is given to you, much is asked of you. The Europeans were given tremendous wealth and power, but it was all misused to hurt animals and so karmic debt was accumulated.

This isn’t strictly a physical or spiritual process. Karma is just a way of saying that actions have consequences. There are physical pathways that we can see through scientific observations and there are aspects that can’t be scientifically proven, that just have to be inferred through intuition.

The consequence of mistreating animals, is simply that we destroy ourselves. The Indians and the Africans almost universally have diets that are extremely low in animal protein, about 5-10% of Western people. They are inheriting the future, although many of them will succumb to cruelty towards the non-human world and face the same fate as Westerners do.

Children who are born into this world, bring something from the non-human world with them. When the non-human world suffers abuse, our children increasingly start to behave as if they have been abused themselves. You can look at all the they/them wokies and all the sick people who mutilate these children. Ask yourself: What sort of culture would do such a thing? How does such a thing happen? It is simply abuse of the non-human world, bouncing back in our face.

Dutch people are rapidly going extinct, there won’t be many ethnic Dutch left by the end of this century. It’s healthy and normal for anyone to be upset when his ethnic group goes extinct, I don’t enjoy the extinction of my own ethnic group. However, things happen for a reason. We turned this whole tiny country into a place where animals are constantly being tortured, while their manure poisons the soil and the nitrogen kills all the plants.

In India and Buddhist cultures like Japan, people don’t want to marry into families that butcher animals. They’re not stupid, they just understand certain things that we in the Western world deny. Well, we here in the Netherlands turned the entire country into a giant slaughterhouse, so what do you think is going to happen?

The only thing I can really recommend is repenting and trying to become more compassionate towards other lifeforms. Unfortunately, most people want to choose the route of denial instead, further growing their attachment to domination and cruelty, so that they introduce more cruelty and pain into this world. This is unfortunate, but it is the way it is, the path towards compassion for all living beings is difficult and we constantly regress back into cruelty and willful ignorance, causing more suffering for humans and non-humans alike.


  1. A few points:
    1. Evolutionary psychology can explain the vegetarianism of Central Asians. They are until recently an agrarian society dependent upon their labor animals to produce the agricultural products supporting their high population density. But they are subject to famine from variable weather that impacts yearly production. So simple religious rules make animals sacred so in times of starvation, they are inhibited from eating the beasts of burdern that will be needed to produce the next harvest.
    2. Caucasian decline is not karma or diet, but the basic rule that high intelligence is anti-adaptive. Again evolutionary psychology explains how greater material prosperity means declining reproduction. Immigrants to Western countries also soon decline in reproductive success, not due to diet, but because once basic needs are easily met, reproduction loses priority in relation to amusements and luxuries that distract.

  2. Interesting, and useful. Certainly I have struggled in my own life to increase the vegetable content of my food, and to make sure the grains I eat are real, not hyperprocessed. Some days I go without meat, mostly because I’m lazy and its annoying to prepare lol. Since being careful like this, I feel much calmer, and now can do spiritual work more easily, so I feel there probably is something to your theory. The larger point is a disturbing, but plausible idea, that Euros are disappearing from the world due to karma. Since the early 1900s, the Euro-Americans certainly seem to have taken blow after blow, commensurate with the damage they did to Africa, Asia, and the Americas in the previous 2 or 3 centuries. I dearly hope that we can correct our behavior and maintain a remnant or more humble population that still maintains European traditions; there are some very unique and useful human lifeways among the much-sinning Caucasians, that could be leavened by other traditions.


  3. “ If you’re supposed to eat animals, why did God make them so cute?”

    Why did God allow them to kill and eat each other?

  4. You should read your Bible.
    God did not create a world in which we
    eat animals. There were no predator pret relationships in Eden.
    Prior to the flood, humans were vegetarian.

  5. “Vishnu looks almost like a woman. His skin is so white that he ends up looking blue, his hair is long and his eyes are beautiful and androgynous. Our own Western Christian saints don’t look much different. Tell me: Can you think of any balding saint with a big beer gut? I can’t.”

    Buddha is extremely plump in many of the depictions I’ve seen of him.

    Here is an article about obese Roman Catholic saints; there were many of them: https://aleteia.org/2021/01/02/saints-who-help-us-love-our-bodies/. (“St. Olaf II (995-1030) is also known as St. Olaf the Fat.”; Bl. Isnard de Chiampo (d. 1244) . . . would often endure ridicule while preaching as people taunted him for his size”; “St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) is the most famous of the fat saints”; St. John XXIII (1881-1963): shortly after his election, he overheard a woman saying, “My God, he’s so fat!”)

    I appreciate that people in India are good to animals. But please read this article about human female infanticide, and human sex selective abortion, in India (https://pha.berkeley.edu/2021/04/10/un-natural-selection-female-feticide-in-india/)(“Since sex determination technology became available in the 1970s, India is estimated to have about 63 million fewer women.”).

    All that said, I agree that being vegan is morally best. I was a strict vegan for 19 years. Unfortunately it seems to have caused me to have pretty bad cardiac calcification. I really don’t know personally what to do; I have read credible anecdotes of people who went keto and thereby reduced their calcification. I feel bad enough about eating cheese and small amounts of fish, so I guess I won’t try that, but it is hard not to be tempted. Many of the people I’ve known who were from India have been terribly unhealthy, and I see that 11.2 percent of people who live in urban areas in India have diabetes, which is very high. I think the Indian diet is ethically superior but I don’t believe it is healthful.

    I wish that “meat from a vat” could be available soon. Not the awful fake meats that contain things like titanium dioxide and microcrystalline cellulose, but “real” meat from a vat.

    • Ethical meat processing is the only solution to the issues you raise. Meat from a vat will always have health consequences, as industrial processes will always have some chemical residues.

  6. 1. Historically, many religions have revolved around the ritual slaughter of animals. So there’s that.

    2. The same human nature that makes us find animals cute also makes us find meat delicious. If we’re not supposed to eat animals, why are they made of meat?

    3. Predation is part of the animal world, and sympathy for animals entails accepting the validity of the predator lifestyle. The animals we naturally love the most, dogs and cats, are predators.

  7. Interesting that the entirety of the increase in meat eating is chicken: everything else has remained basically the same for over 100 years, so the eating of beef and pork is not the problem when it comes to obesity or wokism: the chickens done it.

    Interesting to hear that you think God is a psychopath, creating all sorts of animals that eat meat, wow he must be really out there …. proper bonkers. Next time the cat brings in a dead mouse I will tell it that it was created by satan.

    A more convincing article would have looked at the Chinese 50 years ago compared to the Chinese of today. In the past 50 years the average height of a Chinese adult has increased due to improved access to meat. They are not fat, but they are taller.

  8. it doesn’t have the spiritual dimension you seem to be enthralled with, but graphs of sugar consumption seem to support an alternative diet-based hypothesis.

    (also, you love talking about nitrogen and co2 poisoning, but those are at least things found in nature. what about all the novel compounds that, with apologies to mr. jones, are turning the frogs gay?)

  9. Hi Radagast,

    really interesting stuff!

    I read about the karmic burden when killing animals somewhere else. A guy said, that it would be best, to have your own garden. The plants would grow by your own urine and other stuff as fertilizer. You can have a chicken, that eats the plants and everything that comes from the garden. Then you yourself eat the eggs of the chicken. By living this way, there is no karmic burden.

    I think we know too little about this world and this stuff might be true. But how to find out if its true in your own life? If you look to Russia, there are not so many woke people. They also eat a lot of meat. So I would argue, that this is not the main factor, that makes people crazy. I can see, that more and more people also get crazy in Russia – by crazy I mean woke. I watched a documentary. So maybe there is a lot of truth in what you say. I need to read more about this, thank you for your views.

    I am not sure whether you heard of “The Mouse Utopia Experiment”? Have a look if you like:


    A main factor might also be, that we as Westerners just have too much of everything and do eat way too much. The body heals best, when we eat less. Even the brain and mental illnesses can be healed by eating less. Check out the Buchinger method, which was also found out in Russia by its scientists and doctors. It is about fasting for longer periods and eating nothing or very little like 200kcal a day for 2-3 weeks.

    Thank you,
    Some random guy

  10. I’d say that if you’re gonna be fat the Jones look is the best. I dont get where this being fat is a new thing idea comes from though. Ofc there are more fatties now but i cant think of a single historically known figure who had that Vishnu or whoever body shown above. Christian saints arent known to have been healthy, they hated their bodies. There are records of saints eating feces from leprics, licking maggot infested wounds, rolling naked in thorn bushes etc etc.. This obsession with health is just another side of the same oral fixation or something as american diabetes culture.

    • To your point about saints hating their bodies, religious ascetics avoided meat because doing so kills the sex drive and lowers overall vitality. It makes it easier to be holy when your drives and desires are fully suppressed.

  11. “Africans almost universally have diets that are extremely low in animal protein, about 5-10% of Western people.” Why are Africans being punished right now then? It might be a continent of the future but they have had a pretty shitty run.

  12. Maybe instead of comparing ordinary westerners to eastern Gods you should take an honest look at what middle class Indians look like. They can afford to eat healthy, yet the well to-do in cities are plagued with hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.

  13. and then you wake up to the fact that plants strive just as hard to exist as any animal does and suffer materiality all the same and swear off anything but fruits freely given or just pull the plug and do the whole jain sallekhana bit

    >hurr animals are intended to devour one another in nature

    if this doesn’t seriously scare you concerning God’s character you’re not even close to having your finger on the harder matters related to samsara, and it might well point to the zenith of human existence being willfully starving one’s self into the hereafter. nothing in this world is worth having. nothing in this world can ever be had in any enduring sense.

  14. “love is something they harbor for other women”

    I truly believe they do not have the capacity to actually feel love at all. Without God there is no love, only someone who accepts God in some capacity can have love. They hate themselves and they hate everyone else and that’s about it.

  15. One humanely dispatched animal will feed many people, but one vegan person kills thousands of creatures in inhumane ways with every bite they take.

    So, if we go by ‘net murder rate by eating’, I would say that people who only eat grass fed beef are way ahead of everyone else.

    Btw, why quibble with the design of the universe anyway? Did the God(s) that be get it wrong? And when we look at outcomes…: Are creatures that never live because you do not raise them for food in the first place less dead that the ones you slaughter after you gave them a space and time to live? Does the time they were alive not count in the book of reality — is it better not live in case one has to die earlier than old age?

  16. Just as a curious point, I too suffered hemiplegic migrains as a youth decades, just like that demi-two-spirit fluid-child in the video. And you will never guess what sorted mine out. Haven’t had a hemiplegic migraine in years. Can you guess?

    Yep. Diet.

  17. Reducing complex phenomenon down to a single variable only creates more wokeism.

    If you only pick two points out of a data set, you’ll only ever get straight lines.

  18. I eat more meat than the average American, and over 50% of my calories in fats, mostly butter, sour cream, animal fats, and select quality vegetable oils (olive, coconut, avacado, macadamia etc). Eaten like this for more than 15 years. I eat many low carb vegetables, and some high carb ones on occcasion.

    I look like Jesus according to many, actually, I literally got through customs without a clear passport once because of it. Lean, muscular, no gut whatsoever. Eyesight far better than 20/20 in a family of people with thick glasses from teenage years. Full head of long thick hair in a family of balding men from their 20s. Healed bad back and bad knees in a family with bad back and knees that usually dont heal. Far healthier than when I started, when I ate pretty much exactly what you recommend: lowish fat, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, some meat etc and exercised fairly regularly.

    I’m 42, people almost 100% guess 26-29, on good days they guess as low as 22, and only one person in the last few years has guessed even vaguely close to my real age.

    I’m also at the 145 IQ end of your meme, yet agree with the “midwit quote” mostly, other than the way he projects it out angrily, as I have both researched (starting from a place of both scientific skepticism and emotional resistance…I loved pasta and bread etc), and personally experienced near instant dramatic benefits to cutting grains in particular, and very noticeable improvements in dramatically lowering carbs, crappy oils, and increasing good fats.

    I get told, somewhat regularly strangely enough, that I radiate peace and harmony, and lift people out of darkness just by my presence (or words to that effect), despite having gone through the hell of losing my unborn baby to misscarraige (covid related at best guess) and then love of my life so far fiancee, to a descent into depression, PTSD etc (notably she was trying to be vegan post misscarraige, and losing her mind at the same time, coincidence? not sure) and then breakup as a result, along with quite a few other challenging situations, over the last few years.

    I meditate, dive deep into internal issues and heal them.
    I look at the concept of Ahimsa, and buddhist karmic beliefs in general, and I respect them and ponder them deeply.
    I look at grain eating vegans, and I lose a lot of respect…

    -So, you would prefer to kill 20 or so mice and small rodents, via slow painful liquification of internal organs, and/or many small animals by being torn apart and left for the carrion birds by plows, than eat one cows worth of beef, killed as humanely as you can afford to ensure? Why? To be a smart ass: Is it the lack of nutrients to your noggin causing you to be unable to fathom that things die no matter what you eat, and even plants communicate, and react defensively to being eaten, and that not eating flesh but killing 20x the number of intelligent (*) animals in far more painful and extended ways is not an improvement?

    Respect your food. Respect the plant that agreed to be a plant and then lose parts of itself to feed you. Respect the animal that agreed to be an animal and then lose its life to feed you. Respect the many animals that died to enable your crops to be harvested..roughly 20x the number that die for the equivalent, more healthy beef calories. I have theories about how that actually works, and why they would agree to do that, that I hope are true, but ultimately, we either kill things or we die (killing ourself) until we figure out how to ascend to higher realms or similar.

    Meanwhile, you dismiss the deliberate genocide of europeans with a wave, despite the literal father of the EU, Kalergi, stating in black and white his deliberate plan to do just that, genocide all european cultures and races via deliberately suppressing cultural cohesion and flooding regions with african etc immigrants.

    You dont even BOTHER to mention the chemical hormonal soup (I studied Chem at uni and I’m utterly astounded at what is not just allowed but pushed into our senvironment, food, water etc, with extremely bad known sideeffects )we are bathed in, especially city people, from before we are even born. Birth control pills are in everything. Literal gender bending hormones…
    Atrazine is/was one of the worlds most used pesticides, and was proven by the manufacturers own study to quite literally turn frogs gay at environmental exposure levels, something that nearly guarantees at least *some* subtle gender bending effect in humans, if not worse. BPA/BSA in everything. Soy phyteostrogens in most packaged food. Canola/sunflower/soy/corn oil in everything. etc etc etc

    You pretend americans are fat and aggressive because of meat, yet fail to mention the many people who become braindead aggressive extremists as vegans, who all seem either entirely stick like, or have vegan skinny fat gut, and fail to mention the many many people who lose all their excess weight and gain far better mental clarity when cutting out grains, or vegetables entirely, and somehow just casually dismiss the entire cultures of people that ate high or nearly 100% meat and did not suffer the effects you claim meat causes.

    You ignore factory farmed, grain and waste processed food fed livestock, tortured and fed things they have not evolved to eat, leading to way out of whack nutrient ratios (eg o3 to o6 ratios), pretending organic small farm pastured beef is the same as GMO soy fed intensely raised cage raised chicken that cant even stand on its own 2 legs.

    You pretend you are karmically superior because you turn a blind eye to the karmic costs of your diet…I hope that does not come back to haunt you, as you generally seem like a quite decent and unique human being, but judging people is how you get judged, so I will do my best not to judge you, only warn (I appreciate your insight on other matters too much anyway 🙂 ).

    • You should shut up forever, holy shit that was eye poison. I hope customs agents crucify your Jesus looking ass, matter of fact. Weirdo

      • I’m just going to go ahead and assume that’s the best your nutrient deficient noggin could manage. I should do whatever I feel like doing, and shutting up isn’t it.

        “eye poison”..no that’s seed oils (macular degeneration etc)

        How about making an actual counterargument, you know what they are, right? Do you *deny* the 20x or more animals killed for the precious grains in this article?
        Please do tell me where you get your grains that doesnt poison rodents, have mice plagues once a decade or so, and doesn’t kill small animals while plowing the fields, I’ll be fascinated to hear it.

    • Don’t worry about this article too much. It’s just a typical vegan thing. Look, you won’t be able to eat an unnatural diet without somehow rationalizing it to yourself from time to time.

      Now don’t get me wrong — I realize the health benefits of a vegan diet are immense compared to the Standard Western Diet. I am also a personal fan and try to integrate it into my diet plan on a regular basis. But I also realize that a vegan diet is not wholesome at all, indeed, it is a highly restrictive diet. It is an unnatural diet, not because you need to take vitamin B12 or anything, but because it’s unnatural to not eat foods that are nutritious and have been regular calorie sources for humans for hundreds of thousands of years. It would be just as unnatural to eat only meat (though I’m 99% certain that eating only plants is a LOT healthier than eating only meat).

      And I will whole-heartedly agree that people who see meat consumption as part of their identity should not be taken seriously. But the most militant people I have met in this regard were almost exclusively vegans. And there’s a reason for that. If you love animals but hate people, you have some serious issues. And you fail to realize that animals also eat other animals to survive, and that we always have to eat other living things to survive. If you can’t deal with that, nobody can help you.

    • >So, you would prefer to kill 20 or so mice and small rodents, via slow painful liquification of internal organs, and/or many small animals by being torn apart and left for the carrion birds by plows, than eat one cows worth of beef, killed as humanely as you can afford to ensure? Why? To be a smart ass: Is it the lack of nutrients to your noggin causing you to be unable to fathom that things die no matter what you eat, and even plants communicate, and react defensively to being eaten, and that not eating flesh but killing 20x the number of intelligent (*) animals in far more painful and extended ways is not an improvement?

      The cows you eat have to eat something too. They generally end up eating the food that humans could have eaten.

      With beef cows, the cows need to eat 25 grams of protein, to produce 1 gram of protein you’re eating.

      “Well the cows I eat are all grassfed animals.”

      Alright, the same principle still applies. What do you think would be where the cow lives, if you didn’t eat the cow? It would be forest, but humans spray those pesticides you talk about, to kill off any other animals. We have plenty of mice plagues here in our Dutch farmland, where we kill all the mice running through the grass where the cows live.

  19. Also, I’ve traveled india. Loved it…but…glad I wasn’t born an indian in modern times. Some don’t eat meat due to beliefs, majority eat very little serves because there’s *no way for them to afford it*, and they very much do not, on average, look as healthy as you suggest, or like vishnu/krishna etc, especially by Alex Jones’ age..actually, they often look very much like that. Using a statue of a literal indian god, as a comparison point with a particularly stressed middle aged american man is not exactly a useful comparison.

  20. also: LDL is only a problem if you eat modern refined seed oils like canola, sunflower, soy etc, which oxidise easily. It’s not the LDL packaged cholesterol (from high carb diets) that causes problems, its LDL packaged cholesterol with rancid oxidised seed oils in it. Thats why dutch traditionally have high LDL but low heart attacks, as they eat mostly animal (diary) fats so it’s no issue.

    Its a marker, not the cause. It correlates in standard american diet eating people, because they DO generally eat a lot of seed oils alongside their carbs, so if they get high LDL, it will be partly filled with rancid seed oils, but if you don’t eat those evolutionarily novel and entirely discustingly unhealthy cheap modern filler oils, you will be fine, low or high carb (though one way is easier to maintain weight and has other health benefits)

  21. I tried carnivore for a week and gave up once I started shitting blood. My Mum is a colorectal nurse and says most colorectal doctors she works for are either vegetarian or vegan.

    • If you’re going to eat processed meat, both the iron(II) and the nitrites can probably cause cellular damage that ultimately may lead to cancer. Ideally you’d try to mitigate that by eating fibre-rich stuff with nitrite-free meat.

  22. Yes it’s the meat…

    Definitely not the seed oils, anti depressants, glyphosate covered grains and lack of exercise

  23. “Generally speaking, they try to scare away men, by taking short haircuts with synthetic colors, that resemble those of post-menopausal Dutch women.”

    That was a really fun roast! The rest of the article though, is not so good.

    American men don’t try to appeal to wokies by becoming assholes. Actually, the men who try to appeal to the wokies are unbelieveably feminine, and are complete push-overs. The red pill men you may be speaking about do not like wokies even a little bit, and they are not assholes either. They are just focused on their own purpose. At the same time, attractive women demand masculine men, and unfortunately often end up with assholes. Why is that? Because it’s becoming more of a black-and-white kind of thing. You’re either a complete pushover, or complete asshole. Today it’s harder than ever to be balanced, and virtue is not appreciated any more. In short, toxic masculinity may be toxic, but it’s still masculinity. And often, it’s the only masculinity that is left.

    Alex Jones may be fat, but he is not an idiot. A lot of his “conspiracy theories” have turned out to be true. You should listen to some interviews with the guy, he seems to have a good heart.

    Eating meat has nothing to do with being aggressive or an alpha male. In fact, as everybody will be able to attest, many of the most militant and aggressive people are vegans.

    Being thin is not a matter of fruit, vegetables or meat. It depends on calories.

    Comparing the meat consumption of Indians and Americans is idiotic, they are two entirely different cultures. You are trying to draw causation from correlation. Indians also eat milk products, which are high in animal fats.

    Mice are not people, so please stop trying to translate results of dietary experiments.

    Macaques in nature are vegetarian and are not used to eating high amounts of fat. Humans clearly have a digestive system that allows high amounts of fat to be eaten and digested without issues.

    The burgeoise classes of all of Europe and the US have been eating lots and lots of meat for a long time now. Yes, those who overdid it became obese and sick as a result. But the rest of the population multiplied depending on factors other than diet. Reduction of birth rate is not at all due to meat consumption (how would it?) but due to socioeconomic and cultural factors. Western children are expensive, and people are focused on their individualistic lifestyle. Sure, some are too sick to procreate, and many children are sick from an unhealthy diet. But there’s more to that than just meat.

  24. In this article, the author goes on a witch hunt. The target is meat, and the accusation is that meat consumption alone is responsible for all of modern society’s failings.

    To prove this, the author uses rat studies, the Indian diet, woke people and the birth rate. At one point he reverts to a moralistic-religious plane by claiming that >Godintentionally madecute<, using quite subjective terms in an appeal to emotion rather than intellect.

    In hunting his witch, the author completely fails to realize that rats, humans and macaques have entirely different metabolisms, that "woke" and "alpha male" are terms without any real meaning, that the Indian diet is high in animal fats and that the birth rate in India has essentially halved within the last 70 years, all without significant dietary changes (indeed, milk production has barely caught up with population growth). Animals are cute for the same reason apples contain lots of sugar – because they have been selectively bred, i.e. domesticated. This way, not only the most economically suitable, but also the most visually appearing animals have been chosen to create the subspecies we see today.

    The only valid conclusion to draw from this attempt of mixing pseudo-scientific and emotional appeals is to reject the initial claim. Meat is indeed not responsible for the fall of a society. It may however correlate with it. Meat, as much as sugar and fatty foods, are very satisfying for the human mind. Thus, high meat consumption marks a high degree of luxury, which inevitably brings with it materialism and moral degradation, which ultimately ends in collapse.

    Thus, the author is correct when noting a connection between meat consumption and the fall of societies. However, one only correlates with the other, but does not cause it.

  25. OK then why aren’t the Chinese super ultra woke and mega extinct? They may not eat as much meat on average, but their animal treatment standards are seemingly nonexistent.

  26. I think Rintrah isn’t going far enough:


    And the angel of the lord came unto me
    Snatching me up from my place of slumber
    And took me on high and higher still
    Until we moved to the spaces betwixt the air itself
    And he brought me into a vast farmlands of our own Midwest
    And as we descended, cries of impending doom rose from the soil
    One thousand — nay a million voices full of fear
    And terror possessed me then
    And I begged Angel of the Lord, “what are these tortured screams?”

    And the angel said unto me:
    “These are the cries of the carrots, the cries of the carrots!”

    You see, Reverend Maynard
    Tomorrow is harvest day and to them it is the holocaust

    And I sprang from my slumber drenched in sweat
    Like the tears of one million terrified brothers and roared:

    “Hear me now, I have seen the light!
    They have a consciousness, they have a life, they have a soul!
    Damn you! Let the rabbits wear glasses! Save our brothers!”

    Can I get an amen? Can I get a hallelujah?
    Thank you Jesus

    This is necessary
    This is necessary
    Life feeds on life feeds on life feeds on life feeds on
    This is necessary
    This is necessary
    Life feeds on life feeds on life FEEDS ON LIFE


  27. Lot of rodent examples you give. Rodents are natural grain eaters, humans are, rather obviously, not, and using grains as staple food came pretty late in our development.
    Mouse model might be good for all sorts of things, but nutrition is really the stupidest thing to use mice for to infer how humans should eat.

    Categorizing something as “high fat diet” is useless if you don’t look specifically at what kinds of fats. If they ate inflammatory fats, I’m not surprized if they turn out bad.
    Also, “high fat” is not the same thing as “keto”, eating high saturated fat, for instance, is apparently only a potential problem when you also eat lots of carbs.

    “Isn’t it strange that American children seem to have worse mental and physical health every generation?”

    – no it’s not, look at the ever growing vaccine schedule for children since Reagan’s 1986 pharma deal (what’s it now at, 74 or so?) – there were a bunch of studies apparently showing, from a high vantage point, higher vacced are overall less healthy than lower vacced – now those are heavily disputed, but having gained some glimpse of how these games work lately, I’m not impressed by the smoke & mirrors. Seen a detailed defense of one such study by, IIRC, Matthew Crawford (co author), and it seemed to unmask the BS of the wouldbe takedown of the study by the usual suspects.

    Look at things like putting high fructose corn syrup in everything, and generally in the US very high pharma usage as “of course”, more than in Europe even. Eating antibiotics and food preservatives doesn’t help gut health either.
    And then, a lot of American food is highly processed – again, even more so than in Europe. (or have you experienced what they call cheese… Although, I don’t “believe in dairy”, it’s just an example)
    You highlight meat consumption, but forget soft drinks, snickers, skittles, and all the other crap.

    There are a lot of unhealthy things being done – your picking out one particular aspect doesn’t have to mean a lot.

    Btw., I don’t eat meat myself. I literally have no beef with the issue, lol.
    Your amateur catch-all remote psychoanalysis doesn’t hold for me.

    I just find your random putting together of tidbits of (mostly) rodent nutrition to be not particular meaningful.
    There are studies with humans on ketosis that demonstrate lower inflammation, the brain apparently “liking” ketones better than sugar (for the most part), the necessity to be in ketosis for not gaining fat (high insulin means fat storage).
    Dr Rhonda Patrick, while eating lots of greens, also eats lots of animal stuff, and not much carbs. (IIRC not dairy). She does seem to be doing allright, lol.
    The internet is littered with bloggers who started doing keto and managed to get down to healthy weight like they never managed to do before, “trying everything”, especially “low fat”, lol.

    You once remarked our ancestors didn’t eat lots of coconut oil – well which ancestors. In e.g. Thailand, why not. Not oil per se, but the very fatty coconut. I haven’t checked into how cultivated that thing is, but probably not exactly more than your beloved grain.
    It is only a substitute for animal fats keto guys would otherwise eat, though.

    Btw, grain sucks, and if only because it promotes gum inflammation. Sticky bacteria fooder crap.
    It’s a staple in Europe because common folks had almost nothing else in winter, in e.g. the middle ages.

    But actually, I don’t think “carbs” per se are the devil.
    Processed foods (that includes anything with flour) with high glycemic index + load ar eprobbaly. Or grains because they are not a natural form of carb source for humans. They either have too many antinutrients, or if you strip off everything but carbs and protein, their too high glycemic index and “empty calory”.
    Roots, OTOH, are another story. and to some extent, fruit – but of course todays fruit is all selectively bread towards max sugar concentration.
    And so many things point in the direction that one of the big problems is not either carbs or fat per se, but, next to unnatural forms / sources with those macronutrients, also eating everything willy nilly and lots of everything all the time, whenever, and eating many times a day.

    You mentioned “starvation mode”. Some of it is actually a good thing. That#s a natural state, and needed “repair programs” of the body that helped our ancestors, hardly get activated in most people today in the west, eating all the time.
    See David Sinclair’s book “Lifespan”, or listen to his first of the three occurences on Joe Rogan’s podcast (that one might still be on YT, IIRC it was early 2019)
    If you need an ideological carrot stick to do it, note that Sinclair mentions a way in which red meat consumption potentially increases some aging processes.

  28. A big problem with meat is not the meat itself, but the way it is prepared. Burnt meat and fat is not good, especially when frying with unstable vegetable oils that will oxidize easily.

    I would guess this, along with empty calories such as white bread, fries, crisps, cand and soda bears a much bigger part of the blame for the bad health in the west.

    Vegetables are good, the best way is to grow it yourself (fruits are very sweet, nutrient to cal ratio not that good). Eggs, mushrooms and intestines are good.

    Keep in mind that plants will only contain the nutritional minerals that are present in the soil they are grown in, so supplementing is necessary, including utilizing intestines, wood ashes in the garden, irrigating fields with mineral rich water, etc.

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