Worst doctors in the world kill a Dutch autist

So, I ran into this and it annoyed me. To start with, I have to say I’m not against euthanasia. If you’re stuck in a broken body we can’t repair, fine. If the world around you is completely going to shit, fine. But then there’s this:

A physically healthy, 28-year-old Dutch woman has decided to legally end her life due to her struggles with crippling depression, autism and borderline personality disorder, according to a report.

Zoraya ter Beek, who lives in a small village in the Netherlands near the German border, is scheduled to be euthanized in May — despite being in love with her 40-year-old boyfriend and living with two cats.

Ter Beek, who once aspired to be a psychiatrist, has been dealing with mental health struggles throughout her life.

She said she decided to be euthanized after her doctors told her, “There’s nothing more we can do for you. It’s never gonna get any better,” according to the Free Press.

“I was always very clear that if it doesn’t get better, I can’t do this anymore,” ter Beek said.

Imagine being a doctor who tells his depressed patient: “There’s nothing more we can do for you. It’s never gonna get any better.”

This is just stupid and malpractice. To start with, you could change her name. Nobody should have a name that starts with the letter Z. This is called setting someone up to fail. If you’re a Dutch woman giving birth to a girl, for the love of God, just name her after a flower. Madelief, Jasmijn, Roos, Iris, it’s not hard.

I have been suicidal ever since I was a young child, years before I became vegetarian. It’s just something that tends to go hand in hand with autism, depression and brain inflammation. It’s not that I was dealing with anything unusually horrible. My mind just placed emphasis on other aspects of existence than most people’s minds.

Whether a particular state of life is tolerable is ultimately subjective. You could want to die because you went bald at age twenty, or because you lost a million dollar in the stock market. And yet, someone else who is stuck in a mangled body after surviving a fire could still consider life worth living. That’s ultimately a result of how the brain is programmed.

Our objective conditions have very little to do with whether we are happy or not. People like Kurt Cobain or Lil Peep who seemed to be living the dream from my perspective decided to kill themselves. People stuck in complete pointless misery from my perspective like in Yemen or the Gaza strip want to go on living.

And things that seem like the biggest deal in the world are ultimately just subjective too. Breakups leave me feeling suicidal. But later on, it no longer feels like a big deal. The brain is mostly just programmed to seek out whatever helps it amplify its genes, a failed relationship in a medieval context would have resulted in severe misery and suggested poor fitness of the rejected individual.

In a modern context it just fundamentally means nothing. It probably means you have Android instead of Iphone, or screamed while watching a horror movie together, because women are retarded.

And the nice thing about climate change and the great acceleration is that all the goals we have genetically built into our bodies are now bullshit. “Oh no, I can’t have children because of an injury to my cervix, I’m a dead weight on my tribe.” Well, in a modern context, it means exactly nothing. There is no future. There are eight billion people, on a planet that is rapidly becoming uninhabitable.

This is in fact a huge source of liberation, it liberates you from every religious tradition, every philosophy, every genetic goal built into your brain, every societal norm. You feel ashamed because you’re too depressed and autistic to sit in a cubicle so you receive a welfare check? Well, your society isn’t even able to keep the planet habitable.

They’re not even doing the basic minimum attempt to keep it habitable. They put chickens, pigs and cows in cages and breed super-virulent influenza so that all the wild birds start dying, they fly around the world, they let billionaires build half a billion dollar yachts. What obligation do you really owe to a society like that?

But people internalize societal norms or judgments and let this affect their self-image. “The guy I lost my virginity to went on Tinder while we were still laying in bed.” Yeah that feels like the worst thing in the world at 20. But everything is arbitrary. If you do everything you’re supposed to do, you marry young, you go to church, you spend your whole life with the same partner, you’ll run into the opposite problem. You’ll wonder if the grass is greener elsewhere, you start to get used to each other, you grow frustrated and bored.

If you live in the Arab world it would be miserable, but in the West, there’s always a sick freak like yours sincerely out there, who likes the idea that his girlfriend had sex with eight different guys and all of them had a smaller dick. I would much rather have a girlfriend who is the life of the party, who all the guys lust for, who enjoys flirting, who knows how to entertain people. The BASED CHAD ALPHA MALES can have their tradwives. Almost everything we worry about is subjective.

But of course you tend to get stuck in a particular mindset as a human being. That is what causes misery. Your brain has certain priors about how the world should be and when it sees those priors being contradicted by reality, it grows distressed:


Yes, I know brain. Our tribe is disappearing and another tribe is taking over our territory, which is terrible from a Darwinian perspective, it’s exactly what males like me are designed by natural selection to prevent from happening, so you are sending an instinctive distress signal, resulting in anger, frustration, paranoia and depression in me.

But here’s what you don’t know brain. Our species has swollen to eight billion individuals. We weigh more than all the wild mammals on Earth. We’re headed towards four degree Celsius of warming worldwide by 2100 and almost double that on land. Malaria and Dengue are going to conquer Europe. The fossil fuels, the copper ores, the aquifers, the rock phosphate, the topsoil, all this stuff has been exhausted. The forests have been destroyed, the beautiful animals are going extinct.

You my dear brain, are designed to worry about our role in the future. But the global future has already been lost, so worrying about our role within it is pointless. The most cruel thing we can now do to Achmed is to let him figure out for himself how to deal with the category six Hurricanes and the megatsunamis triggered by underwater landslides, without any racist white people around to help him. But that doesn’t mean euthanasia, right now it just means not reproducing.

If at some point tens of thousands of years from now, the climate heals and temperatures drop again, racist white people will just re-evolve from whatever brown people had the misfortune of living through the bottleneck. Don’t worry about it.

Moreso than just directly reproducing, your job from a Darwinian perspective is to preserve and if possible expand the niche that allowed you to come into existence. The boomers completely failed at that, they did not even come close, so now I have been liberated from responsibility.

And you would be able to figure this sort of shit out on your own, if you took some drugs. Whatever you’re dealing with, that makes you feel as if you’re dealing with some uniquely terrible unbearable condition, is almost certainly an outgrowth of a brain that is stuck on certain priors that are ultimately arbitrary and improper for your context.

Don’t tell me you’ve tried everything and don’t let some 112 IQ hypersocial conscientious doctor tell you he tried everything too.

-Have you ever taken Ketamine?

-Have you ever taken Psilocybe mushrooms?

-Have you ever taken Ayahuasca?

-Have you ever taken vaporized DMT?

-Have you ever taken MDMA or 2CB at a party?

-Have you ever taken vaporized 5-Meo-DMT?

-Have you ever taken Scopolamine/Datura Innoxia?

-Have you ever taken Mescaline in nature during the summer?

-Have you ever taken a microdose of Datura Innoxia, together with Mescaline?

-Have you ever taken Salvia Divinorum?

-Have you ever taken Arketamine (esketamine sucks)?

-Have you ever vaped a strong Indica, high in pinene?

-Have you ever taken Aztec tobacco?

You tried all of this and still want do die? Well sweet, now you have nothing to lose. So what exactly, stops you from taking some heroin? Just the purest bliss of happiness, that fucks up your body, that is going to end up killing you eventually. But it’s the best feeling of the world. And I never tried it yet, because I still want to have a future. But if you don’t want to have a future anymore, what stops you?

None of this has to be expensive either. Twenty dollars and you can see creepy clowns in a giant factory, where your whole reality is just a small box moving around on a conveyor belt. Oh, that sounds terrible? Well I’m going to hazard a guess here and say that after the whole thing is over, you’re going to spend your time worrying about other stuff than you normally worry about. Your nose is too long? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it will move down on your list of priorities.

Is any of this going to turn you into a functional member of society? Probably not. But it’s a vast improvement over telling your family and friends that you’re going to be euthanized by a doctor because you’re too miserable.

You don’t even have to be a functional member of society. Our society insists on filling this country to the brim with people who just make it worse, who push train personnel off the stairs, so now we need security guards in the train to make sure there are no youths™® throwing the personnel off the stairs.

This country is filled to the brim with people who are just utter misery to the rest of us, so if you simply exist as an autistic depressed woman who costs ~2000 Euro a month in disability payments, NOBODY IS GOING TO CARE IT’S PERFECTLY FINE. In fact, as there’s apparently a forty year old guy who gets to fuck a 28 year old non-obese woman every once in a while, or at least gets to inhale the youthful scent emanating from her hair, nether region and armpits, I’m pretty sure you bring more joy into this world than half the country’s population.

Sorry, just saying it like it is.


  1. It will play out exactly like DNR. At first it was the patient’s decision. Now it is the doctor’s decision, without consulting the patient. Elderly + comorbidity = DNR.

    The thin end of the wedge is the same. At first the person gets to decide. Later on, the system gets to decide whether you get (in)voluntarily suicide.

  2. Yeah, there are treatable causes for depression. In this particular case her obituary mentions that she had cats. Toxoplasmosis is a parasite which can be acquired by pet cats who are allowed to roam free and they can transmit it to their owners. Toxoplasmosis can cause severe depression. This particular case could well be due to socialized medicine

  3. >Our species has swollen to eight billion individuals.

    In fact there are about 500million of our species (if you go by wikipedia, which probably has quite…lax standards about the count), which is approximately the Georgia guidestone figure. Kind of makes you think.

    • “In fact there are about 500million of our species (if you go by wikipedia”

      What? I don’t think so.

      In fact, Wikipedia says 8 billion: In world demographics, the world population is the total number of humans currently living. It was estimated by the United Nations to have exceeded eight billion in mid-November 2022. It took around 300,000 years of human prehistory and history for the human population to reach a billion and only 222 years more to reach 8 billion.

      So, there it is – 8 billion

      Eight billion consumers, all wanting a monster truck, electrical devices, a cruise on to Hawaii for a holiday, etc.

      We are victims of our own success/excess.

  4. Yeah us autists have it tough, the future looks pretty bleak unfortunately.

    But I try and take inspiration from fellow autists who have persevered despite facing trials and tribulations through their lives.

    Like this guy, an autistic man named Richard Crim, who does REALLY good climate analysis:


    If you scroll about halfway down that article, he describes his background and life story. He’s done and seen it all. Multiple divorces, Navy SEAL, traumatic brain injury, sister died of overdose, brother murdered his family, worked for NSA, Ph.D in Anthropology, knew Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

    Steve Kirsch is another guy I look up to a lot who is presumably on the spectrum. Destroyed his career and lost all his friends because he spoke the truth about the vaccine. He is a hero.

    And of course, Dr. Michael Burry.

    • Our host also helps keep things interesting.

      I was musing the other day about how I am here, reading this obscure blog, when I hadn’t even elevated to front of mind (I’m presuming I registered him subconsciously at some stage) this Orthodox priest who has 1.5 billion hits on his various posts: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/australian-government-orders-facebook-and-x-remove-muslim-knife-attack-video

      These Orthodox guys are pretty cool. They seem more switched on than the Catholics etc. And that priest is gonna have some serious street cred now that he has a few scars.

      It’s a pity that the various Orthodox churches all seem like clubs for various nationalities (Assyrian, Serbian, Greek, etc.), otherwise I’d probably think hard about joining one of them.

      • I bet scarface would have some frank advice to offer Dutch girl who are offering themselves to Moloch.

        She mightn’t like it, but at least he’d be honest about it.

        Whereas our secular authorities can’t lie straight in bed. Seems like our whole modern world is built on lies. Not surprising really – the Lord of this World being the Prince of Lies or what have you.

        • > It’s a pity…
          Yeah, it used to be true (and maybe in Australia still is, bc of their huge numbers).
          Now, one of the best things happening to Orthodoxy, is that natives (Europeans, Americans) are discovering it. E.g. look for Fr. Andrew Damick, who is totally like ye here, with Scot, Lithuanian etc. ancestry, lives in America, loves Tolkien, Old English etc. I also admire a certain Nathanael Kuchenberg, for his philomathy, who is a half Jewish young American, who homeschooled.. He is also (like Fr. Andrew) in the Antioch Patriarchate, which has deep roots in America.
          And a very interesting Dutch artist, who reposed last year, Jozef van den Berg. I think he is praying for us.

          • Nice message, but don’t retaliate?

            Hmmm. . .

            What if you get your retaliation in first?


            Not even then?


            It’s a hard row to hoe this Christianity business. No small thing at all.

            But isn’t it just that little bit difficult not to admire people with the courage of their convictions?

  5. “To start with, I have to say I’m not against euthanasia. If you’re stuck in a broken body we can’t repair, fine.”

    Then you don’t believe in Karma?

    Karma won’t go away by ending life by euthanasia – it will strike again with greater intensity.

  6. “Our tribe is disappearing and another tribe is taking over our territory, which is terrible from a Darwinian perspective, it’s exactly what males like me are designed by natural selection to prevent from happening”

    Darwin is being proved wrong?

    Brown people are fitter to survive than white people? They evolved better?

    Rad, if you were really smart and rational, you would look deeply into the frauds masquerading as science in the last two centuries with their faked evidences.

        • We have learned, through science, that the universe is cosmically indifferent.

          A bat can devolve into a shrew, etc. 

          It’s basically about what happens to be best adapted to the circumstances, which can change, there’s no great story about going from strength to strength at all.

          One moment having a giant brain is a useful adaptation, the next it dooms the species.

          So, it goes.

          If you happen to believe that.

    • >Darwin is being proved wrong?
      Brown people are fitter to survive than white people? They evolved better?
      Rad, if you were really smart and rational, you would look deeply into the frauds masquerading as science in the last two centuries with their faked evidences.

      Yeah, notions about who or what is “fitter”, or what “evolution” is “aiming for” or “striving for” are they themselves also subjective value judgements.

      From a purely logical perspective, what Nature “wants” is “whatever physically survives and outcompetes”.

      Aesthetic judgements about “beauty” and such are simply that part of our Consciousness bequeathed to us by Sophia, and is the Divine Spark within us that lets us know “something ain’t right with this world” (should we choose to listen to it)

      A ruthlessly dispassionate appraisal of the nature of Nature (and its evolutionary process) would conclude that the overriding principle is “Survival At Any Price”, bereft of all considerations of morality, Justice, beauty, etc.

      This is why Tryptie is right and Radagast is wrong. Radagast is still suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome towards his cherished Nature that many others also suffer from.

      Not until a critical mass of people recognize the HUGE PSYOP OF ALL PSYOPS CON they’ve been placed in will things change.

  7. Maybe she wants to kill herself due to depression. But maybe it is instead due to her borderline personality disorder. Perhaps she is really, really angry and wants to punish society for being so horrible. What better way than a long, drawn out, public suicide, especially if you are a young and attractive female. It reminds me of the build-up to Evel Knievel’s jump, so many years ago, or maybe Geraldo Rivera opening Al Capone’s tomb. She might not be aware that that is her motivation, however.

  8. “In fact, as there’s apparently a forty year old guy who gets to fuck a 28 year old non-obese woman every once in a while….”

    There you go. The government should deem this woman a vital natural resource and put her to work as a sex worker and make her tax donkey like the rest of the non-bruin Dutch folk.

  9. It’s the civilization, stupid!
    If this girl lived, for example, here @(30°S, 64°W), I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be depressed at all. Nice weather, lots of sun and nature. But it is a “challenge” to survive with your own hands. You just don’t have time to think about your mental health…

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