XBB.1*: The variant family that has learned how to use vaccine imprinting to its own advantage

Vaccination with vaccines that fail to stop transmission affects the evolutionary dynamics of pandemics. If you vaccinate someone three times with a particular variant of a virus, you can expect that a variant will eventually evolve, that figures out how to abuse original antigenic sin to its own advantage.

To explain once more, original antigenic sin is the phenomenon where the sort of antibody response deployed against a virus depends on the first exposure to said virus. If a new version of the virus then infects you, the antibody response you produce will be a derivative of the first response you made. This can be a less effective response, than if you had never been exposed to that virus before.

And that brings us to the XBB.1* family of variants, which are about 90% of all cases detected around the world these days. Thanks to a new study, we now know how this family of variants managed to take over the world: They have figured out how to abuse our immune system’s original antigenic sin mechanism to a maximal extent.

A number of animals were vaccinated, others were not, then the scientists infected them with different Omicron variants and checked whether the animals would still deploy a proper antibody response against those variants. And here you have the picture that shows you what they found:

On the left we see B.1.1. We see that both vaccinated and unvaccinated animals develop a proper antibody response after infection. Second from left we see BA.2. Unvaccinated animals develop a stronger antibody response than the vaccinated, but the difference is not very large. For BQ.1.1 the difference is bigger, that’s where we see a problem emerge: A number of the vaccinated animals just don’t produce any measurable neutralizing antibodies at all.

And then we arrive at the ugly part. They infected the animals with XBB.1. The unvaccinated animals deploy a normal antibody response against XBB.1 as a response. But the vaccinated ones don’t. Their antibody response is non-detectable in the majority of the animals. We also see that in the unvaccinated animals, the response against XBB.1 also works against XBB.1.5, suggesting protection from rapid reinfection in a real world scenario. In the vaccinated animals, the response against XBB.1.5 is also non-detectable.

In other words, the XBB.1* family is the family that figured out our collective hole in our shield against viruses, the nasty little place on the spectrum where our antibody response can’t block Spike because we’re just constantly deploying slightly mutated antibodies derived from our original response to the Wuhan spike protein. The evolution towards XBB.1*, is the evolution towards maximal use of the original antigenic sin humanity imposed upon itself.

The authors write:

These observations suggest that the induction of antiviral humoral immunity against a SARS-CoV-2 variant of infection is attenuated by comparatively-ancestral vaccine inoculation prior to infection.

In other words, if it wasn’t painfully obvious yet, mass vaccination was an act of borrowing from the future. The body has just become unable to deploy a proper antibody response against the XBB.1* family, it’s deploying the old junk from the Wuhan spike exposures, with some minor adjustments for subsequent breakthrough infections. And XBB.1.5 and its close relatives effectively represent the sort of Spike protein that escapes neutralization by such antibodies.

This study is not affected by the healthy vaccinee bias that most of the studies used by the industry to shill their products suffer from. Here we’re just looking at what happens at a molecular level, rather than comparing apples to oranges.

And I know nobody cares anymore, I know everyone has moved on. I also know the excess mortality has largely come to a halt. The virus is also largely missing now from sewage in most places.

But I think we’re dealing with a silence before the storm. It’s clear beyond any reasonable doubt now that these low IQ hypersocial conscientious morons have broken the population’s immune response: People are deploying antibodies, against Spike, from B cells that were activated by T cells that saw epitopes of the Wuhan spike protein. And because the morons gave everyone the mRNA junk, those antibodies become tolerogenic (IgG2 and IgG4).

We’re not dropping dead yet in droves, because people also have antibodies against non-Spike epitopes now and a CD8 T cell response against those epitopes, thanks to constant infections. But the response against Spike induced by these vaccines has become worse than useless: It has prohibited a proper response to Spike. Importantly, as I have amply documented, you would expect that these increasingly useless antibodies people deploy prohibited the NK cells from learning to do their job.

What’s happening now with the circulating XBB.1* descendants is that they’re changing all the other non-Spike genes. Some of that will serve to escape the CD8 T cells that try to kill infected cells, but more importantly, a lot of the changes are just meant to avoid the innate immune response.

Particularly, these mutations we see now are mostly meant to deal with the fact that a cell that is infected tries to ring all the alarm bells and draw attention to itself from the circulating white blood cells of the immune system.

What you can expect as a result is growing virulence. We don’t really have any reason to believe we’re selecting against virulence. If the virus evolves to stop your infected cells from ringing the alarm bells, it takes your immune system longer to figure out it’s time to get active. And if that takes longer, that means the virus can spread to more cells, requiring a far more aggressive immune response to get the situation under control.

The solution to that problem are the NK cells: They can recognize an infected cell is producing Spike proteins very early, they have special receptors to detect viral glycoproteins. But if you were vaccinated, your early infections constantly recalled those neutralizing antibodies against Spike, preventing the NK cells from learning to join the fight.

You would expect this to become a problem, as new versions of SARS2 now figure out how to make the infected cells stop sending distress signals (type I and III interferon and the downstream interferon induced signals) that attract the immune system. The NK cells would still recognize those infected cells on their own without needing the cell itself to raise these distress signals.

But… the NK cells are not there if they did not learn to join the fight during previous infections. That means they never got to proliferate themselves and take up residence in the tissues where SARS2 shows up. Instead you have the B cells and the T cells (the adaptive branch of the immune system) to fight SARS2, but those cells will only come into action in response to signals that they need to get active. If the infected cells themselves fail to send those signals because the virus got very sneaky, the NK cells need to be sending those signals.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think I have a bit of a track record by now. I think I’ve clearly illustrated by now that they broke people’s immune response with these shit vaccines. I’ve demonstrated by now that the antibody response people now deploy against Spike is just improper, the wrong tool for the job.

This study here just further illustrates what I warned about, the problem of original antigenic sin and how a virus will just evolve to abuse original antigenic sin to its own advantage. It is now very clear that this has happened: XBB.1* is the sort of virus that abuses original antigenic sin induced by the vaccines against wuhan spike.

And what I warned you was going to happen back in 2021 has now been proven too: Eventually you would get versions of SARS2 that will make it more likely for vaccinated people to get infected than the unvaccinated.

And so I just want to make it clear here, that I think you’re going to witness increasing intrinsic virulence, as a result of evolution towards improved Interferon antagonism in the months ahead. It seems that Africa is quite protected against SARS2, because malaria infection seems to induce an NK cell response that’s also reactive against SARS2. In malaria, the NK cells get active even before the CD4 T cells.

Here’s my recommendation:

-Eat a healthy plant based diet.

-Consistently exercise, especially jogging on a treadmill.

-Eat natto high in nattokinase.

This is the best advice I can think of. I don’t know how you would go about repairing the NK cell response to SARS2, I can’t tell people to go off and get infected with malaria.

I’ve said many times before that this stuff needs to be studied: These low IQ hypersocial conscientious morons injected people’s children with their holy elixir. You want to know whether this has interfered with the NK cell response to SARS2.

Right now we just don’t know for sure. And nobody is studying it. We can only guess and speculate. If it’s true that the NK cell response is missing and if it’s true that SARS2 is evolving towards increased innate immune antagonism, then in the months ahead you would expect to see the start of the great unmasking: The discovery that these morons destroyed the most vital tool the body has to rapidly recognize the signs of an infection before the virus can spread.


  1. Not everyone has “moved on.”

    Never a day goes by without me, for one, wanting to see the covid believers all drop dead in gigantic heaps until all of the cities reek of decay for 100 miles in every direction.

    I want to see every covid believer rotting in a mass grave, down to the last man, woman, and child, which is why your posts along this line of inquiry make my days better.

    • >Never a day goes by without me, for one, wanting to see the covid believers all drop dead in gigantic heaps until all of the cities reek of decay for 100 miles in every direction.

      Yeah what seems to have happened is that you’re traumatized.

      Society essentially responded to a new virus with “well, from now on it’s not possible anymore to engage in social interaction”.

      What made it even more traumatizing is that there wasn’t really any clear indication this time came from a lab.

      It just seemed as if a bunch of cowardly middle-aged people were going to turn social interaction into a thing of the past, to buy themselves a few more years of life. And because they called it the “new normal”, they were implying it would last forever.

      And every hypersocial conscientious midwit was going along with it. My own brother worked for the bureaucracy and just declared that “the social contract has changed”.

      That’s traumatizing.

      I don’t think I’m the right person to decide who gets to live and die. But I doubt we’ll have more than 8 billion people for very long.

  2. Thank you. More good information and analysis. A lot of posters make this remark and I’ll say it again. You are correct. I appreciate being able to read and digest your insights on this topic.

    btw this piece puts to rest the suggestion that Gomez is gone and replaced by bot/AI. (At least for this piece haha)

    • Given the general decline in birth rates (i find the declining birth rates much harder to attribute to an interaction of Covid and the vaccine than the increasing mortality rates) since 2021 I wouldn’t be so sure these were really placebos, it is clear however that there were some batches which were tolerated much worse than others.

  3. Bill Gates and the vaccine
    Bill Gates, mosquitos and malaria
    Ivermectin, banned in many palces, fights malaria + Covid (yes/no).
    Malaria good for NK cells
    Florida getting malaria – on purpose or accident or just the way it always was?
    Things that make you go hmmm!

  4. Although I’m not vaccinated, I feel me destroyed. Not only because I was ejected from society, which really traumatized me to realize the only place I was allowed to go, was the supermarket.
    Since a year I have a chronic illnes with dry coughing and half-deaf ears, as if there’s an infection which I can’t defeat. I never had an illness that long. I should eat natto and live healthy, but I smoke weed like mad and are on the best way to become an alcoholic. It’s like I have started to slowly dying.

    • It is at least possible that you are mainly depressed. Can you take something like low dose methylene blue (you need to make sure it doesn’t interact with other things you take), which acts as a MAOI and is also an antiviral? And maybe if your mood improves you can look into other antivirals, along with nattokinase. And even see a doctor, just in case. It is silly to become an alcoholic at this early stage of the plague.

      I am a middle aged lady so I love the supermarket. I read the ingredient lists and check each onion carefully for soft spots. When we finally have the plague for real I won’t be able to do that. However, you will be able to go to clubs then, since everyone will be dying and that’s when you’ll want to drink, not now. Save your liver for the grand finale.

    • Mate,
      After being on several crowded flights I felt like what you describe for maybe 2-3 weeks. Without the cough but like really being under the weather and feeling quite depressed and having a blurred focus on everything I do. Then Radagast suggested here that Nicotine competes with the Spike for the same receptors in the brain so I took some Nicotine pouches (non tabac nicotine delivery) and it got a lot better fast. I was also taking Nattokinase, Vit D, Quercetin and even some IVM. Maybe just a coincidence, but the Nicotine felt like the missing ingredient that completed the protocol.

  5. Looks like all the pieces are falling into place now. Look at the recent Japan surge and their covid death chart since 2020. There is no reason to believe that the situation is very different here in Europe, only that we don’t test anymore. It certainly would explain part of the excess mortality here.
    A new paper on glycosylation dropped this week as well (s. Geert’s twitter) and it is very much in line with what he has been predicting. So I doubt that the virus will just disappear, now that it has so many options to increase its fitness. Very crazy stuff, and the mass denial is ever increasing day by day xD

  6. I read early on that the reason that the N terminal domain was not chosen as the target for the vaccine (even though it seemed like the obvious target because it is conserved across variants to a greater degree than the spike protein), was because in early attempts at mRNA vaccines, targeting N led invariably to ADE. But if I understand you, vaccinated people are pretty much being stuck at this point being protected via their antibodies to the N domain. So they are in the same position as if the vaccine had been designed to target the N domain.

    • Well, as Blackadder uttered when he finally realised that he was about to go over the top in WW1: “Bugger!”

      Thanks for the heads up. I would go in search of Geert’s tweet but Musk has locked out all us non-conforming non-account users. I will just watch some re-runs of Charlton Heston and Will Smith playing the last man alive (Omega Man/I Am Legend) looking for tips… and stock up a bottle of Woodford Reserve bourbon for the end of the Western World show.

  7. Thank you very much for providing us with these excellent blogs, much appreciated. This is all very concerning, indeed. I live in Ireland which had one of, if not the highest vaccine uptake rate in the EU (~90% eligible adults vaccinated with very high booster rate also). On top of this, we have very high obesity rates, very high rates of vitamin D deficiency (due to northern latitude and rainy climate) and woefully inadequate public healthcare service (one of the lowest hospital bed per capita rates in EU).

    So if these predictions of you and Dr. Geert come true (highly virulent ADE variant) just how bad will things get in Ireland? A death toll in the hundreds of thousands, even millions? (Current population is 5 million.) Is it possible to speculate on how high the infection fatality rate (IFR) will be in the vaccinated for this doomsday variant? And for the unvaccinated, will the IFR be comparable to that of the original strain out of Wuhan, China (~0.1%)?

    • I’m not sure. I still think it’s also possible we end up with a slow kill scenario: Everyone ends up with dementia within 10 years because of the failed vaccination campaign.

      • How could it take as long as ten years? I just got an email from my husband’s cousin. Her ten year old granddaughter presently has covid for the third time (“mild symptoms”). The kid has had both of the regular covid shots and also two bivalent boosters. The mother is a college professor and a real shot believer; I know a lot of such people who are still giving their kids boosters and getting boosters themselves.

        • I don’t know how long it takes. The evidence is pretty clear there is brain damage accumulating in the population. The evidence is also pretty clear that reinfections are not harmless (hence what we see in Okinawa right now).

          But I have no idea how to reliably estimate the long term impact.

    • @Wren: March 2023, Dr. Bossche himself reluctantly but clearly said in one interview that when it happen (in the matter of months), the death_toll could be about 1/3 of the population, not a zero point number like the original covid

  8. Natto is revolting. Let’s suggest people take nattokinase supplements as an alternative.

    Also, get back on Twitter.

  9. “I doubt we’ll have more than 8 billion people for very long.”

    What do you think about the “turbo cancer” stuff?

    I didn’t care initially when this made rounds in anti-vax circles because it seemed too abstract and hard to prove, while the cardiovascular side effects were pretty concrete and trivial.

    But I’m now seeing a bunch of cancer cases from family, neighbors and friends.
    One lady from my apartment building told me her husband was perfectly healthy, but shortly after taking the vaccine (she spontaneously threw it into the conversation implying she thinks it’s related, although I avoided this topic entirely) he was coughing up blood and immediately had to remove what was a lung tumor.

    Also been hearing from friends who had minor cardiac disturbances at the time of the vax that symptoms of tachycardia or bradycardia are randomly returning years later.

    Whether it’s from reinfections, supervariant, infertiliy, dementia, heart failure or cancer, seems like short selling the global population is the obvious trade here.

    • I generally don’t think it’s a good idea to inject human being with synthetic mRNA, with strange nucleotides like N1-Methylpseudouridine from archae inserted into it in an attempt to fool your own cells into not recognizing the mRNA as alien.

      It’s asking for problems. They were intervening in things we just don’t understand. It’s peak techno-optimism. Ultimately it’s almost as disrespectful towards nature as abusing animals or changing the atmosphere.

      It wouldn’t shock me if it can cause cancer, but this is just not a topic I have studied sufficiently to have anything very useful to say on it.

        • Yeah it’s all possible. But the thing is, cancer mainly tends to hit at old age for a reason: Cancerous cells are continually generated, your body removes them. It’s when the immune system declines in old age, when we struggle to remove these cells. When cancer does hit at a young age, it tends to be in people born with genetic defects in cells throughout their body, in which case it can hit early.

          The interesting thing with radiation exposure is that you often don’t really see an increase in cancer, rather you see an increase in cardiovascular disease. For example, after Chernobyl, the increase in cardiovascular disease from radiation exposure at an earlier age largely masked the increase in cancer from that same radiation.

          To say that something “potentially” has a “causal link” to “numerous disorders” “including” “tumorigenesis” is insufficient to prove to me this will be a significant problem. So I’m not going to touch it.

          It’s just a far more complex subject than figuring out whether this vaccination strategy made sense from a Darwinian perspective or not. I said it didn’t back in 2021, against widespread consensus among people and institutes that had spent far more years studying this stuff and I got it right.

  10. No idea if the following is relevant, just contributing a data point to our collective “stone soup”:

    China says 239 people died from COVID-19 in June in a significant uptick

    Also, at https://covid19.sccgov.org/dashboard-wastewater , Palo Alto is showing an uptick. Keep in mind that the Palo Alto region includes Stanford University, which may have had summer quarter students coming in June. By contrast, Gilroy is rural and likely less jabbed.

  11. Yeah the last time we tried making a vaccine against a respiratory virus with only the spike-protein it didn’t go so well:

    Incidentally, another paper attempting to immunize against that highly-airborne coronavirus goes on to explain that when an experimental spike-protein only vaccine was tried against a highly-airborne feline coronavirus – immunoglobulin was thrown out of wack and 80% of the kittens it was administered to died inside a month. But don’t worry, Big Pharma has crossed its collective fingers and is hoping really, really hard that this exact same phenomenon doesn’t occur at some point down the road within human populations vaccinated with a spike-protein only vaccine against our novel highly-airborne coronavirus.”


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