You are incapable of recognizing propaganda

Just as the greatest trick the devil ever pulled is to convince people he does not exist, the greatest trick that propagandists ever pulled was to convince you that you are able to recognize propaganda. You’re not. There is nothing that propagandists love more than to point out propaganda to you, because that leads you to think you recognize it.

What’s that you say? That account registered on Twitter a month ago with a profile picture of a good looking Asian woman who loves sex is an AI bot run by someone trying to make money? Well gee, color me surprised!

I’m sure happy that people only use AI to earn a buck! That allows me to make sure I’m just being targeted for money, instead of subtly being manipulated! AI is definitely not being used by China, Iran or Russia, to influence our geopolitical views, by trying to generate the impression of widespread consensus about diplomatic relations! AI is definitely not being used to demoralize Americans! AI is definitely not being used to make American youth hate their own country! No, American teenagers are praising bin Laden because that’s the cool thing to do!

No, the TikTok algorithms are not manipulated by China to favor their geopolitical interests! That’s a conspiracy theory! China would never do that. What’s that you say? An account on TikTok that posts 1,022 videos, that are all encouraging teenagers to feel depressed and commit suicide? All of these videos posted over the span of HALF A YEAR? Oh that’s perfectly normal behavior.

Look, TikTok is just bad at moderating content. That’s why American teenagers cut off their breasts, inject hormones of the opposite gender, want to have surgically crafted fake penises and fake vaginas, overdose on Benadryl, think bin Laden is a hero and commit suicide at record rates. A communist government would never use social media to wage psychological warfare against its main competitor! That’s ridiculous! They’re just really bad at moderating content!

I can recognize the propaganda from sixty years ago, it was so obvious! That means I can definitely recognize the propaganda of today! What’s that you say? We’re in an evolutionary arms race with propaganda, our brains get better at recognizing it while state actors also get better at producing it? That’s ridiculous!

I would never fall for propaganda, now let me finish eating my bacon and eggs, a very traditional American breakfast! What’s that you say? The whole thing has no organic history at all? People only began eating eggs and bacon as breakfast, after Edward Bernays invented the breakfast because the animal industry was struggling to sell its products? They had to teach us to eat this stuff?

Well color me shocked but I’ve had enough for today, I’m just going to sing some Christmas songs to my kids now, like Rudolph the Rednose reindeer, that’s my traditional American culture, my mom sang it to me and her grandmother sang it to her. What’s that you say? The whole song was invented to promote a department store? Is anything real? Is anything organic? You’re telling me that yesterday’s propaganda is today’s culture?

Well then I’m going to revolt against this disgusting modern world and become a Traditionalist Catholic, because propaganda did not exist before the industrial revolution! What’s that you say? Paul came up with the idea that we are saved through faith in Jesus? Wait, hell as a place of eternal torture doesn’t show up in the Bible? Wait a second, you’re telling me that Jews believe in reincarnation? But Hieronymus Bosch was definitely just painting hellscapes because he had a mental illness! What, his paintings were commissioned? We can’t distinguish between his paintings and those of his employees in his workshop? But the churches are so beautiful, with the creepy gargoyles on the outside and the paintings of the saints on the inside!

No, the cathedrals are not just medieval state of the art propaganda, they’re MY CULTURE! Wait, you’re saying that propaganda eventually becomes culture? Well fortunately I can just go onto the Internet and find a truthseeker’s blog that exposes all the propaganda I’m exposed to. Wait a second? You’re telling me that exposing other people’s propaganda, is in itself a form of propaganda? So Memri, those guys who always show the ridiculous cartoons Palestinian children are brainwashed with to make them hate Jews, is still propaganda, because it exposes propaganda? Wait, Memri was created by an Israeli ex-intelligence officer?

I knew those evil Zionists are good at propaganda! But their propaganda works by exposing bad Palestinian propaganda! Fortunately only the Jews are clever enough for that! What, random two month old accounts on Twitter constantly bringing up the USS Liberty? No that’s not propaganda. They’re just based antizionists exposing how we are all asleep and brainwashed!

Russia Today and Press TV are just really interested in exposing the truth, that’s why they have 9/11 Truth documentaries and point out other false flags. Wait, what are the Russian Apartment bombings? Wait you’re telling me the FSB was caught with explosives in an apartment, claimed it was an exercise and then apartment complexes in Russia stopped blowing up? But those were blown up by Chechen terrorists! Vladimir Putin is based and trad and anti-globalist and anti-WEF, he would never kill his own citizens!

Wait you’re telling me Russian politicians who looked into it died mysteriously? And the FSB agent Litvinenko who was poisoned in the UK called the apartment bombings out as a false flag? IMPOSSIBLE, ONLY EVIL AMERICANS AND ZIONISTS COMMIT FALSE FLAG ATTACKS!

What I want you to consider may sound like a radical idea to some of you. But I want you to consider the distinct possibility, that if you’re an American who somehow always finds himself taking the exact opposite position on every issue that his government takes, it might not be because you’re such a clever critical thinker who sees through all his government’s propaganda. It might be because you feel disenfranchised from your society due to your own low socioeconomic status and as a result become susceptible to propaganda from other countries.

Well, alright, so everything is propaganda and everything is fake and after enough time we treat it as real and grow attached to it. And propaganda just became cheaper to mass produce thanks to artificial intelligence and social media now gives governments the opportunity to expose us to propaganda that seems like it originates from our own friends, because governments control the algorithms.

So what are we supposed to believe? What do “THEY” want us to believe? Well there’s the thing. Everyone wants you to believe something else. American fossil fuel moguls in the 80’s and 90’s were really eager to have you believe there is no such thing as man-made climate change. They were so succesful that it became a low status white male dogma in the United States.

Believing in climate change is enough to make a Republican unelectable. But Russians on the other hand, are quite eager to remind Europeans there is such a thing as man-made climate change. If you’re a European environmentalist and don’t want natural gas from fracking, Russia will gladly help your protest out.

But racism is really bad, right? At least that’s real, right? Well, Russia agrees. In America that is. In America it’s the worst thing in the world, so they quite happily fund Black Lives Matter. Even Nazi Germany agreed that American racism is the worst thing ever. Here you have Nazi propaganda, depicting the Americans as guilty of lynching negroes:

And here we have Nazi Germany depicting Americans as members of the Ku Klux Klan:

If you are an ethnic minority in your country, you can be quite sure that your country’s enemies are convinced you are a victim of racism and they will help convince you of that too. Even if those enemies are literal nazis. In fact, Nazi Germany was more eager to ally itself with Native Americans than with German Americans and promised them an independent state. Japan too promoted itself as engaged in an anti-colonial struggle to unite Asians.

So how do you know that YOU are on the right side of history, if even the “bad guys” will accuse the “good guys” of racism? Well, if the bad guys are openly planning a genocide, then at least you know you’re on the good side. And if someone tells you country X is planning a genocide, opposing country X makes you one of the good guys, right?

Well that’s probably what many Germans thought during the second world war, because Goebbels got on the radio and told them that Jews in the United States were planning to exterminate the Germans through mass sterilization, after which the country would be divided between Poland, France, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Alright, but Goebbels was clearly lying, right? So if your government is telling you you’re at risk of suffering genocide, but you can figure out they’re lying, you’re still going to be one of the good guys, right?

Except Goebbels wasn’t lying. Theodore N. Kaufman in the United States really published a book in 1941 called Germany Must Perish!, arguing for the genocidal eradication of Germans through mass sterilization. Kaufman was an obscure figure who had an obsession with mass sterilization, he originally wanted the American population sterilized too. I know that, because I have Internet.

But tell me, when you’re a German in 1941 and Goebbels and Hitler tell you there’s a book by an American Jew that’s proposing mass sterilization of the entire German population, what do you believe? When you’re told that Jews in Germany have to wear a yellow star because they’re complicit in this plot, what do you believe? Are you going to go on the barricades to stop them?

And when you’re told they have to be deported to concentration camps because of this plot, what do you believe? Remember, you don’t have Wikipedia to look up who Theodore Kaufman is exactly. You have a little radio that you listen to in the dark, perhaps with the sounds of explosions in the background.

In fact, what your government tells you is that the Jews have to go to concentration camps, to protect them from the righteous fury of the German people. The Jews have to be protected for their own safety, you are told, from angry German people who were told there’s a Jewish plot to sterilize every German woman and man.

Now note what I’m not arguing: I’m not arguing the Holocaust didn’t happen, or was somehow justified. I’m not even arguing Germans did not know that Jews were subjected to terrible things. What I’m arguing is that most Germans had little reason to understand that Jews were subjected to terrible things that are terrible even under circumstances of a world war.

When Jews were sent to concentration camps, did Germans have any reason to think this was fundamentally different from the mass internment of Germans, Italians and Japanese in the United States and Canada? Did the Dutch have any reason to think it was fundamentally different from the concentration camps for the Boers in South Africa?

Initially, most of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust did not die in gas chambers. Many were shot in mass executions in the Soviet Union. Even in the concentration camps themselves, many were not actively murdered. Was Anne Frank murdered? Not actively. She most likely died of a Typhus outbreak. Diseases like Typhus spread easily, when people are malnourished.

When your country is engaged in a world war, when you don’t know if your son or husband at the front is still alive, do you worry about what goes on in the concentration camps, where insufficient food leads to outbreaks of disease that kill people? When family members receive post cards from these camps, when these camps have hospitals and swimming pools, how are people supposed to comprehend what happened?

What I’m arguing here, is that the general German civilian population, did not actively endorse what happened, nor understood the full extent of what happened, nor could be expected to fully recognize the propaganda in regards to, the Jewish population of occupied Europe.

I think this is important to acknowledge, for normal relations between Jews and Europeans. The German-Israeli alliance should be based on something more than an eternal guilt feeling. It should be an authentic friendship, between two people who have more in common than a sordid episode.

Again, note what I’m not arguing: That the genocide against Jews did not happen. Anyone who shows up here trying to argue that point won’t get his comment approved. But what we know today, that Jewish children were murdered in gas chambers, is something the general German population, could not have known.

And I think this is important to contrast with the recent atrocity. Do leftist American college students have the ability to know, that Hamas goes out to intentionally kill Jewish children? Do the residents of Gaza have the ability to know, that Hamas goes out to intentionally kill Jewish children?

The answer is yes. The video footage is available to any college students who want to see it. The Dutch media can attend conferences by the Israeli government to see footage, but our state owned media refuses to. The posters of kidnapped children are hanging in college campuses. The Palestinians themselves can see the civilians who were brought into Gaza. They received phone calls from family members, who proudly boast of killing ten Jews.

Hamas also organizes public showings of the footage of the killings. The killings of Jews in Germany were hidden, but Hamas recorded its killings, because those murders can serve as propaganda for their civilian population. People do not want to hear this, but that says something about the Palestinian civilian population. Atrocities are not about numbers. They are about cruelty.

Everyone is now extremely eager to understand the Palestinians. To provide rationalizations, for the murder, torture and kidnapping of children, women and elderly civilians. Peace activists, who brought Palestinians to Israeli hospitals. But for whatever reason, Germans don’t get that treatment, even after eighty years. No, the Holocaust is the ultimate expression of a collectively perpetrated objective evil, to which all other crimes pale in comparison.

What I’m arguing here, is that American leftists and Palestinians, are collectively guilty of something that German civilians in World War II could not have been guilty of. Nazi Germany had to go out of its way, to hide the Holocaust from German civilians and civilians of occupied countries. People received post cards from family members in concentration camps, describing how the camps were alright. But by the time they received those cards, those family members had already died.

And if you’re wondering why it looks like I’m going insane and losing my mind. This is why.

I have spent years of my life, reading about the Holocaust. As a teenager I was skeptical such a thing could have really happened. But the evidence is just there. We have the testimonies, of people who were responsible for sending people into the gas chambers. The reason Holocaust denial still exists today, is because the German government went through sufficient effort to allow people to not know.

When you hold German civilians morally responsible for the Holocaust, what you are saying is that they should have done a better job looking through the propaganda their government was exposing them to during wartime, in an era without free press and without Internet. That’s a claim you can make about Germans. But you can make it about almost every ethnic group.

But the Palestinian Hamas movement, goes out of its way, to record its murder, rape and torture against innocent Israeli civilians.

And they are rewarded, with a sudden influx of support for the Palestinian cause from the entire world. Climate demonstrations, are turned into protests against the existence of the Israeli nation. After the largest massacre against Jews since the second world war. A massacre that serves as propaganda, for the political movement that organized it.

This is what I can not cope with.


  1. A very thought-provoking piece. It meshes very well with your one of Nov. 1st.

    If people would just look towards their personal lives (rather than concerning themselves with other people’s business) and refuse to be cunts to those (particularly children) in them, most problems would just go away.

  2. On the breakfast angle, I remember reading that navvies used to eat fat slices of bacon and drink pints of beer for breakfast.

    I also recall reading somewhere that sausages, eggs, and beer used to be factors in determining inflation/cost of living – the cornerstone of a working man’s breakfast.

    You need some good food and piss to lubricate the joints you see – especially if you’re actually going to work manually and shift tons of dirt by fucking hand all day.

    Of course, these days a working man is also supposed to be some kind of saint who doesn’t drink, eat bacon, or hang up a pin-up-girl poster, as well as being a beast of burden.

    Bunch of soft-cock bollocks – and a sure recipe for even worse alienation and repression.

    I just thought I’d chuck that in there, before I read the rest.

    But before then, a touch of the Pogues:

  3. Challenging and interesting post!

    That Danish Nazi poster: wow, that’s a hell of a thing. “WORLD’S MOST BEAUTIFUL LEG,” lol. Referring to Betty Grable, maybe?

  4. Have you actually had anyone argue for Palestine in your blog? Even the low status males among us that aren’t pro Israel still don’t seem to like Palestine. It’s good to understand the evil our enemies partake in; but they’re not listening to your message and wouldn’t care to anyway.

    • >Have you actually had anyone argue for Palestine in your blog?

      Yeah I get some LSWM who keeps whining about muh palestoonian genocide but I just throw his comments in the trash.

  5. Exactly like it has played out in the fullness of time in Ukraine, what the normie retards will soon learn the hard way is that MSM propaganda BS has no effect whatsoever upon the success or lack thereof of military objectives. Military objectives succeed or fail on their own merits. It does not matter what the normie masses think or which propaganda is believed. My opinion is irrelevant, your opinion is irrelevant. Ethics is irrelevant. Who is right and who is wrong is irrelevant. The job of the Palestinians is simply to soak up the bombs and artillery – for the next two years, as one IDF tank after another is destroyed and the US/NATO ammunition stockpiles are further depleted. Nothing else. If things die down, then there will be another provocation, and then another after that, until all the Palestinians are dead. Then the stockpile depletion operation moves onto Stage 3, the Korean Peninsula. As I write this, every 20 min there is a full ammunition load landing in Israel sent from the Continental US or Europe. Three shipments per hour of stockpiles that cannot be replaced because of China blocking critical components and materials. This is the sole objective of this Hamas operation. Depletion of weapons stockpiles, nothing else. This the Jews still have not realized. The Jews still have not figured out that it is specifically the response to the provocation that Hamas / Russia / China / Iran require. The IDF response is the critical component that is required to meet their multi-polar geopolitical objectives. The Jews still think that October 7 was a terrorist attack. It was not. It was simply a provocation designed to elicit the desired response. This will be the downfall of the Zionists. They reacted with anger which was their critical mistake. Just watch what happens over 2024 and 2025, as this meat-grinder drags on, just like Ukraine.

  6. The diverse youngsters in American colleges, even glorified ivy league universities, have been pretty deslicable, but at least they haven’t gone so far as to have bloodthirsty mobs marching around braying GAS THE JEWS like they’ve done in Australia. 😳
    The call for Jewish mass murder is slightly more subtle here in America with chants of “From the river to the sea” (and beyond).
    Somehow I don’t think they’ve thought through the implications of greater Islamic power, maybe too many vaccinations and subsequent brain damage has something to do with it.

  7. First you tell us that if an American does not believe what his government says, it’s not because he is a clever thinker but instead it is because he feels disenfranchised because of his low status and he really should get over that and believe his government.

    Then you tell us that Germans should not have believed their government. If they hadn’t believed their government, countless lives could have been saved.

    So should a person believe his government or not? I’m an American, and my government tells me that covid is a nothing burger and the vaccines solved that problem and that fossil fuels are great and destroying habitat for McMansions is swell, but I am not inclined to believe my government about much at all, even though my social status is just fine.

  8. It is frustrating to see how killing of innocents pays off nowadays. It’s hamas but it’s also pharma, MIC you name it … everywhere around us.
    I have to say I do not share your optimism regarding the ethics and moral of the germans through that time though: they either knew or should have known if they deliberately did not made the, probably subconscious effort, to not see the obvious. I happened to listen to a program on a Radio 1 in Berlin, many ears ago, about a PhD Thesis that was arguing precisely that. The thesis was based on the sheer number of military officers having access to the information about what was going on in the concentration camps. Statistically too many germans had access to this either directly, through a spouse or through a first grade relative. They knew, but they decided to not know it. You can argue how evil this is – after all they apparently found the truth to be too distressful and chose to ignore it, so there was some semblance of humanity … or not.
    I personally come from Bulgaria and claim that this is not possible on a grand scale there now. Even during the second world war, when Bulgaria was on the side of the Nazis, because of the installed german king we had at that time, when the Bulgarian jews were scheduled to be deported to the concentration camps in Poland the people stopped the trains and the politicians caved in. There were two attempts for deportation and both failed – the people literally went on the railways and stopped the trains. The vast majority of the Bulgarian jews were saved. So how come the Bulgarians knew very well what was going to happen with the jews and the germans did not know? It is a conscious decision to see or not see.
    Now I am with you that, going on a mass killing and raping spree against civilians and filming it, is a perversion that would have been too much for the germans at that time. On a second thought: with all their evilness the hamas are simply not able to conduct such an awful crime what the germans did. Hamas are like a spoiled, sickly cruel kid. Germans were like well organised mass murderer that brought much more suffering.
    And to be honest I do not think much has changed. eugyppius has now a story about the push to vaccinate the kids in germany even before the vaccine commission was even recommending it. The normal germans were demanding and pushing for it as well. I saw it first hand when my big fat neighbour was basically blackmailing my wife to vaccinate our kids because otherwise they could infect her vaccinated kids. They were all doing their job, or their civic duty, I guess! Then I understood what “the banality of evil” means and how it is possible in Germany. How many innocent people died because of the pushed vaccines and the unnecessary lockdowns? Yes, Hamas are cruel bastards that deserve to die a thousand deaths. I bet the german government managed to do a harm on a much bigger scale during the covid madness and as in the past, they should have known what they were doing.
    I find it hard to judge which one is more evil. I guess you can’t grade evil. It’s just evil

    • Billions in aid and reconstruction money WILL be washed through the Hamas Qatar bank accounts and then spent on high tech weaponry, mainly NATO weapons from Ukraine. Every time I see a Hamas operative on Telegram, they are armed to the teeth with brand spanking new M4s and NATO man-pads (man portable air defense systems) and NATO anti tank guided missile systems. You see, Barry is the Biden string puller. The way to defeat the Zionists is to give Bibi absolutely EVERYTHING that he wants – so they give him EVERYTHING he wants. Remember, the objective is US/NATO stockpile depletion. This works even better when those stockpiles supply both sides.

    • Bulgaria (and Romania) are acting as interesting “controls” in this whole massive COVID vaccination “experiment” within the EU. They are the two countries within the EU with the lowest vaccine uptake (Bulgaria especially). And over the last 2 years they were pretty much the only countries in the EU with no excess mortality. Granted that they did have quite nasty waves of actual COVID because people in the Balkan countries tend to be some of the unhealthiest in Europe with high rates of alcohol and cigarette consumption. But after the Omicron wave ended (early 2022) people just simply stopped dying of COVID and excess mortality turned NEGATIVE (so all the blue check pronoun woke PhD’s on Twitter blaming the excess mortality on Long COVID instead of the vaccines were clearly wrong).

      I also read that because of corruption in Romania and Bulgaria it was very easy to bribe a doctor to throw your vaccine dose down the sink and give you the vaccine passport papers to allow you to enter shopping malls and restaurants. So the vaccine uptake was probably even lower than the published figure of ~35%. Apparently there were even mainstream doctors on Bulgarian TV that questioned the vaccine safety and effectiveness which was unheard of in Western Europe. I decided back in the second half of 2021 that if my government tried to enforce internment and/or forcibly injecting the unvaccinated that I would flee to Romania or Bulgaria. It sounds crazy talking about it now but that was really the direction that things were heading back then (mass formation psychosis), especially when Austria decided to make vaccination mandatory for everyone.

      Also, unlike Western Europe, Bulgarians (and other Eastern Europeans) will also most likely never allow mass Muslim immigration into your countries because of how you were treated by the Ottomans.

      • The official vaxx rate in Bulgaria is even below 30%, and yes, it is in fact much lower because very few were actual vaxx enthusiasts and it was possible to find a doctor to throw the mRNA juice in the sink and give you the certificate.
        The first lockdown was very strict, but most people found out very early that it is a scam and were finding ways to circumvent the restrictions. The subsequent ones were basically just on paper. There were vaccination status dependent restrictions, but you can’t really do much when the majority is not vaccinated. I have also prepared to move there on a short notice, should this madness escalate again. Happy to help with whatever I can.

        One reason for the high excess mortality during the covid waves is indeed the unhealthy living style of the population, but another one, in my opinion more influential, was the corruption in the medical profession. They were getting extra money if they would hospitalise somebody with covid so huge numbers of sick, mostly old, people were taken to the covid wards to collect the state subsidies. Those people with some real conditions were on top infected and treated for covid, and were effectively killed. I know this first hand and it happened to many!
        The people in Bulgaria simply do not mindlessly obey the rules, which helped a lot. To be fair many mindlessly disobey reasonable rules and that creates all sorts of problems as well. It’s a poor and messy country, but the people are warm-hearted and on average more free thinking than what I see in western Europe.

  9. There is a channel on YouTube, “townsends” that exhaustively studies 17-1800s American lifestyle particularly of the poor and working class, by looking at cookbooks and diary entries, newspapers and other timely sources, and while people were not eating bacon and eggs for breakfast, they were not at all v-gans, they were eating shit loads of salt pork, pemican, game meat, fish, butter, lard, and yes, eggs. They were also eating things completely unrecognizable today such as hardtack, flour made of dried squash, and drinking cocoa brewed in the style of coffee, among other things, but they were not fucking v-gans at all, at all, even remotely.

    I say this as a pescetarian with a strong conviction that their diet was hideously unhealthy, I don’t bring it up just to “own” you with the fact that they practice my ways rather than yours, but you are just flat out wrong about this entire topic and there is actual history to show for it.

    Let me repeat – there is a solid half of the early American colonial diet that I wouldn’t eat for free unless I was starving, and it absolutely is the lard festival people generally think it is, this is meticulously documented.

    I wonder if part of the joke here is that you slip a heavy dose of v-gan propaganda into your post about the difficulty of detecting propaganda.

    I for one minimize my propaganda risk by minimizing my information intake entirely. Better to be ignorant than to be a propaganda victim.

    • >I for one minimize my propaganda risk by minimizing my information intake entirely. Better to be ignorant than to be a propaganda victim.

      Honestly, excessive information is like excessive calories.

      But I’m addicted to information the way most Americans are to calories.

      • Stop and consider that info addiction, explore it in your mind.

        Info is just words written down by humans, and humans almost always lie for gain or do an unintentionally incomplete job such that critical context is lost.

        You most likely hope to be accessing things through information, but you aren’t, you are accessing the shadow those things left upon the rumor mill. Do you really take the rumor mill seriously?

        This is why I like websites like 4chan, they are honest about being a digital public toilet. Only a retard would take anything said there seriously at all, but since most humans are nothing but barking food tubes, we’d be retarded to take their blather seriously most of the rest of the time too.

        One of the best and most useful traits is to be like the ancient philosophers. I don’t mean that in the greasy ponytail “I read about philosophers so now I’m smart” sense, but in the sense of developing the abilities ancient philosophers are described as having, like the ability to use reason to infer tons of accurate things from a very small amount of very carefully vetted data.

        This is my secret to ending up “roughly right” rather than “precisely wrong” in the modern disinfo ocean.

        There’s some other practices I can recommend that are simple and result in long term stability of outlook, and make it difficult to forget good conclusions you’d found in the past.

  10. China is run by Asian autismos. They do not think like this. They’re fundamentally not competitive except in business, where you should watch them like hawks (or, if you’re white, maybe just accept you can’t compete and try to avoid dealing with them if you can).

    America is run by Jews, the propaganda-bearing political fighters par excellence. All the propaganda is coming from inside the house.

    If China were playing this game it would buy off the 1 million smartest American men with actual waifus and roll over America militarily the next day. They won’t because they’re not.

    • >China is run by Asian autismos. They do not think like this.

      Hey look, it’s case #432342 where someone assumes Asians have narrow intelligence.

      You’re breathing a Chinese bioweapon. Have fun running the “Asians are autistic math-grinders who can only get high scores in test” idea to its natural conclusion.

      • The only reason the Chinese are still waiting, is because the USA is self destructing all by itself. Why make a move, when things are going just fine all by themselves. The Cooof softening things up is just an added bonus. Take this as an example, the latest TikTok that the CCP cannot help but to make go viral. Nobody is renewing their service. Nobody is enlisting. Nobody will agree to be drafted. The US military is finished.

      • I’m a rich guy and I’ve lived in Asia for several years. They suck at propaganda. Actual propaganda seen in Taiwan: “Independence is good.”

  11. “Not our fault we don’t watch our kids”
    “China made us fat and lazy!”

    When will the wh*teoid take responsibility for his own behavior?

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