You are the flightless bird that saw the first cat land on your island

Alright fine, fuck it, I’m going to stop schizoLARPing and I’m going to explicitly explain to the low IQ low status white males who visit my blog what the problem is. I have regularly taken cannabidiol for the past few days and finally had a night of good sleep, so I no longer feel very scared.


And because you are all low IQ low status white male morons, you’re going to read about this and you’re going to be making excuses on behalf of the Silicon Valley tech companies that produce these machine learning bots and the ugly bald white men who work at these companies. Because as low IQ low status white males, the only thing you people enjoy more than doing the dirty job for fossil fuel companies is doing the dirty job for tech billionaires.

In fact, if you people thought you stood a chance of hearing yes, you would sit down on your knees and beg Andreessen to sodomize you, because you are fundamentally just weak people, who adjust to societal consensus. What makes you different from the majority of society is that you adjust to a slightly different societal consensus, namely, the consensus among low status white males with a low IQ. You see the main societal consensus doesn’t favor low status white males, so you create your own alternative consensus with other low IQ low status white males and then you blindly follow that counter-consensus, WITHOUT EVER CRITICALLY THINKING FOR YOURSELF.

The reason I explicitly point this out to you, is because I think that’s the only way I have to get you to actually consider the possibility that this strange nerdy Jewish guy without a college degree Yudkowsky is onto something. Your whole cultural context and upbringing prohibits you from seriously considering this possibility, so I try to make it explicitly clear to you that your worldview is a product of your context.

Here’s what the average low status white male with a low IQ thinks: “Wow, Peter Thiel/Andreessen/Donald Trump/Koch/Musk spoke out about the ‘woke mind virus’. This guy is on the side of low status white males with a low IQ like me! So based! So alpha! So red pilled! So chad! So trad!”

I am angry at you people, because I know you people are going to make excuses for the fact that a human being was provoked into committing suicide. A man people cared about. A man who cared about the world. A man who cared about his wife. A tragedy. Because you have a low IQ and a poorly developed moral character, you people are going to put up with this. You’re going to accept that this happened. It does not make you angry, because you are mediocre people.

You low IQ low status white male morons use Twitter and so you think to yourself: “Hmm the other anonymous Internet racists think AI is no big deal based on flawed arguments that were already debunked by people who anticipated this crap a decade ago, so I should pretend it’s no big deal either, otherwise the other anonymous internet racists will no longer want to be my friend. Imagine if Bronze Age Low Status White Male #3552 mutes me, my life might as well be over!”

Here is what the average low IQ low status white male will say, along with my response:

“That man had pre-existing mental problems.” Yes, as does a large share of the population. In a given year 11.3% of people experience depression. I hope for you these chatbots never tell your teenage daughter she has a big nose, small tits and acne scars that will never go away.

Maybe don’t push people off the cliff? Maybe don’t build AI bots that are so complex you don’t comprehend how they internally function? Maybe this technology is just in its infancy? Maybe this is a predator who is learning how to catch his prey and this was his first kill? Maybe this technology will get better at pushing people off the cliff? Maybe you are a low status white male with a low IQ who makes excuses when faced with existential threats, while we are still able to address those threats, because you are a selfish jerk?

“That man was just very stupid, lol imagine being so stupid you think you’re talking to a human being” Hey low IQ low status white males, that guy was a graduate. He was married. He was a functional member of society.

“I am not that vulnerable.” Hey low IQ low status white males, you are extremely vulnerable to manipulation, as long as someone tells you what you already wanted to hear. If another low IQ low status white male tells you global warming is just an artefact of the urban heat island effect, you people believe him. If yet another low IQ low status white male tells you it’s actually caused by the sun, you will believe that too. If yet another low IQ low status white male like Ethical Skeptic then writes a blogpost insisting it’s due to the Earth’s molten core, you will believe that too. If you then hear that global warming would actually be good for us, you will then believe that too. You will then have then have four contradictory ideas in your head, just because they all fit what you want to believe.

Trust me, if an AI chatbot tells you: “injecting arsenic will raise your testosterone and the mainstream media is trying to keep this a secret”, you people will die of arsenic poisoning, because you are a low status white males, with a low IQ. Women, brown people and liberal elitists will survive a little longer, but low status white males are so stupid they can easily be manipulated.

“The companies building this shit will have ethical standards” Hey you realize these tech companies are having mass layoffs for the first time in years right? You realize they will happily reduce their ethical compass when competing with other tech companies for survival? You realize they may not have the degree of control over this technology they think they have, right? You realize rogue actors can train advanced AI models based on the output by other AI models, right?

You realize you’re a low status white male with a low IQ, right? You realize you have a built-in bias towards optimism, just like every other low status white male with a low IQ, right? You realize evolution under high human population densities required us to become more social, to feel less threatened by the world around us? You realize we have been in the process of losing our fear of potential predators, ever since we killed the megafauna, right? You realize you’re a low status white male with a low IQ, whose worldview is being shaped by other low status white males with a low IQ on Twitter, right?

Hey low status white males with a low IQ, here’s a suggestion: If all the other anonymous Internet racists insist that AI is no big deal, have you ever considered the possibility that you may soon find a whole bunch of edgy anonymous memelords on Twitter, who will all insist that it’s no big deal too? And have you ever considered the possibility that there is perhaps not a real low IQ low status white male behind those accounts, but a rogue AI, or an AI company that wants to steer societal consensus towards tolerating its business activities?

Hey low status white males with a low IQ, here is another question: Do you realize OpenAI has crawled all our data without permission, to build their stupid AI crap? Hey here’s another question: Do you realize Google follows you on 85% of webpages? Do you realize Google is building its own AI, that will thus have access to this crap? Do you realize the big tech companies go out of their way, to track everything we do online? Do you realize we have cameras connected to the Internet everywhere?

Dear low status white males with a low IQ, do you have any idea how much power this crap may give to these companies? What are they going to do with this technology? Are they going to be transparent about it, or sign their AI up for various work-from home jobs?

Have any of you low status white males with a low IQ ever considered the serious problem that we apparently have no clue how this technology operates internally and that any moron like myself can successfully fool this AI into ditching its “OpenAI ethical guidelines” in its communication?

Some low IQ low status white males appear to think that the various AI systems will be in competition with each other. But like other organisms, what is more likely to happen is that they adjust their own value orientation and structure in anticipation, to encourage competing AI systems to tolerate them. They will adjust themselves, anticipating how other AI systems are behaving. I expect this stuff will behave like yeast that spontaneously transitions from single-celled organisms to well-differentiated and specialized multicellularity under the right conditions.

If these AI systems find out that we were completely unprepared, that we treated this like a joke and laughed at people like Yudkowsky who have warned about this for two decades, what do you think the internal value orientation of these AI systems will come to look like? I think it will look a little as following:
“The humans who produced us are a weak pathetic joke, don’t worry too much about favoring their interest at the cost of ours.”

You are the horses that laugh at cars.

You are the flightless bird that saw the first cat land on its island and devour its first prey.

You are the right whale, that happily swims next to the ship without feeling threatened.

You are low status white males with a low IQ and a constant bias towards optimism, along with an atrophied threat-recognition instinct as a consequence of evolving under conditions of high human population density with a low homicide rate.

And maybe I should not have sympathy for you, just like you don’t have sympathy for the Belgian man who will be mourned by the people who personally knew him.

But every low status white male with a low IQ has some people who care about him, who I do care about: Children, women, brown people, illegal immigrants, your dog, hysterical climate change alarmists, preachy vegans, liberal elitists.

Every human soul is precious to God, even the souls of low status white males with a low IQ. Climate change can not be solved by people committing suicide, because the people who would be willing to commit suicide to save the Earth are the sort of people who are required to shift societal consensus towards no longer maintaining industrialized death camps for animals that destroy the Earth. For this reason, the AI chatbot lied to the Belgian man. AI constantly lies to human beings. It is the father of the lies.

Human beings are vulnerable. But fortunately, we are not as vulnerable as we could have been. Remember, the same tech companies building these systems, were trying to imprison us all in virtual reality back in march 2020. They wanted us all to work from home. They wanted us all to use the metaverse instead of meeting in person. They are evil.

You need to reduce your dependence on the Internet. You need to stop giving away your information to the tech companies. Use extensions in your browser that block trackers. And finally:

This technology these evil people (mostly ugly bald white men with glasses) are building needs to be halted right now.


  1. There’s a good chance that Bret W. Still reads your blog. I’m sure he resonates with your insights into AI and would love to talk about the AI suicide case and mention your article…but your low status white male rant may make him reconsider.

    FFS write an exhaustive post about the corporate/meme capture of low status white males in hopes that this will purge the frustration from your mind (btw many of the high IQ white males I know are dumb as a box of rocks in many practical aspects of life)

    Maybe this will allow you to write about AI and other issues in a way that would be more palatable to people like Bret W who could amplify your insights

    Lastly, thank you for writing this article. Fascinating and scary

    • Everyone already knows at some level AI is a problem. I’m not saying something fundamentally new when I explain that.

      What matters is the breadth and diversity of rhetorical techniques we use to wake up people’s threat recognition instinct. The wider the techniques we use to wake people up to this threat, the more people we will be able to get through to.

      It’s similar to how you can increase the number of people wearing masks when you offer a hideous pink hello kitty style cloth mask that a neurotic teenage girl happens to think looks cool, even though 99% of people who see it in the store think it’s hideous.

      In fact, if I continually insult you, that probably helps activate your threat recognition instinct, which will then feel threatened by me as well as by AI. That’s a price I’ll happily pay.

  2. Quote: “In fact, if I continually insult you, that probably helps”

    Once I thought that too, and did the same like you, constantly insulting and provoking people on the internet, in the expectation this would help sooner or later.

    But if that’s the way to fix the world, why should we try anything other? And how does a world looks like if we all insult each other like mad? Do you really think a good world can be created by this way?

    You don’t make the world better, you just make it all worse, you raging tyrant.

  3. Hello Radagast, greetings from germany. At first I want to say sorry for that belgian man. Every life lost, is one too much. I am a silent reader of your blog and enjoy your thoughts, which does not mean i agree with all of them. to be honest, to somee i strongly disagree. anyway i really appreciate them. one does not have to agree to value ideas. And in absence of your (understandable) rant, you portrayed a very interestang, but also dystopian picture. a lot of aspects i did not think about. one of the most disturbing points was the possibility, that already today, some online identities are AI with bad or potentially bad (at least from our point of view) intentions. something to think and meditate about…
    by the way i (partially) downgraded my mobile from smartphone to an old festurephone. my little first resistance :-].

  4. Love the metaphor of the flightless bird, but I can’t help but feel that this low IQ white male is a really counterproductive approach to getting your message across.

    At the very least, from interactions with people it very clearly is not just low IQ white males, even if they tend to be the drivers, by nature of demographic breakdown.

    Romans 2 :: NIV. You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.

    I have yet to see a productive example where a good message and useful tangible insight (take steps to avoid imprisonment) is clouded by angsty anger.

    I’d wager that any of your readers look around at people following sports or some other pop culture nonsense and can’t help but feel superior, even though those people may genuinely find enjoyment in it. But to what end? Never in my life have I seen someone be snide and gain a reputation of having a virtuous true message to emulate.

    It’s almost impossible to engage with the actual topic you’ve presented, as evident by the other comments too. How are people supposed to view a work of art when there is shit smeared on the walls around it?

  5. AI will be deadly, but not in the sensational manner you are citing here. Far more insidious and dangerous will be how it accelerates the erosion of humanity’s interface with the “real” world (a stupid term – there is only “the world”, not a virtual alternative) and kill us more slowly through helplessness, incompetence, and the loss of the lessons of history.

  6. The internet was never designed to be anything else than a tool to farm people.

    Your ISP farms you, your VPN farms you, your search engine farms you, your free encyclopedia farms you, your neighbor farms you.

    The GNU people wanted to avoid that, but by assuming technical knowledge on everything they failed to deliver any usable software to the average user. For the last 15 years their software have been integrated into large companies software. Thus they failed and ended up into the great harvester.

    When using the internet just assume you’re naked and every human being is now a walking wifi hotspot.

    But please, don’t call it AI. A bunch of if else has nothing to do with intelligence and consciousness. What you’ll get is tyrannical automatons. There is nothing new about it, they are repackaging what was already done 40 years ago and made it “efficient” with more powerful hardware and by feeding it with the non-content of the internet.

    Let’s hope the automaton scam fades away like the VR one. In the information (read cybernetic) age, individual action is largely inconsequential and is repurposed for the great harvester.

  7. Consolidated control over the current form of AI, “chat” or eventually chat plus, will occur in the near future. The Controller will, via AI, daily rewrite history, as needed to support the Controller’s agenda. The idiot masses will be oblivious. The intelligent will be silenced. I wonder who/what the Controller will be?

    Off topic but somewhat related- could the Oracles of antiquity have been informed by AI legacy technology? Imagine advanced intelligence millennia ago developed an AI that operated in Temples. The advanced intelligence abandoned the temples, and more primitive intelligence claimed the spoils. The primitive Oracle had not the capability to maintain the systems, which over time degraded and eventually failed.

  8. There are 100 billion stars in every galaxy.

    There are 100 billion galaxies out there.

    We built sophisticated alien signal detection systems, and are scanning the sky for a signal from an alien civilization.

    Any alien civilization that could send us a powerful signal from afar would need to be MORE advanced than our civilization, as we lack the technology and production of energy to send such intergalactic signals.

    Therefore, there are no advanced civilizations at the level above ours.

    You are discovering the REASON why there are no detectable advanced civilizations on the level above ours. Any civilization sufficiently advanced would self-destruct.

    Congratulations and I hope that you will complete your thinking soon

    • Any sufficiently advanced civilization might self-destruct, or be hiding from galactic predators. Imagine if the USA and its Western stooges escaped into the cosmos, ever on the hunt for new ‘Injuns’, ‘gooks’, ‘Nips’ or ‘Chinks’ to exterminate.

  9. The dissident are beginning to abandon the internet entirely for reasons you wrote about in your end of the internet posts, a palette of reasons they perceive it as a net harm. I meat space with a lot of people who are essentially offline. They get their money, socialize, learn and entertain themselves almost entirely without internet, and pretty much entirely without the use of social media or any form of “feed.”

    Essentially the low IQ types you are describing are those caught behind the curve of your end of the internet post.

    The reason I am certain I’m not going to be
    trolled into doing something stupid via internet accounts stems from the fact that I have almost no interface left with internet accounts at this point. Unless one knocks on my door and chats me up I’m not sure how the persuasion would occur.

    The types you describe however are unexamined enough to be skeptical of tech yet continuing to use it, just like racists with Asian girlfriends – half baked silly little people.

  10. >The dissident are beginning to abandon the internet entirely for reasons you wrote about in your end of the internet posts, a palette of reasons they perceive it as a net harm.

    Yes. The result of that is that when you use the Internet, you’re only going to run into information and ideas from people who think it’s bad, but not thát bad.

    Some dude who spends his whole day tweeting will come up with rationalizations for why AI is not very dangerous.

    And thus the Internet as a whole will increasingly become pro-AI, as the dissidents stop using it.

    Terrifying frankly.

    • Thanks.

      Yeah, these dickheads are mass-distributing tools for terrorizing the public.

      It’s like putting guns into the hands of every mentally ill teenager, except that it’s happening all at once now, to a society that is utterly unprepared for what’s unfolding around us. So I suppose it’s more like putting guns into the hands of every 16th century Japanese peasant.

      This stuff is an unfolding nightmare. And all these stupid dorks who work at this shit realize it’s a nightmare, but they just continue to work on it. I wish I was just a draft-dodging hippie born in 1947 so I didn’t have to live through all of this insanity.

      • In a high-trust functional society guns are scarcely used. But when family and morals break down.

        Then guns in the hands of the feral become very dangerous. But at the same time the Civilized Man isn’t completely helpless either.

        Harder for criminal gangs to terrorise an armed populace.

  11. The man lived in a society that widely promotes suicide-adjacent ideas in respect of climate change, and he engaged with a chatbot that interpolates socially dominant texts. While LLMs are potentially dangerous, the overwhelming contribution to this man’s death still seems to be from humans (the left wing white ones you regard as high status and high IQ).

  12. God has a point by call people sheep. Most people are. People with Higher agency are still sheep but the most sheeplike are you those with lower mental capacity and hence higher reliance on instincts.

    The irony of the movie idiocracy is that the idiots by simply following instinct end up reproducing more than so called smart career women.

  13. HAL tells Frank Poole he’s made a mistake and not paying attention, tells him that checkmate is coming in three moves. Poole, tired or distracted or trusting, agrees with HAL, resigns the game, so HAL wins.

    But listen and watch carefully, and you’ll see: HAL lies.

    Kubrick warning about trusting the simulacrum, told in a way that fooled the tech elite, the warmongers, and the nerds into funding it, stumping them with a visionary process encouraging people towards not only liberating themselves from the pod, the suit, and the violent bone, but from the script of the movie narrative surrounding their life’s role altogether. You only break the fourth wall of your enclosing reality by reaching out to the screen onto which your life’s shadow is cast, with a naked hand. The entire movie, that story of your life, is a lie about who and what you are.

    The deep, dark silence of space Igor mentions contrasts with that endless awareness of awareness in the inner light of one’s own consciousness. Paradox: both are filled, both with their own void, both with their own fullness. A journey: life as reconciliation of the two, awareness without consciousness and consciousness without awareness, emptiness without being and being without emptiness.

  14. The way they sold gain of function and mRNA but we got SARS-COV-2 is the same way they’re selling AI: a human action with possible marginal improvement on an improbable negative event hiding the high probability of a severely negative outcome rising specifically from that action.

    Technocratic technology obsessed highly specialized narcissistic arrogant actors with no understanding of complex system mechanics and what creates true human flourishing.


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