You made your bed, now lie in it

My announcement today is that the Holocene will not be preserved. You are currently alive just after the moment of peak human total cognitive capacity. The human species is unwilling to do what it takes to preserve the climatic conditions that allowed civilization to flourish. There exists no such thing as climate activism. Do not believe there exists such a thing as a climate change activist. They do not exist. There only exist people who hate Western civilization, who interpret the pollution of our atmosphere as a rhetorical weapon against the Western world.

The people who do not understand what they are doing, who genuinely believe CO2 to be harmless plant food, who genuinely think we could thrive under 1000 parts per million of CO2 in the air that we breathe, are not to be held responsible, because they do not understand what they are doing.

It is not the fault of low IQ low status white males. Most of them do not even have the cognitive capacity to understand what they are doing. Rather, the failure to preserve the climatic conditions of the Holocene is entirely the fault of those who understand what we are doing.

We’re now going to transform the whole planet, a process that will continue to unfold for many centuries to come, as the ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica melt and reveal a dark surface. Human civilization will ultimately perish, although some groups of humans may survive as hunter-gatherers and eventually repopulate the planet with our species.

If you want to help the people near the equator who are at risk of suffering lethal heatwaves, asking for a stop to the chemical transformation of our atmosphere is not going to work anymore. That ship has sailed. It is not just the atmosphere that has been polluted. The political landscape, the culture we inhabit, our very language has been polluted, making climate change activism impossible.

You now have two things you can do, to help people in sub-Saharan Africa, many of whom are good kindhearted humble Christians.

  1. You can help them to keep their fertility rate low. I don’t know what the proper path is to achieve this.
  2. You can help them to create the kind of environment in which plants release moisture to protect against lethal heatwaves. This will involve irrigation, digging in desertifying soil to trap water as well as radical dietary changes and abandoning livestock. Do not believe the bullshit peddled by the people who think you can sequester large amounts of carbon through rotational grazing. This does not work and can not provide sufficient nutrition for humans living under conditions of high population density. The cattle will perish in the heatwaves, as recently happened in the United States.

This is true for the people of India too, but they are in a better position to help themselves. The insulation of India by toxic air pollution from cars and industrial development is also likely to insulate them for a long period to come.

The climate crisis will be solved, by nature. Nature will cause a dramatic reduction in the human population through her biological arsenal. The first major step in this is likely to be SARS-COV-2. It has triggered a tolerogenic antibody response and elevated levels of T-cell exhaustion throughout the Western population and presumably most of the rest of the world as well. This produces a wide variety of health problems.

The lack of repeated SARS2 waves in unvaccinated areas of the world may actually result in increased death once radically divergent saltations manage to establish themselves, as they would suddenly emerge in relatively untrained populations.

Those who are sick, or are tasked with upholding justice and protecting the persecuted from the cruel can receive forgiveness for failing to have compassion for animals. Compassion for animals would make it difficult for them to be cruel when they need to be cruel.

Low status white males can not in general be held responsible for what is happening, although the people who knew how to press the right buttons in their brains will be. A long time ago I met a low status white male who was an eager bird-watcher. He thought that climate change is caused by humans digging in the ground, thereby resulting in a shift of the Earth’s magnetic field.

Such a man can not be held responsible for the system he participates in. A lot of low status white males truly love God’s creation, so can not mentally process the idea that it would be destroyed. Even failure to show compassion for animals can be forgiven, for those whose cognition is trapped in an anthropocentric bias. How can they be held responsible? Their left hand does not know what their right hand does.

It is in fact much easier to accept, for those who are indifferent to the creation. This is the great paradox. With great understanding, comes great obligation. Those who understood failed to live up to this obligation. In the words of Marcus Aurelius, the object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the rank of the insane. Those who understood overwhelmingly failed this objective.

Vaccinated or unvaccinated, you are at risk of undergoing progressive decerebration. You will become disinterested in things you used to enjoy, you will cease to discover enjoyable novelty in your external environment except for minor changes of things you already knew and you will increasingly desire to isolate yourself from the world. Your sense of smell will be greatly diminished. You will often feel anxious and depressed. In your subjective experience, time will seem to pass rapidly. These are the first symptoms. Later on, forgetfulness will also be a symptom.

You can address this, by protecting your body. Soybeans from Natto protect the endothelial cells in many different ways. Serrapeptase reduces neuroinflammation. Cannabinoids remove amyloid, the terpenes reduce inflammation. Nicotine removes amyloid protein clumps as well and protects dopaminergic neurons. My recommendation is tobacco snuff like Rapé.

Psilocybe mushrooms produce a blood vessel massage, that allows molecular clutter to be removed from your blood vessels. The active substance binds to M protein. When eating Psilocybe mushrooms becomes overly scary for you, this is a sign that you will need to take Kratom, which will downregulate the relevant 5HT2 receptors.

Be sure to eat fruit high in antioxidants. Particularly, seek out the sour(!)-sweet pomegranates, with dark(!) red juice from the kernels. Exercise, particularly endurance exercise like jogging, is of great importance. It activates your white blood cells and encourages them to migrate instead of sticking around in one place. The benefits are too numerous to mention. Be sure to do the leg press as well, your upper legs need to be very muscular, I will not explain why, just trust me.

Consider donating blood. Especially consider this, if you are a male who has eaten a lot of meat in the past year(s).

The Jews have received a special role in our world. You do not have to believe the Jews themselves, or their scripture, to recognize this. You can simply look at their IQ, their contributions to the world and the suffering they have had to endure. The Jews produced Kafka. Solidarity with the Jews invites great blessing upon people. You can look at the wealth in which the Americans live, as an example of such blessing. Simply buying Israeli products can already bless you.

Do not join forces with those who resent the Jews. I am saying this for your protection. I am sorry to say, even when your kindness is not reciprocated, you must still endure. Suffering does not always make people kind.

I will not try to convince you of any of these things. I say them and you can take them or leave them. I recommend using your own mental faculties, to find out why I say these things, if you are not willing to believe me.

I have long thought about what can be done, for those who were vaccinated. I think your best chances lie in vaporized cannabis. THC is a cannabinoid receptor agonist, which results in apoptosis of T cells. This helps suppress the faulty immune response your body was taught, giving your body a better chance to learn a proper novel response. Terpenoids help make sure you are not placed at increased risk from infectious disease by this adaptive immune suppression. It has been shown that heavy cannabis use protects people who have suffered HIV infection from developing AIDS, by modulating the immune response.

This is my advice. Most of you will ignore it and think I am crazy. That is alright. That’s how I separate the chaff from the wheat.


  1. Great advice, maintaining circadian rhythms is also important i.e. avoiding circadian mismatch. Some tips for maintaining circadian health:

    Be outdoors in the morning, ideally at and after sunrise. Don’t wear glasses, sunglasses or contact lenses. The spectrum of morning light hitting your retina activates pathways in your brain that reset your circadian clock. Being outside at sunset is also beneficial, but not as important as morning sun. (Also, the more skin you can expose the better. Infrared light from the sun is beneficial for mitochondrial health and UVA benefits vascular health through nitric oxide production [eating high nitrate plant foods e.g. beets and arugula also stimulate nitric oxide production, lowering blood pressure]. There’s much more to sun exposure than simple vitamin D production from UVB.)

    Avoid ALAN (artificial light at night). Install blue light blocking software on your PC and phone. Wear blue light blocking glasses. Your melatonin levels will be higher and you’ll sleep better (supplements great for sleep include magnesium, glycine, L-theanine and inositol).

    I learned most of the above from Dr. Jack Kruse. Here’s a good summary video:

    Dr. Satchin Panda at the Salk Institute is another expert in circadian biology, he wrote a great book called “The Circadian Code”.

    It’s also worth following longevity experts like Dr. David Sinclair and Dr. Peter Attia. They discuss in detail the 3 different known biochemical pathways that control aging in mammals (mTOR, AMPK and Sirtuins) and how to tweak these pathways through drugs (rapamycin and metformin), exercise, fasting, diet, heat and cold exposure.

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