You’re on LinkedIn

school shooter




drug addict


conspiracy theorist




basement dweller





yet still there is no word that could help you forget

that he is free

in all the ways

that you are not


  1. Ironically it is LinkedIn that has been the battlefield in May, June and July. The tranny shooter thing was the moment when people broke their silence and lost their fear. LinkedIn first tried deleting comments and warning people they did it, and banning users, but they were deluged. Now they are shadowbanning, reducing exposure of those who post naughty articles and comments. And sometimes posts from the past disappear silently. But the dam is broken. I have seen Pepes and deep truth memes posted. Even esoterical stuff. People have lost their fear. The situation is evolving. In the comments section, you have Nordics, Indians from India, Muslims from Saudi Arabia, allying together against the enemies of God. It’s beautiful.

    Our HR manager has on a shelf in his office a Stahlhelm (German WWII helmet) and a Soviet WWII helmet. I bring donuts to the office on 4/20 and 8/8. My supervisor sees my LinkedIn posts that advocate ideas such as the fact that welfare recipients should not have the right to vote while on welfare — and nothing happens. A prospective employer looked at my profile — and I got an offer. I’m typing this from my work computer.

    It’s that time from Mao’s playbook when the guerillas get out of the forest, and into the open, in large numbers.

    The globohomo regime is going down. The people have used up all their fear, and now they have none left.

  2. Oops

    Admit it is the ultimate fuck you to the system to be poor and get offered 8 million dollar and say no thanks.

    I deleted my linkedin account 5 years ago. I got a career, was able to slip out and didn’t want to get caught up again. Now I only occationally work to be able to collect more unemployment benefit.

  3. I fear we will lose. The crime is to big to be cleared up. They have a 80% majority, they own all and we are only a bunch of crazy lunatics. They unleashed another holocaust, they will do all to hide it.

    I see so much paralells to the ongoings around the Spanish Flu, which was also a result of vaccination. I think now this was the first holocaust, and it was hidden like now. Under Hitler we had the second holocaust, and now the third.

    • Hi fellow low status white males, I’m a fucking moron and here is what I have to say:

      Repeat after me:

      The holocaust was dope

      Tribalism will win

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