I am drunk right now, but seeing Zheani is one of the highlights of my life.

Im an old man, guys of my age have seen a bit of the world. Seeing Zheani is just a blessing, because at my age you realize how unusual it is to be a Dutch guy in my period, if I had been born in Egypt I would have never seen her.

And it is just heartwarming, to see the next generation of incel nazi school shooters, they are afraid to be “that guy”, but at my age you vape weed, get drunk and don’t give a shit.

I know, how close we came to losing everything that matters to me in 2020. We were supposed to enter the metaverse, but we just decided to keep going.

I would happily cough up blood in an alleyway before letting that happen.

That’s what matters to guys like me.


  1. Hurricanes are awesome. I hope to experience one oneday.
    They’ve been reliably recharging the Everglades in Florida for millions of years. Like a good healthy shower, all that fresh water that hurricanes bring flush away toxic algae and are very beneficial to fish and birds, the entire ecosystem.

  2. Give me Zheani, I’m in love with this fucking whore. I want to hit her, lick her pussy, drink her pee. Oh yes, give me give me I’m in love, no limits oh yes oh yes fuck her hard and long, cum in her face. Fuck another round and cum in her and then lick clean. Oh yeah oh yeah!

  3. It’s unfortunate that you consider yourself “old,” as twenty year olds do not consider me “old,” but I am at least 5 years older than you are.

    Tips for not getting conventionally old:
    -zero sunlight
    -pescetarian diet
    -calisthenics & kettlebells
    -no cigarettes, very minimal alcohol, no drugs

    • >Tips for not getting conventionally old:
      >-zero sunlight
      >-pescetarian diet
      >-calisthenics & kettlebells
      >-no cigarettes, very minimal alcohol, no drugs

      I scored 1/4, what does that get me?

      • @Radagast: As someone who has extensive experience interacting with people in their 80s and 90s, when I hear someone who is ONLY in their EARLY 30s say that they are OLD, it makes me think that a) they have extremely limited life experience, OR B) they have extremely unhealthy habits, and or are suffering from some underlying health problem, which is causing premature aging. Because guess what, if you feel old when you are actually not old, it’s a signal that something is very wrong. It could be your diet, or your mental outlook, or maybe you are INFECTED with a VIRUS or PARASITE, because I know people who are very old, as in over 80, who feel very young, and would never call themselves old.

        @FuckotheClown: You mean to tell me that you are a MILLENNIAL? How odd, I thought for sure you were at least 50, simply because you communicate in a fatherly tone, which a person normally doesn’t do if they are only 5 years apart. Also, getting zero sunlight is a very strange health recommendation, since I’ve always considered moderate amounts of sunlight to be a source of healing, care to elaborate?

  4. Thanks for reporting back, but can you tell us anything about the show? I’m pretty curious.

    What did she wear? How much crazy stuff does she do onstage? Was the music as good as (or even better than) on the recordings?

    Did she play Lie and Look?

    • Well, it was amazing. First there was a great DJ. No real idea how to describe what she played.

      >What did she wear?

      A white dress, but it didn’t last for long, eventually she was down to her underpants, with blood(?) poured over her boobs.

      >How much crazy stuff does she do onstage?

      She knows how to put on a show, let’s keep it at that.

      >Lie and Look

      Don’t think so, I was cross-faded, so I’ll admit I don’t remember everything down to the exact details. But she played my favorites:

      Whore of Babylon
      Dirt on the name of Steven

      It was epic, better than I expected.

      • Thanks for the summary. I see she’s coming to San Francisco on September 6, but sadly I’ll be out of town then.

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