Zoomer Climate Nihilism

I’m an old fart by now, but I’m intrigued by how young people interpret the insanity they’re forced to dwell in. And music has of course always been the main way through which we express that. And what I ran into today is just an amazing artistic interpretation of the predicament, by NotLewy and Harlow Road. All of this is basically produced by people who grew up listening to the emo rap style pioneered by Lil Peep.

I will quote the (most) relevant lyrics here:

left turn leave the earth say goodbye to what i luv

and I will not accept a life i don’t deserve

we’ll come before this morning

grab my bag and my axe

i’ll drown myself in honey so it covers my tracks

i’ll chop every tree i plant it down to the ground

the seeds replant themselves thus don’t make a sound

i used to miss the way the trees sang when i was young

but now i’m happy there is a new song to be sung

fall back into the habit

fuck everyday’s the same again

wake up in the morning and i see the rain again again

i’m done with the rain

i’m done with the snow

so when the leaves are green that’s my cue to leave i’ll miss you though

i’m not going with them

i’m not paying their toll

i forgot what they told me

cause it’s not in my control.

This hits hard. Now for some context, the artist Harlow Road, grew up in around the woods of rural Massachussetts. And when he released this song, Massachusetts had just suffered through a massive drought that triggered widespread forest fires. So what he’s basically singing is that he does not want to have to live through this again, he wants to “leave” before the leaves are green and the drought and fires reveal themselves again. He knows how the place used to be and he knows how it is today.

I have to point out that more than ever, it’s “cringe” among young people to really care about anything. You’re not supposed to really care passionately about anything. This has always been kind of the case, but Zoomers really dissociate, because they realize the hand they were dealt and they’re just not willing to let this be their lives.

And so in the context of the climate crisis we see the artists convey this message too: “I don’t want to know (because it’s not in my control), but I’m not going to live through what you have set up for me.”

And if you think I’m just misinterpreting some stuff, I have to point out that these guys songs are generally nature related, but as Zoomera, they don’t want to constantly explicitly point out the elephant in the room. They know that you as a listener know it’s there. There’s a track Harlow Road made called “invasive species”.

But more importantly, check out the lyrics of another song by NotLewy, who is from Humboldt county California:

The sky is falling down outside and everything is on fire tonight

and I just want to sit here and watch it burn with you (with you)

I just want to sit and watch it burn I dissolate(?) the time as I wait my turn

to face my fate I’m gonna leave this Earth and I can’t imagine hell will be much worse

Again it’s essentially the same message.

These are not people who feel as if they have the power to change the world. And they don’t accept having that burden cast upon them. But they see what’s going on.

Whether you like these songs or not will depend on your taste.

But I thought it was worth pointing out, because this sort of stuff will generally just completely slip past you if you are older, especially if you don’t have children.

Underground artists like this don’t show up on TV, but they voice a sentiment that is widespread among young people today.

And I’m not just cherrypicking. Because if I was cherrypicking, I would show you what I want to find, which is “I’m angry as hell and I’m not going to put up with this”. But that’s not really what I run into. What I run into is: “I didn’t ask for any of this, I have no control over it and I’m not going to pay your toll.”

And I think that’s worth making note of.


  1. Warning to all low status white males: I just received a call from my local STD clinic, informing me I have been infected with the woke mind virus. Greta Thunberg infected me, my tongue is now covered in boiling sores, but it was totally worth it.

    If your comment is sufficiently stupid, I will use my epic mod abilities to edit your comment and preface it with:

    “Hi fellow low status white males, I’m a fucking moron and here is what I have to say:”

    I hope this will be a sufficiently gentle nudge to discourage you all from indulging in your stupidity.

    As my infection with the woke mind virus progresses (there is no known cure yet) and your comments get progressively more retarded, I may move back to just not approving retarded comments anymore. This is the future the radical left wants for America!

    This is necessary because a low status white male showed up here, linking to some retarded pdf arguing the Maui wildfire damage must be CGI and Oprah Winfrey must be involved in a land grab on the island.

    I know you guys all worship fascist dictators (who completely shut down the free press) before screaming bloody murder when I delete a comment, but it’s necessary.

    There are levels of retardation I will just not put up with, because they can lead to a retard criticality event: A point beyond which the comment section becomes so retarded that retarded people start showing up because they feel like they finally found a place where they can meet like-minded people. This must be prevented at all cost.

  2. “On the dry and dusty road
    The nights we spend apart alone
    I need to get back home to cool, cool rain
    I can’t sleep and I lay and I think
    The night is hot and black as ink
    Ooh oh God I need a drink
    Of cool, cool rain”

    Love Reign O’er Me – The Who

  3. Being born after the year 2,000 really is quite a curse. I believe that their difficulty focusing makes their anxiety even worse. Imagine having the attention span of a dog, hearing nonstop about how everything is collapsing, remembering the extremist pornography you watched the day before, the major faux pas you blundered on social media right afterward, and then being forced to focus on a school lesson in the course of a single minute. It’s honestly impressive that they’re not more homicidal.

    • I’m a zoomer and you’re not wrong about our lives and how we function, it’s a fucking curse that’s made me into a a bit of a misanthrope. Most of us were exposed to extremely degenerate porn from around ten years old; our parents just putting us in-front of screens before we get sent to slave away at Public School, rather than taking any effort into actually raising us. Zoomers that don’t appreciate being enslaved for their whole lives starting from kindergarten get drugged into compliant zombies, with the vast majority of NPCS gleefully doing so to make their own lives more convenient (As someone who has always hated public school, I’m thankful for my mom refusing to listen to my Uncle, Kindergarten teacher, Grandmother, fucking everyone telling her she should put me on Ritalin.) I have a little bit more of an attention span because I’m a little bit more intelligent and autistic than most of my kind, but my sisters have that issue rough, and even then it’s hard to keep my attention unless it involves one of my autistic fixations. Even the leftist, moralist type of zoomers are still nihilists at heart; they really don’t care for what they preach, it’s just virtue signalling or a way to defend the practice of their own personal fetishistic fixations (LGBT shit). Zoomners know that society is collapsing (Imminent environmental collapse was drilled into my head before I even went to kindergarten) And we either don’t care, or celebrate it. There’s no hope, just endless drudgery and hedonism. The modern world really is a nightmare that makes living in the Datura realm seem appealing. Sure the Datura realm is nonsensical and nightmarish, but at-least it isn’t so fucking gay.

      • >The modern world really is a nightmare that makes living in the Datura realm seem appealing. Sure the Datura realm is nonsensical and nightmarish, but at-least it isn’t so fucking gay.

        Well, you’re the only generation that looked at Benadryl and thought: “I’m going to use this as a recreational drug.” Gen X, Gen Y, all of them had access to it, none became addicted to it in droves, because it’s terrifying.

        I think that’s saying something about the state people are in.

        • >Well, you’re the only generation that looked at Benadryl and thought: “I’m going to use this as a recreational drug.” Gen X, Gen Y, all of them had access to it, none became addicted to it in droves, because it’s terrifying.
          I think many in my generation would rather live in a dream-like terrifying world rather than the world we find ourselves in today. The modern world is terrifying in its own way, in the sense that everything good and wholesome is rotting away under human ignorance and greed. However, the kind of terror the modern world inflicts only drains one of energy rather than making one feel alive, it’s the terror a death row inmate feels waiting twenty years for a execution. The terror of the nightmare, primal and in the moment, is much more preferable, at-least with the nightmare it SEEMS like you can do something about it like run or hide (Even if you really can’t) I’ll also add that I personally think that seeing shadow spiders, or a death goddess would bother me far less than the idea that one day this world will no longer have wolves, orcas, butterflies, and elephants.

          Also a question, I’m not seriously interested in Datura, but I am interested in saliva. As a newbie, should I smoke it or chew it? And what’s the dose I should take? I’m not scared of intense experiences, and I want to meet the Clown Gods.

      • What the fuck SYM? Most of you were exposed to extremely degenerate porn?

        More likely you went looking for it. Take some responsibility for your actions. Unless you are one of about 1% of 10-year old kids that actually appreciated your parents not giving in to your “need” for the latest fucking eye fone.

        Then I apologize if so.

  4. Radagast, I understand your pain and frustration but please keep writing your brilliant essays and leave comments on.
    I don’t deny that global warming is real but what do you suggest? You’ve probably answered this before, but could you concisely answer for me? A grand geoengineering project to block out the sun? Maybe set off some atom bombs to bring about nuclear winter?
    You cannot “stop oil” for 8 billion large, hungry humans. You can’t. You know that modern civilization is built on oil; every detail, everything we eat, drink, construct, and transport is based on fossil fuels.
    Did you write about Michael Moore’s “Planet Of The Humans”? I’d really like to read that!

    • Yeah this is the same tiresome drivel by middle-aged white men I’ve seen a thousand times over. These are men who stand on the sidelines and although they won’t come out and outright deny that we’re ending the climatic conditions required for modern civilization, they’re going to call you privileged and upper-class if you ask people to stop.

      >Phase one, apparently, is to have a load of upper-class white kids make a nuisance of themselves by throwing orange paint at things.

      Oh no, they’re upper-class!

      The other one of course is: They’re unemployed!

      You can always apply one, but be careful not to use them simultaneously. Either way, regardless of whether you are rich (upper class) or poor (unemployed), your concerns are invalid!

      >“Trying to brute-force modern society off fossil fuels before adequate alternatives are brought on-stream is a recipe for economic disaster; nobody who complains about the cost of living crisis or the impact of government spending cuts has any business dallying with such an idea.”

      You know what’s also a disaster? When your whole town burns down, your children are reduced to ashes and you have to flee into the sea. Fucking morons.

      You don’t have a choice. It’s like having type I diabetes in 1900 and complaining all the alternative food available to you sucks. Your alternative is dying.

      • I agree that his derogatory choice of words regarding the protesters was unnecessary to prove his points. Don’t just throw shit on people that get off their asses and actually do something for real to try create a better world and a future worth living. People just complaining on the internet does not get us anywhere.

        The world consume 4 barrels of oil for every new barrel that is discovered. We will have a much lower oil consumption in the not so distant future no matter what. If we end up just waiting for it to naturally decline we will probably render the world uninhabitable due to climate change. Add to it all the remaining coal we could burn or convert to diesel. Humanity have no other choice than to change its behavior.

        How can we feed 8 billion people in a post fossil fuel world without fertilizers?

        We will have to adopt a mosty plant based diet and a large share of the population must be involved in agriculture. For the same amount of energy that it takes to get 0,5 kg we can get 130 kg of potatoes instead as an example.

        Hopefully we will see many more people joining the protesters before it is to late.

        • There seems to be a demographic out there of pretty smart people, who have the misfortune of having bet on the wrong apocalypse: They expected that climate change would be a bit of a nothingburger, because they expected we would be well into their peak oil apocalypse by now.

          But they were wrong. It turned out the system could just supplement high quality oil with “liquids”, which includes all sorts of crap like the Canadian bitumen.

          Rather than just accepting that they were wrong, that fossil fuel depletion is going to strike decades later than they projected, they cling onto their industrial decline narrative without any willingness to accept the reality of the climate catastrophe we’re faced with.

          • I can honestly say that reading your essays has convinced me that climate change is a very serious threat to our civilization and to life on earth. Looking at the reality and how our use of fossil fuels being higher than ever before, it looks like we are on track to soon be reaching a climate tipping point.

            Resource depletion does not seem to give us a get out of jail free card regarding climate change. Change human behavior or face the consequences.

  5. Hi fellow low status white males, I’m a fucking moron and here is what I have to say:

    I didn’t think possible, but you’re turning into an even bigger whiny little GAMMA bitch.

    And your stupid lill agreement to post – gamma gamma

    • Oh no, not gamma, that’s EVEN WORSE worse than beta! How will I ever live with this?

      If I don’t change my ways soon, he’s going to call me a delta!

  6. This year is the rainiest wettest summer I ever remember in Massachusetts and plants are struggling from too much moisture. The Canadian fires also caused overcast skies much of the spring. Been a difficult year for the garden with low light and too damp.

  7. To me the real doom here is not the climate, it’s the fact that almost all zoomers listen to nigger music.

    I cannot imagine having the slightest interest in listening to a coal black retard gorilla yelling OOGA BOOGA while someone bangs on a trash can in the background.

    I cannot imagine acknowledging anyone who does as a fellow human being.

    If you want to cry about the climate and call it music, put it to complex layered melody with at least two key changes and a bitchin’ keytar solo like a true white man.

  8. You’ll never be a delta.
    Perpetual gamma.
    Secret king who knows all
    But has to modify comments to seemingly criticize the commenter, but actually only solidify your own psychological weaknesses. Gamma gamma gamma
    Post it without modifying! C’mon lill bitch. Let’s see how tough you aren’t.

    • Radagast is volunteering to get the shit kicked out of him by the cops for a hopeless cause out of pure idealism. Seems pretty sigma to me. When was the last time you got beaten up for what you believe in?

      • What is his cause?
        To “stop oil” and destroy modern civilization resulting in the deaths of billions, starting with the poor?
        He should be a big fan of vax mortality. Why does he even express concern about the possible mass die-off of billions of poor, “retarded” useless eaters caused by the vaccines? He could be working for the WEF or Pfizer.

        • I don’t presume to speak for Radagast, but fuck modern civilization and most of the people in it. If I could collapse society, even if it resulted in the deaths of billions, I would. Our individual lives are fleeting, and there are more important things than preserving every life. (like preserving the planet that we need for our species to survive) This society will collapse at some point in the future, so if you’re a pure utilitarian why shouldn’t it collapse now when there’s less people that will die in the aftermath? Do you really think the Earth is going to sustain the projected 11-13 billion people that will exist in 2200? Especially with our planet only even more depleted and things even more industrialized?

          Billions will die no matter what, you can’t have life without death, and the way we’re running things now simply means we’re putting the sacrificial cost of our sins onto future generations (Though I suppose this is fairly typical with boomers and spiritual boomers) Of-course these are all hypotheticals, no one is collapsing modern society. So you’ll get your wish of billions of useless eaters breeding out of control, and destroying all natural beauty in the world; so they can feast on goyslop, sit on their asses all day at the office, and post pictures of themselves on twitter; until the point everything collapses naturally and nature has her bloody vengeance anyway.

  9. “Hi fellow low status white males, I’m a fucking moron and here is what I have to say:”

    I have nothing left to care for anymore, except for my gooning sessions with Eva.

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